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The Master List of Liveforuming:

 51 AFGNCAAP, Sun, 4th Oct '09 10:34:26 PM from Great Underground Empire
Not axe crazy I swear
I know...if it were still available, I'd pick up Raggedy Ann and Andy's Musical Adventure in a heartbeat. I'm not sure if whoever it is wants to continues it sometime.
 52 Moogi, Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:29:26 AM from everywhy
A Mediocre Khan
Well, I killed my League liveblog, but I'm starting anew with a Civilization IV After Action Report. I actually intend to finish this one. Also, I've opened the thread so that other people can liveblog the game on the same page, if they're interested. Read, post, enjoy.
Uncle George
My Yaoiblogging
This love so bold goes undeclared/a joy unseen, a world unknown/a love that dare not speak its name/hidden treasure, precious stone
 54 Tzetze, Sat, 10th Oct '09 6:11:58 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Putting mine on hiatus. Woo, nobody's ever done that before, amirite?
Chilling with my niece
Which one were you doing? I can't remember, and that list is hella long.

 56 Tzetze, Sat, 10th Oct '09 6:35:22 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
The Illuminatus!! trilogy of books.

edited 10th Oct '09 6:35:40 PM by Tzetze

 57 Aondeug, Sat, 10th Oct '09 8:22:54 PM from  Our Dreams
Oh My
Haven just sent me a pm about the Raggedy Ann liveblog. Dork I am I didn't read through this post and assumed it had something to do with that game I'm playing...

As such...go for it AFGN. Liveblog it to hell and back. In a good way.
If someone wants to accuse us of eating coconut shells, then that's their business. We know what we're doing. - Achaan Chah
 58 AFGNCAAP, Sat, 10th Oct '09 9:42:21 PM from Great Underground Empire
Not axe crazy I swear
YAYYYYY! Thanks, Aon! I'm going to pick it up right now!
I just started liveblogging Dominic Deegan. Courtesy link here.

 60 Vampire Buddha, Mon, 12th Oct '09 12:08:59 PM from Where the moon is fat Relationship Status: Every rose has its thorn
I'm doing Marvel's Transformers comic, if anybody's interested.
 61 Outta The BLAM, Wed, 14th Oct '09 10:25:57 PM from your other left
resident moonatic
I'm liveblogging the terrible nostalgic movies I have at my house.
You're looking for this person.
In addition to my Jack Chick tract lulzblogging, I think I'm going to liveblog Star Trek: The Original Series.
SHIKI is dead.
 63 Kinkajou, Mon, 19th Oct '09 12:03:52 AM from you're not your
We Do Not Sow
Doing a Final Fantasy V liveblog. Linky.
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
Doing some Knytt Stories levels.
 65 Matrix, Tue, 20th Oct '09 6:12:01 PM from The Matrix, Canada Relationship Status: Less than three
quidf scire vis?
So, how do you make a Let's Play video like that, Zudak?
 67 Matrix, Tue, 20th Oct '09 6:25:16 PM from The Matrix, Canada Relationship Status: Less than three
quidf scire vis?
 68 Wicked 223, Tue, 20th Oct '09 6:25:54 PM from Death Star in the forest
Does one have to pay for Cam Studio?
You can't even write racist abuse in excrement on somebody's car without the politically correct brigade jumping down your throat!
 69 Matrix, Tue, 20th Oct '09 10:39:43 PM from The Matrix, Canada Relationship Status: Less than three
quidf scire vis?
Nope, the tutorial said that it's free.

Also, I made a test video and am uploading that to youtube as a test upload, since I have never uploaded to youtube before.

edited 20th Oct '09 10:40:35 PM by Matrix

 70 Endark Culi, Tue, 27th Oct '09 9:00:11 PM from Ontario, Canada Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Welcome to Purgatory!
I'm starting a Let's Play of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.Link.
 71 slowzombie, Fri, 30th Oct '09 7:30:03 AM from Way up North
Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami live/lulzblog in the making. here.

edited 30th Oct '09 7:31:25 AM by slowzombie

 72 Wild Knight, Fri, 30th Oct '09 2:34:56 PM from the wasteland.
I've started up Tales of Vesperia for the PS3. Link is in the signature.
The blind man walking off the cliff is not making a leap of faith.
Oh, I didn't realise this thread existed.

Well, I'm liveblogging .hack//SIGN.
Satan and his staff
Girl Genius is now abandoned.
I'm going to begin a Let's Play for Harvest Moon 64 tonight. Check back later, maybe even tomorrow.

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