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Even in something as horror-filled as Mayfield, there's still a lot of really funny moments, as the following will show you:

  • During the April Fools' "Exit" event in 2011:
    • The fight between the Milkman and the Postman. The Postman resorted to using his store of yet-unmailed regains to fight against the Milkman, and ended up with ... nation bodies.
    • From the highway segment—Klaus, Higgs, Rin, and Garviel getting attacked by a bear.
  • How the mods use sarcasm and dry humor during truly horrific events (Or just hilarious events like the Milk Mech and the epic battle between the Postman and the Milkman (nation bodies!)), and a bunch of characters. From Shana to America to Prussia to Olivier to Nena Trinity to Rin, Mayfield has a bunch of hilarious humor.
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  • The numerous instances of Talking to Himself. Kotomi and Nina and Fujino as just one example.

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