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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Does Haruka's father actually disapprove to her daughter falling in love to a male stranger on sight? Or he is just a secret Yuri supporter who is a Shipper on Deck to her daughter and Yu, and is actually tired to his life as a heteronormative family?
  • Awesome Music: The opening, "Won(*3*)Chu KissMe!", is extremely energetic and catchy.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Mitsuki. Some fans see her as The Scrappy for adding love triangle angst and trying to break up Yuu and Haruka, while others don't mind her cause it's highly doubtful she is any threat to the Official Couple of Yuu/Haruka and just see her as a poor woobie. Mitsuki does eventually confess in the last episode but is "indirectly" rejected, later consoled by Rina.
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    • Haruka herself has started to become this after the ending of the anime revealed she didn't know, or even consider, she was a couple with Yuu, despite the fact that she is the one who started their Relationship Upgrade. Her lack of intelligence in love has earned her the Fan Nickname, Harutardnote .
  • Die for Our Ship: Kotone's Fiancé is pretty hated by the fandom. Though it should be noted he has not appeared in the Anime or the Manga and other than giving angst to Kotone and Shizuku's relationship, his role and impact is non-existent. Turns out that he is a she and the flames haven't died down any less.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Yuzu and Kaede, probably because they are the only pairing that aren't already a couple.
  • Fanon: Fan theory has it that Kaede is in love with Yuzu, but because Yuzu is Oblivious to Love and becomes super embarrassed when anything about relationships is brought up, Kaede suffers in silence.
  • Ship Tease: Mostly unnecessary, since most of the girls in the cast are paired off early on.note  Still exists for Yuzu and Kaede, who while very close, are never shown to be anything but friends.
    • Haruka thinks Kaede's reason for being Class Rep is very shippy.
    • Kaede gropes Mitsuki's breast in episode 7.
    • Kaede clings tightly to Yuzu, hiding her face in her back, when she becomes upset during Rina and Mitsuki's graduation party. Yuzu then takes Kaede out of the room for a bit and when they come back Kaede is in a better mood.
    • Volume three has a special in the beginning where Kaede and Yuzu are trying to hypnotize each other, on Kaede's turn she "hears" a voice saying "Kiss Her" and assumes this to be Yuzu's inner voicenote  and moves in to kiss, though the special ends before anything happens.
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    • Yuzu is able to easily tell Kaede is upset over the loss of her umbrella in chapter 34, despite the fact that Kaede didn't look or act any different then she usually does. Haruka is of course ecstatic that the two know each other that well.
    • Chapter 36 is absolutely laden with this between Yuzu and Kaede. Yuzu waits for Kaede outside of the school after all of the other girls have already left, and later on Kaede forces Yuzu to take a detour with her on their way home. She explains later that she wanted to check up on Rina, but it's implied that she really just wanted to spend more time with Yuzu, an idea Yuzu fervently denies.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Sakura Trick Syndrome."Explanation 
  • Moe: The entire cast. Whether they are kissing or just going by the day as normal, they are insanely cute. Enforced by being on Manga Time Kirara.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Haruka/Yuu vs Haruka/Mitsuki.


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