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Tre super good from the front to the back, thatís where I was at Relationship Status: Singularity
super good
May 11th 2020 at 1:46:18 PM

Chopped or MasterChef as an anime. Two kitchen prodigies, childhood rivals Jamie and Bobby, enter a high-stakes cooking tournament for the chance to win a million dollars and a TV deal of their own — but they'll have to stack up against the best and brightest young cooks in the country if they want a shot at the title.

Square One. ;)

please don't pull the PLUG
Oggy123 Kirby from Jakarta, Indonesia
May 11th 2020 at 7:30:12 PM

A 12-episode miniseries about some adorable animals trying to steal food from people. At the end, it turns out the story is only the first part and that there's more episodes coming.

Wiggles the Tomcat

Edited by Oggy123 on May 11th 2020 at 9:30:32 PM

WilliamRadarStorm Me, ca. 1957. from The Beat Generation memorial museum. Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Me, ca. 1957.
May 20th 2020 at 8:18:27 PM

A bonkers comedy series where a particularly loopy cat owner tries coming up with things that make his titular tomcat, Wiggles... well... wiggle. Gratuitous The Wiggles references abound, all the while Wiggles constantly gives the owner stern looks of disapproval or sleeps through half the episodes.

Rootless Cosmopolitans

Beat Nick, beatnik in bleak knickers beating nickels to the beat of a bleeting beet.
ginsengaddict It reaches out... from a Lab on Io. Relationship Status: Star-crossed
It reaches out...
May 20th 2020 at 10:55:11 PM

Ok, time to let out my inner The Bogan for this one. For reference, look up what "root" means in Aussie slang.

An ensemble sitcom about a group of white-collar high-society douchenozzles whom the audience is expected to hate, and take pleasure in their perpetual inability to get laid.


Can't stop the work, won't stop the work, must continue the work, 113 Hz.
TheWhiteWolf this is my title from USA Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
this is my title
May 22nd 2020 at 10:10:51 PM

A man comes across a water puddle that serves as a portal to an alternate dimension. When he arrives there, he is chosen as the one to defeat the alternate world's dictator.

The Land of No Name

You better watch out; there may be dogs about
AdeptGaderius What Have You Done? from The Backrooms Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
What Have You Done?
May 23rd 2020 at 6:41:48 AM

A man stumbles into a weird west setting where weird and scary things happen everyday.

Super Magical Dragon Princess Academy Project: Blood Metal Chaos Psycho Complex

"The Future! The Future!" - Squidward Tentacles
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