Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux):

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1 Nimitz23rd Nov 2010 03:53:31 PM from Netherlands Antilles
Back in May, I made this thread. It was a fun ride, but unfortunately, RL got quite busy for me. I disappeared from the forums for some time.

Now I'm back, and I'm ready to start this up again. We're gonna start the same way we did in the last thread, save for a few differences, since I'm using the latest version of JA 2 1.13.

Aside from that, everything is the same. As expected, I'll be using all custom mercs at the start. 3 men, 3 women. Here's the character sheet. For those who are new to this thread, you'll want to read the first post in my last thread and maybe one or two of the character sheets before filling this out.

Name: Nickname: Gender: Appearance: (There are a limited amount of portraits, but I'll find the one that matches your description best.) Attitude Disability: Major Trait(s): Minor Trait: Skills: (You've got several fields to choose from. Don't number crunch; just tell me what you want to be best [and/or worst] at and I'll take care of it.)

It's good to be back.

Hired mercs

IMP mercs (6/6 slots filled)
  • Devon "Bunny" Bunzowski
  • Ciara "Cia" Malley
  • Carlos "Bigger C" Biggs
  • Benjamin "Big Ben" Krounsch
  • Elena "Ellie" Moreno
  • Jane Quincy "Generica" Doe

AIM mercs
  • None yet.

Deceased mercs
  • None yet.

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Chilling with my niece
Missed the first one, but now I can be a merc (Yay!). Will come up with character in a bit.
I'm going to make a character, but what do Deputy and Gunslinger do?
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4 Nimitz23rd Nov 2010 05:12:21 PM from Netherlands Antilles
Gunslinger increases your skill with pistols, machine pistols and revolvers. Deputy makes you a better leader.

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Name: Devon Bunzowski

Gender: Male

Codename: Bunny

Personality: Sociable

Disability: Nervous

Major Traits: Gunslinger, Technician

Minor Trait: Demolitions

Stats: Low leadership, medical. High Explosives and Mechanical. Above average marksmanship and dexterity.

After casualty as we know it was destroyed and remade with no more than a single thought, the man known as Daryl Bunzowski was replaced with a similar fellow by the name of Devon Bunzowski. Unlike his "brother", Devon is a pretty nice guy who's fun to be around, if a little jumpy. However, he does have a rather unhealthy obsession with blowing things up and creating diabolical contraptions. He has occasional bouts of maniacal laughter. He is a crack shot with pistols and the like, but his nervous disposition tends to mess up his aim. He tends to use plenty of duct tape and the rock in his contraptions, perhaps inherited from his nonexistent brother.
One of my few regrets about being born female is the inability to grow a handlebar mustache. -Landstander


Chilling with my niece
How's this:

Name: Ciara (Pronounced like, but has nothing to due with, Kira) Malley]
Nickname: “Cia”
Gender: Female
Appearance: As Irish as possible, i.e. a pale ginger
Attitude: Let’s go with Sociable.
Disability: non-swimmer
Major Trait: Auto Weapons, for I demand Dakka
Minor Trait: Night ops seems good
Skills: Strength need to be high, as should health, and maybe medical. Explosive and Mechanical should be neglected. As for the rest, what ever best serves the role for More Dakka

^If you make your disability "Psychotic", they regularly fire more rounds than intended...aka More Dakka.
One of my few regrets about being born female is the inability to grow a handlebar mustache. -Landstander
9 Nimitz23rd Nov 2010 05:44:09 PM from Netherlands Antilles
Alright, bun (welcome back!), colin, you're both in. :) I'll add the disability "Psychotic" to your profile, colin.

Charlatan! :D It's good to see you again.

We need a medic and a leader on the team. The former's purpose is obvious, the latter is for keeping morale high and training mercs and militia.

Hope it won't all just be sociable personalities, too. We need variety. :D

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Chilling with my niece
Yeah, Psychotic would work better.
11 TriggerLoaded23rd Nov 2010 09:22:11 PM from Canada, eh? , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
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Holy crap on a cracker, did they ever update the game! Geez, maybe I should download it and give it yet another go.

Hmm, I would remake Ashley Wells, but I see we already have a demo expert on the team. Need a medic and/or team leader, eh?

Well, I'll go with my medic. Though if Charlatan wanted to make a medic, I can scrap him and make someone else.

Name: Benjamin Krounsch
Nickname: Big Ben
Gender: Male
Appearance: The buzz-cut black guy with thin goatee. (Assuming they didn't add any other portraits.)
Voice: 1. "Time for the enemy to say it's prayers!" (Yes, this is Korgmeister's voice from the last LP.)

Attitude: Phlegmatic
Disability: None
Major Trait(s): Hand to Hand, Paramedic
Minor Trait: Bodybuilder
Skills: High HP, Strength, Medical. Good Dexterity. Your choice on the rest.

Man, I tried looking around for a description on what the new Major/Minor traits do, but with no luck. Couldn't even find anything in the Bear's Pit.

Also, what happens if you pick a weakness? Extra skill points?

Don't take life too seriously. It's only a temporary situation.
Big C is gone. Long live Big C.

In his place is Bigger C.

Name: Carlos "Bigger C" Biggs.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Bald guy with epic sunglasses.

Height: Actually, not that much taller than average.

Attitude: Optimistic.

Disability: Forgetful.

Major Traits: Technician and whatever lets me shoot things coolest like in the last game.

Minor Traits: Teaching.

Skills: Marksmanship, Mechanical, Leadership. Less skilled at Explosives and Medical.

Also, good to see you too, Nimitz. grin

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13 Nimitz24th Nov 2010 03:54:44 AM from Netherlands Antilles
Trigger (welcome back! :D), Charlatan, you're both in.

@Trigger: HAM is now part of the 1.13 release. So is STOMP (traits) and NAS. Look for Tais' SCIs on Bear's Pit and you'll find the latest version of 1.13 there. When you get it and hover your mouse over the traits, a pop-up box will tell you what they do. And yes, if you pick a weakness, you get extra points.

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Wait up, mind if I make a character myself? I read through the old thread when I got 1.13 for the first time and it was a pity the thread died.

Name: Elena Moreno

Gender: Female

Codename: Ellie

Personality: Dauntless

Disability: Claustrophobic

Major Traits: Gunslinger, Marksman

Minor Trait: Night Ops

Stats: relatively low health and strength, but quite high wisdom and marksmanship.

Appearance: Pick whatever is Italian looking. I think there was one portrait with long, black hair IIRC?

Born in Naples, Elena joined the local police to crack down the high crime rate in the suburbs. After a few uneventful years, the local Mafia boss arranged an ambush to kill the head of police in that particular district. Elena, off-duty at the time, spotted multiple armed men at the side of the road, preparing to shoot at an incoming vehicle. Showing great courage, Elena disarmed one of the men, and in the ensuing shoot-out, she killed two and wounded another. Encouraged by this display of skill, she attempted to join the army, but was refused due to her lacking condition and strength. Nevertheless, she found work as a mercenary. She hopes that after a few contracts, her physical condition will have improved enough to let her join the Italian military.

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Wasp: I like how your relatives are smokin' hot, while the other girls seem... meh

Someone invite Korgmeister. I want to hear things again.
16 Nimitz24th Nov 2010 05:54:40 AM from Netherlands Antilles
Delta, you're in. :)

Sure, I'll try to get Korg, though I don't know if he's still active. I do know that he has changed handles, though.

Like I said, he may not be active. He hasn't posted since last month. I don't wanna hold this up by waiting for someone who may not even be around.

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17 Flanker6624th Nov 2010 08:11:38 AM from 30,000 feet and climbing , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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I want to see if I'll go all DWORF on the enemy's asses. If possible, an IMP merc.

Name: Jane Q. (Quincy) Doe

Nickname: "Mrs. Generic" (If that won't fit, go with the completely nonsensical "Generica")

Gender: Female

Appearance: Brown hair, light skin (probably closest to Trevor)

Attitude: Intellectual

Disability: Fear of Insects

Major Trait(s): Marksman (or Deputy - I'll let you pick)

Minor Trait: Athletics

Skills: Make Jane good at wisdom, leadership, marksmanship and mechanical (you can switch this one out with giving her high health). She'll be less than good at explosives and medical things, as well as strength.

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Hand out the arms and ammo,

We're gonna blast our way through here!
18 Nimitz24th Nov 2010 08:52:17 AM from Netherlands Antilles
Oh crap, I mixed up Trigger's character for his old one! D: That's fixed, now.

Sorry, Flanker, but you'll have to change your character's gender to female. :P Other than that, you're in.

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19 Flanker6624th Nov 2010 08:56:08 AM from 30,000 feet and climbing , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Dreams of Revenge
Fine. tongue
Locking you up on radar since '09

Hand out the arms and ammo,

We're gonna blast our way through here!
Alright. Looks like we have our team!
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21 Nimitz24th Nov 2010 10:10:45 AM from Netherlands Antilles
Indeed. We can begin!

I'm about to start. Hang tight for the update.
Sounds good!

Oh, on a side note, could I hang around at the back of the squad and pick enemies off with the 7x combat scope? I play with a designated marksman IMP in my game and it was pretty glorious after a week or so of combat.
Wasp: I like how your relatives are smokin' hot, while the other girls seem... meh

So it looks like we have two marksmen, an engineer/explosives expert, a leader, a heavy weapons girl, and a leader. Seems like a pretty balanced team to me.
One of my few regrets about being born female is the inability to grow a handlebar mustache. -Landstander
24 Nimitz24th Nov 2010 10:25:23 AM from Netherlands Antilles
@Delta: When you get a rifle, then yes, you can. :P Sorry, but you only get pistols or SMGs at the start, depending on your stats. You do get a scope, though.

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Speaking of which, how much say do we get in weapons selection?

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