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YMMV / Rear Window

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Stella questions how Thorwald would've killed his wife. "Of course, the bathtub! It's the only place he could've washed the blood!" What other Hitchcock film was released six years after Rear Window? Psycho.
    • After being the target of an inquisitive wheelchair-bound man here, Raymond Burr went on to play a wheelchair-bound detective on Ironside.
    • Not to mention, less than three years after this movie, Raymond Burr would become the iconic criminal lawyer Perry Mason.
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  • Iconic Outfit: Lisa's white-skirted dress and Jeff’s blue pajamas
  • Just Here for Godzilla:
  • Paranoia Fuel: Are your neighbors who you think they are? Could they be watching your every move through your window?
  • Special Effect Failure: Jeff falling out of the window looks unmistakably like a chroma key effect. Plus, when everyone runs out into the courtyard to see this, it seems pretty obvious that they filmed the scene at normal speed and sped it up in post. In the DVD commentary, John Fawell argues that this scene is not meant to be taken realistically, however, but that it is impressionistic, and meant to convey the nightmarish qualities of the scene, where the voyeuristic fantasy suddenly intrudes upon reality, and the fall reflects the "vertiginous horror of a fall, the dream or nightmare of a fall". Fawell points out that Hitchcock shot many of these kinds of fall scenes, and did not always go for realism in his scenes.
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  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Despite his actions, Thorwald gets a teeny-tiny bit of this. Rather than being a completely cold-blooded killer, it seems he was driven to it by his shrewish wife, and when he confronts Jeff, he seems more afraid of him rather than the other way around, pleading—"What do you want from me? Money? I don't have any money!" Though, the fact that he killed an innocent dog that he could've easily have just driven away to cover his tracks might throw all that sympathy out the window.
  • The Un Twist: Jeff is a paranoid invalid who becomes convinced that his neighbor is a murderer based on nothing but a few chance observations with a telescopic lens. In the end, his theory is 100% correct in every detail.
  • Values Resonance: The owner of the murdered dog has a rant about how hardly anyone in the neighborhood really communicates with one another or seem to care about each other and how her dog was "the only thing that ever liked anybody!" Fast forward about 60 years and people have more distractions from genuine human communication (especially neighbors).


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