Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux):

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Ooooo...a JA 2 LP...Interesting. Do tell me if a slot opens. I LUV this game.grin
102 Nimitz5th Dec 2010 02:00:08 PM from Netherlands Antilles
You know, you can make a sheet now. I'll put you on the waiting list. :)
I tried this game again on experienced with guns damage at 150%

It was... Extremely hard. I had to put the damage to 125% and go on novice as usually. The thing is I suck at night operations because my guys always walk in single file and by the time one enters combat he is spotted before every one is in position and every one gets turned into Swiss cheese.
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Rock On
Drop all always appealed to my OCD.


Might as well throw my hat in the ring...
  • Name
    • Brock/Nadia Carter
  • Callsign
    • Roxas
  • Personality
    • Intellectual (what does this one do?)
  • Disability
  • Major Traits
    • Master Hunter
  • Minor Traits
    • Scouting
  • Skills
    • No zero skills. Wisdom a priority. Marksmanship and Agility should be high.
  • Background
    • After losing his/her job, home, and savings during the recession, Roxas decided the logical course of action was to put their hunting and shooting hobby to profitable use and become a mercenary. Mercenary for Dummies proved quite informative.

Edit: Added a bit more backstory. Appearance depends on who dies, so I'm basically stealing someone's face.

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[[tvtropes.org/pmwiki/lb_i.php?lb_id=12919183980B30760200 Liveblog of]] John Carter of Mars
Rock On
Okay, how's that look? I feel like it should be longer, but...
  • Too bad I only get one minor trait, Scouting and Stealth would both seem to be handy.

Heh, wonder when we're going to hit Chitzena? It is an archaeological site.

Urgh, I kinda want to download this version, it sounds awesome, but I've got this unreasonable phobia of file hosting sites.

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[[tvtropes.org/pmwiki/lb_i.php?lb_id=12919183980B30760200 Liveblog of]] John Carter of Mars
106 Ponicalica6th Dec 2010 09:17:37 PM from facing Buttercup
<Charlatan> O hay, could you please tell the Jagged Alliance 2 liveblog thread I'll be out of the fora until the 18th of December or so?
No! Bigger C!

He will be missed.
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108 Nimitz7th Dec 2010 03:49:00 AM from Netherlands Antilles
That's okay. It'll still be here when he returns.

I'll take screenshots later today. Dunno if I'll be able to get the update up as well.

@Rock: Intellectual makes you better at learning things and performing actions like repairing, I believe.

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Makes you less brave though IIRC.

Nonswimmer just imposes an AP penalty I think, doesn't actually make you drown. at least, Barry had this when I last used him.
Wasp: I like how your relatives are smokin' hot, while the other girls seem... meh

110 Nimitz7th Dec 2010 04:51:01 AM from Netherlands Antilles
Really? 'Cause in JA 1, nonswimming mercs would drown as soon as they stepped into deep water.
Ah, no. If I remember correctly, non-swimmer mercs in JA 2 have a penalty when crossing water that's about waist-high and refuse to go in deep water.
Wasp: I like how your relatives are smokin' hot, while the other girls seem... meh

112 Flanker667th Dec 2010 12:25:10 PM from 30,000 feet and climbing , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Dreams of Revenge
Well, if we ever get a non-swimmer we'll just need to avoid deep water!
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Hand out the arms and ammo,

We're gonna blast our way through here!
113 Nimitz9th Dec 2010 03:51:25 PM from Netherlands Antilles
Sorry for keeping you waiting, folks. The screenshots have been taken, I'll be posting the update tomorrow.

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