Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux):

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Frag out!

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Huh, I look back and see they got rid of the Kill Count in the character profiles. So yeah, might be hard to count total kills.

Ah, well. Big Ben isn't concerned about scores here. Long as he patches a few wounds and keeps the enemy's heads down, he's doing okay in his books.
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Long as the mission gets done and everyone's still standing afterwards, Bigger C is pleased.
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^Generica agrees.
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Hand out the arms and ammo,

We're gonna blast our way through here!
I remember giving Dimitri that one Steyr Aug SMG that shoots 9 mm rounds. Gave it a drum magazine loader, enhanced the rate of fire and loaded it with those purple rounds that do insane damage. He sprayed them all over the place. I think he must have liberated countries that were miles away from Arulco.

In the endgame, He went full-auto during an interrupt and I killed like 7 guys and wounded a few others.
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57 Nimitz27th Nov 2010 02:05:12 PM from Netherlands Antilles
I've...run into a bit of a pickle.

I forgot how difficult Expert actually was. :P When I get to the airport, someone calls for backup, and suddenly, ELITE TROOPS, DOZENS OF THEM, and most of them pack SMGs or even assault rifles. Add a ton of regular troops and 'police', and this is the hardest fight I'm in yet. I can't get through without losing like half of my team.

I really don't want to lose most of you so early in one battle, so here's a question: would you mind if I, eh, turned the difficulty down a notch to Experienced? It's still challenging enough, though it means I'd have to restart the game. Of course, that does not mean I'd be restarting the LP. Not a lot of stuff happens before you get to the airfield, so the only differences would be kill counts and maybe some new equipment. That's it. I will not be redoing the logs at Omerta and the road to Drassen. I'll simply continue at the airfield, where we left off.

So? Do you want me to push on through, or do it on Experienced?

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Knock down the difficulty level, I say. The ultimate goal of an LP should be the completion of the game, not the complete and utter destruction of the main character(s).
Locking you up on radar since '09

Hand out the arms and ammo,

We're gonna blast our way through here!
Wasp: I like how your relatives are smokin' hot, while the other girls seem... meh

Indeedy. I like living.

I'm sure Korg would agree if he could hear me.
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62 Nimitz29th Nov 2010 03:59:14 PM from Netherlands Antilles
Sigh, I wish Fraps could save pictures in a format that wouldn't decrease quality like .jpgs. .Pngs are much better looking, but each picture is a couple hundred kilobytes. Anyway, moving on.

Log 3: Offensive Play

Nine hours later...

Bunny: Why are we attacking at night again?

Ellie: sciocco. Haven't you ever heard of the element of surprise?

Ben: Hey, wait a sec. Weren't you injured, Bunny?

Bunny: Yeah, but I'm feeling better already. How about you guys?

C: I'm good.

Cia: I'm fine.

Ellie: Feel like new.

Bunny: Guess a couple hours of rest will heal an injury like that right up. Don't question it, Ben.

Ben: Okay...

C: Alright, cut the chatter. Let's get a move on. 'Rica, take point.

Generica: On it.

The team sneaks over to a cluster of trees directly south of the airfield's entrance.

Ellie: We will scout it out. NVGs.

Cia: I've got one. He's standing guard by the toll booth. He doesn't see me... requesting permission to engage.

C: Granted. Everyone else, prepare to leg it.

Cia: Scored a hit. He's still standing.

Ellie: I see another one at the other booth. Cannot engage, need time to set up.

Cia: Got the blighter.

C: Move up! Go, go, go!

Bunny: Jesus, we're taking fire! Right side!

Generica: I see him. *fires* Shots went wild, I'm pulling back!

Ira: I got 'im! Wait, damn, he's still up!

Ben: I'm coming. *fires two shots, misses both* God damn it to hell.

Generica: So you do just suck. Urgh, allow me.

Cia: Behind the fence, hostile!

Ellie: Shit, that was a close one!

C: I've got your back! *fires* Scored a hit! Keep moving forward, don't lose momentum!

Hidden soldier: *shoots*

C: Enemy fire! Find the shooter!

Bunny: There, muzzle flash!

Soldier: *shoots*

Bunny: Ah, fuck...!

Ellie: Bunny?!

Bunny: Don't worry! Armor caught it. I'll take care of the other one! *shoots* Got him!

Cia: Up on the flank! Tango!

Ira: Augh!

Ben: God damn, Ira's hit! Return fire! *shoots* Got him!

Generica: *BANG* He's dead. Ben, cover me! I'll see to Ira.

Ben: Acknowledged.

Generica: Jeez. I'm not gonna lie to you, he got you good. You'll live, but you won't be getting into any more fights for a while.

Ira: Mmph...sure.

Cia: Hide from me, will ya?!

C: *shoots* Dispatched. Alright, you finished back there? Follow me, we're Oscar Mike!

Generica: Keep your eyes peeled. There could be more of them.

(Here, I had a moment of stupidity. While the team was walking through the airfield, I pressed the alt key and clicked on a point on the ground. This causes your mercs to advance "cautiously". Heh, well, they don't use caution so much as they face a direction you don't want them to face, and they stay that way until you select a new destination with the alt key unpressed. I didn't do this until it was too late. So yeah, because of this, the following happened...)

C: Everyone, watch our six.

Ben: On it, boss.

C: No, literally, watch it.

Ben: ...I'm sorry, what?

C: Everyone turn around!

Bunny: ...Why?

C: Just do it!

Bunny: But...okay.

Everyone turns around...and C gets shot in the back three times.


Ben: Boss!

Bunny: C! God dammit!

Cia: What the bloody-?!

Ellie: *fires a burst* Tango down!

Generica: Sweep the area!

Ben: Clear!

Cia: All clear!

Bunny: Got nothin'!

Ellie: I see no movement.

Generica: Alright...stand down. Let's help C.

C: Fuck...

Generica: Okay, I'll be frank: are you out of your fucking mind?!

Bunny: Yeah! What were you thinking, turning your back like that?! You almost got yourself killed!

C: I...I don't know! Just...I had this urge to do that.

Ben: What?

C: I don't know...shit.

Ellie: I think you have seen enough combat for one day.

Bunny: I think we've all seen enough for one day.

C: Yeah...okay, let's settle down. We did it, people. Drassen's airfield is ours.

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Rock On
Nice to see this is still going.
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64 Nimitz29th Nov 2010 04:15:18 PM from Netherlands Antilles
Rock! :D Man, it's good to see you again.

I'm sorry about letting the previous version die. If you want, you could submit a character sheet, and I could add you the next time someone dies. >:P

Colin, you'll be happy to know that when I restarted the game on Experienced, I switched out Cia's disability "Nonswimmer" for "Psychotic". Now you're guaranteed to get lots of dakka. :)

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Rock On
Hopefully that won't be necessary. Didn't know you could create more IMP mercs. Umm...
  • Umm...Roxas. Intellectual, Fear of Insects...Someone stealthy and a good shot, I guess, with at least a minimal amount in every skill. You've already got explosives covered, do you need someone with mechanics?

How does the Pacifist personality work? And what do Marksman and Hunter and Scouting do?

Too bad you don't have any really British options; should hire Sidney if you get the chance.

Man, I don't even have this game installed anymore, wonder if it works under WINE.

Still not doing the Drassen counterattack, right?

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66 Nimitz29th Nov 2010 04:31:39 PM from Netherlands Antilles
After an IMP merc dies, it frees up a slot.

The Pacifist personality? I think it lessens the amount of morale you gain in a fight. Maybe you get none at all. On the flip side, you get more morale when you're not in combat.

Marksmen increases your accuracy with sniper rifles, and provides a bunch of other sniper-related bonuses. Hunter gives you a shotgun, a boost to using rifles, shotguns and some other survival-related bonuses. The scouting trait is very useful, it allows you to see the exact amount of enemies in surrounding sectors, and it prevents you from being ambushed by troops and bloodcats.

Hell no. :P I'd burn through so much ammo, and I'd probably lose a few people. I don't want to lose someone to odds like that this early in the game, when there's no way I could be ready for something like that.

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Hah, despite being curious about a Pacifist-ish character, Ira's kinda got that slot covered.

I'm now incredibly curious about some kind of Great White Hunter character. You need a scout anyway, right?
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68 Nimitz29th Nov 2010 04:54:03 PM from Netherlands Antilles
Hey, the only types of mercs we require are a medic, a technician and a leader. We have all three, so unless we lose one of them, anyone is acceptable. :)

You could put two ranks in hunter, and get scouting.
Rock On
I say, that sounds like a smashing idea! I'll need to think of a backstory, though.
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A skilled hunter who decided that normal animals weren't enough and started to hunt human beings. He was eventually caught and sent to prison, but was cut a deal: join Nimitz's squad, and his sentence will be cut majorly. Also, he gets to kill more people, so it's a win win!

How's that?

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Rock On
I was thinking more along the lines of early onset midlife crisis. Quit your boring job, leave your old life behind, and join the French Foreign Legion IMP. Like getting paid for Fight Club.

Or maybe some hungry South African or Australian ex-poacher.
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72 Nimitz29th Nov 2010 05:39:31 PM from Netherlands Antilles
Uh, bun, I think that'd only work in the military, not for PMCs.

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I never said the deal was government sponsored. -cough-

I suppose I could put sentence will be cut majorly in quotation marks...or something...

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Apparently Bigger C's attempt to revive the moonwalking craze in the middle of a battlefield...Uh...Backfired. tongue

Well, at least I'll live! WE'RE OSCAR MIKE!
Look on the bright side. Even walking backwards you're still a better shot than Ben.
One of my few regrets about being born female is the inability to grow a handlebar mustache. -Landstander

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