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YMMV / The Conjuring Universe

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Bathsheba and Valak. See their respective pages for more information.
    • Annabelle is a sinister wooden doll housing a ram-like demon. Desiring a soul, the demon masquerades as the daughter of the grieving Samuel and Esther Mullins until the ruse was discovered, ending with the demon gouging out Esther's left eye before being locked away. Setting its sights on the polio-stricken Janice, the demon tortures and possesses her before gruesomely murdering Mullins by bisecting Esther as well as crucifying her upper body, and contorting Samuel's fingers until they broke in a crude fashion. Compelling Janice into killing her adoptive parents, the demon threatens to steal the soul of Mia Form's baby daughter unless she forfeits her own. After failing to kill the Warrens in a vehicular accident, the demon is released by Daniela Rios and it sends several spirits to kill the girls in order to prevent them from relocking Annabelle in her case. When the girls started to get the upper hand, the demon grabs Judy Warren and nearly tears her soul out of her body.
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  • Critic-Proof: Annabelle and The Nun have a mixed-to-negative critical reception, but they ended up pretty sizeable box office successes nonetheless. According to Forbes journalist Scott Mendelson:
    "Even with a "C" Cinemascore grade and (accurately) lousy reviews, this is a huge win and more proof that franchises like this are critic-proof so long as even the bad reviews reassure viewers that they'll get what they want from a given entry. The Corin Hardy-directed and Gary Dauberman-penned The Nun still has the gothic atmosphere, R-rated violence that doesn't fall into grindhouse territory, religious horror tropes, a presumption of religious dogma being wholly truthful and jump scares."
  • Unfortunate Implications: Quite a few people have noticed that this franchise is rather fanatical in its approach to Christianity being right and justifies sexism.


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