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college is HARD, sorry for the long delay.
And now, back to our scheduled My Immortal parody ripoff!

Cahopter 17: Lidna Gone BAAD?

You just noticed Linda's rotten to the core now? Anyway, it turns out that the nerd who brainwashed Linda was.....WARREN MEARS! He brainwashed Linda to be his sex slave girlfriend and turned her into a prep. She was even using big words like perfigorious balabadian Mardojirian Manmellortillianish. What Do You Mean Its Not Henious?

Dracola notices that Linda was acting differently, as she had given her out in her pillow talk that she hates nerds and their big vocabulary. He then takes her to her old room and tells her that she has been brainwashed. She doesn't belive him.

Dracola stomped out, and then saw Dumbelder's Alzheimers and it gloated, "I won her, Dracola." Let's see if that lasts till the end of the chapter, shall we?

Dracola ets all depressed, and slits his wrists, but revives because he's a vampire. To get more ideas, he drinks a blood coca cola. This was not coca cola, but blood coca cola made of blood.

Then he Ass Pulls out a solution, goes to Linda's new place, and 'brain dries' Linda because brain washing spells is week to brain drying, cuz then the brain would still be wet, capabler of being dried. Because magic. So Yeah.

Linda goes back to her dorm and Status Quo stays god. Warren runs away. B'loody Mary screams at 'Bratney' (how appropiate) that her plan has failed. Then she forcibly fuses with the platinum princess and She sed in a voice not her own, a reali deeep voice, "I am returning, because I have not been Big Bad, and therefore, I am taking control here."

She laughed the evil laugh, and then ate Blaize Zabny's corpse...who is this not Bloody Mary person!

I bet it's Glori.
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'nother one is up. Its...not who you think it is. I blame a youtube video for this one.
Okay then.

Chapter 18

A/N: Extremly Scray Matiral Hear, Viewer Excretion Advised

Last time the author said that, we got treated to something absurd but (relatively) cool. Let's see what he's got for us, shall we?

The chapter begins with Linda noticing that B'loody Mary was acting far more evil than usual, far worse than the current Big Bad, Dumbledore's Alzheimers. So Linda and her BF Dracola go to investigate and find that B'loody Mary was...eating someone! Linda shouts at B'loody Mary, but the former best friend responds: "so wut? People taste gud. Its goffik." Linda then smiles, and says "OK, as long as its you."

There's a lesson here, kiddies. Cannibalism is okay if you're a Goff!

Linda and Dracola leave, and B'Loody Mary smirked psycho-like, like she was a psychopath. She then says "Kekekeke..." and listens to a song on her ibeatblaxx because only a bad guy would own one of dose. I don't have an ibeatblaxx, by the way.

Some time later in the Slytherin dorm, Linda temporarily lets go of the Idiot Ball to tell Dracola that something's wrong with B'loody Mary. Then Vampire gets kidnapped because he had nothing else to do.

Linda curses, "Oh shat!" and she and Dracola go to B'loody Mary's part of the dungeon. There they find a lot of it melted like by evil misma from a bad guy who made miasma. There wuz a tunnal down in the fluur and dey folowed it to find Bloody.

They fund her and Vampire...but then Vampire was absorbed into B'loody Mary! Hur whole dress went open and a lot of insect arms cam oot and grabbed Vampyr and puled him into hur! That's mildly scary, I guess.

Then all of Linda's group scream. B'loody Mary (or the entity possesing her) gloats about everyone's assimilation through bonding. Crab and Gargoyle come back to life and then Crab gets bonded in a sick, rapey way by making the insect arms again apeer from her flesh. Gar Goyle trid 2 run, but got bonded too.

Dracola cries, "enuf absorbing people bad person desguised as Mary!" Then he shoots "Abra Cadabre!" at the impostor Bloody, who turns out to be.....NAKAKU! Hey, there's actual suspense in this chapter.

So, did I do well?

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yeah, you did great. I love the Mega Crossover nature of this fic...
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trope page is up.

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It's a redlink.
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there, blue now.
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new chappie is up!
Oh boy, we're in for a new one. Anyway, here's another installment of your My Immortal imitation!

Chapter 19: Naruku Fite

Oh great, an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, surely the author cannot flub this up! Anyway, the fic begins with Naraku evil smiling, and saying, "I have your friends, but I will make deattachments of them." Why bother? They're all wimps except Dracola, whom you didn't absorb!

And he let out Vampire, but he was with a spider mark on his torso, and he was not goffik any more, becuz detachmens are not reel peple. Then rescue him! Anyway, Vampire lunges at her, and Linda tries to block him with a barrier but the detachment has Yōmeiju tentacles (misspelled Yumeiju, but at least it's a canon power) that can go through barriers.

Then Linda blasts Vampire, who scratches her back with his sharp, non-goffik nails. She runs around and screams and Naraku/B'loody M. doesn't take the opportunity to nail her right then and there. Instead, he allows Linda to recover, blast Abada Cadavre at Vampire, and then kick the spider off him which apparently reverses the bonding.

Naraku makes a run for it as he knows that the tide has turned despite it having every reason not to. He covers his retreat with a storm of miasma, but Linda goes through it and does the blasting spell with the tooken edler wand I got frum Bloody Mary after beating her that won time. So you remember! Good for you.

Naraku was defeated, but he reappeared elsewhere cuz the creepy Infant was still out there. Didn't Naraku absorb Yōmeiju so that he can assimilate that Infant in order to stop the latter's plot against him? wild mass guessHe must have discovered a portal to Hogwarts before that point, and decided that miss Black Hole Sue would make a great appetizer before he went back to the plotwild mass guess.

Then they go back to Hogwarts and somewho we furgot what happened down ther, except we foght Naruku. And so they refused to learn from their experience and died. The End. Except not.

We went to c a good charlotte concert, but it wuz not Gud Charlotte playing! It was Voldimorte and the Death Dealers, Corupted slef, Jojan Danderhoot , and Dumblider's Alzheimers, who came back from eivl guy vacanation. And they were overwhelmed by superior numbers and died. The End. Except not.

They reveled that they, naruku, and Glori were all working togetgher, OH NO! And they were unable to manage their formidable arsenal of powers effectively and so fell to Linda and her posse. This is the most likely scenario. Lucky me.

Anyway, that's all for today!

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It's the Twentieth Chapter! Woe to all those wishing for an end to the Goffik regime.

Copter 20 New Student

Oh, dear. Anyway, Linda and Friends manage to escape thanks to a a student with grayish hair, but blue eyes. This newcomer draws Dracola and Vampire's suspicions immideately, but Linda immideately declares friendship with him even when he introduces himself as Doryomaru. Um hello, that is obviously one of Naraku's detatchments, you Idiot!

He grinned and was surrounded by purple aura, like Russia would be. And that isn't sinister at all. Go trust him, Linda!

Vampire tells Linda about his suspicions, but she just snaps at him to shut da fukk upp! Be nice to new student. Way to alienate those who have stuck by you through thick and thin, Linda. However, Vampire takes it all in stride, and he, Dracola, and Linda all go to have apology sex.

Then they go to Potions class, where the new student is here too. Snape, meanwhile, wuz also lookin at pron he maed with Loopin of me, drako, Dracola and Vampry sexing on his iPad. Kill him before he decides to go further and take you in bondage!

Doryomaru wuz always watching me Yep, he's a Stalker. and then, after class, sed 2 me, "Your teacher is bad." Soon after that, Linda shoots Snape's iPad with an invisible shooting spell. You should have killed him, Goff!Sue.

They all go back to their dorms, and Doryomaru cackles: "Releasing Britney from Nakaku is successful."

Britney disguised as Blaize Zabini was hiding in our dugeon watching from a window, "I am in and I am in control." You can't repeat the spectacle of Ch. 8 again, Britney. Don't try.
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Capter 21 The Revevelation

Well, wasn't that soon? Anyway, Doryomaru offers to help Bratney with the raid that won't be the (relative) spectacle of Chapter 8. Meanwhile, Linda and her harem have IKEA Erotica in her dorm. Dracola is the primary sexual partner, which is a good thing as Draco's a spineless wimp.

Then, Snap, Loopin, and Britney come in, without so much as a dramatic entrance. Linda sums up her feelings about this with a: "U r bak, stoopid prep, coming oot of Nakaku." Bratney gives out the fact that the new student is on their side, and Doryomaru enters the room.

He turns out to be....MORYOMARU! This is a surprise how? Anyone with Inuyasha spoilers could tell that was him! He did a big laugh, "Wahahahaha." Then he flewed up and did the shooting with lightning power. Linda manages to muster enough gumption to counter this, and was a big explosion and we got to escape.

Britney rages and says: "Damn dem goffiks, always sneakin away, tell Joran to kidnape them." The preps who were pimps and Danderhoot appered whil we wur escapin. You know, it would have been better if it was the Nazi Servants or Corrupted Self who initiated the ambush. Mere pimps with no Nominal Importance and a character who Linda has already escaped from once? They'll be like a paper umbrella in Acid Rain.

But it seems that Linda and her harem would be nerfed today, as Vandersloot says I will make the kidnapping of you and take you to Aruba's next door island", while our Sue only replies with an Oh shat. Dun dun dun!

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