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Fanfic / Stand My Ground

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Another Harry Potter Badfic, possibly a great source of Memetic Mutation.

In this one, like many others, Goffs and Preps battle it out over Hogwarts, or, as the pod replacements call it:

  • Haugwertz
  • Hoggwart
  • Hogwurtz

The main character and Designated Hero is Linda Darkness Demented Ravenway Taracroft, a sociopathic "Goff" who deals with a Wangsty life as a, we mean Santanist. She must deal with attacking preppies, Britney Spears/Bratney Speers, Joran Vandersloot, Adolf Hitler, Corrupted Self, Sosuke Aizen...wait, what!?


Yes, in this fic we have cameos. A lot of cameos.

Dumbledore seems to have sentient Alzheimers, which functions as the Big Bad...if he is not away on business. Then the Big Bad is Glory...or Warren. Depends on who is available.

The Designated Hero seems to maintain a relationship with Dracola / Neville Longbottom, Vampire / Harry Potter, and Draco. B'Loody Mary seems to alternate between being friendly, doing the nasty with Vanderslout, serving Aizen and Hitler, becoming uberpowerful, turning into a One-Winged Angel, or secretly being Naraku who wants to assimilate everyone by bonding.

Read it here.

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