Let's Watch A Little Snow Fairy Sugar:

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I do not know if this has been done before here. If it has I am sorry for being a copycat. Anyway, I am going to Live Blog A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, otherwise known as the series from which the Moe Stare picture originates. This is probably going to be really poorly done and uninteresting considering how unfunny I am (also long). If you find it is like that feel free to not read it.

Episode 1:
  • Dramatic music, snow is falling slowly with that glow effect thing. This show looks like it could be called epic. It reminds me of something Key would do and the moe stares just reinforce that.

  • A Big-eyed moe girl is staring into the sky. For some random reason a piano is floating there. It's moving. She tries to grab it, but obviously that is impossible to do when she is just laying there in the snow and the piano is flying up there.

  • A bunch of random people appear out of nowhere. "Hey, is she all right? What's wrong?" Well she is staring at floating pianos on the ground with a huge moe stare…

  • She now explains that there are these things called snow fairies. Oh, okay, but why is the piano still flying there?

  • The moe stare girl [her name is Saga, but I feel like there would be little difference to anyone reading this if he or she actually knew that] delivers coffee to some random mustached man who has a desk in the middle of a hallway. [Henceforth I will refer to her as moe sue because that seems to be her role. Nothing personal.]

  • The mustached guy tries to pay her; she refuses and ends up in a tower looking at birds. I am pretty sure she could have taken the money and still have been able to climb the tower, but whatever.

  • Her town does not look Japanese at all. So her reason for climbing the tower seems to be that she wanted to stare at the sun, pretty unhealthy if you ask me.

  • "But isn't the admission fee a little too much?"
The mustached man spits out some of his coffee and moe sue replies "just kidding". That was kind of mean...

  • The guy scores her coffee. Adding 15 extra points for what I assume is moe, it still only comes to 80. Then moe sue responds moefully "Bingo" (I guess that is gratuitous English because I do not think it really makes sense here).

  • Woah, a creepy black haired girl (Who looks kind of like Kyouku of the Anti-SOS Brigade) spies on moe sue, gives an evil grin and laughs. I guess she is the antagonist (assuming a show like this even has one).Wait, why did a dress just randomly come flying off? Close your window when you do something like that.

  • Oh, okay, apparently the creepy moe girl [named Greta] needed to change so she could meet moe stare girl. She must have teleported. Showing off her shiny gold watch looks like it was actually the reason. "I always get up this early," she laughs in that annoying rich way (I think she is starting to look like an Anti-Tomoyo now).

  • She gets told like a bedtime story by moe sue though. Her pajamas are showing under her skirt and moe sue points that out while bending down to stare at them. That is kind of rude is it not?

  • So later moe sue is spreading jam on bread while listening to her Grandma. She is not even looking at the knife when she does it, just mindlessly staring at her grandmother. Somehow the jam is spread perfectly evenly.

  • She's late. Creepy moe girl is ready to ambush her again though, no worries.

  • The ambush attempt fails, moe sue slips through the gaps between buildings which it turns out is a normal shortcut for her to take. It looks really painful and one would have to be basically paper-thin to do it in addition to having a completely uniform body shape. I think the creepy girl's watch broke trying to follow her. That stinks.

  • Moe sue looks like she is just wasting time talking to people. I thought she was supposed to be in a rush?

  • I thought moe sue was going to school, but it was just work at the coffee place.

  • Moe girl has pretty high expectations. First, she chastises herself for being a little late, and then she complains that 80 points is not enough.

  • Working montage, all moe sue does is carry (heavy?) things it looks like. Creepy moe girl tries to ambush her at work (it seems she just injured her arm, her shiny watch is still intact). It barely fails; moe sue is in a hurry again.

  • Two more moe challengersfriends appear. Pigtails and Hairclip.

  • Moe sue lectures a guy for trying to give her a free apple. "Do you have a solid business plan to make money?"
.Apparently she has a good grounding in economics.

  • Shopping montage this time, moe sue explains to Pigtails and Hairclip why you cannot just give free stuff away like that. ( I need to mention that when they are looking at swimming suits during this scene the pigtailed girl has a facial expression that kind of creeps me out.)

  • Waffles are next, the Belgian type. Some of them have this gross-looking pink stuff on them. Strawberry, maybe? Moe sue points up into the air dramatically while ordering. Apparently her marmalade waffle will pierce the heavens.

  • Moe sue has a reputation for planning things out for herself and her friends. They agree that this is helpful [just wait until she uses them as pawns to pull off a gigantic Xanatos Gambit].

  • Blonde-haired glasses guy (carrying what I thought was a disembodied arm, but what must actually be a bundle of papers) nonchalantly bites moe stare girl's waffle out of her hand. I think this guy might be awesome (either that or mean).

  • Blonde-haired glasses guy has huge eyes [his name is Phil by the way]. This is the first time I have seen a male moe character with equivalent eye size to a female one. The guy has two lackeys too. All three of them want moe sue to help them with an "invention".

  • Creepy moe girl is eavesdropping on the corner of building. The mild stalking is getting a little disconcerting. All of this just to show her a watch?

  • When moe sue finally looks at the creepy moe girl's watch, she grabs the latter's arm (Which probably hurts) when she realizes she is late again. Pigtails winks at her...

  • The three boys inspect the watch and think of using it in their mad science. Now I have started to sympathize with the creepy moe girl.

  • Moe sue plays the piano in some music shop. Neat.

  • Fade to black. Now it is raining. Moe sue is too cool for an umbrella. Pan up to a fairy playing a violin. I think some kind of radiation wave is coming from it that somehow is affecting the environment. Would that not have some pretty large consequences? I thought messing with the weather in one place could have a pretty big impact...

  • A few minutes later "I should have borrowed an umbrella". Yep, and you probably should have taken the apple too.

  • Woah, a pink-haired fairy is sitting on a crate. Instead of running away surprised, moe sue opens up her eyes wide and inches toward it... This could be dangerous. Seriously, is that other one causing huge weather abnormalities not enough?

  • Oh no, moe fairy looks hurt.
  • Give it a waffle?
  • Y/N
  • Yes, moe fairy ate the waffle.
  • Then she dances around (from indigestion?) and almost falls off the crate.

  • "What shall I do with this?" moe sue asks. "This"? You are just calling living, intelligent creatures things now? Is that not dehumanizing (or defairyizing I guess)?

  • Moe fairy is gone... Yep, it is definitely not going to reappear again...Moe sue wonders what it was. Yep, a new breed of pet (or genetic experiment).

  • Yeah, there is no way a waffle-eating alien exists.

  • Pan to the waffle eating alien eating a waffle.

  • Waffle moe fairy is circling the grandma's head like a vulture. It seems like no one else can see the moe fairy. That is convenient.

  • Double moe stare time.
.Moe fairy pecks moe sue on the nose. Moe sue reacts like she has just been injected with a horrible venom.

  • Moe sue randomly flips through a book about what I guess is primates and she cannot find anything about the moe fairy in it. Well, that does make sense; she does not exactly look like a monkey.

  • She's a sugar fairy, yep that was established at the beginning, but what does sugar have to do with winter?

  • Moe sue uses her common sense and realizes moe fairy is an illusion. Good perception abilities there. Then she recognizes its existence when it starts talking and stealing her food. By the way, Moe fairy swallows using the full force of her body in one motion. I still do not understand how her digestive system could work, but I guess I do not really care that much.

  • Moe fairy seems pretty obnoxious and somewhat self-centered. Always saying "look at me". Moe sue is depressed about the persistent illusion. That makes sense considering it looks like it could be part of a larger mental issue. Moe fairy is being moe, playing in books, craving for attention. Moe sue is annoyed by it though. Could this be a deconstruction of moe?

  • Oh, I guess this is set in Germany since all of moe sue's books are in Deutsch (including some by Faust.)

  • So the waffle alien tries to play on a mini-piano and is totally shunned. Moe sue closes the curtain and goes to bed.

  • Moe fairy resorts to using the black magic of her flute to get moe sue’s attention. Although it is pretty dramatic all she does is make one giant CGI snowflake appear.

  • She explains that she is a snow fairy, sugar. Yep, that was already explained. Probably should listen to major plot points like that if you are going to be the main character.

  • Moe girl wakes up, magically wearing different clothing. She still denies the fairy’s existence, saying it was all just a dream. Well when you think about it that is certainly possible considering the inexplicable change of clothing.

  • Moe stare girl's basic response to the fairy actually existing "Impossible, because it is not just as planned!"

  • The ending indicates the city in the show is based on the City of Rothenburg, interesting. Well that is it for now. The preview does not really make sense. The only good thing I can get out of it is that there will be more waffles soon. Also, I feel really bad for Greta, constantly being made fun of and disrespected. Though some of her behavior is kind of rude.

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I realize I went overboard before and decided to cut down the amount of commentary. It still is overwhelmingly unfunny and dumb but whatever.

Episode Two:

  • The first use of the opening in this episode. Apparently, moe fairy has a lot of friends, some of which are less moe than the others, but still pretty moe. Moe Sue delivers a bouquet of flowers with an envelope to a piano during the opening, but I do not really see what that achieves. Maybe the piano is her companion cube? Another thing to note here is the fact that creepy/ rival moe creatively pushes all of the other characters out of the screen every time they appear.

-Oh, by the way, the opening theme is a Japanese cover of some song by the Rubettes (some 70s group from the UK I think).

  • The episode starts with Moe Sue using dehumanizing language again. Moe fairy asserts that she is not just a thing and has worth. She has a name after all. Well, animals have names too.

  • Moe Sue asks what the fairy is. A fairy, a ghost, and an alien seem like good choices, but she might as well add a time traveler, esper, and slider to that list.

  • Moe Sue wonders why only she can see the fairy. Moe fairy dodges the question and goes to the window to yell at the wind instead.

  • Apparently in the Moe world a different fairy is responsible for each season and kind of weather. This seems to raise a lot of questions and I wonder why the maker of this show decided make it unnecessarily complicated like this. For example, why does a Sun fairy need to make the sun shine? I thought the Sun did that by itself. Is contemporary meteorology completely false in the Moe world or is it just driven by invisible fairies?

  • Moe fairy is an apprentice and is trying to study about humans because that will make her better at making snow I guess.

  • Oh, the fairies are part of what seems similar to a MMORPG. There are multiple fairies for each season and type of weather. If that is true then there should need to be something like millions of fairies all over the place. Moe fairy's mother is one of those MMORPG participants.

  • Moe Sue will not let the fairy go to school and instead traps her in a cage of books. Wow, that was pretty mean. Did she ever think of how the fairy was going to eat or do anything all day trapped like that? I feel bad for the fairy now. I hope Moe Sue realized that Moe fairy would break out and did not worry about it. Otherwise, imprisoning a small, rational creature like that was absolutely awful. Oh yeah, and some seed dropped from the fairy onto a mini piano to make it start shining.

  • Moe fairy bothers Moe Sue to get her food because she is hungry which seems reasonable, but the fairy is quite indecisive when choosing what waffle to get.

  • As expected, Moe fairy calls a waffle, a waffo. At this point, Moe Sue is quite annoyed about the fairy running counter to her plans and glares menacingly at her. Of course, Moe fairy has fallen asleep. Sue blows in her face to wake her up.

  • There are only about five kids in Moe Sue's class. She manages to make a fool of herself in front of all five though, arriving early and then punching herself in the face. Though I suppose that is better than what she wanted to do which was to punch the fairy.

  • Creepy Moe says to start class already and says that "the earth is not rotating around [Moe Sue]". I guess she has not gotten the memo that Moe Sue is the main character and an sueish one at that. The
teacher thinks that Creepy Moe was standing up for Moe Sue, thus annoying her even more.

  • Pigtails and Hairclip both think that Moe Sue is crazy seeing that they see her talk to herself and ramble on about "season fairies". Creepy Moe appears and actually brings along a theme song with her.
Not long after Moe Fairy yells something about "Twinkle", the teacher pulls creepy Moe (who now seems to be more like Moe Rival) out of class because she is wearing a shiny ring.

  • Moe fairy is after these "Twinkles" which she must collect in order to become a full-fledged fairy. For some reason, the fairy tells Sue this in Chemistry class. They have chemistry class using Bunsen burners in elementary school in Germany Moe Land? That seems a little odd to me.

  • Dr. RobotnikMoe boy creates his greatest invention ever, a rain making machine. It explodes because of the moe fairy's magic. At this point Moe Sue has had it. She yells at the fairy in class while everyone watches her and then has to talk to her teacher.

  • Sue decides that she was better off not having ever met Moe fairy because her plans are all messed up now. While that melancholy is going on Salt(Sun fairy) and Pepper(glasses Wind fairy) fairies appear. I can understand having a salt fairy because of the importance of salt in the world, but a pepper fairy would only seem to make sense if there are fairies for each kind of spice.

  • Oh, I guess there are not actually fairies of edible things, but are just called stuff like Salt, Pepper, and Sugar.

  • The fairies must plant their seeds in order to find a place to live. I guess Moe fairy is going to live in a mini piano then. By the way, this sounds disturbingly similar to an alien invasion setup. Planting a seed to take over different territories, then harvesting Earth’s resources seem pretty par for the alien course.

  • Yep, I was proven right. Moe fairy is only able to find where her seed went when Sue points out the shining piano on the windowsill though.

  • So now, the two are stuck together. Moe Sue has to grudgingly accept this. By grudgingly accept I mean make the fairy a tiny bed to sleep in.

  • Now the two must embark on an epic quest to find the Twinkles, see to it that the magic sprout blooms, and make sure that moe fairy can become a "full-fledged fairy" whatever that means. It seems nice to actually have a plot now.

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I doubt this can be much worse of a live blog. That being said, what is the deal with calling waffles "Waffos"?

Episode 3:
  • It seems like Moe Sue is continuing with this whole just as planned theme. The fairy cannot come along because she could potentially ruin Moe Sue's gambits.

  • Conveniently Moe Fairy's friends ambush her to stop her from interfering in Moe Sue's schemes.

  • The title of this episode is "Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy." To me that sounds kind of a like a question on a standardized test that was answered wrong. Twinkle and Twinkle are the same thing.

  • The three fairies get in an absurd argument about what a twinkle is like. Moe fairy argues that it is twinkle-twinkle while the others assert that it is instead either puffy-fluffy or comfy-warm. Of course, none of them actually give any evidence to support their views. Also, I just noticed that the fairies' wings seem quite unusual. For some of them, like Moe Sue for example, they seem to be part of their backs, but for others they seem to be attached to their clothes. Either that or there are specialized holes for their wings in their clothing, but I feel like that would just make it really difficult to dress in the morning.

  • Okay, so Moe Fairy wrongly believes that a dress is a twinkle. That is not the issue here at all though. Pigtails, Hairclip, and Moe Sue look at jewelry and Pigtails makes a particularly strange expression. I think that may just be her role in this show.

  • So the fairies discover that cotton candy and light bulbs are not twinkles. Well I would guess that to be so considering they are no rare at all. What kind of quest involves finding light bulbs anyway?

  • The fairies find some book in English (I thought this was supposed to take place in Germany) about fables. In this story, which the boy fairy hates, the Wind Fairy operates as some kind of hidden mentor or something. Apparently it blows mind at some guy so he does not lose the present under his jacket. The moral of the story is that the Sun fairy is awesome of something?

  • Moe Sue says "All the plans are confirmed." She is starting to sound like Lelouch now with his all the obstacles have been cleared thing. Even if the translation of plans is an inaccurate one, Sue definitely sounds like someone scheming to make everything fit into place perfectly. Is this show encouraging children to be like that?

  • Robotnik, Glasses boy wants Sue to help him with his newest greatest invention ever. Of course, she refuses.

  • A new challenger approaches, a full season fairy [Ginger, yep continuing the spice theme]. She says some garbage about finding out for yourself what twinkles are and the fairies all love her for some reason.

  • So now I think that the whole idea of becoming a full fairy is supposed to be a parallel to children growing up. So this show is really a bildungsroman. Why did I not realize that earlier?

  • The three kids buy waffles again and all get plain ones. Sue buys an extra one for the fairies, but the situation brings up some questions. If the other people cannot see the fairies can they see the waffles being eaten or does anything that a fairy touches become invisible. The latter would not make sense considering Moe fairy touched the dress and it did not become invisible. Though I suppose she did not hand on to it for an extended period of time.

  • Pigtails brings up some kind of strange, fashionable item and Sue grudgingly agrees that is "cute" even though it seems pretty obvious that that statement is just a lie.

  • Some guy (I think he operates the waffle stand) whistles to encourage an infestation of pigeons to take over the city. Seriously feeding them will do just that. It also attracts random fairies who can make food disappear.

  • They actually do find a twinkle, but is just a bell. I find this pretty anticlimactic.

  • Woah, Moe fairy just got attacked by a crazy crow. Luckily she is able to take cover, but the fairy cannot escape until the bird stops freaking out. It looks like there may be a chase scene coming up involving the crow and Moe fairy. The question about whether things the fairies hold become invisible is still there. The crow can apparently hear the sound of the bell even when a fairy hangs on to it.

  • Robotnik Jr.'s invention fails. His response "A failure is a shortcut to success!" Well it seems far more logical that it is a shortcut to another failure actually, but I understand his point.
Still, to assume that your next endeavor will be successful because your last one was not is pretty nonsensical.

  • The crow is able to spot the fairies that are hiding in the junkyard near the inventor boys because the bell is shining. So either it is possible for other beings to see season fairies, other beings can see reflections of light off of bells, or that there is no logic to this whatsoever.

  • Moe fairy is chased by the crow and somehow falls into a cage and gets K Oed by falling.

  • Seeing as the crow almost wakes up because the fairies are talking it must also be able to hear fairy speech. So I guess the conclusion to draw is that animals can see fairies too.

  • The two other fairies try to get Robotnik and the others to help them free Moe fairy from her cage. They try to talk to him, but this makes no sense considering only a episode ago they told Moe fairy that humans could not understand them.

  • Boy fairy tries a trumpet routine, but it fails only making things a tiny bit warmer.The glasses fairy's harp does not do much either.

  • Moe Sue arrives just in time and the other inventor boys gasp. I do not know why. [This is never explained as far as I know.]

  • In the end the bell was not actually a twinkle and the crow, who is named Joe, steals it back again. Yep, that is pretty depressing.

  • Finally, the fairies think that the bubbly soap in a bath is a twinkle and start shouting about it. This annoys Sue who basically attacks them and causes an off-screen ruckus.


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Yep, there are psychic doves and a shining cat in this episode.

Episode 4:
  • The part of the opening I mentioned earlier where Moe Sue randomly places flowers on a piano apparently is part of the lyrics of the opening song.

  • The glasses moe character can speak to pigeons [actually doves] it seems. I still do not understand who can and cannot see the fairies though. So it seems like it has been proven that animals can see them, but most people obviously are not able to see them. Can animals see them because they are closer to nature or something? They really are not doing the greatest job of explaining this.

  • The three fairies look to invade the school to scour it for twinkles after the doves alert them to the location of something "pretty".

  • Moe Sue and her classmates are playing basketball. Everyone is wearing a headband too, I guess to show what teams they are on. Well I would not necessarily say playing because Moe Sue and Rival Sue are just fighting for possession of the ball. The fairies distract Moe Sue and she loses control of the ball. Even though Rival Sue is able to get it, she still suffers her expected fate and gets hit in the head with the ball. She obviously cannot catch a break.

  • By the way, Moe Sue has a really strange hair style while they are playing basketball. Her hair is bunched up in the back expect for two huge strands out front. Also, for some reason she is the only one not wearing a uniform. I have a feeling that neither of these things will be adequately explained.

  • The fairies decide to play in a Chemistry lab with some kind of beaker. They have fun looking at each other's distorted image in the beaker until Glasses Moe decides to point out that Moe Fairy has a cavity.
[Nothing comes of this; I doubt it will ever be brought up again.]

  • Moe fairy tries to get the kids in a class to tell her where the twinkle is, but obviously they cannot hear her. For some reason she misinterprets them raising their hands to mean that they know where a twinkle is. This would be somewhat believable if it had not already been made known that the fairies went to school. However, it seems pretty silly once you consider the fact that the teacher asked the kids a question and they raised their hands because of it, something that I am sure was not totally foreign to the fairy world.

  • The fairies mistake a drawing of a flower on a perfect quiz paper for a "twinkle". How does that even make a bit of sense? A drawing of a flower meets none of the previously stated criteria for a twinkle. It is not comfy-warm, puffy-fluffy, or twinkle-twinkle (though I admit that last one is a bit vague). It also is nothing like that bell that they thought was a twinkle before. I hope there is more of an explanation to this because if there is not then they are just making Moe Fairy out to look dumb.

  • Just as I said, the other fairies remark how it did not fit their criteria for a twinkle. I am glad that they at least doubted that it was one.

  • As usual, Moe Sue glares at the fairies until they pick up all of the quiz papers they scattered looking for the "twinkle". The fairies are exhausted from the work that Sue puts them through.

  • This means that they eat most of her lunch later on. Sue is pretty upset at this point and argues with Moe Fairy. Basically she wants her to leave her alone. She does so, but not without stick her tongue out and saying rude things to Sue who returns the favor. They happen to bump into the grown fairy again who implies that it will rain.

  • Rival Sue tries to challenge her to soccer which is a bad idea right after you have eaten. It does not matter though since Moe Sue is right and it rains.

  • Glasses Moe is looking through books with the other fairies, but she is using her harp to turn every single page. That seems like it would get tiresome after a while. I thought the young season fairies did not have much magical power, is that not so? Anyway, that does not matter. What does matter is that Moe Fairy thinks that Sue will like her if she actually does find a twinkle.

  • Meanwhile in music class, Sue yells at Robotnik Jr. after he asks her about her psychic powers. For a Mary Sue she seems to have somewhat of a temper. I can forgive that though considering how bothersome I imagine the fairies must be.

  • The fairies search what I guess is an attic. They see two shining lights which they think are a twinkle. Nope, they are actually the eyes of a cat which they ram into and knock over. It is obviously pretty angry because its nap got interrupted. Wait, why would its eyes have been open if it was napping? The Boy fairy is able to scare it away using his trumpet heat powers though so no worries.

  • Moe Sue plays the piano upon her friends' request and makes everything better. The sun comes out again, the cat goes back to sleep, and the fairies are happy. A swarm of kids gives here applause.

  • Plot Twist. The doves actually saw a rainbow at the school. Yet, a rainbow only just appears after Moe Sue plays the piano. That means that either they saw a rainbow previously on some other rainy day or are future-seeing magical doves. The latter may be less likely, but it is pretty cool. I have never heard of psychic doves before. I mean Hoothoot and Noctowl are supposed to be owls, right? Well there are also not psychic type so I guess they are not relevant here at all anyway.

  • Poor Rival Moe, no one wants to hear her play piano because they are all distracted by the rainbow.

  • A new challenger appears, some old fairy guy.

  • Moe fairy flies in her sleep so she can rest on Moe Sue's pillow. I hope Sue does not toss or turn in her sleep because that could cause some problems.

  • I have to say that it does not look that fun to be in Sue's position. I guess when the fairies understand her better and she sees their viewpoint it will work out, but right now it just seems like an annoying situation.


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Episode 5:
  • I just noticed watching the opening this time that the animation is by J.C. Staff (the same studio that did Azumanga Daioh if I remember correctly). Honestly, I think the animation has been pretty good so far, especially the backgrounds.

  • Despite how I may not be serious all of the time about what I say about the show, I actually do not think it is has been that bad. I think it is nice to see a main character (Moe Sue) act somewhat realistically to being put in a situation like this. I mean I could see a lot of people being annoyed by having a high pitched chatterbox of a fairy following him/her around all day.

  • The episode starts out with the rain fairy freaking out about it raining. Apparently, she is confused as to why it is raining when she did not make it rain. Well, I suppose the most obvious solution would be that there are other rain fairies out there.

  • Its morning again and the moe boy fairy thought a chimney was a Twinkle. At this point, this is stretching my suspension of disbelief. Seriously, why would a dark smoke filled part of a house be anything like a Twinkle. I should not blame him though since the "Twinkles" the other fairies found do not seem to be much better. It looks like they still do not really know what the Twinkles look like at all.

  • It seems as though the fairies have become a bit frustrated. Simply finding puffy-fluffy, comfy-warm, and twinkle-twinkle things is not enough. The rain fairy does not really seem to be much help though.

  • As soon as the rain fairy tells the moe fairies to buzz off, the elder appears in a flash of light. Moe fairy tries her kiss attack, but the elder thankfully blocks it with a whirlwind. I am glad someone out there is willing to stop her from kissing everything she sees.

  • So the Elder says "Twinkle" has value because you find it for yourself. That makes sense to me. I would find it pretty anticlimactic if the elder just told them where a twinkle was and they just picked it up. I wonder if they will not find one until the very last episode though. If that is the case, I wonder what the rest of the episodes will be like.

  • Yeah, this may sound a bit odd, but the elder came down to the human world in order to confess his love to the rain fairy. He fails, but Moe Sue takes him into her room so he can recover.

  • Yep, I guess every time a new season fairy is introduced we are treated to a scene in which that fairy is surprised that Moe Sue can see him/her. I would figure word would get around a bit, but I guess
I am wrong about that.

  • The Elder nearly spills the beans about why Moe Sue does not seem to have the traits that a fairy-seeing person normally has. I guess if I wanted something else interesting plot wise that would be it.

  • The Elder, who slept underneath a doll's dress (and snored while doing it) quickly is ambushed by the trio of fairies after he wakes up. They swarm him until he cannot fly and he eventually succumbs and gives them a hint. It appears as though Twinkles can only be found when in the company of a fairy-seeing human.

  • Rival Moe challenges Moe Sue to a portrait making contest. While in the process of proclaiming that challenge, Moe Sue is confronted by the three fairies. She drops her art supplies as a result and begins crushing the boy fairy. I suppose that was supposed to be funny or something, but I feel bad for the fairy since he is being squeezed relentlessly. By the way, pigtails give another smart comment. She seems to be a bit of snarker.

  • The Elder keeps failing his confession attempts. He is confused why it is so difficult, but I was under the impression that that stuff was typically pretty hard anyway.

  • Rival Moe accuses Moe Sue of trying to use the same trick twice to stop her by blaming the weather. I fail to see how blaming the weather is a trick, but whatever.

  • A new challenger appears, a cello-playing cloud fairy. His name is Turmeric it seems. I had never heard of that name so it looked it up. Turmeric seems to be a plant of the ginger family that is native to tropical South Asia. It is used in folk medicine and for curry powder among other things.

  • Plantman is not able to offer any love advice to the elder. Plantman wants to focus on becoming the best cloud fairy of all time which I agree is a pretty admirable goal. The Elder thinks to himself "What a poser!" I think I would look up to Plantman more than the Elder now.

  • The Elder is causing massive weather abnormalities which in addition to making the townspeople probably fear for the apocalypse, bother the rain fairy a great deal.

  • The results of the portrait drawing contest come in and both sides seem to have drawn something that is difficult to discern. I guess the weather is to be blamed for that though. I am surprised that Rival Moe admits defeat though.

  • The Elder manages to level-up Moe fairy's "magic flower". I am glad about that, but I think some of the stuff he did was a bit odd if not creepy.

  • The end of the episode hints at some shipping junk between the rain fairy and Plantman.

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"irhgT nm0w tehre might b ea lotof th1nmgs i dont udarstannd, ubt oim ujst goinjg to keepfollowing this pazth i belieove iN !!!!!1 d
Things seem to be getting pretty serious in this episode. I originally thought this show was going to be about a moe fairy doing moe things with all of the characters talking about how cute that is. It seems I was wrong about the last thing. Episode 6:
  • Well, moe fairy starts out the episode by dreaming that she is a full-blown season fairy. I felt like it was pretty obvious that it was a dream so that did not really bother me. What surprised me was the fact that large waffle crumbs were by moe fairy's bed. I feel like Moe Sue's room will be swarming with bugs if she keeps that up.

  • Moe fairy shows up late for magic practice and gets scolded for it [for some reason that reminds me of Tsukasa. Anyway, I did not realize that she played a piccolo. I always thought it was flute. Regardless, of that, it seems as though moe fairy's number one goal is become the greatest snow fairy, just like her mother was.

  • Moe fairy starts bragging about her mother to Moe Sue which reminds the latter of her own mother who looks like she taught Moe Sue how to play piano. The whole "putting flowers" on a piano makes sense to me now. Moe Sue must put them there in memory of her mother. I think that is very nice of her to do that.

  • It looks like it is flashback time. Moe Sue apparently had the exact same strange button things in her hair when she was kid too.

  • This might the turning point for the two. I think Moe Sue may relate to Moe Fairy wanting to be like her mother and better tolerate the fairy. I could be wrong though, since Moe fairy is still bothering Moe Sue even during her pommel horse test at school.

  • Moe Fairy is annoyed that she is being ignored and goes off to practice somewhere else. Moe
Sue worries about her though and her worries are confirmed as the thieving crow (Joe) returns to bother Moe Fairy once again.

  • Joe ends up smashing a lot of stuff in coffee shop where Moe Sue works. Predictably, Moe Sue gets angry and yells at Moe Fairy. Moe fairy yells back and storms off. Moe Sue starts picking up shards of mugs with her bare hands to start cleaning up the place though. I am not sure that is the best idea.

  • We cut to Moe Sue at her house looking through a magazine of some kind. It seems to be a magazine that just contains pictures of deserts and the like without words. I wonder how that kind of magazine would sell, but I guess people do like looking at pudding, cakes, and stuff like that, so maybe it would sell pretty well.

  • Moe Fairy discusses the matter with her fairy friends. The boy fairy says something that I find quite logical this time. He actually tells Moe Fairy to take responsibility. Even though she is reluctant, the two try to make up.

  • Moe Sue asks what kind of person Moe Fairy's mother is. I find that question to be an odd one.
I do not really know what I would say if someone asked me that about anyone I know.

  • Here I was thinking the two would make up, but that does not seem to be happening.

  • Throughout the episode, Moe Sue seems to be thinking about her mother. She keeps noticing mother-daughter combos walking down the street too.
  • The Elder's failed love letters give Moe Fairy the inspiration to write a letter to Moe Sue to help resolve the situation. However, she starts writing the letter on Moe Sue's favorite sheet music, the music that reminds her of her mother. I do not think this is good at all and honestly I find this pretty tough to watch.

  • Moe Sue is coming back in the room in a good mood. Will she explode when she sees what Moe Fairy did to her favorite sheet music?

  • Well, I was right. Moe Sue yells at Moe Fairy to get out since she never wants to see her again.
Wow, this show has a lot more drama than I was expecting. Plus, this is a cliffhanger. I seriously thought the two would resolve their differences in an episode, but that did not happen at all.

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"irhgT nm0w tehre might b ea lotof th1nmgs i dont udarstannd, ubt oim ujst goinjg to keepfollowing this pazth i belieove iN !!!!!1 d
7 SKJAM1st Aug 2010 06:23:20 PM , Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Yeah, I felt a little sorry for Sugar when I saw her writing on the sheet music—it's clear that she's maybe 7 or 8 in human development terms, and really doesn't understand what she's doing.
@SKJAM, Yeah, I definitely agree with you there. What I think is a bit odd is how her fairy friends, especially Pepper, seem to be calmer and more considerate than she is despite them likely being the same age. Sorry, for not responding earlier, I just wanted to make sure I actually added an episode when I did. I have not yet given up on this. I actually think it is relatively interesting.

Episode 7:
  • What I think is a bit weird is the fact that rather than describe the previous episode, the little summary before the episode actually starts tends to just talk about season fairies. I guess that makes some sense given the target audience, but I actually think the show would benefit from having a summary of the past episodes in times like these.

  • That being said this summary does reference that Sugar left. I realize how dumb using nicknames was so I think I will start using the actual names a bit more from now on.

  • Oh okay, a flashback to the previous episode works just as well. Sue (Saga) sounded really mean. I mean, I realize the two will reunite and make up later, but I do think this is a bit depressing.

  • Well, Moe Fairy (Sugar) is homeless again. Come to think of it, where do the other fairies sleep? I mean none of them have host humans, right?

  • Sugar forgets that she can fly and then runs into "Basil" and "Cinnamon" who I guess are supposed to be cool looking fairy guys, but frankly I do not see it.

  • I guess the two cool fairy guys are going to discourage Sugar from going back to Saga. I obviously doubt they will succeed though. Meanwhile, Saga wonders why Sugar has not come back yet. Given that she said she never wanted to see the fairy again I think she should not have much trouble understanding why she left.

  • I guess the two cool guys have thunder and ice powers of some sort though I am honestly not sure about one of them. He uses symbols to harness his powers, but has this strange expression on his face as he does so (it looks similar to this). Anyway, Moe Fairy seems to be having a lot of fun even if Moe Sue is not.

  • Wow, Rival Sue (Greta) makes a crack at Saga and the rest of the class actually appears to be laughing with her. I think this is the first time that Greta has had any kind of victory against Moe Sue.
"Okay, then I think we'll have Miss Greta do the textbook question. It's on page 42." Rival Sue gets told like a bedtime story by the teacher.

  • It appears as though Saga rarely forgets things given the reaction of the class when she actually does. She still calls
Sugar stupid, but it seems fairly obvious at this point that she is distracted.

  • The glasses and original boy fairy find Sugar with her new buddies and she appears to have a huge clump of straw on her head in addition to paper clip earrings. She also talks kind of strangely like she is trying to be cool. You know, I think it is a bit unrealistic to expect someone to change in a day like this, but this is a show about season fairies so I suppose they are not really going for realism.

  • I probably should have figured this out earlier, but the straw is actually some of the stuff that is part of a stalk of corn.

  • Moe Sue accidentally buys one too many waffles as is the habit. This really reminds me of how in Digimon Data Squad, Thomas's butler gave him two cups accidentally when Gaomon is captured and Thomas’s memory is erased. Sorry, about that reference, I suppose that is pretty obscure.

  • Here comes another flashback to Saga's mother teaching her piano. Saga apparently says that her mother has magic hands.

  • Well, the two good fairy kids talk to Moe Sue and point out that Sugar wrote "I'm sorry, Saga" on her sheet music. I guess that gives them a good reason to make up. However, I do wonder how Sugar will get away from being part of the bad/cool fairy guy gang.

  • Here comes Robotnik Jr. (Phil) with his minions looking for ghosts. They are totally denied. The elder fairy appeared again, but at this point I think he has already just turned into a running gag.

  • Even if his pranks were unnecessary, I do think it is neat that the thunder fairy can pop corn using his powers.

  • So while Saga is wandering through this seemingly abandoned warehouse looking for Sugar she feels something weird and looks up to see that it is a giant clown statue and is reassured. Now, I do not know about you, but I doubt I would find a giant statue very reassuring. In fact, I would probably be a bit freaked out by it. What would one need such a statue for anyway? I mean it was clearly taller than a regular adult.

  • Moe Fairy's friends explain how important the sheet music was to Saga and Sugar understands. That was a simple solution. However, meanwhile Moe Sue is being tormented by electrified pieces of ice being launched at her. Robotnik Jr. and his lackeys move in to help, but the odds of them doing anything is probably not high.

  • Sugar uses her Snowball attack on the cool fairies and K Oes them. The whole situation seems to be resolved and the mischievous fairies are even going to get punished. I seriously feel bad for Phil though. He is duped into thinking that the ghosts were just a Christmas tree when there actually were fairies there. The idea that one can mistake ghosts for a Christmas tree seems pretty absurd to me personally especially for someone who seems to like supernatural stuff like Phil does.

  • The two do make up and Sugar comes back home. Sugar absolutely starts balling (and no, I do not mean the basketball kind) when Saga tells her about how her mother died in an accident.

  • The two get in a fight the next morning, but obviously it is not as serious this time.

  • It probably should be noted that it is hinted or I guess implied that Sugar is getting closer to being a full season fairy by bonding with Saga.

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"irhgT nm0w tehre might b ea lotof th1nmgs i dont udarstannd, ubt oim ujst goinjg to keepfollowing this pazth i belieove iN !!!!!1 d
Episode 8:

  • It looks like this episode will focus on Phil. If so, I think it should be pretty neat. I think he is my favorite character so far.

  • The episode starts out with Phil being in his secret hideout with his minions preparing some kind of contraption. It seems like it is some kind of shining thing that exploded. Yeah, at this point I do not really have any idea. Salt (the boy fairy) has swirly eyes as a result of the explosion though so I guess he is unable to battle.

  • When Robotnik Jr. tries to defend his experiment in front of Moe Sue and his friends, his lackeys do not offer him much support. Judging by their crestfallen facial expressions, I wonder if they are started to get annoyed with the kid.

  • Robotnik Jr. was trying to make an aurora like the aurora borealis. While I think it is pretty neat that it is possible to make a light like that artificially, I have no idea how to make one and frankly watching Phil and his minions try did not really help that cause much.

  • Sugar mistook the light in the artificial aurora for a "Twinkle". I wonder why her fairy friends keep going along with the moe fairy's antics anyway. I mean it seems to me that they know that the things she finds are not "Twinkles". I wonder if they only tag along to ensure that Sugar does not get into trouble.

  • Phil says that the problem with his previous experiment was the air pressure. Greta seems to think that is a bit out there. I do not know though. If anyone in the show knows about science, I would guess it would be Robotnik Jr.

  • Phil and his two lackeys make more things explode in the lab room. You know, I think that must be a pretty sophisticated elementary school to have chemistry lessons. Salt is caught in the explosion again. I think he probably should know by now to avoid Phil if he does not want to get hurt.

  • Salt brings up how aurora can only be made by season fairies. Well, even if those fairies do make them, people can make artificial snow, right? Yeah, I probably should not be comparing real life to this show at all.

  • Phil is pushing what looks like a cart of heavy stuff. His two minions (Alan and Jan) seem to have ditched him. I guess their excuses could be legitimate, but somehow I doubt that.

  • Phil wants to be a famous scientist one day. Well, I suppose Dr. Robotnik is pretty famous, but I would consider him more infamous than anything else. Anyway, I doubt Phil would want to chase a blue hedgehog around all day anyway.

  • Salt (boy fairy) practices aurora magic to no avail. I am actually a bit impressed with the character development shown in this show so far. I mean, I do not think it is amazing or anything, but for what it is, I underestimated it.

  • Phil wants to make the aurora containment chamber out of glass. I am not sure if that is a good idea. I would not want shards of glass exploding everywhere, but I know very little about science so I am probably just sounding like an idiot.

  • Saga starts imagining what Phil's experiment will be like when the fairies help. It actually seems pretty realistic to me as the result is an explosion with the fairies not helping much. This spurs her to help Robotnik Jr.

  • It seems like Salt is starting to warm up to Phil. I think it is a shame that Robotnik Jr. cannot see him.

  • Phil gathers a bunch of kids to see his experiment early in the morning. They are clearly not into it. Well, unless you count Saga's friends shipping her with Phil and giggling.

  • By the way, "Switch On" is translated here as ignition. Considering it is in English already, that kind of puzzles me.

  • With Salt's help, Robotnik Jr. is able to make a giant aurora. To be honest, I think it is pretty awesome. I apologize for the poor quality.

  • Saga is unable to tell Sugar what her dream is because the scene switches to some guy watching the aurora before getting back into his truck. Sorry if that made no sense.

  • I guess the guy was not random, it seems as though he is the "Bear Pianist".

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10 SKJAM5th Sep 2010 08:00:17 PM , Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
I've noticed the "Naughty Kids" subtrope in kiddie anime before; generally in a "it's fun to play, but better to come home" kind of story. Compare to the Lost Boys from Peter Pan.
@SKJAM, It seems like a pretty good lesson to teach kids in my opinion. I mean, I think it is at least better than just telling them that playing with people like that is always bad and never fun even when that seems to not make any sense. I am interested in seeing how those characters will function later on though considering how easily they were dismissed over the course of one episode.

Episode 9
  • I guess this episode is about a piano playing bear or something like that.

  • The Hammond Theater Trope seems to be from where the bear originates. One of the members of the troupe appears to be dressed somewhat like a fairy which I am only noting given the nature of this series.

  • The troupe's top-hatted man, announces the name of the city as Muhlenburg. I do not think the name was announced before now.

  • Mr. Top Hat says that the story of the Bear Pianist is "guaranteed to have your heart awash with tears. First of all, I do not see how that makes much sense given how tears are external while the heart is internal. Second of all, I wonder if the bear is supposed to be cursed. I think that would freak me out personally. I mean, a man who is turned into a bear and doomed to play piano for the rest of his life would be a sad story in my opinion.

  • So aside from Mr. Top Hat, there is the "Forest Fairy" and a bishonen, ascot-wearing pianist. Many of the girls are predictably fawning over him, including the usually snarky Pigtails. I have to admit I am a fan of his ascot. I think it looks pretty sharp.

  • Mr. Top Hat mentions something about a "twinkle" which of course gets the attention of the fairy trio. Honestly, I am pretty sure that at this point a "Twinkle" is the physical manifestation of a bond between a human and a fairy in Sugar's case. If that is so, then searching for it seems to be kind of unnecessary at this point. I could be wrong though.

  • Pigtails (Norma) is still swooning over the bishonen pianist even after school has ended. I have to admit that I find her face to be a bit creepy.

  • Phil does not want to go to see the "Bear Pianist" because he has "experiments" to do. His lackeys seem less enthused about the experiments though. I think that Phil is generally a good person, but honestly I think he should cut his henchmen some slack occasionally. Either he should do that or they should just tell him if they disagree with him. I think there is a serious lack of communication here.

  • Greta wants to go see the play, but first she has to brag about some other opera/concert thing she is going to later. By the way, this entire time, Pigtails has been hugging Anne (hairpin). It seems a bit odd to me to see her facial expressions change while maintaining her hug, especially when she expresses disgust at Greta at the same time that she hugs Anne.

  • The fairy trio spots the Bear Pianist practicing even though it seems pretty obvious that he is just a man in a bear suit. Yet, the fairies seem to believe it is an actual bear. Also, I think it looks like it is fairly difficult to play the piano in the bear suit. The paws do not appear to give adequate space for each finger while playing. I imagine that the pianist probably had to have considerable practice to be able to play the piano without being able to make precise movements with his fingers.

  • A mysterious man walks into the coffee shop where Saga works and constantly looks back and forth before sitting down and poring over the menu. Later, the man who I suppose is the manager comes in and Saga seems to basically show him up, telling him that he did not do a very good job of cleaning the roaster. He is not angry, but honestly it seems to me like he probably should know what he is doing. Also, I doubt it is a very good idea for Saga to chew out her superior like that. When the mysterious man finely receives his coffee (Which might I add only happens after copious amounts of his staring at Saga brewing it), he says that is a bit stiff. Salt calls him a poser. I guess he might be some kind of coffee connoisseur or something.

  • Jan and Alan, two of Phil's minions come to see the play. I like that they are doing what they want to do, but should they really ditch Phil without telling him first. Alan's little brothers are essentially little clones of him. Pigtails continues to poke one of the little clones' cheeks. I heard previously that Greta was a great character in this show, but I think a lot of the humor really comes into play when Pigtails is in the picture.

  • By the way, the fairy trio is also watching the play.

  • The play starts, Mr. Bear Pianistman lives in the forest and is lonely. Sure I can accept that premise just fine. My problem is where did he get that top hat, bow tie, and well-made piano? I doubt you can just find those things walking in the forest. Also, the bear suit keeps reminding me of Tomoyo's in CLANNAD. Also, I wonder how exactly the bear's bowtie is attached. I looks like it is stuck right on to his fur since I do not see the back of it at all. I think that if it were pinned on a real bear, that would probably hurt.

  • Mr. Top Hat convinces Mr. Bear Pianist to come with him to be part of an exhibit in order to obtain "friends". It is a trap as pretty much anyone could tell you.

  • "This wasn't supposed to happen," says the Bear Pianist as he sits in the exhibition cage. I think I have heard that line before. At least, the bear is not tearing a hole in the dimensions or committing the ultimate taboo of alchemy.

  • A girl approaches him, and the Bear Pianist says that she is a real beauty and then asks if she wants to be his friend. The girl is being nice too though, so it is not totally superficial. Mr. Top Hat stops the girl from getting closer to the bear.

  • Greta laments the clichéd nature of the story, but no one around here seems to appreciate her comments.

  • The Bear Pianist is worried that no one wants to be his friend. This seems to be plainly untrue to me. I think at least the girl wanted to be his friend, she was just barred from getting any closer. The Bear decides he wants to be a human which I think is a bit cliché at this point, but I am not really that picky about it. The Forest Fairy grants his wish and he turns into the Bishōnen with the ascot from earlier. The catch is that he can only be in human form during the night.

  • So the Bear Pianist in human form seems to try to confess his love to the girl from earlier. Leaping out of nowhere is a man with poufy hair who apparently is the girl's fiancé. The Bear Pianist is not overjoyed about this new development and Greta is surprised herself.

  • When the Bear Pianist tells the couple of his transformation and its catch, they do not seem too surprised for some reason. I wonder if that is supposed to be bad acting or whether they are actually just not surprised at all.

  • The Bear starts being awesome and breaks out of his cage, but then he gets shot. Somehow he still makes it to the couple's wedding and nonchalantly takes his seat at the piano that looks identical to the one he was playing earlier. Then the Bear and the piano are lifted into the air without an explanation. I guess the hunter missed when he tried to shoot him or he just has a strong will to live.

  • It turns out that bear suit man is actually the guy who ordered coffee early from Saga. I wonder why the bishonen guy did not also play the role of the bear.

  • Saga fantasizes about the guy who played the bear and the episode ends.

"irhgT nm0w tehre might b ea lotof th1nmgs i dont udarstannd, ubt oim ujst goinjg to keepfollowing this pazth i belieove iN !!!!!1 d
12 Nyperold12th Sep 2010 11:37:21 AM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
At least, the bear is not tearing a hole in the dimensions or committing the ultimate taboo of alchemy.

Presumably, he's also not producing flowers for someone who wants tea.
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
13 LouieW6th Oct 2010 02:31:00 PM from Babycowland
Presumably, he's also not producing flowers for someone who wants tea
That is certainly true. I am not sure how one "produces" flowers anyway, but I know very little about Star Trek.

Episode 10
  • Well, it is finally episode 10, which I guess is some kind of milestone.
I actually am working on a Truthism live blog as well, but I find A Little Snow Fairy Sugar to be of better quality that Truthism.com honestly. Yeah, at this point I am just rambling, but I suppose that is kind of the point of a live blog anyway. I am just glad that A Little Snow Fairy Sugar does not involve Reptilians or ancient conspiracies. Okay, I guess the existence of season fairies is kind of a conspiracy in itself.

  • So the episode starts out with Saga having a dream. Apparently she has served the man in the bear suit
a cup of coffee and he somehow drinks it while wearing the suit despite it not having a mouth opening. Then Saga is swarmed by a huge number of bear men who all reveal their identical faces. Yep, Saga is a bit odd, I guess she really was annoyed that the man thought her coffee was "stiff tasting".

  • Saga is able to distract and ditch the fairies by claiming that there is a flying waffle in the sky. The fairies still do not understand what plays are so I get the feeling that they are either pretty gullible or are just young and far from being fully developed mentally.

  • Norma is still obsessing over the bear man (well the transformed bishonen version at least). She and Anne are going to see it again.

  • Saga tries to differentiate play pianists and real pianists like her mother. I do not think she does a particularly good job, but that does not really matter, she is off to deliver a rush order of coffee to the theater troupe. Even though Norma asks to come along, Saga does not let her because the trip is work related. I think that makes sense, but for an elementary student I think Saga is really focused and serious about her work. I would not say that is a bad thing, but it certainly seems unexpected to me. She is certainly no Idiot Heroine.

  • The fairies try to ask the Elder what a "play" is, but he just starts thinking about Ginger again and leaves them before giving an answer. I suppose he is not the greatest role model, but I think the "love-obsessed" old guy is not an uncommon character in anime/manga either. I am just glad he does not act in perverted ways.

  • Oh, okay, the coffee shop where Saga works is called "Little Me". That sounds like more like a play than a coffee shop though. I suppose that name would be a bit confusing, especially when someone said something like "I work for/at Little Me". I think that sounds like someone is saying that he or she is selfish or that he or she works for him or herself. Anyway, the theater troupe does not appear to have any problem recognizing that it is the name of the coffee shop.

  • It turns out that bearsuitman was not really thinking when he said the coffee was stiff-tasting. I cannot really blame him for that. Bearsuitman's name is Vincent by the way. He also seems to entertain people with music during breaks and Saga thinks he plays like her mother.

  • Oh, it turns out that Ingrid Bergman was raised in the town where Saga lives. I guess that does not mean much, but I thought it was notable.

  • Greta appears and Saga seems to be absolutely shocked when she pulls back the curtain and arrives on the scene. She gets to act in the play as the hunter's "assistant" because of her father's connections.
I am beginning to wonder what her father does in town to have so much money. I mean, the town does not seem to be really huge and I doubt it is a great place for a business. I suppose he could just have a huge inheritance or something. I do not think it really matters though. Anyway, I am starting to really feel bad for Greta considering I think she appears to fail so often. I guess I am starting to relate a bit even if I dislike her rude behavior and her boasting.

  • Ginger invites Plantman so those two and the Elder can watch the play together. Obviously, the Elder is jealous, but I think he should be more worried about how the three kid fairies are doing without supervision. I mean they are little kids after all and they could really mess up the play.

  • They proceed to mess with stuff just like you might expect unsupervised children (or animals) to do. Saga is able to stop them at every turn, but this kind of stuff does make me nervous. I am not a fan of awkward stuff and I dislike seeing particularly disruptive stuff like this even in fiction.

  • Greta seems to be overacting enormously as the hunter's assistant. I literally had to stop watching at this point because of how embarrassed I was for the people watching the play and the performance troupe. Then the elder falls and gets stuck in Greta's shirt. Yep, this just went from bad to worse and for some reason all I can think about is how the audience must think about this. Actually, that is not all I can think about, I also wonder about the traits of season fairies. Apparently they can be felt even if they are unseen. I wonder what the possible ramifications of that are?

  • Vincent tries to distract everyone with his piano playing. He apparently is so good at it that he can play the piano backwards and while juggling an apple.

  • Saga is angry at this point though because she thinks that Vincent mistreated the piano. I can understand that, but now I feel even worse for Greta than before. I think a lot of people are going to blame her for the problems of the performance and I know that must not be pleasant.

  • This is a pretty random detail, but apparently Glasses Fairy still wears her glasses while bathing. Anyway, while that is going on, Saga wonders if Vincent can see her and the other fairies. I think that would certainly be an interesting plot development.

"irhgT nm0w tehre might b ea lotof th1nmgs i dont udarstannd, ubt oim ujst goinjg to keepfollowing this pazth i belieove iN !!!!!1 d
14 Nyperold8th Oct 2010 12:49:16 PM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
Well, once, when the captain told the replicator to make his favorite beverage (tea, Earl Grey, hot), it made a pot of flowers instead, and he said, "That wasn't supposed to happen." The pot did not say, "Oh no, not again," at least at any level readily understood by humans.
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
Nyperold, okay, sorry that I made you give that whole explanation. I think that sounds pretty interesting though. Making a pot of flowers seems pretty difficult to me.

Episode 11
  • "Do you know about season fairies?" Yes, as a factor of fact I do. My question is why Sugar kisses the mirror during the opening. I mean, I understand that she was trying to kiss Saga, but I find it a little jarring how she kisses the screen like that. It reminds me of a bird for some reason. Sorry, I am just rambling now.

  • I am a bit surprised that Vincent A.K.A. Bearsuitman is still in the show. Well anyway, Saga cannot forgive Vincent for mistreating the piano.

  • I can kind of understand what Saga means, but I think that it is a little harsh to never forgive him. Well, I suppose Saga is not really that old yet so even if she kind of acts mature, it probably is unreasonable to expect her to not bear any grudges whatsoever. Anyway, I think this will probably end up being an Aesop about not judging people.

  • The owner of the coffee shop comes back with a grocery bag that seems to be filled with bread and tomatoes. Frankly, I do not know what that has to do with coffee, but I guess he could live in the upper level of the coffee shop or something and those were just his personal groceries. Vincent is there too, being as mysterious as usual.

  • Vincent actually addresses and looks at Sugar. It seems as though he can actually see the fairies. I am glad there are other people who can see them for once. At least this should mean they do not have to pester Saga as much. Meanwhile Saga is bearing a grudge against Bearsuitman, but it seems like a bit of a tsundere situation to me.

  • Vincent is leaving soon. Well, I guess three episodes is enough, but introducing a character who seems to be able to see the fairies and then having him leave seems a little odd to me. It seems like a bit of wasted opportunity to me if he really does just leave now. I am having trouble figuring out his personality though. Sometimes he seems pretty smug and other times he appears to be compassionate and quite kind. Plus, he can play piano whilst in a bear suit, so you know that he is quite skilled.

  • Norma is fangirling about the bishonen actor again. She calls him "my beloved one" and at this point I think this is getting to be pretty weird. I like the guy's ascot though, I have to admit that. Of course, Greta comes in to talk about how lame the play she only recently bragged about being in is. Then she knocks out the stuff in her desk while laughing and it turns out to be a bunch of Bear Pianist memorabilia.

  • I guess that is predictable, but what interests me more is what language the memorabilia features. I can understand why it might be in English because that is more commonly learned in Japan, but instead one of the folders says "I Love KUMA". Now, I am no expert in Japanese, but I am pretty sure that KUMA means bear in that language and nothing in English (that I know of) and probably nothing in German either. That is another issue here for me, would it not make more sense for all of this stuff to be in German? I mean the town is supposed to be in Germany and some of the other text featured so far has been in German. Honestly, I do not care that much about that kind of stuff anyway. I think the teddy bear version of the Bear Pianist looks pretty neat actually.

  • I wonder why Greta acts the way she does here. I mean, the other three people (Norma, Anne, and Saga) all like the Bear Pianist play and would certainly not think less of her for saying she was a fan of it. That leads me to believe that Greta does not care too much about what the other people think or at least that is not why she was hiding her Bear Pianist power level. Yet, at other times (such as in the first episode when she shows off her watch) she seems to want the other people to respect her.

  • The fairy trio is following Vincent around town and examining everything that he looks at to see if it is a Twinkle. I realize that doing something like that is probably pointless now if my previous hypothesis about Twinkles was correct, but at least if gives the fairies something to do.

  • The elder is actually asking to have a date with Ginger this time. Well, it fails, but I am a bit surprised that the elder is being so open about it. Vincent actually looks up into the sky to watch the rain fairy, which convinces the fairy trio that he can see them.

  • The coffee owner calls Vincent "that weird guy". Yeah, I would have to agree with him on that a bit. I think Bearsuit man is a bit enigmatic.

  • Norma actually gets dressed up to meet the bishonen bear backstage. It turns out that he is a bifauxen bear. I like the twist a bit, though I do feel for Norma. I mean, I think that some people criticize bishonen characters for being too "girly looking" and for one to just be female seems like an interesting turn of events to me. Anyway, Anne already knew about it, so it may have been obvious. I feel bad for the actress though, given how disappointed Norma is in front of her.

  • Vincent comments on the clouds (and perhaps Plantman himself), but apparently it still is not clear if he can see the season fairies. He may not be able to see them at all. He does, however, help a kid who is sad that he cannot climb by playing with some sticks in a playground and making music by tapping them against various materials. The season fairies are playing along too. It seems as though Vincent cannot see the season fairies after all. Sugar did make progress with her snow magic though as she was playing.

  • Saga still bears a grudge against Vincent (that pun was unintentional) and she continuously runs away from him whenever she sees him. Oh, okay, so Saga's mother is the Ingrid Bergman mentioned earlier.

  • The playground is now swarming with kids playing the drums on the playground jungle gyms. That reminds me of sticks and stands band and it turns out to be the end of the episode. I guess Vincent will be appearing in a fourth episode. This is really the first true arc in this show I guess. I think that these series will probably end pretty conveniently if I am correct about the Twinkles. I figure that the Twinkle will just be fully grown at the end of the next episode.

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Episode 12:
  • I feel like people are generally critical of works that they randomly liveblog, but I think I am starting to like A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. At least I do not dislike it for what it is. That might explain why I am not doing a very good job liveblogging it. I would never make a good retsupuraer either.  *

  • Still, I do think that this show loves to use the Moe Stare even if I doubt the point of it is to appeal to guys. I figure the series is pretty obviously targeted toward younger girls.

  • Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, bearman somehow becomes injured and Saga has to replace him. I think this is a bit of a cliché scenario, but I could be wrong. However, I wonder how Saga will fit in the bearsuit.

  • Saga does not want to accept the offer to replace Vincent and the guy who delivers the music seems to understand. I agree that expecting someone to randomly step in one day's notice to become a bear(wo)man is asking a lot. Sugar of course, is doing her best to help Saga study the music, well actually she just goes to bed.

  • Norma wants to go see the bear pianist again with Anne. I would think it would start getting a little repetitive after a while. Then again, they are just kids.

  • The mustache man from the first episode makes another appearance. He does not really do much besides talk about the performance, but I thought it was worth noting. The fairies want Saga to play piano too, but honestly I wonder if that even makes sense. Has Saga already memorized all of the music for the performance? I would guess so, but why would she do that if she did not plan to play?

  • So now Saga is constantly reminded of the bear pianist play, a car even drives by advertising the show right before Saga tries to practice some piano for the fairies.

  • The waiter looking guy outside of the music place explains that Vincent used to be a pianist in an orchestra and repaired the piano string he broke himself. That makes total sense to me. If he can play piano that well in a bearsuit, it does not surprise me at all that he used to be a professional pianist.

  • Vincent justifies playing the piano roughly by the fact that the audience liked it. This does not seem to sit too well with Saga, but given that it is a onetime occurrence I think she might be making a mountain out of a molehill to use a horribly cliché phrase.

  • Saga fully agrees to play the song to prove she is good enough when the top hat man says it is expecting too much from a child to replace Vincent. I wonder if this was planned from the get-go.

  • I have to feel bad for Saga here. She kind of got pressured into doing something that is kind of unreasonable to expect a kid in elementary school to do. It seems like no one around here seems to really understand that. the fairies stand watch.

  • Oh, okay, so Vincent still wears the bearsuit. Saga is just going to be playing piano in the background. I wonder how that will be made to seem believable. Also, I think this might be a time where having three fairies friends who really like to talking to you would be annoying.

  • Things start out okay for Saga. However, her music falls off of the stand after she finishes playing the first time. The fairies come in handy though and in the clutch deliver by helping her round up the sheet music. I take back what I said earlier about them.
  • Then Saga has a breakdown that I do not really understand. However, the fairies, especially Sugar, help convince her to keep going by saying they like the music a lot. If only solving all self-esteem problems were that easy.

  • Saga is missing a sheet of music yet again, but Vincent helps her out by giving her a signal which triggers her memory. By the way, Saga's grandmother is nearly crying during her daughter's performance. Oh, Sugar also uses the magic snowy flakes flute for some reason.

  • Shift to Robotnik Jr. blowing something up during one of his experiments. This seems like one of the most random scene shifts I have ever seen in this show, but I like it. I prefer for Phil to get at least a little screen time in every episode.

  • Shift to Norma talking about how the theater troupe is gone with Saga and Anne. All three of them are eating Belgian waffles. The funny thing is that Greta is also eating a waffle with her back against a tree right near where the others are talking.

  • Norma says something to the effect of "even though you are a girl you are still awesome" to the bifauxnen actress. The actress responds by kissing Norma on the cheeks, but this instantly KOs her. Yeah, I am not sure what to take from that.

  • Of course, Greta challenges Saga again, but what is more important is that the magic flower seems to be growing. That reminds me of how much I like continuity in shows. In some ways I would take a show like this with continuity over a show that is completely Monster of the Week or episodic, even if the episodic show was considered to be really good. Then again, I like Sketchbook and that series is not really all about continuing previous plot points.

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17 Nyperold14th Nov 2010 01:57:29 AM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
Hmm, that may be. For my part, I definitely like almost all the things I've been liveblogging, and the exception (Haruhi) is only an exception in that I'm still working out whether I like it or not. And watching more of it is the only way I'll find out. Of course, at the same time, if perceive something in one of them to be a flaw, I may point it out, depending. So, yeah, I think it's more how you present it than whether you rip on it or not.
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
Nyperold, I agree that presentation is important. I think that it is true that some liveblogs can be gush fests as well. I suppose my impression that a lot of them are negative comes from watching Let's Plays on Youtube and seeing how critical some of them are of games. I would not rather not seek out a series I know I will dislike though so I doubt I would do something quite like that here.

By the way, thank you for reading this liveblog, despite its lack of quality.

Episode 13:

  • Most of the introduction seems to be narrated by the Sun Fairy this time.

  • Sugar kissing the mirror in the opening still gets to me. It seems so weird to me and coupled with her sucking spaghetti out of Saga's fork, I think the opening has this weird "romancy" feeling (the song being played does not help to discourage that feeling either).

  • The fairies still do not seem to understand what a Twinkle is. I think at this point it seems to be somewhat obvious that Sugar's bond with Saga is a "twinkle" or some sort. Even if Sugar may know about this, she just randomly lies about finding a Twinkle. I guess that is a little kid for you. At least it gets the punk fairies to stop bothering the group.

  • Norma still appears to be obsessed with the Bifauxnen. This time she has gathered up all of the photos of her that she can find. You know, I am not surprised that she would be obsessive like that, but I do wish that Anne actually got some type of personality or quirks so she seemed like less of a background character.

  • Well, right after typing that, it is revealed that Anne is reading Romeo&Juliet. I guess that may be the beginning of some more characterization for here. Meanwhile, Saga appears to have swarms of adoring fans after playing the piano in the play. I have to say that I am impressed with the continuity being shown here. I figured that after the handful of episodes about the troupe the cast would just act like it never happened, but that clearly is not the case here.

  • Greta, of course being one known for her humility, tells Saga to not like the fact that she has groupies go to her head. I wonder if Greta will ever be shown in a positive light. I doubt it, otherwise this show would probably be sorely lacking as far as antagonists goes.
Still, I do feel bad for her.

  • The fairies are creating mischief again (While just Sugar this time) and Saga is yelling at them again. By now, I would think her friend would see here as being kind of crazy. I mean I am sure that plenty of people would find it odd if someone tended to yell at things that did not appear to exist. I imagine that some would see that as a sign of a mental illness, but I am glad that Saga appears to be in good health as far as I know.

  • On a totally random note, I think the kid on the left looks like a cross between Yuki Nagato and Tamaki Kawazoe.

  • It looks like Saga does not realize the friendship-twinkle bond either based off of her comments to the three fairies. I guess it might be harder to understand that if one is actually living the situation and not just seeing it in the context of a work of fiction. Then again, I have not seen too much GenreSavvyness out of Saga so far either. I guess that could be justified because one wants the (mostly young) audience to figure things out for themselves here so they are being a bit indirect.

  • The elder is talking about Ginger again. I realize that this is incredibly insignificant and probably not worth nothing, but "Ginger-chan here is translated as "Ginger Baby." I am guessing some may find that a bit inaccurate, but given it is probably a term of endearment, I think it works. I am no expert on Japanese though. Anyway, Saga find him, grabs him and does not let him go until he tells her something about the "twinkle." The elder finds it interesting that Saga has begun to sympathize with Sugar so I think my hypothesis has pretty much been confirmed a few times over by now.

  • At Saga's house, Sugar is making a keikaku  *
  • It looks like it is slide-show time now that Saga has decided to take a trip outside the city walls. Well, the slide-show turns out to be pretty short and ends as the group approaches some type of bridge. I think it might be an aqueduct, but I am not totally sure. I am leaning toward it not being one though given my doubts about whether the Romans really had a big presence in Saga's town and whether the bridge is big enough to be an aqueduct. I have to admit that I know very little about aqueducts.

  • Ginger visits them on the bridge/aqueduct and says that the fairies will be able to find a "Twinkle" if they are with Saga. Saga wonders why Ginger could not give her better advice. I am hoping that this kind of thing does not happen in every episode. I would like Saga and Sugar to finally realize what a "twinkle" is at one point.

  • There is another slide-show of still frames, this time accompanied by rather festive music as the group runs around some flowers.

  • Then Sugar jumps on a rabbit and is taken off. She turns up soon afterwords, but I wonder why she did not just jump off and fly away given that she has wings.

  • It looks like Saga is lost now. Feeling lost stinks, I agree with Saga there.

  • The group decides to play music in order to be found by other season fairies. Apparently, Saga can play a mean grass whistle. I wonder how one does that. [I looked it up after watching this episode and it seems to be a bit complicated.] Plantman appears on the scene and helps them out, pointing out the way home. I have a fairly high opinion of that guy.

  • The lake water reflects the sun and encourages Saga and Sugar to fall into a body of water. Then the entire group starts splashing each other for no real reason.

  • The magic flower has another bud, but this time there is a new bud on Salt's and Pepper's magic flowers as well. I am glad about that.

"irhgT nm0w tehre might b ea lotof th1nmgs i dont udarstannd, ubt oim ujst goinjg to keepfollowing this pazth i belieove iN !!!!!1 d
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