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"No Such Luck"

  • Angst? What Angst?: Lincoln being treated like an outcast by his own family, to the point of having to eat and sleep outside, would be incredibly traumatic to any person his age, yet he barely shows indignation or resentment towards this situation, acting with the same amount of outrage you would expect from a kid that was just grounded with no dessert or video games, maybe even less. By the end however, when he’s forced to keep the squirrel suit on for good luck, his exasperated tone and face make it clear how fed up he is.
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  • Broken Base: "No Such Luck" holds the dubious honor of being the most divisive episode of the show so far. Even before it aired, some fans didn't like it for seemingly being yet another episode where Lincoln's family holds the Jerkass Ball against him. This is only made worse by the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Loud also help to make Lincoln miserable and that it feels Out of Character at least for Mrs. Loud who's generally the Only Sane Man. Others consider it to be a much better version of "Brawl in the Family", since this time Lincoln brought much of the anguish upon himself.note  He does apologize to his family for lying to them about being a jinx, however, and even then they still treat him like an outcast. Lynn's part in introducing and reinforcing this belief towards him, in part as something to blame for her team blowing a winning streak, did not endear her to many.
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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: While the show can be mean-spirited at times where Lincoln becomes a butt of many jokes, viewers thought the family went too far on how they treated Lincoln. While it is true that Lincoln brought it to himself by pretending he is bad luck and lying to his family while sabotaging Lori’s clubs and taking smug pleasure in setting his family up, his punishment outweighs his crimes. Even worse, the family get no comeuppance for their stupid decisions, nor is Lincoln 100% happy in the end because his furniture is (apparently) sold and he’s stuck inside a mascot suit for “good luck”. His family have become outrageously stupid and inconsiderate that it’s near-impossible to care for them.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: While Lincoln's punishment outweighed his crimes, he's often seen as the victim who did nothing wrong. Even if the viewers can ignore the times where Lincoln acted selfish in the other episodes. There's the fact that Lincoln brought it to himself by going along that he's The Jinx and for lying. Fans who grew weary and disliking the "No Such Luck" fics derisively nicknames this as "Saint Lincoln".
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  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Savino's statement that Lincoln got what he deserved in "No Such Luck" is baffling to say the least, considering the real issues that created the conflict (Lynn's superstitions and her being a sore loser) are never addressed upon all, while Lincoln, despite realizing his mistake and doing all he could to prove he's not bad luck, is still miserable and treated like an outcast to an extent by the end of the episode. He’s at least glad to be brought on outings again and be allowed in the house, but his family are so caught up in superstitions, they unthinkingly make him keep the squirrel suit on for good luck without considering his feelings or health, thus making him seem more like a hostage than a family member. For many fans, it’s rather strange that Lincoln still chose to stick with his stupidly delusional family, who haven’t learnt a thing concerning superstitions, rather than decide, Screw This, I'm Outta Here!
  • Fanfic Fuel: This episode currently takes the cake for the episode that had the most fanfics based on it, to the point that the No Such Luck-fic has pretty much become a genre itself. In fact it’s a common cliche that fans want Lincoln to abandon the Louds and run away from home following the events of this episode.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Despite its popularity as a source of fanfiction addressing its many issues, many fans nevertheless agree that they wish this episode had never happened.
  • Hate Sink: Regardless of Lincoln’s own treachery and naughtiness, his entire family, especially Lynn could count as this, due to a combination of their hopelessly stupid behaviour, stubborn refusal to listen to him when he confesses and the fact that they learn nothing in the end as they force Lincoln to keep the mascot suit on for good luck, thus putting him in danger.
  • Never Live It Down: Ever since "No Such Luck" premiered, there are still fans who will never forgive Lynn and the rest of the Loud family (except Lily, on the grounds that she is only a baby) for how they treated Lincoln. Since what they did, in real life, would count as a Life-endangering crime.
  • Ron the Death Eater: It seems that no one in the Loud Family except Lincoln and Lily (Who is only a baby) will be ever seen in the same light again by some fans. Many fanfics have gone so far as to say the family now hated Lincoln and no longer considered him family, all while heavily exaggerating their behavior and even going so far as to ignore Lincoln’s own selfish actions in the episode.
  • The Scrappy: The episode is often blamed for cementing Lynn as this, with most critics pointing out her lack of character development as being amplified by her apparent lack of remorse for her hurtful actions in this episode. Although Lynn has received much more positive spotlight since, she remains this in the eyes of some.
    • It also did no favors for Lincoln's parents, who fans resent for having reinforced the hurtful superstitions imposed against Lincoln by his sisters. For many, they crossed a line when they literally locked him out of the house and even worse, they don’t seem to realise this would get them in trouble with the law.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: "No Such Luck" could have been a episode about Lynn learning to accept losses and not blame others for her failure, along with Lincoln learning about the dangers of lying. Instead, Lynn, (and by extension, the rest of the family) learns nothing from this episode. She does sound genuinely bad for unfairly accusing her brother and her apology does seem sincere, implying she won’t blame Lincoln, or anyone else for a loss ever again, but that’s pretty much it.
  • Tear Jerker: Lincoln gets kicked out and his furniture is (apparently) sold because everyone thinks he’s a jinx. The Downer Ending doesn’t help either. For many fans, it’s quite a wonder that Lincoln just goes with the flow and won’t put his foot down and let his whole family know what they’re doing to him. Granted, in the end, the family does say sorry for not believing him and for leaving him out and start including him in family outings again, but seem to value the supposed “lucky” mascot costume more than they do him. It’s a total wonder at this point that Lincoln doesn’t just walk out on them for good.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Most fans will disagree that Lincoln's punishment was appropriate for his actions, unlike what Savino or the writers think.
  • What an Idiot!: After Lincoln’s lie gets out of control and he’s left locked outside, he attempts to apologise for his lie and tell his whole family it was all just fake and that there is no bad luck.
    • ‘’’You’d Expect:’’’ That the family would listen and take some time to consider Lincoln’s words and than let him back in so they can all work something out as well as punish both Lincoln and Lynn for their behaviour.
    • ‘’’Instead:’’’ They just blindly go with Lynn’s lame excuse that she won two further games that Lincoln wasn’t at and thus don’t listen to Lincoln’s explanation. Not only would this easily cost them Lincoln’s love and affection but this would put them in trouble with the law because they are committing the crimes of child neglect and refusing to house one of their own. It’s a wonder neither of these things happen.
  • Later on, at Lynn’s final game, Lincoln disguises himself as the Squirrels’ mascot so once Lynn wins, he can prove he’s not bad luck. In the end, Lynn wins and Lincoln shows himself, thus proving his point.
    • You’d Expect: The family, despite saying sorry and being happy that Lincoln was right and that they can still include him, would realize their mistake in letting superstitions get in the way of their common sense and learn not to jump to conclusions so quickly. To be more thoughtful and considerate whenever it seems one of their own may be a danger. Or at the very least make it up to Lincoln properly.
    • Instead: They assume the mascot suit is good luck and make Lincoln wear it seemingly everywhere so nothing bad will happen. It never dawns on them whether Lincoln would like this or if he’ll even be safe wearing it. They don’t even seem to realize Lincoln would be at very high risk of getting sick from overheating. At this point, they have such an obsession with superstitions over the well-being of one of their own that Lincoln might as well just leave them for good and find a new family.
  • The Woobie: Just based on all other tropes on this page, you can tell who. Though it may also count as Jerkass Woobie given that Lincoln naughtily fibs to all his siblings and even carelessly breaks Lori’s clubs just to sell it, all while seemingly taking enjoyment in seeing how gullible his family is being and not even wanting to support them.

Frog Wild

  • Never Live It Down: While this episode is more tolerable than "No Such Luck", that episode has gotten such a huge backlash from the fanbase that it makes pairing it with this one very unfortunate for those that just want to enjoy "Frog Wild".


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