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476 AceOfScarabs27th Oct 2010 08:23:35 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I am now a shiny stone~
It takes an awful lot of work/grind to get a Grotto of decent grade in DQ 9.

Ex-Celestrian Mina: But look! Now I have a boatload of beefed-up stats, a nice Divine Bustier, and I've got that Baramo's 20% drop thanks to my Thief's Theory Scroll!

Of course, part of DQ 9's appeal is that you can play dress-up with your characters when you are bored.

(Route 6)

Mari: It's a shame that the Diglett's Cave as well as Route 11 are closed due to Snorlax.

Gnaw: Mmm. (This has happened before, you know.)

Mari: Back in Red's time?

Gnaw: Frrrr. (Yeah. a little Pidgey told me so while you were answering your phone call.)

Bug Catcher: I wish I had someone I could spar with.

(LP Note: This guy had a Butterfree in Yellow and Fire-Red and Leaf-Green. Compound Eyes made that Butterfree's status powders into a real pain, showing that a good movepool can sometimes compensate for low defenses and a typing riddled with elemental weaknesses.)

Mari: Gnaw, be nice to this kid's Bugs, they're not as strong as what we've been battling up on Indigo last week.

Bu-Catcher: W-what, I'm sparring with our latest Champion?! No way! My classmates are going to be so jealous when they find out!

(Guardhouse at the Route 6 exit of Saffron City)

Guard: Oh man, it's such a humid day, and the air conditioner is broken again...

Mari: This guardhouse doesn't seem that bad.

Guard: Hah, just you wait until the Sun comes out! I swear you could fry eggs on the windows in this cubicle when the sun shines on me.

Mari: Well, chill a little. Here, have a nice and cold Lemonade.

Guard: Thanks!

(LP Note: This only actually happens in the original RBY Kanto - in Fire-Red and Leaf-Green, you get some Tea from an old lady in Celadon for the guards.)

(Saffron City)

Mr Psychic: ... ... ... (stares at Mari)

Mari: What's the matter, is my hair untidy again?

Mr Psychic: ...You need not say anything. Here, this is something I believe you are looking for.

(Mari receives TM 29 - PSYCHIC)

Mari: This move...!

Mr Psychic: Yes, it is powerful enough to occasionally weaken the enemy against repeated attacks.

(LP Note: 1st-Generation Psychic was an Uber move because of back then, Special governed both Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense - this is also why Amnesia Mewtwo was banned from most formalized battles.)

Mr Psychic: Also, no, you can't switch to Controller Port 2 because this game is being played on a DS, which does not have controller ports.

Mari: I'm not in a videogame... am I?

Next: More Kanto!

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More penpals! More great stuff! WOOO! :D
478 AceOfScarabs30th Oct 2010 09:00:28 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I am now a shiny stone~
I think I might have more than enough Nerf Blasters to say that I have an actual arsenal by now. Maybe I should get extra ammo in all the key flavours in case I need more darts.

(Meanwhile, in a different and distant world...)

Ex-Celestrian Mina: All this training has made me insanely powerful!

Erica: I know.

Ella: We've been tagging along with you, so we also have crazy stats thanks to all that Metal Slime Grinding.

Leona: I swear that even Atlas is actually quite easy to beat now.

Mina: I'm getting a little tired of dining on Metal Slime Stew though.

(Back in JohtoKanto, Saffron City)

Mari: It's much larger and older than Goldenrod!

Lass: Isn't it? Saffron is also home to one of the largest companies in the region, Silph Company!

Mari: I heard they were the ones to make the Master-class Pokeballs.

Lass: Yeah, that was why Team Rocket raided them.

Man: I remember that raid! That Red boy managed to make his way to the top floor and defeat Giovanni in a direct confrontation, forcing the Rockets to retreat.

Mari: (glumly) Red again.

Lass: Hear an awful lot about him, do you?

Mari: Especially since I beat Lance up at Indigo recently.

Lass: (gasps) Y-you're our new Champion?!

Mari: It's not all fame and celebrityhood.

Lass: I'd love to see how our local Gym Leader would fare against you!

Man: No, girl, she's gotta meet Red and battle with him! Now that would be a battle for the Ages!

(Saffron, outside Gym)

Mari: (reading sign) Sabrina... Psychic... Well, good thing Gnaw learnt Crunch, and Yuyuko can spam Shadow Ball. Still, I want to see more of Kanto before I devote myself to Gym battles! (notices the Dojo next to the Gym) Oh, hey, a Fighting Dojo?

(Saffron Fighting Dojo)

Martial Artist: Hello and weclome! I'm afraid our Master is currently training somewhere in Johto's mountains. Still, you are welcome to invite others here for sparring matches.

(LP Note: For HGSS, you can use the Fighting Dojo as a meeting ground to rematch Gym Leaders whose Codec frequencies phone numbers you acquire. This leads to funny things like inviting Whitney to rematch so you don't need to compete against her in the Pokethlon!)

Mari: You guys here train alongside your Fighting-types too?

Martial Artist: Yes.

Mari: Just like at Cianwood, then.

Lass: Oh, there you are, Champion!

Mari: Just call me Mari.

Lass: S-sure, Mari.

Mari: Why were you looking for me?

Lass: You're touring Kanto for a bit?

Mari: Yeah, I'm going sightseeing, and maybe I might catch some more Pokemon to raise and train.

Lass: There's a girl who lives around here who is famous for her mimicking skills.

Mari: A Copycat?

Lass: Yeah, that's the nickname we gave Duplica.

(LP Note: I'm loaning a character name from Electric Tale and the Anime!)

Mari: Not much of a difference from her normal name, then.

Lass: She seems a little sad these days, though. I wonder what happened?

Next: Copycat Duplica! More Kanto!
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
479 Pentigan31st Oct 2010 03:04:13 PM from The Underverse
Keep up the good work!
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
I really like this let's play.
Is this dead? It's been over a week!
Logging off,
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482 billybobfred17th Nov 2010 09:15:59 PM from renamed to wingedcatgirl , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
A week?

You haven't been following this very long.
she her hers hOI!!! i'm tempe
483 AceOfScarabs18th Nov 2010 08:00:51 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I am now a shiny stone~
I do have a full-time job, y'know.

Update on my off-day tomorrow :V
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
484 AceOfScarabs23rd Nov 2010 09:07:19 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I am now a shiny stone~
Urgh, Schedule Slip is my worst enemy! At least I now have four Nerf Spectres in my Nerf armory, more reliable firepower for HvZ and Nerf wars. Also, I need a small and portable and reasonably powerful rig for Troping on-the-go, so I can update this on the bus.

(Meanwhile, in the Cable Club Wi-Fi Club...)

Johto Wanderer Chris: Oh hey, I have a Shiny Crobat now.

Diamond Master Chris: Nice, I've got a Shiny Tentacool this girl from Hoenn put up for adoption, as well as my shiny Floatzel I met in the Windworks.

Platinum Ace Renko: You met one there?! You're so lucky, all I have is a shiny Starly.

(LP Note: Yep, I have quite a few shinies of my own!)

Renko (to herself, quietly): I wonder how Mari's doing, maybe I should e-mail her.

(Saffron Pokecenter)

Mari: I wonder what my tourbook on Kanto has to say about places that must be visited.

Tourbook: Several major tourist stops feature on the large-scale circuit of Kanto include the recently-restored Power Plant east of Cerulean...

Mari: Probably just to look out for Zapdos sightings.

Tourbook: ...which has been refurbished so as to meet the demands of the all-new Magnet Train that now links Saffron to its sister city Goldenrod.

Mari: Too bad the trains are down at the moment.

Tourbook: Shoppers will love the selection available in the mega-store in Celadon, which has all sorts of goods not found in regular pokemarts, as well as an unrivaled selection of consumer goods.

Mari: I think I'll go shopping there next. The Saffron Copycat can wait until later.

(One quick jog later, at Celadon City...)

Mari: Huh, that was a short route.

Gnaw: Grmph. (Might be urban creep making the route shorter.)

Mari: No, I just think that they divided Celadon and Saffron because of property laws or something. Oh, hey, there's the megastore! Quick, Gnaw, I think we still have at least an hour to shop before they close!

(Celadon Megamart)

Mari: This place is huge.

Gnaw: Mmmm, rmph. (Just don't ask me if certain outifts are flattering for you or not, I'm just a Feraligatr and thus have no way of telling if something makes you look fat.)

Mari: Oh, you big spoilsport. Heeeeeey, there's a nice mask there.

(Man turns around)

Mari: Oh, a Luchador!

Man: Wahahaha! You remind me of some of the kids who won badges off me back in Sinnoh!

Mari: Badges? I knew I saw you somewhere before, Crasher Wake!

(LP Note: He guest-stars in HGSS for a bit! Too bad you don't get to spar with him.)

CRASHER Wake: Hahaha, I guess you must be a fan! Here, have these masks!

(Mari receives a Chimchar mask, a Piplup mask, and a Turtwig mask!)

Mari: Thanks! I take it you remember a trainer named Renko?

CRASHER Wake: Ah, she was quite a fearsome lass! Her Ninetales was skillful enough to beat my Gym Team with ease! Are you her friend?

Mari: Yes, I'm her penpal.

CRASHER Wake: Wahahaha, it certainly is a small world for me to meet you as well Renko so easily! Unfortunately, I have an appointment elsewhere, so I must depart! Farewell!

(CRASHER Wake leaves.)

Mari: What an exuberant guy.

Gnaw: Mmph. (He certainly likes his ham.)

In the TM section...

Mari: Oh MISSINGNO in Glitch City, look at all these TMs they have! Stealth Rock, Dark Pulse, Avalanche... this selection is awesome! Good thing I brought a decent amount of cash for this shopping trip :D

NEXT: Post-shopping afterglow! Erika! Celadon Condominiums!
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
485 AceOfScarabs10th Dec 2010 08:08:26 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I am now a shiny stone~
I has a Raider CS 35. Massive ammmo drum is massive. Slam Fire is fun, although I still think the Alpha Trooper CS 18 has better power, range, and accuracy overall. I even managed to get the double-ammo box set with 70 darts, so I now have a ton of ammo.

Celestrian Mina: I've just finished my second Revocation! Martial Artist is an awesome class.

Mari: Um, guys? Can we hurry up with the updating? I want this LP done before you get to LP Pokemon Black or White!

All right already!

(Meanwhile, in an alternate universe...)

...Reeling from the repeated barrage of Mach Punches and weakened by the draining effects of the Leech Seed tendrils wrapped about it, the Onix toppled with a deafening BANG.

Johto Wanderer Chris: Excellent, Masha! Your kung fu is strong.

Masha the Breloom: Hee~ (bows)

Elite Four Bruno: Onix! ...How did your Breloom acheive that?!

Chris: Training, hard work, and guts! A good strategy can even overcome a level disadvantage!

(LP Note: Chris is right, you know. Black and White will make Sturdy a BIG part of this trickery :D)

(But enough about Chris, let's get back to Mari.)

(Celadon Megamart)

Mari: Phew, that was a lot of TM shopping. I'm surprised I have that much space in my TM case to carry it all!

Gnaw: Rmmph. (Palkia-space storage, I guess?)

Mari: Silph and Devon really make them spacious these days. Oh, heeeeeeey, is that the retro gaming section? C'mon Gnaw, let's see what old gems they have!

(LP Note: way back in RBY and even in FRLG, there was a whole floor of video games where a Move Tutor could introduce you to the awesome technique Counter.)

(Later, at the Celadon Pokemon Center Cable Wifi Club...)

Mari: I can't believe they still had copies of Final Fantasy III (US) in stock!

Renko: I know, it's been way too long since the SNES rotated out of the market.

Mari: I kind of understand. I mean, while I do love the Gamecube and Wii, some of the best comes from way back then.

Renko: By the way, you said you have a Red Gyarados last time...

Mari: Ah! I almost forgot! Hold on a moment, I'm logging out to get Gyarados out of storage.

(One quick trip to storage later...)

Mari: Sorry to keep you waiting, Renko, here is the Gyarados! (holds up Great Ball) He's quite a calm guy for a pokemon that was raging and rampaging at the Lake earlier.

Renko: It's probably his nature, not all Gyarados have bottomless supplies of anger. (holds up pokeball) Here's the Vulpix you wanted, she's one of my Carla's daughters, although she hasn't hatched yet.

(At mention of her name, Carla the Ninetales pops free of her pokeball.)

Mari: You're okay with me looking after your daughter, Carla?

Carla: Nnnn, nnn. (Any good friend of Renko must be a good person.)

Gnaw: Rrrrm. (She's quite a good kid, if a little trusting sometimes.)

Renko: Oh, hey Gnaw, you look much stronger than when I last met you.

(Gnaw smiles gently, or at least as gently as a fully-grown Feraligatr with a mawful of pointy teeth can smile.)

Renko: So, how's Sosuke? He still sticking with his Elemental Punches?

Gnaw (nodding): Rrrm. (He sure is.)

Mari: What Gnaw said. Anyway, they do give him a lot of type-coverage and flexibility, since he was able to use Ice Punch to outwit a particularly well-trained Vaporeon.

Carla: Nnn? (So what's that Gyarados like?)

Gnaw: Rrrm. (I dunno, never met him because I've never seen the inside of Storage.)

Their trade thus made, Mari happily bid Renko goodbye until their next meeting, and proceeded to swap the party around a bit so Gnaw could help hatch the Vulpix Egg.

(The next morning...)

Mari: Shall we go on out throughout Kanto, Gnaw? Maybe we can find a name for this Vulpix base on where she hatches.

Gnaw: Rrrrm? (How do you girls know the Vulpix is female before the egg hatches, by candling?)

(LP Note: Candling is an old farming trick used to determine the gender of a chick before hatching. Using a candle, one can see through the shell of an egg and see the embryonic chicken, and if it is sufficiently mature, determine its gender by simply looking! Of course, what I really did was save before the egg hatched, and reloaded after hatching it to see what I'd get (in terms of stats and movepool, of course, everyone should know by now that babies either take after their mother or non-Ditto parent in terms of species).)

Mari: Something like that...

-More-: Mari continues her tour of Kanto! Next stop, Lavender!

(LP Postcript: Lavendar is a REAL place in Singapore too!)
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
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