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  • Critical Research Failure: According to a certain anonymous contributor on Roleplay Secrets, Mayfield was a sex game for people with a fetish for The '50s. This sentiment was not shared by most of Mayfield's moderators and players (as can be seen in the comments).
  • Crossover Ship: Given the panfandom nature of the game, quite a few of these exist.
    • Empress and Tsuna. D'aw.
    • Klaus Wulfenbach and Ples Tibenoch started out as a Ship Tease and then got a Relationship Upgrade after the 2011 Valentine's Day event.
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    • The Riddler and Ema Skye are an example of Ship Sinking. Good lord, can anything go right for those two?
    • Ai Enma and Lil' Slugger were dating as of 2011.
    • Nena Trinity and Hong Kong. More crack than it sounds.
    • The Doctor and Vietnam. At first it seemed like it was going to end when Vietnam was dropped, but then she came back and all was well. And then left again.
    • Shana is not Kyon's girlfriend. However, they did actually kiss during the prom.
      • During the December 2011 event where Haruhi was hit with a case of Retgone, Kyon and Shana were actually dating.
    • Yosuke and Ruri hooked up around 2011.
    • Belphegor and Niou. Mixed in with utter confusion about their feelings after the 2012 Valentine's Day event. Made official after Fran figured out that Belphegor had a crush on Niou, and said so out loud for all to hear during prom the same year.
      • If Byakuran kissing Belphegor right in front of Niou helped or not can be questioned.
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    • Death and Death were paired up by the town as husband and wife, but started seeing each other in earnest after a time. Mutual Confusion.
    • Tir McDohl and Lion Ushiromiya, who were both forced to confront their feelings after some awkwardness during the 2012 Valentine's Day event.
  • Foe Yay: Several examples—
    • The Milkman and the Postman.
    • Among the captives, The Riddler and Batman.
  • Ho Yay: The Mayor and Officer Grady.

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