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Or as I call it, Chainmail Bikini. This LP is with the Crossworlds expansion installed. It's also my first LP ever so yeah, this should be fun.

But first, some preliminary explanations.

What kind of game is King's Bounty: Armored Princess? It’s a lot like the Heroes of Might and Magic series, only instead of central towns with an unlimited supply of troops limited by time, you have scattered dwellings with limited supplies of troops. You have a leadership attribute which determines how many troop you can have at a time.

There are three classes you can choose to have your princess be, the Warrior, the Paladin, and the Mage. They correspond to the three skill trees, Might, Mind, and Magic. Each class specializes in its skill tree and has access to a top tier skill in that tree unobtainable by the other classes. That said, each class is also able to take skills in the other trees, they just won’t get as many points for getting those skills.

The Warrior class focuses on gaining rage to use with your pet dragon (more on that later) and on having a whole lot of leadership, and thus a whole lot of troops. In return for this, they don’t really have much spellcasting ability to speak of. Their unique skill, Bloodlust, both increases max rage and lets you begin battles with X% of your max rage.

The Mage focuses on spellcasting(duh), but has the lowest leadership value of the three classes, and thus the fewest troops. Their unique skill, High Magic, allows them to cast 2 spells per round instead of the standard one spell per round, as long as the first spell cast in that round does not cost more than X mana.

The Paladin class is the midway between the two, having a decent leadership value and decent spellcasting abilities. Their unique ability, Resurrection, resurrects some amount of troop that fell in battle, and also increases the power of the spell Resurection.

I’ve already played this game with both the Warrior and the Mage, so I’m gonna be going as the Paladin this time. Our Princess’ name is Amelie; we have no choice in this matter.

Anything not yet explained(like the dragon) will be covered when I get to it in the game.

So with all that said, lets begin our adventure!(I already have the next two posts semi-ready)

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the first couple of minutes of the game is mostly exposition, so incoming text.

We begin with a panorama of our current location, and a narrator giving us a brief history of Endoria(that’s the world we’re on). Good lord, I hate this guys voice. It sounds like an old man who’s retired from his gravel gargling job. So anyway, all is peaceful in the world, with the humans, elves, dwarfs, and orcs all being friends. Some knight named Bill Gilbert is apparently partly responsible for this, and having done his job, decided to become our mentor. Once we were all grown up, he left to go and explore other worlds. I guess he found world peace boring. Suddenly, DEMONS! THOUSANDS OF THEM! Led by Archdemon Baal, whose ass Bill had apparently kicked in the past. Elves have been pwned, dwarves have been pwned, humans have been pwned, and the human survivors have retreated to the human capital of Greenwort, which is where we now find ourselves.

Well, that was an annoying cutscene. We get a message telling us to go talk to the king(our father) ASAP. Screw that, lets look around and OH GOD IT’S A BALROG! Good thing we’ve got Gandalf the Red holding him off. Actually, it’s just Archdemon Baal and some generic mage. That’s not nearly as fun. We hit up the nearby temple and talk to Father Kriterion. He asks us to pray for the wounded, and tells us that the head of the temple, High Priest Aaron Demion, was off performing a wedding ceremony when the demons attacked. Boring. Nothing else to do here, so lets go see the king! We hit up Castle Kronberg and talk to the Kings right hand mage Shivarias. Despite having 5 dialogue options, he has nothing of note to say. So, we finally talk to the king.

The king informs us that we have 1 day left before Gandalf the Red tires out and Baal kills us all. He has 2 orders for us. First off, some dwarves are coming by later today in an airship to evac us to the orc lands, which have not yet been pwned. Second, we need to give our Clock of Time(it’s actually an hourglass) that Bill Gilbert apparently left with us before leaving to Shivarias, because he claims he can use it to stop time and locate Bill so he can whoop Baals ass again. So, I talk to Shivarias again and ask how the Clock is gonna help us. He tells me to follow him and see for ourselves.

Outside the castle, I talk to him again. There’s an option to ask to come with him, but he shuts you down no matter what reason you provide. You are the kings daughter, you’re too important to go! So, we ask him just how the hourglass will help us. He launches into some magi babble about how the clock, when broken, will stop time in our world except for the person who broke it, and also open a portal to another world, supposedly the world Bill Gilbert is currently on. I respond to all this in the only appropriate way.

Way to go me.

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Well, this new world seems much nicer! We get a message telling us that we should probably try asking about to find out where we are. So lets hit up the castle right infront of us.

We are greeted by a King Frederick, who would like to know who the hell we are appearing right in the middle of his court like that. He thinks we might be an assassin sent by the usurper Demion(haven’t we heard that name before?) to assassinate him. We inform him that we are Princess Amelie, that we’re from the World of Endoria, and we need to find a man named Bill Gilbert. He remarks that the name Endoria sounds familiar and asks if we’re a princess by blood and who our father is. We tell him who are father is, but that we were supposedly a gift from the gods in answer to the kings prayers(why haven’t we heard of this before?). Upon learning that we are the daughter of the gods from another world, he mutters something about an angle and runs off and fetches a gemstone. Being a female, I find it very pretty. He informs us that this is the Stone of Courage, one of the 8 Stones of Teana(the world we’re now on)! He wants us to touch it to see if we’re the chosen one mentioned in the Prophecy of the Angel. If we are, we’ll absorb the stones power. If we’re not, we get turned to stone. Lovely. Of course, we touch it without hesitation.

The stone disappears. Apparently, by absorbing the stones power, he meant absorbing the entire stone. He is properly flabbergasted, and informs that we must be the chosen one and must now collect the other 7 stones which will give us the power to fix everything, and that we have his full support in this endeavor. He says he also has a gift for us, and that he hopes we become great friends with it. Friends with the gift? odd... He then directs us to Captain Bogard, chief of the guards for more info.

We talk to Bogard, and he informs us that our royal gift is none other than a pet baby dragon! Awesome! They’re adorable little blighters aren’t they?

I now leave you with choice, fellow tropers. Which dragon do we pick? Note that the only real differences are the stat bonuses; all the dragons will eventually get all the abilities, so ignore the abilities part.

Also note that now that we’re done with preliminary plot exposition, later posts will be much sparser. I’m also open for any other suggestions.

also also, I'd forgotten how much photobucket shrinks images. can anyone recommend an image upload site that won't shrink them so much?

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Green one. I'm a sucker for any abilities that increase drop rate.
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it's not really increase drop rate so much as "use up your dragons turn(instead of doing damage) to spawn a chest on the battlefield that you then have to have one of your troops use their turn to open up(instead of doing damage)"

It really sucks.

Go with Pink, then.
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The Holy Warrior princess was apparently in quite a rush to get away from the rampaging demon hordes, as she apparently forgot to put on pants this morning before travelling between dimensions.

And yeah, let's go with Pink. A Paladin Princess with a Pink dragon companion.
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Welcome to Purgatory!
I'm gonna have to go with Green, dood. If the saviour of the world is currently making decisions based on the fact that one thing looks prettier than the other, I think she's going to need an IQ boost ASAP if she wants to get through this in one piece.
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hmm, I'm trying to do the next section, but for some reason, my print screen button is taking a shot of whatever window is open behind the game(so to speak), like my desktop, instead of, ya know, the actual game. Which is odd, since the game is still giving me the "Screenshot Saved" message. Quite annoying.

Also, I totally forgot that you can name the dragon(I should play ahead of were I intend to stop a bit from now on). Feel free to come up with a name for our dragon while I mess around with stuff!
I think we should name the dragon Enlong.

He was a court dragon for the longest time, after all.
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Don't ask why I have an interest in turning a warrior destined to battle a demon army into the Pretty Pink Princess from the Sugar Bowl Kingdom.
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Remember how I said less text? I lied. and screenshots still not working but, as they say, the show must go on!

So, it's time to continue our adventure! The people have chosen the Pink dragon(which I totally did not influence in any way), whom we will name Enlong(sorry Trigger, you posted after I had already finished that portion of the update), so lets collect our new buddy and continue on!

We return to the courtyard and talk to Captain Bogard again, and he asks us if we want any training before setting out. You all know what this means,Tutorial time!
First, we learn about digging for loot. Basically, as we move about the world map, we may see a beam of light pop out of the ground nearby. When we do, dig for loot! 90% of the time, it will be gold(and lots of it), so it's in our best interest to stop and do so.

Now, on to the fighting! And the explaining!

there totally should have been a screenshot of the battlefield here. It's a standard hexagonal grid system. My guys are on the left and the enemy on the right. There's a chest siting in the middle of the field. A unit has to move to it and open it, using up their turn. Much like the chests on the world map, they have gold 90%. Unlike the chest on the world map, they usually have a disappointing amount of gold for the area they're in. However, I have gotten runes(the stuff used for purchasing skills, more on that later) and even a piece of equipment or two, so I'll occasionally get them. In this particular fight, however, the enemy reached the chest first. Yes, they can do that. Bastards.

Now on to how units are set up! This section was also going to have a screenshot...Units have attack, defense, initiative, speed, crit, damage, and health. Initiative determines when the unit gets their turn during the round, higher is better. All the other stats should be self explanatory. Units range from level(or tier) 1 to 5. Level 5 units are quite rare(except for the lizardman one) and even at endgame, the majority of our army will be level 4 units. There's little smiley face at the bottom of the unit portrait that indicates their moral. Morale adds percent modifiers to attack, defense, and crit chance. It's currently smiling because they have +1 morale(out of a max of 3) due to an artifact I started the game with that gives all units of the human faction a +1 morale bonus.

Which provides a nice segue into the different unit factions. Units can belong to 1 of 8 different factions, indicated by the image next to their level. These factions are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, lizardmen, undead, demons, and neutral(which is basically "other"). Unit faction comes into play for a number of abilities and bits of equipment.

So, how about the units we currently have?

At the top of the battlefield, we have our Swordsmen. They're fairly standard footsoldies, with a Mighty Strike ability that's simply a stronger attack that take 2 turns to recharge. Also, after they lose 30% of the troops in their stack, they gain a 30% chance to dodge attacks. Not bad.

Moving down, we have the Peasants. They...really suck. You should never be using peasants. They get +1 attack for every 30 peasants in the stack, up to +10. They also do double damage against plant type units, being farmers and all. This is their only saving grace; they're actually somewhat good against plant units.

Next, we have our Bowmen. They're pretty sturdy for ranged units, but their damage is nothing special. Their abilities are what makes them really good units. They have Fire arrows and Ice arrows, both usable once per battle. Ice arrows reduce the targets speed by 1 for 3 turns, while fire arrows burn them for 3 turns. Burn is on awesome status effect. It does 5-10% of the stacks total HP at the start of that units turn. Oh, and it also lowers their defense. Freakin awesome.

Anyway, moving on. Our 4th troop are Paladins. Paladins are amazing units(and these were also loaned to us for the tutorial). They do only average damage(unless fighting demons or the undead, who they get a damage bonus against), but they have high HP and superb defense. And their defense increases by 30% whenever they take a hit, up to a 90% increase. Now that alone would make them worth having around, but there's more! They have two abilities, Prayer and Second Wind. Prayer heals(and resurrects) the Paladin and any friendly units around it for a certain amount of HP, while damaging any undead/demons next to Paladin and forcing them to move away. Second Wind lets an allied target who has already gone this round move again at the end of the round, and unlike most unit abilities, using it does not end the paladins turn. Their only downside is a pitiful movement of 2. But we have Haste for that.

Anyway moving on. There's a second fight in the tutorial against a single Royal Thorn and 2 Ents, which is actual kinda hard since both of those are level 4 units and very tough. Fortunately, our Paladins are tougher.
Tutorial finished! We go up a level and gain a bunch of Mind runes and some Might and Magic runes(note to self, actually look at how many runes I get instead of automatically skipping past the level up window in the future.) These runes are used to purchase skills in the Might, Mind, and Magic trees. Might tree require mostly Might and Mind runes, Magic mostly Magic and Mind runes, and Mind a mix of all three. I get Glory(+100 leadership in the Mind tree) and Heroism(+1 attack in the Might tree).

Well, lets see about getting some quests(and thus XP), shall we? Lets talk to Bogard, he's been pretty helpful so far. He has 2 tasks for us. First there's an enemy spy somewhere on the island. Find him and get him! Second, he wants us to take out out Curvy Eyes, the head of a local gang of thieves.

Moving on, we see a "sad orc shaman" with a quest symbol over his head waiting by the pier. He tells us something about an orc woman names Red Scroungers who's apparently going to get everyone(as in, the whole world) killed. We agree to go see his superior for more information. This is a big ol quest line added in the crossworlds expansion. He now lets us see his troops! He has Goblin Shamans, Blood Shamans, and Orc Trackers. Just ask if you'd like more info on those units!

Next, we hit up the Royal University. Apparently, a big ol monster was washed up on shore during a big storm and is now wreaking havoc. They want us to kill it. Sounds good to me! Units available here Rune Mages, Inquisitors, and Priests.

We go and see the local doctor, and he tells us that there's another big monster on the island of Montero(we won't be going there for a while) that require a monthly sacrifice of children from the locals! That is unacceptable!. We accept(there are 0 quests in this game that you would ever not want to except)! Units available here are Priests and Fire Dragonflys.

Moving on to a generic dwelling, we find Witch Hunter, Thorn Hunters, and Robbers for sale. Ho hum. And that's all the building/npcs that are easily reachable at the moment.

This looks like a nice stopping place for now. Remember to ask for additional info on any units that sound interesting!

Any suggestions for how to handle introducing units in the future? My current plan is as I did here, just list their names and only give details when requested. The exception to this are units that I'm going to be using and any units I feel are exceptional, which will both get detailed descriptions. and I'm still not sure how to introduce spells and equipment/artifacts...

also, I swear we'll be done with most of the boring mechanics explanations after the next update!

Any other concerns?

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I wouldn't mind a small, basic description of some unit types. Nothing too much, just a small blurb of what they're good at.
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Welcome back tropers! I think I’ve fixed the screenshot issue!

So, lets get to business. We’ve collected all the quests we can easily get, to continue from here requires fighting stuff. However, our army is looking a little sparse…lets fix that, shall we?

We can have 5 stacks of units in our army at any time, plus 2 reserve stacks, in case we want to switch a unit out for a battle or two or need to carry around units we don't want to fight withh.

Anyway, we proceed to Fredericks castle, where there's Bowmen, Swordsmen, and Peasents, and top of our supply of swordsmen and bowmen(any mention of topping of a troop will be skipped in the future). We then go pick up some Witch Hunters and Thorn hunters.

Witch hunters are level 3 human units with an unusually high amount of HP for level 3 units. Their main purpose in battle is harassing spellcasters with their abilities. They have Magic Lock, which is basically silence. Lasts 3 turns and takes 3 turns to recharge. They have Magic Block, which damages an enemy troop whenever they cast spells(and if their base range attack is magic, that also counts), and they have Magical Aid, which puts a random buff on themselves.

Thorn Hunters are level 1 neutral range units. They’re plants, which means they’re immune to mind effecting spells seeing as they don’t have minds. They also take double damage from fire and half damage from poison. Oh, and if there’s a dead unit stack next to them, they can spawn a troop of either more Thorn Hunters or Thorn Warriors, the melee version, with the troop being 1/4 to 1/2 the strength of the troop that spawned them. They’re just filler right now, ima replace them once something better comes along, but you'll still be seeing them...

For our 5th slot, I grab some Priests. They’re level 2 human range units that do bonus damage to demons/the undead. They can also bless units, causing those units to do max damage with each hit, or minimum damage if they’re undead. They also have a healing ability, but overhealing from it does not resurrect dead units in the stack, so it’s not that great. These guys are also going to get replaced soon.

Well, time for our first real fight! I spy an orc army on the hill.(woohoo, screenshots working!) Enemies in this game have patrol routes and will chase you if they see you, as you can see. Battle is joined!(there’s that screenshot of the battlefield that I wanted to post last time. I will not be making a screenshot of every single fight, cause that would be a lot of screenshots.) This was a pretty easy fight, I didn’t loose a single unit. That beached ship they were guarding is another generic dwelling, were we can recruit more Orc Trackers and Beserkers. Orc Trackers are pretty beefy front line brawlers with an affinity for animal units, while Berserkers, as you can guess, are all about the offense with minuscule defense.

We also find a scroll containing the Trap spell, which lets you place a trap on the battlefield. A trap, when stepped on, hurts the unit and ends their turn. Quite a useful spell.

We now return to the town to do something I forgot to mention before, the military academy! I didn’t do it before because you have to pass a test(ie win a fight) to do anything there, and now we can do that! I whoop some ass, of course, and now we have access to the academy! We get an Officers Patent, an artifact that gives us +3% exp/gold from battle, and allows us to collect trophies. Trophies are used to upgrade units of a faction to higher level units of that faction. This function is honestly kinda useless unless you desperately want a certain unit and can only find the lower level version of it. They also have more Witch Hunters and a single Engineer for hire. Engineers are level 4 dwarf units that are distressingly frail(for level 4 units) and can spawn/resurrect droids. There’s only 2 droid type units in the game, but they’re both plentiful and quite useful, so expect to be seeing them later.

He also has a class specific quest for us. He wants us to fight 30 “warriors of the light” meaning Priest, Inquisitors, and Paladins. Our reward will be to have another class unique skill unlocked in the Mind tree.

Moving on down the road again, we wait for a enemy army to move out of the way so we can grab a Navigational Chart! Navigational charts unlock new islands that we can go to and have fun on. If a chart is for an island that’s already been unlocked, it will instead give us a Wanderer Magic scroll. More on those when I actually get one. Anyway, this navigational chart unlocks Scarlet Wind, a pirate island! We’ll get there eventually.

Another fight later, we come across a Fisherman Takeshi, who’s recently been fishing up some strange fish. He tried to sell them at market, but they say he needs a permit proving the fish are safe to eat, so he wants us to take one back to the Royal University for examination. That sounds easy enough! We head on back to the University, they examine it, declare it safe, and give us the permit, and we take the permit back to Takeshi. Yep, easy! We can now recruit Devilfish from Takeshi.

Devilfish are surprisingly powerful for level 1 units, doing 1-3 damage and having a 30% crit rate, and their attack has a chance to Terrify the enemy unit, rendering them unable to retaliate. To balance this, their attack also has a chance to “transfer to the enemy the Devilfish’s malice and hatred”, which gives that unit +40% to crit for 4 rounds!

Another fight later, we level up! We gain 2 might runes, 7 mind runes, and 3 magic runes. I get Linguistics(+1 Intellect in the Magic tree) and rank 2 of Glory(+350 leadership, replaces rank 1)(for comparison, the actual level up only gave me 45 leadership...).
Well, this seems like a good place to stop for now. Gained a proper army, did some proper fighting, and gained a level! More fighting and our first fight against an enemy hero next time!

What do you all think of the length of this update? too short/long, just right?

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Interesting premise. Get warped to an alternate dimension while our home planet is frozen in time, so we can go from a simple princess to a righteous ass-kicker, then travel back to defeat the demon hordes, if I'm getting this correctly.

As for length, it seems to be working well enough. I wouldn't mind a bit more description of the crunch. That is to say, the rules. A few comments on the enemies we face off with, what advantages/drawbacks they have, and what-not.
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it's not really an alternate dimension so much, more like another planet. Or something. It's kinda complicated. Other than that, yeah, that's the basic plot.

Haven't updated in a bit because I've been busy/away from my computer. There will definitely be an update tomorrow. Maybe tonight if I feel like it.
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It’s time for our next update!

We’re still at full strength, so lets continue clearing the way, shall we? Hmm… it seems that huge leadership boost from Glory rank 2 has allowed our army to get so large, we’re now grossly overpowered for this area! Enemy armies are fleeing at the sight of us! Only Very Weak armies ever do that!

The game has 8 ranking of enemy armies in comparison to yours. There’s Very Weak, Weak, Equal, Slightly Stronger, Strong, Very Strong, Lethal, and Invincible. Oddly, the computer seems to greatly overestimate the difficulty added by an enemy hero, as very rarely will you see an enemy hero at anything below Strong, even though they may be quite easy to beat.

Anyway, we let them run, and our act of mercy gives us some XP. It’s less than half as much XP as would have gained from fighting them, but Very Weak armies already give crap XP, so who cares.

There’s a Sawmill nearby, so lets hit that up. They’ve got Goblin Shamans, level 3 Orc range/spellcasters units, some Lake Dragonflys, some more Witch hunters, and some Ancient Bears. My God. Ancient Bears are level 3 neutral units who excel at being in the middle of a fight. They fall asleep if you have them defend, however. Hibernation and all that.

Hey, what’s that on the hill above the sawmill? It looks like a beholder…and why does it have a little beam of light coming from it! Well, there’s only one way to find out!

It’s the Monster of the Abyss! This must be that thing they told us about at the University! As you can see, the little beam of light indicates that the enemy army has a hero leading it. In addition to simply adding their attack/defense stats to that of their units, enemy heroes also throw spells around. These spells are almost always powerful enough to kill at least 1 unit in whatever stack they hit, so you should always go into enemy hero fights expecting to loose some troops, especially later in the game when they get Ao E spells.

Also of note is that his army has an Evil Beholder in it. They’re range neutral units, and extremely annoying to fight. Their standard range attack has a chance of putting their target to sleep for that round, with the chance dependant on how much more powerful they are than the enemy unit as far as total leadership goes. They also have a Mind Control ability that lets them control an enemy units turn, but only allows regular attacks. Fortunately, a single beholder isn’t powerful enough to mind control any of my stacks, so that’s not an issue in this fight.

So, after a short fight(with every single casualty caused by spells cast by the enemy hero), we are victorious! Our first(of many) kill X hero missions is complete!

Moving on, we get into another fight with an army that tries to run, but I’m not feeling so generous this time. We get to the battlefield and…wait, is that what I think it is? My god it is. Bees. And they’re attacking!

Some battlefields will have interactive elements to them. Some hurt you, some help you. The important thing to remember is that they don’t discriminate between you and the enemy. Bees hit a random unit within 3 hexes of them at the end of every turn. The Bees may not seem to dangerous now, but later in the game, they can hit really hard. Fortunately, they do part poison damage, and my Thorns, being plants, are resistant to poison damage.

Lets also use this fight to showcase our dragon buddy, shall we? This is Enlongs ability list. Our dragon gets to use one ability, then has to sleep for 1-2 turns, depending on what ability he used. He only has 2 abilities right now, Crushing Blow and Lighting Orb. Crushing Blow is straight up damage to a single target, and also knocks them back a space if they’re under level 4. Lightning orb summons a Lightning Orb to the battlefield. The Lightning Orb lasts 3 turns, and at the start of each turn, will go to the enemy stack with the most total HP and hit it for percent based damaged, and also have a chance to shock it, reducing it to 1 movement point. Being percent based damage, it scales really freaking well, so you’ll be seeing quite a bit of it later on. Right now though, Crushing Blow is much better. Here’s Crushing Blow in action, by the way! Stupid health bar got in the way...oh well. Sometimes, the game will zoom in on your dragon when he does abilities, but it didn’t want to do that this time, so we’ll just have to settle for a zoomed out shot.

Well, that was fun. Moving on, we come across a Snake-catchers Hut. It seems that the Snake Catchers Snakes have gotten loose, and he is unable to catch them all. Good job. He wants us to go into his basement and get all the snakes down there(ei win a fight. With snakes.). I’m pretty sure this fight is still a bit out of my league, so we’ll return in a few more levels.

Moving down the road, we see the Temple of Hope. Well this place sounds important. We talk to the priestess there and SHE HAS THE STONE OF HOPE! ONE OF THE 8 STONES OF TEANA! GIMME GIMME GIMME!...Nope, that easy. Even though she knows damn well that we’re are, in fact, the chosen one and that we need all the stones, she’s still gonna make us prove ourselves. Specifically, we must go fetch the Amulet of Illumination, on Bolo island. Sigh.

Well, lets end it here for now. We have a lead on our second Stone. I can tell you right now though, we’re not going to be reaching Bolo Island for a while…

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Does nabbing a stone give you some sort of super power boost?
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we need all 8 of them in order to Save Both Worlds, as told by the prophecy, and they also give you a small permanent leadership bonus. It's mostly for plot reasons.
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sorry all, but there's no update for today...or tomorrow...or possibly the day after that, either. Cataclysm just came out and, well...yeah.
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