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Well, I've decided to try my hand at this again.

About half a year ago, I did a lets play of Pokemon Heartgold, under the Nuzlocke challenge rules. I made it up to defeating the champoin, then reset back a little ways and came up with a different resolution. Unfortunately, I never got around to giving it a real ending, and the topic has now vanished into the aether.

Now I've decided to try again, with a somewhat easier challenge.

In honor of the Johto region, and the 3rd gen hero's origins there, I'm going to do a monotype run of one of the two types introduced in generation 2: Steel and Dark. But I haven't chosen which one yet: I'll let you all help me decide.

Now, I don't know whether I can do this with the same style as I did last time (almost every NPC line written out with a completely new myth arc), but I will add a few twists to the plot and my playstyle depending on the type chosen. Basically, pick Steel if you want a fast paced journey with as many boss battles per update as I can manage, and pick Dark if you want an in depth look at the supporting characters.

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It's a plot!
...Quite a well written one too.
I think there is more Dark in Hoenn, then Steel there. So, let's go with Dark!

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Don't you have to wait till Dewford before you can get your first Steel, Aron or Mawile? Dark seems more feasible. Poochyena comes early and Shiftry, Sableye, Sharpedo, Absol, etc. let you round out your team by the time you hit Fortree.
Actually, I'd found a way around the no steel early on problem, and that would also be the reason why my character would feel driven to rush through things. But I understand if you prefer a more normal adventure.

Incidentally, the plan was for the Steel run to take place in Ruby (For Mawile), while the Dark run would take place in Emerald.

The topic will pick up in a few days, once I get hold of a spare cartridge for the choice that got the most votes by then.

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It's a plot!
...Quite a well written one too.
Well, I got my chance today, and decided to take it. i hope all you readers enjoy the Emerald Mono Dark challenge.

Prologue: Introductions

Birch: Hi, sorry to keep you waiting. Welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Birch, but everyone calls me the Pokemon Professor. But what is a pokemon? They are creatures that widely inhabit this world, in all their many forms. We humans live alongside Pokemon, at times as friendly playmates, and at times as cooperative workmates. And sometimes, we band together and battle others like us. But despite our closeness, we don't know everything about Pokemon. In fact, there are many secrets surrounding Pokemon. To unravel Pokemon Mysteries, I've been undertaking research. That's what I do.

????: Of course, he's not the only one.

Shay: I'm Shay. Originally from Goldenrod City. Not too long ago, trainers in my home region found two new types of Pokemon. First, a Rock leader traded away her prized Onix, and both trainers were surprised when it evolved into something that lost it's rock type - and gained something new: the strength of Steel. Then, a family of caring Eevee trainers watched as one of their pokemon evolved under moonlight.

Shay: ... But it was Team Rocket who first researched that second type, when they found others like it during their nighttime operations, and named them the Dark type. They were revealed to the world at large by footage of a battle between Rocket Executive Archer, ... and a vigilante the media dubbed "Gold".

Shay: The Dark type... they used to say that there was no such thing as a naturally evil Pokemon. It looks like now's the time to put that theory to the test. Oh, you wanted to know about me? Well... I'm the daughter of a powerful trainer, and we're all moving to the Hoenn region for a job opportunity. Our new ho- house is in Littleroot.

Birch: I see, You're Shay, who's moving to my hometown of Littleroot. I get it now!

Birch: All right, are you ready? A new adventure is about to unfold. Take courage, and leap into the world of Pokemon where dreams, adventure, and friendship await!

Shay: I'm ready.

{Unfortunately, I'll have to cut this off here.}

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It's a plot!
...Quite a well written one too.
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