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The school which is to close in three years is the Ooarai schoolship.
  • The girls win there only bought time until the current Tankery classmates graduate.

Haruka and Yuu are dead
  • The impact in the Veranda should have killed them. In fact, it did. Now they are in some kind of Yuri limbo. Yet another Poison Oak Epileptic Tree brought to you by the Image Board That Should Not Be Named.
    • Alternatively, the impact should have killed them, but they were saved by the Power of Love.
      • Yuu is a witch or an esper and has levitated them both to safety by unconsciously using her power.

The teachers really are Ritsu and Mio
It's already known that Ritsu was planning to go into education, and Mio's plans for the future were never revealed.

Haruka and Yuu will be Japan's first same-sex marriage
Once yuri finally rules the world


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