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I am now a shiny stone~
I figure I've posted enough material in the Video Games convo to start a Liveblog of this cool game!

"Hey, Ace," some of you might be asking, "How did you get your mitts on this game?"

Well, I was lucky and had it reserved at the local Comics Connection after I found enough translatory material to play through it (it helps that I am a longstanding vet of Pokemon training since I can extrapolate a lot of statistical information. Yes, I'm a Tactical Nerd type trainer, I rely on my knowledge of skills and stat-crunching to sharpen my natural aptitude to battling.)

Anyway, the poor girl I'll be advising on her trip through Johto and Kanto is a promising lass named Mari(bel, character limits in Japan are harsh!), to match my Platinum Trainer named Renko. They are great penpals, and Renko's exploits in Sinnoh have made Mari want to train and become as good. Liberties will be taken with the (Japanese and therefore rather impossible for me to read at the moment) dialogue for my own amusement.

I've already played until a certain point past the first badge, and subsequent posts won't be as long. Anyway, here we goooooooooooo~

(New Game)

Oak: Hello, Pokemon professor here. I need a new, impressionable kid to help me with my research, since my assistants are too busy helping me with my new Radio Show!

(New Bark, late might)

Mari: I want to be an awesome trainer like my penpal Renko!

Mum: All right, dearie. Before you go, take this (pokegear), since it's dangerous outside!

Mari: Sweet! Does it have an MP3 card inserted?

Mum: Sorry, Mari, you'll need to save up for that kind of expensive luxury.

Mari: Awwwwwwww.

Hibiki (Male player-trainer avatar npc): Marill, give me back my Rage Candybar! (Notices Mari step out of her house) Oh, hi Mari, the Prof has a job for you!

Mari: Only if it doesn't involve another stupid Spinarak tree-colony.

(Hibiki chases his marill across town. Shaking her head, Mari steps into the lab to find out what sort of thankless job the prof wants her to help him with this time)

Elm: Mari! Just who I wanted to see - Mr Pokemon called me about an amazing discovery, and I need you to help me pick it up!

Mari: Why can't you send Hibiki or go yourself?

Elm: because Hibiki isn't as reliable as you, and I'm still limping from when you kicked me in the shin after the whole Spinarak colony business. Also, (opens scientific-looking (expensive) tower cabinet), I'll give you one of these Pokemon as payment and apology for that last job.

Mari: Fair enough. (Picks Totodile) I love crocodiles! I'm going to call him Gnaw. Isn't he a beauty?

Elm: By the way, your lead pokemon can follow you outside its ball now.

Mari: Sweet! C'mon Gnaw, let's go help the professor!

(Outside the lab)

Mari: hey, creepy-looking redhead! What're you doing behind Elm's lab?

Creepy-looking redhead: None of your business, Ironing Board! (SHOVE)

Mari: Ouch! Fine then, redheaded stepchild! Come on, Gnaw, it's not worth sharpening your teeth on this loser.

(Cherrygrove, about 11pm-ish)

Mari: Starting my journey this late at night may not have been such a great idea, all those owls hounding us like that. At least you're here to help me keep them away, Gnaw.

(Gnaw spits out a few feathers and grins)

Cheerful Old Man: What's a lass like you doing out this late? (Notices Gnaw) And with a pokemon, too! You must be a dedicated trainer!

Mari: I actually just started an hour ago.

Cheerful old man: Really? Then you must know the essential parts of a town for trainers! This, this and this (points) are the Pokemon Center, the Pokemart, and the route to Violet City! Come with me!

Mari: (whispering to Gnaw) If he tries to touch me in a bad way, you may eat him, Gnaw.

Cheerful Old Man: This (points) is the shore! You'll need the Surf HM to cross it, unless you can swim. Aaaaand this... (points to old house) is my home! Here, take these (Running Shoes), travelling at walking pace takes forever!

Mari: Nice, my old shoes are just too stiff for long-distance.

Cheerful Old Man: Oh yes, take this Map Card for your pokegear!

Mari: Awesome! Thanks for the help, old man!

Fat guy: Here, take this Apricorn case! You can collect Apricorns for various uses!

Mari: Those round fruit? what are they good for?

Fat guy: There's some craftsmen around who can use them to make custom pokeballs the old-fashioned way. Those things are stronger than the factory-made ones!

Mari: Oh, I thought they'd make good eating, but custom pokeballs are good too. (I wonder if Renko uses special pokeballs like these?) Argh, I wish I could read my e-mail out here!

Fat guy: You could use the terminals at any Pokemon Center, you know.

(Further along Route 30, after Midnight...)

Mari: Why're you guys out here at this time of the night? Make way on the road, people need to pass!

Youngster #1: We're having a battle!

Youngster #2: Rattata, give it one in the face with Tail Whip!

Mari: I hope this isn't some kind of fig-

Youngster #2: Do not talk about Fight Club!

Mari: I hate you brats. C'mon Gnaw, let's use this side-path instead.

(At Mr Pokemon's House, after a long and painful journey)

Mari: Finally! I swear I've never seen that many angry Rattata before.

Mr. Pokemon: Ah, Elm told me to expect you! Dear Arceus, you look so worn out! What happened on the way here?

Mari: How can you rest easy, knowing that there's a veritable swarm of angry rats in the woods outside your house?

Mr. Pokemon: I have a hungry Growlithe who loves rats with a light secret sauce. You look like you could use a snack.

Mari: Nothing with secret sauce, thanks.

(One light snack later)

Mr Pokemon: Oh yes, here's the thing I need you to help me bring to Elm, it's a Pokemon egg.

Mari: Oh that? I know about it, my penpal Renko's been breeding her Electabuzzes lately.

Oak: (looks up from newspaper) Fascinating! You know Renko?

Mari: She's my pen-pal! Wait, who are you-oh yeah, I remember Renko writing about you, you're that awesome researcher Professor Oak!

Oak: You look as reliable as your friend. Want to contribute to my Pokedex project?

Mari: Only if there's no danger of being eaten by Rattata.

Oak: Hahaha. Girl, I believe your Totodile-

Mari: His name is Gnaw, and I'm Mari.

Oak: Okay, Mari and Gnaw, I believe you can get as good as Renko has become. Here, take this Pokedex! it'll update your Trainer's Card.

Mari: Awesome! I can't wait to write to Renko about this!

(Cherrygrove Pokemon Center)

Mari: ...So, the good professor has asked me to help him with the Pokedex project, and has given me a 'dex to help him. I hope you have advice for me, Renko, because I want to follow in your footsteps and become an awesome trainer. With hugs, your penpal Mari. (Sends mail) Gnaw, I wonder if Renko's doing anything now?

Creepy Redheaded Stepchild: I don't know why you chose such a weakling. I, Bato, am going to prove that you suck, you ironing board.

Mari: Gnaw, eat his legs.

(A creepy redheaded stepchild was seen being chased out of town by a scarily cheerful Totodile, a terrified Chikorita in tow.)

Mari: I'm back, profes- HUH?

Copper: You're under arrest for stealing Professor Elm's pokemon, criminal scum!

Hibiki and Elm: No, officer, she's helping us with a big job! Besides, I already said the thief took my Chikorita, not my Totodile!

Copper: Oh. Sorry, miss.

Mari: it must have been that stupid redhead Bato from just now.

Copper: Bato, huh? I'll report this to my superiors. (leaves)

Elm: Anyway, What was the-OH SWEET DIALGA WHAT IS THAT

Mari: Don't tell me you've never seen an Egg before, I heard about stuff like this from my friend Renko over in Sinnoh.

Elm: Oh. Er. Hahaha, it's just that we've never actually had an opportunity to study Pokemon Eggs in a lab like this before. (takes egg) Thanks for helping me.

Mari: By the way, the famous researcher Oak was at Mr Pokemon's place, and he asked me to help with the Pokedex Project.

Elm: Really? That's incredibly good news! I'll have Hibiki pass you some pokeballs to start you off with. I expect Renko's told you about those already, right?

Mari: Of course she has! I asked her for more info on the awesome specialty balls too.

Elm: I'm afraid all I have on hand are ordinary Pokeballs.

Mari: Awwwwwww.

Mum: Welcome back Mari! Are you a full-fledged trainer yet?

Mari: Hi mum. Say hi to my mother, Gnaw. Don't bite her, please.

(Gnaw smiles, waves his arms, and tries to wag his short tail)

Mum: Oh, what a sweet little Totodile!

Mari: I'm going to bed first, Mum. I'll continue my great journey tomorrow.

Mum: All right, Mari dear. Good night!

Next time: Mari(bel) heads for Violet City and the first badge!

Mari's crew: Totodile (neutral nature) named Gnaw.

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Yay for cute Totodile! There's a pic somewhere on the net that has Kotone and Toto...gotcha! Dawwwww~waii

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So far so good Ace.
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Today, on Soul Silver, Mari(bel) continues her journey to be as awesome as her penpal Renko.

(Sinnoh, Resort Area)

Renko: (checking e-mail on the stylish desktop in her fancy house) Spam...bills...hello, what's this? (reads letter from Mari)

Cynthia: (reading over Renko's shoulder) Maribel is rather like you, isn't she? (smiles)

Renko: Ah, Cynthia! Please don't sneak up like that. (settles down a little) Yeah, we're kind of like sisters sometimes. I think I'll invite her to connect to the Wifi Club in her local pokemon center.

Back in Johto, Mari has just finished breakfast, prepared her camping kit, collected her allowance, and made arrangements for her Mum to help save her money. Now, she heads to Route 29 to collect her pokeballs from Hibiki.

Mari: How many pokeballs could Elm spare?

Hibiki: Only 5 of them, I'm afraid, our next shipment of supplies is due in a fortnight's time.

Mari: Ugh, so long? I suppose I'll just take these first, and buy my own in town.

Hibiki: need a demonstration on how to use them?

Mari: (throws a pokeball at a HootHoot in a tree, catching it first try) Nope.

Hibiki: Awwww, there goes my chance to have some of the limelight.

On the way to Cherrygrove, Gnaw eats a lot of wild critters who try to threaten Mari. She manages to catch a Geodude and a Rattata before Gnaw devoured them.

(My note: I actually started my journey proper at night, I just felt it proper for Mari to have breakfast and collect her travelling kit before leaving for her Quest.)

At Cherrygrove, Mari (who has 3000p in allowance and won 500p from the first Bato fight for a total of 3500p) spends 2500p on 10 pokeballs (plus a freebies Premier ball for buying in bulk), and a bunch of antivenom sprays. She also collects a freebie Potion sample from a sales assistant who nervously tries to keep a respectable distance from Gnaw.

Mari: I love freebies!

She stops by the Pokemon center to send her hoothoot into storage, as she doesn't like owls.

Mari: I heard some cool things about Rattata. Maybe if I raise one just right, I can really rock people out with it!

(Route 30)

Youngster #1: Hey, it's the girl from last night! I challenge you!

Mari: Did you win last night?

Younster #1: (dejected) No.

Mari: if you lost to him, how could you hope to beat (gestures at Gnaw) my awesome Totodile?

Youngster #2: Step aside, loser (pushes #1 aside). I'll win against you, girlie! Go, Plaguebearer! (sends out Rattata)

(Gnaw uses Leer, showing a toothy grin! Plaguebearer lost control of its bowels!)

Youngster #2: Uh, I fold?

Mari: You're smart enough to know when to quit, kid.

(Outside the Dark Tunnel)

Mari: (reading sign) Do not stop... Bat Coun-

(Gnaw wanders into the cave.)

Mari: Come back here, Gnaw! We can't stop in th- (Skreeeeeee) -Oh dear.

(Numerous hungry Zubats later, Mari manages to escape the Tunnel, but not before catching one of them)

Mari: Gnaw, don't go exploring dangerous places like that without warning! I almost got bitten by them! What would you do if I became a vampiress because of that?

(Gnaw, looking sort of apologetic, hugs Mari's leg as if to say "I'm sorry.")

Finally at Violet City, Mari logs into the terminal at the Pokecenter while Gnaw and company heal up. Reading the mail, she dashes up the steps after collecting her crew and her latest catches (another 2 more Rattata and a Bellsprout, Zubat temporarily in storage) and registers for the Wifi Club.

(Mari's team before entering Wifi Club: Gnaw, geodude, Rattata, Bellsprout, 2 tradebait rattata)

Renko: Took you long enough, girl!

Mari: Renkoooo~ (tackling hug)

Renko: Ahahaha, this is the first time we meet in person, isn't it? (urk) All right, your hug's getting a little too constricting.

Mari: (releasing Renko) Oops, sorry, hehehee.

After some girl-talk and discussion, Renko offers to teach Gnaw some moves, holding up a TM (Brick Break) and a HM (Waterfall).

Renko: You won't be able to use Waterfall outside of battle until you get enough badges though.

She also trades a mysterious Egg to Mari in exchange for a Rattata.

Renko: Mwahahahaha, time to see if the Masuda Method really works!

Mari: What's in this Egg?

Renko: Something that will give you a shocking surprise!

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A level 3 rattata against a level 11 Gnaw? Om nom nom.

After the trade, Renko promises to provide some measure of help to Mari if she has the time.

Renko: Don't expect me to spoonfeed you though, you're going to have to train your own team and claim greatness with own strength and skill like I did.

Mari: I wouldn't have it any other way, although a few TMs for my crew wouldn't hurt, or maybe you could bring them to some of those Tutors you wrote about.

Renko: Tutoring will take some time, Mari. Maybe when I have some gaps in my busy training schedule.

A hug-filled goodbye with promises of future meetings later, Renko returns to Sinnoh via the Wifi Club.

After trading away her Bellsprout for an Onix, Mari swapped her team around (Gnaw, Zubat, Geodude, Rattata, and the Egg), Mari explored Violet City. She went to a local Pokemon trainer's school, but found nothing in there that Renko had not already taught her. Asking around, she eventually found the Violet Gym.

Gym Groupie (the guy who offers challengers encouragement and a hint): Sorry, kid, Falkner's not around at the moment.

Mari: Awwwwww.

That night, Mari decided to go further.

Fat Hiker: Road's closed due to Sudowoodo. Here, have a HM, this one is Rock Smash!

Mari: It's a weak move, but it'll do fine for chipping away defenses slowly.

(Alph Ruins)

Mari: This place is creepy.

(Gnaw looks worriedly at a derelict temple-like building)

Site Guide: It's not that bad, at least you don't have an active radio card in your Pokegear.

Mari: What's this image? (shuffles fragments) A... Kabut-


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^ Alph ruins?

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I think so too. Hey, wasn't there loads of people in the ruins before you solved one of the puzzles (well, at least, there was in G/S/C)? Did they all run for it? wild mass guess
9 Kinkajou7th Oct 2009 05:42:43 AM from you're not your
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Run for it?
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
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Normally it's written Ruins of Alph. I believe not everyone flees the main chamber once you unleash the Unown upon an unsuspecting archeology crew. Gotta go back and check.

Update: Huh, they do flee when the Unown are set upon the ruins. Nice touch to add to the horror factor here.

(Ruins of Alph, Large Hall area)

Mari regains conciousness to Gnaw trying to wake her up by, yes, gnawing on her leg.

Mari: ...ow... 's all right, Gnaw, I'm still alive. (Looking around) these ruins... the writing on the wall is staring at me. (hugs self) Gnaw, I feel something bad happening.

Unown 'G': (lightly taps Mari on her shoulder) Chitter

(Mari screams. Gnaw immediately knocks the Unown across the large hallway with a powerful Waterfall attack)

Scientist: I heard a scream! What's going on?!

Mari: T-the w-w-writ-t-ting on t-the wall'ss alive!

Scientist: You mean that all this is pokemon?

(Some of the letters seem to awaken, peeling themselves of the wall. Mari, Gnaw, and the Scientist look at each other, then run for the ladder as the chittering builds up to a crescendo.)

Scientist: That was scary in an awesome way! Here, take this palmtop and record the different forms of Unown you find!

Mari: I don't want to go back in there! ...Not yet, anyway.

(Gnaw looks as though he wishes to test his strength against more Unown.)

After catching a few more wild pokemon, Mari returned to Violet City to rest at the Pokemon Center.

The Egg hatches as she reaches the center. It reveals an Elekid!

Mari (using Pokedex): Huh, this kid's Hasty, and it knows Cross Chop, Shockwave, and Thunderpunch! (checks her mail in the center's terminal for information) They must be Egg moves from its parents that Renko trained!

Hibiki: Finally found you, Mari. (puff, pant) I just ran here from New Bark to pass you this. (Hands Mari the VS Recorder) Here, in case you fight any epic battles you want to record.

Mari: Only one more place to try, Sprout Tower! Let's go and explore it, Gnaw!

(Gnaw yawns)

Mari: Well, okay, maybe tomorrow.

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The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
Well, I don't remember the Unown showing up before you solved a puzzle. Or I might have just remembered wrong. It's been some time since I last played Crystal.

EDIT: Sorry. I'll shut up now.

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Hmmm, did the Masuda method work?
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
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I have yet to find out, since Silver is using my main DS at the moment. More updates tomorrow, when Mari plays Ghostbuster and battles some bellsprout up the tower, before facing Falkner for the badge.

Mari's team:
  • Gnaw, a neutral-natured Totodile with Waterfall and Brick Break
  • a hasty Elekid, hatched from an egg given to Mari by her penpal Renko.
    • Knows 3 eggmoves, Cross Chop, Thunderpunch, Shockwave
  • Rattata
    • Will have a partial FEAR set with Endeavor and Quick Attack at least.
  • Geodude
    • Will carry rock smash for reasons of HM peoning and farming stones for items and/or pokemon.
  • Zubat
    • Needs more moves than leech life and astonish. Supersonic is only 55 accurate, so it'll get ditched for Confuse Ray.

Stuff in storage:
  • A pidgey
  • A hoothoot
    • These two flying types won't be used, as i will have my bat. Pidgey or someone else might become my HM peon for Fly and Defog.
  • A caterpie from Renko (nothing unusual, so it doesn't appear in the story until later).
  • A Mareep
  • A Wooper
  • A Weedle (will play a bigger role later)

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The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
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^ Bite will be useful for the Zubat. That's its edge.

Also, Crobat has balanced stats, along with speed up the wazoo.

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Just a couple more levels for Bite~
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
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Zubat will own the next gym right?
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
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Haven't played that far yet.
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
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Previously, on Mari(bel)'s trip through the new Johto of Soul Silver:

  • Egg hatches! Elekid joins the party!
  • Mari: Tomorrow, let's climb Sprout Tower, Gnaw!

The whole morning and afternoon was spent grinding on wild Pidgey, Zubat, and Weedles (for speed), as well as Bellsprouts (for attack).

Mari was sure that Gnaw, Zubat, Rattata, and Elekid were faster than they were before she started their gruelling training. The curious thing was that Gnaw, who usually acted cute/playful around her, treated the training seriously, exhibiting behavior consistent with the Nature her Pokedex had labelled him with.

Bug Catcher: I see you raise Pokemon! Let us battle!

Mari: Your funeral, kid.

(Elekid used Thunderpunch! Weedle was tossed into the bushes! Kakuna submitted to Elekid's show of might!)

Bug Catcher: what

Mari: Haven't you seen us train hard all morning? I'm sure even my Elekid has more levels than your bugs combined.

Late afternoon was a quiet rest after tea in the pokecenter, with Mari poring over her "study notes" that Renko had compiled to supplement her Pokedex. Gnaw was busy chewing on a tough rawhide toy her mother had given him before they left New Bark.

Boy (npc): I heard that Sprout Tower is haunted by spirits at night! That's why the monks maintain a constant watch over the tower.

Mari: (thinking) Haunted? Whatever it is, it probably can't be worse than the Unown in the Ruins of Alph.

After a little more consideration, Mari decided that she would replace Geodude with something more suitable for her training style when the time came.

(After dinner, Sprout Tower)

Mari: All right, Gnaw, let's do this! Zubat, Elekid, Rattata, get ready to climb Sprout Tower!

(Gnaw roars his approval.)

Old Woman: Child, did you know that the central pillar of this tower is said to be a gigantic Bellsprout?

Mari: I didn't know we got them that size.

Old Woman: Of course, it was back in the old days, when Pokemon could grow to be much, much bigger.

(Mari imagines a gigantic Hollywood-esque sign made of oversized Unown! Mari wonders why she imagined that all of a sudden!)

Monk: Halt, child. I and my compatriots will test your skill and spirit as you climb this tower. (detaches a pokeball from the prayer beads around his neck) Come forth, Bellsprout!

Mari: I accept your test! Zubat! Show them what I've taught you!

(Bellsprout tried Vine Whip! It doesn't work very well on a Poison/Flying pokemon.)

Monk: I am but a lowly acolyte. My seniors will test you more comprehensively.

creak, craaaaack, creeeak

Mari: This old tower sure makes a lot of creepy sounds, Gnaw.

whisper, creeak, chatter

(Gnaw watches the shadows like a hawk)

Mari: What's wrong, is there somethOH WHAT IS THAT THING

(Wild Gastly appeared!)

Mari: I guess this is why they say the place is haunted.

(Wild Gastly used Lick on Elekid! Static triggers! Gnaw falls over laughing at the Gastly's expression as it tries to fight the paralysis!)

Mari: They're not very bright, I guess. (throws pokeball, catching Gastly) Maybe I can train this one to be less silly in battles.

(Newcomer: a modest-natured Gastly!)

Senior Monks: Welcome to the top floor, child. The next part of your Test is to best the three of us in a Pokemon battle.

Mari: If you're all using bellsprouts, my Zubat will trump them all.

Senior Monk: I have a Level 9 Hoothoot.

Mari: My Elekid will face your Hoothoot.

(Hoothoot uses Hypnosis! Elekid fell asleep.)

Mari: (groan) I should have expected that. Gnaw, take over while Elekid finishes napping.

(Gnaw uses Leer! Hoothoot pales and sheds feathers uncontrollably in panic!)

Abbot: You did better in spirit than the previous challenger! Admittedly he did not have a fearsome Totodile like you do.

Mari: Did the previous challenger happen to have red hair and a bad attitude?

Abbot: Indeed he did. He battles ruthlessly and harshly, using large amounts of brute strength. As a reward for succeeding in this test, I give you this TM, which contains Flash.

Mari: Uh, thanks, I guess? (thinking: I'll put this on someone who won't be fighting much.)

(Violet City Gym, after a trip to the pokecenter for healing)

Falkner: Welcome to my gym, Trainer. I await you at the top of this platform. (gestures at a high raised catwalk, where he stands at one end)

Mari: Isn't it dangerous up there?

Falkner: Not really, we have some Pidgeotto on standby to catch people and pokemon if they fall off.

(after defeating the other trainers in the Gym)

Mari: Isn't this unfair to acrophobic trainers?

Falkner: Pardon?

Mari: I mean, what about the poor trainers who are scared of heights?

Falkner: I provide safety harnesses if they really need it. But enough small talk, let this Gym Challenge begin in earnest! Pidgey! make our family name proud!

Mari: Elekid, show that Pidgey your moves!

(Elekid used Thunderpunch!)

Falkner: This cannot be! I must not make our family look bad! Pidgeotto! Show them your strength!

Mari: Elekid, return! Gnaw, I believe you can win this!

Gnaw grinned even wider when he heard his mistress call him to the battle. At last, he fights an opponent worthy of his strength!

Squaring up the Pidgeotto, he slowly began to circle the arena, his opponent mirroring his moves perfectly.

Gnaw's opponent's composure impressed him, as most of his previous opponents lost their drive to fight and yielded after witnessing his magnificent maw full of pointy teeth. This pidgeotto, on the other hand, was meeting his grin with a stern, eagle-like glare, as though it was trying to intimidate him in turn.

An opening! Gnaw struck the moment he saw the Pidgeotto shift its stance. Teeth met wings, and with a fierce blur of movement and pain, he found himself once again at a standoff with his opponent, forced back by the fury of the Pidgeotto's flapping wings.

His attack had been met with a strike of equal ferocity! Gnaw was impressed, despite the pain he felt all over from being battered by the pidgeotto's wings.

Gnaw realised that he looked much worse than he felt, for he heard his mistress screaming for him to remain upright. He dipped his head slightly, and the pidgeotto misread his change in stance as an opportunity to use Roost. Now!

(Gnaw used Waterfall! Torrent boosted its power! Pidgeotto fainted!)

Mira: Gnaw, don't you dare scare me like that ever again!

(Gnaw looks embarassed, but grins anyway, as his happiness in victory is too great to be dampened. He accepts a Potion from Mira and begins to sip it, unscrewing the spraycap with his teeth.)

Falkner: I cannot believe that I have been defeated! Your Totodile fights like it was fully grown!

Mari: I trained Gnaw with tips from my friend in Sinnoh.

Falkner: What is your friend's name, to have such an effect on your pokemon?

Mari: Renko.

Falker: T-the regional Champion?! No wonder I stood no chance. Take this badge, your skill at following your friend's advice is admirable. I also wish to give you this TM, which contains the recovery move Roost.

(Gnaw grins crookedly as he sips a Potion, proud of his victory.)

Next Time, on Mari's League Challenge: the Professor's Egg needs hatching! More training from hell! Not another cave! Will Gnaw spend more time training in Zubat Country? When will Mari reach Azelea? Find out when we return with our next update!

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The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
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I like your writing style. I think I'll take some more liberties in the telling whenever I get around to resuming Platinum.
Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
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Previously, on Mari's Quest in Johto 2.0:

  • Training Montage! (cue Eye of the Tiger)
  • Climbing the Giant Bellsprout Tower!
  • Epic battle with Falkner's Pidgeotto (Is he emulating Ash or what?!)! Gnaw takes it out with a decisive Waterfall (torrent just kicked in, yo)!

What will Mari do this episode? Stay tuned and find out...

Mari's current crew:
  • Gnaw
  • Elekid
  • Gastly
  • Zubat
  • Rattata

Mari took a day off to let Gnaw recover from his epic fight, and spent the day searching for more pokemon while he rested in the back of her party.

Mari: All right, Elekid, let's get this show on the road!

(Elekid waves its arms.)


(Wild Ekans appeared! It was surprised by Mari!)

Mari: A snake! (uses Pokedex to scan it) Elekid! soften it up so I can catch it!

(Elekid salutes, and begans snake-wrestling while Mari takes out a pokeball. Static triggers! Ekans is paralysed!)

Mari: Now! (throws pokeball.)

Nudge, nudge, nudge, click!

Pokedex: (printing text onscreen) Wild Ekans was captured! Creating inital data entry for Ekans. Your party is full; Ekans will be sent into storage!

Mari: Easy catch, that Ekans. I wonder what else is one this route?


Picnicker: Ouch! Watch where you're going! Can't you see I'm on the phone?

Mari: Oops, my bad.

That evening, after a reltively uneventful expedition, Mari returned to the pokecenter. She received a call from Elm after dinner.

Elm: Hello! Prof. Elm here! Mari, I need you to help further my current experiment!

Mari: It's not a dodgy experiment, right?

Elm: Of course it isn't! I've done some studies and checked your penpal's website, and I believe my Egg should hatch if it's kept near active pokemon!

Mari: Why not ask Hibiki's Marill to help? It's pretty active, you know.

Elm: It has terrible parenting instinct, and I don't want the baby in the Egg to imprint on it. I tell you what, my assistant will bring it over to the Violet Pokemart tomorrow morning, all right?

Mari: Well, if you don't mind Gnaw becoming a father figure...

The next morning, Mari received a call from her mother shortly after breakfast.

Mum: Mari! I need to apologise!

Mari: I hope it's not about my wardrobe.

Mum: No, dear, of course it isn't! I need to apologise because I saw a really good sales offer when I was shopping!

Mari: Did you buy something with my savings again?

Mum: I'm afraid I did! I ended up buying some rare Berries in bulk-

Mari: At a discount, right? I know, I know, you've always had a shopping bug. (sigh) Well, I'll forgive you if the berries come in handy.

Mum: I know they will, sweetie. I sent the courier to the Violet City pokemart, you can collect it there! Bye Mari! (click)

Mari: I wonder how they all know I'm at Violet City.

Pokecenter Nurse: Your mother must have found out from Professor Elm, dear. Whenever you earn a badge, your pokedex will update your trainer card and send a message to the League headquarters, as well as to your sponsors.

Mari: Ah, so Mum must have asked Elm to keep her updated on my status.

(LP Note: Mum still buys stuff with your savings in HGSS. This time around she buys lots of cool stuff, like Resistance Berries, Choice Scarves, Moon Stones, Repels, and other useful items. With no more storage network, she'll ask a courier to deliver the goods at the local pokemart.)

(Violet City pokemart)

Courier: Mari, right? Your mother has sent your a package.

Mari: Thanks! (opens package) Charti Berries? At least Mum has good taste in sales offers when it comes to her urge to buy stuff.

(Mari received 5 Charti Berries!)

(LP Note: Charti Berries reduce the power of super-effective Rock damage. This will be useful for my fliers and Bugs later.)

Elm's Assistant: Good to see you, Mari! here's the Egg the professor asked me to pass to you!

(Mari receives the Egg!)

Courier: Nice Totodile, please don't smile at me like that (whimper)

Mari: All right! Gnaw, Elekid, let's continue our quest!

(Gnaw and Elekid cheer.)

Roadblock Man: hey, girl, I have a Miracle Seed for you- urk

(Elekid used Widowmaker!)

Mari: No dirty jokes about the hold items, you perv!

Suspicious Man: Hey kid, wanna buy a delicious Slowpoketail? It's been roasted in a rich honey syrup sauce and battered with- ouch

Mari: No, I'm not eating that! (grumbling) I swear, all these nuts are spoiling my good moo (Wild Mareep appeared!)

Mari: Oooh, a cute sheep! Gnaw, scare it into submission so I can catch it!

(Mareep used Thundershock! Gnaw is forced to keep his distance!)

Mari: Electric-type? Okay Gnaw, leave it to Elekid!

(Elekid begins sheep wrestling! Mari circles around to get a better shot with a pokeball.)

Mari: Now! (Pokeball is thrown)

A Pokemon stands in front of Union Cave. Mari decides to spend the night there, partly so she can hug her new Mareep. While she fawns over her latest capture, Gnaw is curled up protectively around the Egg, and Elekid is play-wrestling with Rattata.

The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
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^ Awwwwwwww. Seriously.
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As Mari makes preparations to go spelunking through to cave towards Azalea, she decides to send Mareep to her house in New Bark to keep Mum company. As she steps out of the Pokecenter, the Egg begins moving in Gnaw's hug.

Crick, crack, POK

Mari: It hatched so fast?

Pokedex: (printing onscreen) Togepi has hatched!

(Togepi hugs Gnaw as though saying "Papa!" Gnaw tries to maintain his cool, despite the urge to give hugs!)

Mari: Awwww :D Oh, right, I need to call professor Elm!

(Ring, ring)

Elm: The Egg has hatched already?! Excellent! I'd like to take a look at the baby Pokemon!

Mari: Oh, great. Well, back to New Bark for now.

One long and pointless backtrack later, with a few more gathered Apricorns on the side, Mari arrives back at New Bark.

Elm: Okay... (takes Togepi's height, weight, and reads the pokedex statscan screen dump) Looks good! I'd like you to continue taking care of the Togepi for me! Also, take this Everstone!

(Gnaw has a "Why me?" expression as Togepi plays with his tail.)

Mari: What's that for? (I knew I should have asked Renko!)

Elm: Some pokemon learn moves at an earlier level if they don't evolve immediately! While they hold this Everstone, you won't have to manually interrupt the evolution every single time they gain a level!

(LP Note: Gastly will be using the Stone until level 29, when it learns Shadow Ball four levels early, as Haunter learns it at level 33.)

Before leaving New Bark to continue her Quest, Mari leaves her Mareep (Mari: You're too cute to let you fight and get hurt!) in her Mum's care at home, and checks her mail.

  • Sender:
  • Sent to:
  • Subject: busy busy busy

Hi Mari, I know you're wondering why I haven't been sending you much mail lately. Well, I've received a lot of local requests and challenges lately, so I have to go all around the continent, and I STILL haven't bought a laptop computer yet. Even with the Fly HM, it still takes time to get back to my pad in the Resort Area!

How's Gnaw, anyway? I hope he's still as toothy as ever after the gym challenge. Congrats on getting your first badge! If you're wondering how I know, I can use my Champion status to check how you're doing in the Johto League by the League website.

Is your life on the road good? I hated camping in some parts of the wilderness, not because of the wild pokemon, which thankfully keep their distance when you have an over-levelled Ninetales (like Carla) with you, but because of lousy panty-stealing pervert pokemaniacs! Thankfully they stopped harassing me after Carla cursed one of them to be unable to touch female underwear without feeling ill.

Oh, look at me! I've said that I was busy, but I still managed to type out a wall of text! I have another challenge to accept in the League in about an hour, so I need to end here!

Wishing you good luck, your penpal Renko

One long and uneventful retrace of her steps later, Mari made it back to the caveside Pokecenter in time for dinner.

Mari: All right, Togepi, I need you to chill in storage! Gnaw's a bit too overwhelmed by your energy.

(Gnaw looks relieved.)

Mari: I might train that Togepi in future, Gnaw. I'm afraid you'll have to put up with being huggled like that again in future.

(Gnaw puts on his "I'll treat it as training from hell, then!" face.)

Mari: I'll need Rock Smash, so I guess I'll evolve my Weedle tomorrow.

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The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
R Lee Ermey Looks At YOU
Though I haven't played much in the way of Pokemans Pokémon since the original RBY, I have to say that I'm really enjoying this liveblog.
Gah, you're making me want to buy Soul Silver even more when it comes out. Query how does the 'dex work in this game? I only ask because a lot of Johto pokemon like Misdreavius, Gligar, Sneasle and Murkrow got evolutions in 4th gen. Would you be able to evolve them right away if the conditions are met?
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I am now a shiny stone~
I'm sure that they can evolve if you have required conditions set, regardless of whether you have the National Pokedex or not. The dex uses the touchscreen for selections and puts their basic capture data on the top screen.
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!

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