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Welcome to Purgatory!
Thanks a lot for the compliment, dood! As for Rhapsody, go for it if you wanna, but try not to multitask too many things. You try to juggle too many balls, and they’ll end up crashing down on your head. Oh, and the following bit of dialogue happens at 7 o’clock this time around, dood.

Ghost Prinny: [This is all because Lord Laharl ate what wasn’t even his, dood…I can’t believe our salary gets cut because of that! …Not like Lord Laharl would care even if I cried about it like this, dood. I’ll just have to stop the explosion!]

TickTock: [I know you can do it, probably! All Mind Control work performed will reset if you go back in time again. Knowing that, you should be careful.]

Ghost Prinny: [So…I’m still destined to fall out of the castle right now?! Awesome, dood! I got it!]

8 o’clock goes the same way they did last time, except that I choose for Laharl to think that our comatose body is actually dead, dood. In the event, the Prinny body just topples onto its side, and all of the colours get inverted. By the way, the next bit of text is automatic, so it took a few reloads to get everything written down.

Laharl: C, could he be…dead?! Dude, this is a crime scene! (Picture of Etna shooting a Prinny, while a large white anthropomorphic cat watches nearby) Overlord Catle Mysteries: Prinny’s Grudge! (Grainy picture of TickTock) The secret of a forgotten pocket watch…(Pic of two Prinnies in a field) An escape attempt’s tragic end…Season Premiere at 9, 8 Central! W, what the hell’m I saying?! Whatever! Forget the Prinnies! I’ll find that pudding myself…Get ready for my unstoppable resolve, Etna! Heh. Hehehe…Haaaah-ha ha ha ha ha!

The time turns to 9, we meet Captain Gordon again, and I tell him not to clean Laharl’s room this time. After all, that’s where the fuel pack landed when Thursday when nuts. And even if Thursday goes bonkers again, at least it won’t land in the Prince’s stuff if he’s not in the room, dood!

Laharl: (Thrusts fist towards Captain Gordon) Don’t go into his, er, my bedroom, dude! (Hearts in Laharl’s eyes, plus a picture of a Prinny in a giant heart near his head) I, uh, command the Prinny be left to sleep peacefully, until further notice, dude!

Captain Gordon: Wh, What’s the matter, Overlord Laharl?! You speak as if you’ve been poisoned!

Laharl: What? No! I’m probably bombarded by those stupidwaves your pathetic aura emits. I’m outta here.

TickTock: [Laharl’s confliction emotions confused him!]

Laharl leaves, but since I jumped to Captain Gordon as soon as that event started, this hour isn’t over yet.


Captain Gordon: What? Uh, well…

A mind control option pops up. Good thing we chose Captain Gordon over Thursday, or we’d probably end up going to Laharl’s room anyways. The options are to say that the Prinny’s sleeping, that Thursday’s broken, or that we should start investigating in the Throne room first. I pick that last one, and finally unlock the Database entry on the room we’re currently in.

“DATABASE: Throne Room” has been added!

Captain Gordon: We’re not going to that bedroom, dude! We’re gonna go to this room instead!

Thursday: BEEP, BEEP, BLIP, BEEP. GORDON’S ACTIONS ARE MALIGNED, TOO. (Thursday projects an image of three Hellcats, Gordon, and a black version of the anthropomorphic cat eating fish out of pet bowls) DID HE EAT SOMETHING NUTRITIONALLY POOR?

Captain Gordon: I always eat healthy, but even so, this is weird. There might be some kind of power in this room causing this phenomenon. Let’s investigate…this room first.

TickTock: [Gordon investigated the Throne Room!]

“DATABASE: Scavenger” has been added!

The time turns to 10, we’re still in the Throne Room, and Thursday’s scanners haven’t picked up anything. I quickly check the Time Table, and while Captain Gordon and Jennifer’s chasing after Thursday is still destined, the meeting where Thursday goes haywire is gone. Another scene that’s gone is “Prince Boom”, though I’ve got a feeling that he’ll still get blown up today, dood. Also, the scene we’re in right now is called “Hero v Etna”.

So, Captin Gordon’s worried about dulling hero senses since they couldn’t detect anything in the room, but Thursday’s hero radar indicates that he hasn’t changed a bit. They keep searching, and then Captain Gordon requests to speak with Etna when she walks into the room.

Etna: Ugh! After all my effort to ignore you and pass by with my boiling, bottled rage…Really. Get a clue, Gordito.

Captain Gordon: [What’s with that attitude towards a hero?! This bi…wait, no…no, calm down, Gordon. She’s a child. I must be nice to her.]

“DATABASE: Gentleman” has been added!

So, Captain Gordon asks about suspicious activity in the area, but the weirdest things Etna’s seen today are the two interviewing her. Captain Gordon says that maybe they picked the wrong person to talk to. Etna replies by saying she may have had something juicy, but now she doesn’t want to talk about. Captain Gordon calls her a Wandering Beauty and tries to apologize, and Etna tells him that one of the flames in the room has an evil aura and wants to do away with justice. Captain Gordon falls for it hook, line, and sinker.

As the clock rolls to 11, Captain Gordon tries to hit the flame with a Gordon Punch…which TickTock narrates, for some reason. Of course, he gets his hand burned, and Thursday confirms that it’s just a regular fire seconds later. Captain Gordon thinks that this just means that the evil thing’s no longer cloaked, and tries to get it to reveal itself. Captain Gordon checks the other flames, while TickTock and Ghost Prinny mention how pathetic this situation is.

“DATABASE: Gordon [skill name]!” has been added!

It’s now high noon (12), the time table lists the next scene as “Super Thursday 2”, Jennifer’s going to be coming in soon, and Captain Gordon’s about to Gordon Punch another flame. And sorry to say, doods, but I think this is where the update ends. Taking a peek back at the guides, there’s something special we need to do soon if we ever wanna reach the second half of the game. And rather than put choices up and let you doods guess which is the right one, I think it’ll be more efficient if I just Rail Road the campaign for a bit. But hopefully, I’ll update again by the day’s end, and you’ll get plenty of things to choose from!

Character No. 1 – Laharl
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1313
  • Height: 135 cm
  • Weight: 38 kg (w/scarf)
  • Likes: Himself
  • Dislikes: Love, kindness, and sexy bodies
Main character of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Former Overlord, Krichevskoy, is his father. He lives selfishly and he is the best. He became an Overlord after overcoming many obstacles, but he still gets called Prince. Recently, his personality has rounded out a little more. Apparently, he has a very embarrassing secret that he’s never told.

NEW DATABASE TERMS: Throne Room, Scavenger, Gentleman, Gordon [skill name]!

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I love how Tick Tock is only partially supportive of Ghost Prinny. And for some reason, as soon as I saw the line about Laharl's emotions, I immediately thought of:

"Laharl’s conflicting emotions confused him! He hurt himself in his confusion!"

He'd make a good Pokemon, I think. But, really looking forward to the next update~ This LB is getting very interesting.
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Welcome to Purgatory!
Time for the third update of the day, doods! In case anyone’s wondering, my throat’s still a little sore, but some rest and medicine is probably doing me a world of good. Oh, and those giant cats that I mentioned? Read this for more information on them.

Back with Captain Gordon and Thursday, the Netherworld Hero manages to punch out a flame in a sprite event, but a tiny bit survives and engulfs his entire body in flame. Our player characters still can’t believe how pathetic this is. And then Jennifer walks into the scene with Thursday’s Power-Up Unit. This plays out a lot like the original Super Thursday scene in Laharl’s room, including Captain Gordon being happy that the room’s going to be cleaned up faster. Go figure; I had no idea that the Throne Room was even half as dirty as Laharl’s room…Anyways, doods, the main difference is that Jennifer doesn’t trip over anything when she installs the thing into Thursday, and thus doesn’t get stuck inside.

Captain Gordon: Whoa…! The power-up unit is getting installed into Thursday…I wonder…could “installing” be…innuendo?!

I certainly hope not, Captain Gordon. Thursday goes on to talk like a normal person, and then ejects a fuel pack + random junk in a sprite event. The fuel pack lands on Captain Gordon with enough force to bury him partly in the ground. Hey, better here than Laharl’s room, right doods?

The scene at 13 o’clock is called “Odd Parts”, and a Prinny walks in. Apparently, this is the same Prinny that’ll tell Laharl that he last saw Etna in the bedroom. Methinks that this is a bad sign, dood, so I possess him ASAP. Captain Gordon and Jennifer say quick hello and goodbyes, while this new Prinny notices the thing that came out of Thursday…and decides to take it. This nets us a new definition, and two new diary enties: “The mysterious object is probably the fuel pack. I realized it looks exactly like the pudding, dood.”, and “The pudding Lord Laharl gobbled up was probably the fuel pack, dood…”.

“DATABASE: Thursday’s Body Part” has been added!

The time goes to 14, and this new Prinny mentions under his breath that he needs a stiff drink. Laharl walks in and asks about Etna, and our Prinny has no clue. Laharl notices the fuel pack he’s holding, and swipes it out of his hands…er, flippers, dood.

Laharl: This must be Etna’s Super Rare Pudding! You’ve done it! This is me praising you!

Prinny: What? Seriously, dood? Uh, thanks, dood.

The time’s now 15 o’clock, which I’ve come to know as the hour of reckoning. The scene’s called “Prince Boom 2”, takes place in the Throne Room, and both Laharl and the new Prinny are involved. Laharl gloats about how he’s better than Etna, chuckles, gives out a louder laugh, bites down, and explodes.

Ghost Prinny: [Gimme a break, doooood!]

TickTock: [At least now we know that Thursday’s part caused the explosion. I’ll cheer for you next time, as well!]

Time reqinds back to 7, and we get a new diary entry. Instead of the usual green, or the black they become after reading them once, these new entries are coloured red! Clearly, dood, this new information deserves being on separate lines.

“I have to prevent Jennifer from tripping at the Throne Room. Then she’ll stop Thursday’s rampage, dood!”

“First I’ll Mind Control Lord Laharl…then Possess Gordon, dood. I won’t let Gordon go to the bedroom!”

You know those are smart ideas…familiar-sounding smart ideas. We did those exact things last time, dood! ...Perhaps, if we want the madness to stop, we should jump to Etna after getting Captain Gordon to investigate the throne room, followed by jumping to Jennifer. And from there…eh, we’ll probably figure something out along the way.

Prinny Ghost: [Re-do, dood! Mulligan…load! I’ll stop Lord Laharl from exploding this time around, for sure!]

Well, you seem to be pumped…but we don’t want the madness to stop quite yet, do we, viewers? We’ve still got to find out if Flonne ever finds that delivery boy, how to unlock Ending #1, and what to do to unlock Ending #13 later in the game! Now, the only characters we haven’t followed to 15 o’clock yet are Flonne, Etna, and our original body. Pick one, viewer doods, and let’s get ready to rumble!

Other No. 43 – Gentleman

A perfect, elite demon royal with education and knowledge that would make a grown man cry. This chosen one will attract all female demon royals and be surrounded by them everyday. This is known as the “Royal Harem” in underground information networks. It’s also a prerequisite to be a total hottie.

NEW DATABASE TERMS: Thursday’s Body Part

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There's something awesome, yet slightly disturbing, about Mao beating a Prinny with a giant cat.

As far as who to possess, I'm very curious about what Flonne's been up to all this time, but this LB needs more Etna love for sure, so I'm voting Etna.

I'm not obsessively following this thread, no way.

ahaha i suck at formatting

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Let's see...between this one, Blazinghydra's Disgaea DS liveblog, and my Makai Kingdom liveblog (which is slowly approaching its conclusion; I'm not going to get into Bonus Boss battles, because grinding to be able to face any of them on equal terms will take forever), I think NIS is pretty well represented. Then again, there's still Phantom Brave and Soul Nomad & the World Eaters, neither of which have been claimed yet (I think).

As for who to possess next, I'm going to go with Etna, as well.

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Welcome to Purgatory!
The doods have made their choice: we’re gonna possess Etna this time. First up, we’ve gotta stop Laharl from kicking our old body out, and there’s only one excuse we haven’t used yet: saying it’s broken, dood.

Laharl: He seems like he’s broken, dude. I shall leave him here, but I’ll totally take care of him later…dude!

There’s a quick sprite event where yellow hexagons with the word “ERROR” appear throughout the screen, then Laharl snaps back to normal. Time goes to 9, which means Laharl encounters 2/3 of the Netherworld Heroes again, dood. I figure we may as well follow Etna from the earliest point possible, which is when she tricks Captain Gordon into checking the flames, so I mind control Laharl the same way that I did last time.

When it comes time to convince Captain Gordon to stay, however, I make him concerned about the sleeping Prinny. There’s a sprite event of him Gordon Kicking a Prinny awake, which is marked with a giant red X. Immediately after, Captain Gordon picks up a sleeping Prinny and places him into a comfortable bed, which is marked with a giant blue O.

Captain Gordon: I would, uh, fail as a hero if I had to distract a cute Prinny from its sleep, dude! Let’s go to this room instead!

Thursday’s response is the same as the last time we changed Captain Gordon’s mind, minus the hologram. It’s now 10 o’clock in the Netherworld, and I possess Etna the first chance I get, dood. Even though we’ve already determined the cause of the assassination, our protagonist dood still has something to say about her.

Ghost Prinny: [She said she had nothing to do with Lord Laharl’s incident, dood, but her? Honest? She’d annihilate all of us Prinnies if she knew we even thought about accusing her of the assassination, dood.]

The scene progresses normally, but right before Etna decides to trick Captain Gordon, we’re given a mind control option! Guess if you don’t possess someone ahead of time, you can miss these things, dood. The choices are saying that Captain Gordon looks tired, that Etna will take care of the search, or that Prinnies should be treated better. After picking the third option, we get a sprite event of Etna throwing stacks and stacks of food around a Prinny. About 20 hearts pop up from the Prinny, and the words “LEVEL UP?” appear in fancy silver print under Etna.

Etna: You’ll have really great luck if you take good care of the Prinnies, dude!

Captain Gordon wonders what she’s saying, and Etna panics a bit, wondering if Captain Gordon is infecting her. She leaves, and we move right into the scene where Etna and Jennifer meet up.

Etna: That idiot gets too into himself…and how dare he interrupt my preview?! Annoying…What can I do to get him back…?

Jennifer: Hey, Etna. I saw Harlie looking all serious trying to find you. He said it was urgent. Maybe he’s going to confess!

Etna: [Ugh, this curvy woman…share the wealth instead of keeping it all on your own chest! Anyway, the Prince is looking for me…?]

“DATABASE: Previews” has been added!

The rest of the scene plays out the exact same way as the time we went through this as Jennifer, with the minor exception that the red-haired vassal says that Thursday is playing with the “stupid queero of justice” in the Throne Room instead of the Bedroom. Also, Etna tells her to pass along the message that Captain Gordon should attack an evil aura weak to spit on the ceiling. Dood, when we’re going to end the assassination, I’m gonna love to record how that plays out…

TickTock: [Etna chose “Phlegm Bomb” as her final revenge against Gordon’s foolishness!]

Etna: And I should go hide the pudding before the Prince finds out!

Ghost Prinny: [So she really does have the pudding, dood!]

The time is about noon in the Netherworld, Etna’s still in the hall, and she’s decided on a hiding spot for the pudding. But suddenly, she runs right into Laharl! Guess if the Prince doesn’t help out Flonne, he gets to find the one person he spends all day looking for, dood.

Laharl: Etna, I’ve found you at last! You won’t get away from me now!

Etna: Uh, right. You wanted me for something? Did you want to cry and throw a tantrum over Flonne going back to Celestia?

Laharl: Wh, what?! The great Laharl would never wanna do that! You fool! I’d be happier if she was gone anyway!

Etna: [Aww, one tiny poke gets him really worked up. He’s so juvenile, unlike me.] I know, you’re right, Prince. My bad. Well, I’ll miss Flonne when she’s gone. I mean, who’ll I talk to, then?

“DATABASE: Celestia” has been added!

Laharl demands that she hand over the Super Rare Pudding, and Etna’s a bit miffed that the secret got out. She says that it’s too valuable to just hand over, and now Laharl’s miffed that his vassal is disobeying him. The Prince decides to take it from her “fair and square”. That probably means he’s going to pry it out of her cold, unconscious hands, dood…

The time goes to 13, and right before it seems like Etna’s going to put up a fight, we get a mind control option! Our choices are saying it’s a gift, that they can share, or that it’s a UFO. I read a guide and know that the first one’s the one that unlocks Ending 13 later in the game, but I really, really, really want to see what the middle one’s like! Besides, I can always do another quick run before finding out how things end.

We’re treated to a Sprite event of Laharl walking down a corridor with a sword and shield, like he’s about to face a final boss or something. Hiding behind one of the pillars is that white cat guy; Toro, I think. Etna’s at the end of the corridor, dressed like a high priest and carrying a wooden staff. She summons a picture of the pudding, and divides it into halves. One half turns blue for Laharl, the other red for Etna.

Etna: Why not split it in half, dude? That way, we can share it and stuff. (throws off priest outfit, revealing regular leather clothes, and jumps into Laharl’s arms. The Prince’s mouth is slack-jawed, the background has become a giant pink heart, and Etna’s wearing a Jennifer-esque blonde wig.) We’d look like a couple. Lovers, dude!

Laharl: (Another sprite of him, furious, pops up) Th, that’s a ridiculous proposal!

Etna: (Sprite of her confused pops up) I…I don’t know what’s going on anymore… (turns around, whole body goes red) Why am I embarrassing myself?! (pulls scene of her in Laharl’s arm off-screen, starts sweating) I’m gonna go splash my face with icy water!

Laharl: (Teardrop) F, fine! You do that! Hurry up before you make another outburst!

Etna: Yeah, yeah. You shouldn’t rush a lady. (dashes off)

TickTock: [Etna made her escape!]

The time’s now 14, and we’re finally in that one room with the picture of ex-King Krichevskoy! It’s apparently the ‘Secret Room’, which can be accessed in the original Disgaea by pressing buttons behind the throne and on the skull decoration in the shop, and contains a diary that gets updated once every chapter. In the PSP and DS remakes, reading a new entry every chapter (including Chapter 1) unlocks Etna Mode…or, you could just do a fancy button code at the title screen.

“DATABASE: Secret Room” has been added!

Ghost Prinny: [I never knew this room even existed in the castle, dood.]

Etna: I can’t believe the filth that came outta my mouth. Something’s wrong with me…But…I should be safe here. Still…the Prince is so childish, trying to steal my Super Rare Pudding. He’s got a loooong way to go before he becomes a great Overlord. I wish he would mature a little faster. Ugh, that aside…He already knows about the pudding, so I should be more cautious. Maybe I should just eat it right now! My dear, beloved, Super Rare Pudding!

“DATABASE: Great Overlord” has been added!

A picture of the pudding comes…oh dear Baal, it looks like a fuel tank. Knowing our luck, it probably is. And I’m not the only dood to notice this.

Ghost Prinny: [Y’know, this looks just like the exploding pudding Lord Laharl ate...and also Thursday’s part, dood! What a coincidence!.]

Yeah, that’s an exclamation mark followed by a period. That’s, like, two errors we’ve found, dood!

Etna: Something’s…not right…I double-checked the package…Is someone trying to trick me?!

TickTock: [Etna used her “woman’s intuition” to discern the pudding was a fake!]

Etna: Damn…who’s behind this stupid ruse? Was it that idiotic delivery boy? How dare he?! He better not think he can live after what he tried to do to me!

…Ladies and gentle-doods, I think I’ve just figured out something major. Whenever Jennifer showed pictures of the two fuel packs, one had blue energy in it, and the other was pink. Before now, I always assumed that this was natural, but Etna’s “pudding” is coloured blue. All this time, there was nothing wrong with the power-up unit; we’ve just been installing a dairy product as Thursday’s source of energy all this time! What a twist! …Oh, and it’s now the hour of reckoning, we’re in the hall again, and Flonne’s there.

Etna: ‘Sup, Flonne? You look freaked. Did the Prince do something to you because he thinks you’re returning to Celestia soon?

Flonne: No! That’s not it at all, Miss Etna! It’s something way, way more important! I ordered a DVD from the Netherworld Shopping Channel, but they gave me the wrong package!

Etna: [Something way…way more important…? I guess this DVD is what she means? Sad…The Prince is worth less than a DVD to her.] Oh. It happened to you, too, huh?

Flonne: So you too, Miss Etna? I tried to exchange it, but that creepy delivery boy started chasing me…

Etna: So he’s still around here, then? I’ll catch him and pull his entrails out of his nostrils!

Flonne: You’re so brutal and dependable, Miss Etna!

Etna: You aren’t gonna try to stop me?

Flonne: This is no time for lecturing! He’s ruined all of our fun! It’s only fair we make him sorry.

Etna: All right, then. Let’s get to it!

Cue Laharl’s laugh, followed by a boom. We rewind back to 7 o’clock, and I quit for now.

I’d say that, at the rate we’re going, it’ll take three more updates until we’ve reached Part 2 of the game. At least, if we don't want to go over paths we've already taken just to find out new mind control responses, dood. Next time, will we let our old Prinny body fall outta the window, maybe finding out what landed on him hard enough to hurt his fanny pack back in the third post, which could be more rewarding than you think? Or do we follow Flonne, possibly getting a chance to meet the delivery dood that caused this whole mess? Doods, you’re the deciding factor; come on up and say something!

Other No. 39 – Scavenger

In the world of Disgaea, there are random treasure chests that often contain food. You’re lucky to find pizza or pudding, but usually you will find ABC Gum and such. Someone must be doing this on purpose. It’s a total bummer…

NEW DATABASE TERMS: Previews, Celestia, Secret Room, Great Overlord

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...To be fair, Etna, Flonne appears to care more about her DV Ds than most things, so the Prince being included in that isn't that surprising.

Let's see what Flonne's been up to, and leave the Prinny body as the the last thing we do.

Also, we so totally need to see what the explain for 'previews' is.
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I agree with Hydra. Flonne for now, Prinny later.

And how about a second helping of Database? I'm curious to see what they have listed for 'Pudding'.

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34 Fluid8th Nov 2010 04:54:24 AM from The Netherlands

I'm willing to bet it talks about the rarity of said pudding. Actually, an incident involving more of this Sea of Gehenna pudding was behind the split between Laharl and Etna in Disgaea 2.

I really like how the characters in this game notice when they're acting out of character. You can actually seriously freak them out if you do it at the wrongright time.
35 Swingyshark8th Nov 2010 09:22:20 AM from that one place
Mistaked Dentistry

You're probably right. I'm just curious about everything in the Database, and since I never did get to play Disgaea 2, I'm even more curious about this one.

On a side note, I agree that watching them realize how out of character they are is awesome. Prinny making Etna offer to share the pudding with Laharl is probably my favorite scene so far.
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Welcome to Purgatory!
Sorry for the delay, doods. Long story short, my throat got worse before it got better. Now that I’ve gotten some proper rest and relaxation, it’s time to go mess up Laharl’s life some more! …And maybe find out who that delivery dood is, too.

We’ve already seen all the options for the “Angry Laharl” scene at 8 o’clock, and there’s only one thing we haven’t done with Laharl during the scene with Captain Gordon and Thursday. I should note that I press the Select button for the first time in this game here, which Auto-Skips to the point where I can mind control the demon prince. So, during the meeting between Laharl and Captain Gordon, let’s see what happens if we talk about shinyness…

Laharl: When you clean windows, they always turn out so shiny and crystal clear. How d’you do it, dude? I wanna know.

Captaing Gordon: (circles around Thursday and rubs him so fast that he becomes a blur, with ‘Squeak*’ popping up repeatedly) The trick is using old newspapers for that. I didn’t know you cared about that stuff. Color me a surprised color! Like patriotic!

Laharl snaps back to normal, and we follow him into his meeting with Jennifer. Now, last time we were here, we took hold of Jennifer’s mind and made her think of romance…well, made her think of it more than she did originally, at least. I quickly mind control her, and make her ask about giving the Prinnies a raise before going back to Laharl.

Jennifer: (Lightbulb over head) I bet you’re gonna tell Etna to give a bonus out to each member of the Prinny Squad because of how hard they always work, dude.

(A giant thought bubble comes from Jennifer and covers the screen. Etna’s on one side, blasting the Prinny Squad with what seems to be fish meteors. It’s a 30-hit combo, and once the attacks are over, Etna earns everything from the bonus list seen at the end of a regular Disgaea battle. The thought bubble disappears)

Laharl: Huh? Why would I EVER do that? Does your brain not get enough nutrients because your boobs absorb them all first?

Jennifer: Oh, Harlie! I know what I said was really, really weird, but you don’t have to be so cruel. Y’know, there’s a really good explanation about why some girls get bouncy breasts.

TickTock: [Jennifer initiated a sex-ed course!]

…Yeah, we’ve seen that line before. So, I decide to skip to 11 o’clock, and decide to save and quit. Why the short entry, when I'm not feeling sick anymore? So you doods get another chance to decide Ghost Prinny’s modus operandi, that’s why! Last time, we chose to help her out, and that led to a timeline change where Laharl never got to meet Etna. Our goal is to see what Flonne’s day is like without a major alteration, which I don’t think that the other two options were. So, should we get Laharl to tell her that he’ll do all the searching himself, or that she should ask him tomorrow? Or, perhaps you'd like to skip the sillyness and see what happens without the use of mind control? It’s all up to you, doods!

And to end this entry off, for the first time in this LB, we’ve got two suggested Database entries! And why not present them both at once? With at least 70 possible entries in the Other category, I doubt we’ll run out anytime soon, dood.

Other No. 1 – Pudding

Tasty treat made with milk and sugar. There’s a layer of caramel sauce at its base. Nice touch, if you’re into presentation. The Limited Pudding from the Sea of Gehenna is very popular in the Netherworld. About 10,000 units are sold each day. It’s Etna’s favorite as well, naturally. A special version of the pudding is being produced, limited to only 100 units per day. Etna visited the Shopping Channel every morning to purchase that pudding, but she always slept in a little late. However, she was finally able to order one the other day after setting her alarm. She also offered one HL to the Prinny that managed to wake her up. Every Prinny failed. Now she only has to relax and wait for it to arrive…

(Picture of Etna sitting on a rustling Prinny, while a pair of her thought bubbles show the pudding.)

Other No. 22 – Previews

(Picture of one of the ‘previews’ from Disgaea 1. It’s hard to make out, but I can see the words ‘Etna’s world conquest plan! Aliens appear out of nowhere’, and a blonde Etna is wearing some kind of suit in a field at night. Yeah.)

Fake previews that are inserted between the episodes of Disgaea. Usually, Etna is the main character. These often consist of things unrelated to the game’s story, like baseball tournaments and magical girls. It’s enjoyable if you’re the type of person who gets it. Sometimes, the previews come true.

  • Names
    • Netherworld TV (Disgaea 2)
    • Previews (Disgaea 3)
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Welcome to Purgatory!
All right, doods; break time’s over! Sorry for the wait, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied. One of those distractions is a writingproject on, in which you choose a group of characters from any media to fight against other people’s entries, and the winner of the fight is whoever writes it better. It can be found here, and the deadline for entries is the end of the month. But enough shameless plugging; let’s find out who in the Netherworld this delivery boy is!

As suggested by Wily Four Eyes, whose excellent Makai Kingdom Liveblog has recently been finished, we’re not gonna mess with Laharl this time around. I possess Flonne the moment she pops up. After her tirade on how she’ll never sleep again if she doesn’t find that delivery boy and get her DVD ASAP, we get to witness what Laharl’s natural response is.

Laharl: Hah! Not a chance! Not ever! Laters!

TickTock: [Laharl quickly abandoned the damsel in distress, Flonne!]

Flonne: You’re beyond horrible…! I’ll never, ever let you watch my DVD even if YOU find it!

The protagonist of the first game, ladies and gentle-doods. Moving on, the time’s now 12, and Flonne’s still in the shop. She’s beginning to doubt if she’ll ever catch the guy she’s looking for, and wonders if Laharl was accurate when he said that the guy probably switched packages on purpose. She then throws this idea out of the metaphorical window, as she’s a Love Freak that believes in the power of the delivery boy’s heart. The time then goes to 13, and we fina-

Pfffft! MAO?!? He’s the delivery boy?!? But…dood! How the heck could anybody have predicted this twist of fate?! …Without looking at the game’s cover, and seeing his and Raspberyl’s pictures on it, at least.

Back to the plot, since we already know that Etna & Flonne will be together at 15 o’clock if no big changes happen to the timeline, I decide to switch to the white-haired schoolboy immediately. Mao denies making any mistakes, especially with his 1.8 million E.Q. It doesn’t sound like a measure of intelligence to me, but I’ve never actually played Disgaea 3, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Flonne complains that, instead of her DVD, she received a bottle…and then Mao reveals that it would’ve been a mistake if he didn’t swap everyone’s packages. We then get two new diary entries: “The delivery boy with glasses openly admitted to swapping the packages around…He’s very suspicious, dood”, and “Thursday’s rampage…Could his swapped power-up unit be the reason, dood?!”.

Mao goes on to mention the ‘weird machine’ and ‘strange food material’ he swapped earlier, confirming that little tidbit of information, and that he can’t wait to see the results. Flonne can’t believe that Laharl was right, and asks why the delivery boy could be so mean.

Mao: I am the No.1 Honor Roll Student in all the Netherworld! If I’m not doing horrible things, what else am I to do? To fulfill my ambitions, I must obtain the source of a true hero’s power…love and justice! Muhahahaha!

“DATABASE: Mao“ has been added!

Flonne’s angry that someone with ‘honor’ in their title betrayed her trust, faith and feelings, and calls Mao a vile monster. Her eyes have turned to flames of rage, BTW. She lashes out, Mao gets scared, and Flonne says she’ll punish him in the name of love.

Mao: L, love?! You put down “Fallen Angel” as your profession on the order form! How can a fallen angel talk about love?!

Flonne: I’m training to be an Angel Trainee! I can talk about love as much as I want!

Mao: Fallen angel…! The power of love…! *huff* *huff* *huff* …! *drool* I’m so excited, I can’t stop my drooling!

“DATABASE: Angel Trainee“ has been added!

Flonne gets a bit weirded out now that Mao has entered Mad Scientist mode. Mao demands to know what the source of her love is, but Flonne’s squicked out by the drool. She then calls him a pervert, and then (even though Mao didn’t get the chance to touch her)…

TickTock: [Flonne ran away, feeling slightly violated!]

Mao: I see, so this is that “no means yes” situation I’ve read about in the comic books. I must catch her and dissect her!

...What kinda ‘comics’ have you been reading, dood? Hentai?! Continuing onwards, an hour has passed, and we’re still in the Shop. Flonne asks Mao to calm down, and states that she’s never had a stalker before. Mao still wants to perform dissect her, and almost has her hands on her when…CRAZY THURSDAY SURPRISE! …Well, this is where Captan Gordon and Jennifer finally catch up to the robot, so it’s not completely out of left field if you think about it.

The time’s 15, and Mao’s been knocked outside the castle. According to the Time Table, the scene is called ‘Flying Mao’, though the first line of dialogue tells us that Mao’s already landed.

Prinny: Ngyaaaah!

Mao: Muhahahaha! Good thing this pillowy thing happened to be here. Probably thanks to Geoffrey. Anyway, that robot tossed me quite far. That Thursday thing…I would love to dissect it! *huff* *huff* An experiment…!

“DATABASE: Geoffrey“ has been added!

Laharl laughs, Mao wonders why, and then boom. TickTock wishes us good luck, and we’re back at the beginning of the loop. Sounds like the best place to end an update, right? Well, there’s still a little more to go! Remember that scene where I Mind Controlled Etna so that she wanted to share the pudding with Laharl? We’re going to go back there and choose something different!

Though liberal use of the Auto-Skip function (that’s what the Select button’s default setting is, dood), I go to the Laharl & Jennifer scene at 10 o’clock, and once again get Jennifer to say that he’s quite close with Etna. I then decide to swap back to Laharl, which brings us right back to where this update began: with the Prince listening to Flonne’s problems.

…It just occurred to me that, if Mao made deliveries to Flonne, Etna, and Jennifer in the past, then his interactions with those girls in his own game don’t make a lick of sense. But, a Rare Pudding being stolen and eaten sounds like the events that let to Etna’s appearance in Disgaea 2. You know what, doods? Perhaps messing around with the time-space continuum wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Oh, and next time? After you decide between Laharl searching by himself or asking Flonne to ask for help tomorrow, we’ll follow Laharl and change his meeting with Etna. Then, we finally find out what would’ve happened to Prinny old body if we didn’t stop him from falling out of that window. And finally, if there’s enough space, we’re gonna stop Thursday’s rampage, and save Laharl!

Other No. 45 – Great Overlord


“I originally served King Krichevskoy. He was a great Overlord that everyone liked. He was the person I looked up to the most. Prince Laharl is his only son. And now I’m the Prince’s vassal. And the Prince is now the Overlord. If only the former Overlord didn’t die like he did, I would still be…*sigh*. What? Why am I so disappointed? The question is, why wouldn’t I be?! An Overlord is supposed to be respectable. Not some stupid, immature brat like him! Anyone would be upset if they were me. So I decided to educate him my way. I want the Prince to become a wonderful Overlord like his father used to be. You understand, right? But as far as I can see now, that won’t happen for a while…Please grow up soon! Or else, I might take over! Priiiiiince (heart symbol)”

NEW DATABASE TERMS: Mao, Angel Trainee, Geoffrey

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39 Fluid4th Dec 2010 09:58:00 AM from The Netherlands
Mao: I see, so this is that “no means yes” situation I’ve read about in the comic books.

I don't think Mao has ever disturbed me as much as he does with this single sentence.
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Welcome to Purgatory!
Y’know what, doods? In hindsight, perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to have you guys make the exact same decision I left off with earlier. So, I’ve decided to play a little further, and give you some more variety. First, I decide to tell Flonne to come back tomorrow, and get a sprite event of Laharl laughing.

Laharl: I got no time to be hanging out with some flatty bimbo, dude! Come back when you’re as sexy-jiggly as Miss Jennifer. (Flonne looks stunned, her eyes are white, and a giant ‘!’ appears above her head) Try asking, like, the day before last, dude!

…Oh dear Baal. This won’t end well, will it?

“DATABASE: Flat Chest“ has been added!

(Flonne gets an evil glint in her eyes, while Laharl realizes what he just said and goes blank-eyed himself)

Flonne: S, Sir…Laharl…? (she starts shaking, and Laharl’s sweating)

Laharl: *gasp* Hey, that wasn’t me! What was that vile nonsense?!

Flonne: Sir Laharl…You’re the worst, you big meanie! Crab Brain! (HOLY CRAP, DOOD! FLONEZILLA LAZER!)

Laharl: Wh, aaaaaaaugh!

TickTock: [Laharl fled in some kind of fear!]

“DATABASE: Crab Brain“ has been added!

The time’s now 12, and Laharl muses over what just happened in the Hall…

Laharl: Flonne’s angel outfit…she’s easy to fool again since she’s trying to be a goody-two-shoes and return to Celestia…

…Dood, did you completely forget about the death laser…of freakin’ DEATH, dood?! …Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. Moving on, we run into Etna, and the conversation plays out like it did the last time this scene happened. But this time, when the clock hits 13, I get the red-haired demon chick to just hand over the fuel canister…I mean, pudding. A message says that a change has occurred due to mind control, as a sprite event shows Etna holding up…either pudding or flan; I can never tell the difference.

Etna: I’ve got a cool present for you, dude! Here, take it! (She jumps on top of Laharl’s head, and then throws the dessert down. It completely covers his face, and Etna poses.)

TickTock: [Etna handed a package to Laharl!]

…Yeah, Ticky; that’s one way of putting it. We’re then shown the canister again, just to rub it in our faces, as our protagonist Prinny wonders if this is the right thing to do. Laharl muses that Etna’s being oddly obedient, and soon decides that she must be playing a trick on him. Etna’s at a loss for words, having willingly given up her prize, and runs. Since we still possess her, we get to see the Secret Room again when the clock hits 14. She’s wondering what the heck just happened, and our Ghost Prinny pal decides that we could probably just pin the blame on Etna for the assassination now, since she willingly handed over the explosive device.

Etna decides to write this mess out in her diary so she can decipher what exactly happened, and considers that she subconsciously knew it was a fake, and that she instinctually gave it to the Prince. She then scraps the idea, realizing that such a thing would be way too convenient. We then hear Laharl laughing, and while Etna’s furious over the loss of her pudding, we get to hear the explosion a whole hour earlier for a change. Laharl then yells out at the Prinny, saying that this is unforgivable, while our Ghost Prinny wonders why the hell he’s getting blamed for something he made Etna do. TickTock says that we should just try avoiding the explosion altogether, and rewinds time.

We now have two new diary entries. With any hope, these are the ones we need to get a special ending later in the game: “The pudding Master Etna got was fake, and it looked like the fuel pack that flew out of Thursday, dood!”, and “It’s gotta be that boy who swapped the pudding and power-up unit! What a vile brat, dood!”. Just in case I goofed up, though, I’m making a second save file so I can return to the game’s first part and try again whenever I feel like it.

“DATABASE: Diary“ has been added!

So, viewers, here’s the variety missing from the last update: Do we see what happened to the Prinny body now? Do we move on with the game, and use my second file to see what happened whenever we feel like it? Do we do something completely different, like follow Thursday all over the place instead of Captain Gordon, or try to see what happens to Captain Gordon if we don’t convince him to stay out of the Prince’s room? And don’t forget to mention what Database stuff you wanna see, too, doods!

Other No. 47 – Power-Up Unit

(Picture of that weird box from a bunch of entries in the past)

Thing to power up Thursday that Jennifer bought through the Shopping Channel. Of course Amazombie handles such high-tech materials. Features:

  • Dual-powered space jet engine
  • Increased power and calculation speed
  • Stable radio receiver
  • Blue-ray support
  • Lasts 4 times longer* (*Applies only to basic mode)
  • Bakes Teriyaki Pizza

The connector is compatible with machines other than Thursday. That’s one of the reasons for its popularity.

NEW DATABASE TERMS: Crab Brain, Flat Chest, Diary

EDIT: ...Checked a guide, and found out that those AREN'T the right entries in the Prinny Diary. Danmit, dood! ...Oh well; like I said, I now have a spare file in case of an emergency.

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"Crab Brain"???
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Welcome to Purgatory!
New Live Bloginations system is up and running. We are now there.

...Okay, doods, so I kinda stole that quote from Black Wolfe. Point is, this topic's as good as dead. But the playthough itself? I'm not giving up on it anytime soon! Come leave a comment in the area I just linked to if you want to keep contributing, doods!
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