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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Seyah Simms' actions in the first season finale can be interpreted two ways:
    • Seyah Simms is an equal partner in Seyah Kendry's coup, meaning that they knew about the imminent carpet-bombing of Old Town and was perfectly willing to let her own daughter be killed along with the rest of the Westerlyns.
    • Seyah Simms' shock when the genetic bomb went off was genuine, meaning the she didn’t know about the plan beforehand, or at least not all the details. This would make her a junior partner in the coup and a lot less monstrous.
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  • Awesome Music: The cover of Wayfaring Stranger performed by Thom Allison (Pree) at the end of 'Reckoning Ball'.
  • Creepy Awesome: Alvis's sect, the "Scarbacks," are into self-mutilation as part of their rituals. Alvis himself is intense even by their standards: he creeps everyone out, from Pree down to local security. D'avin even lampshades it.
    Alvis: Do you enjoy your work, Officer? I will pray for you tonight... and your family.
  • Ho Yay: D'avin and Fancy have a grudging friendship built on what can only be described as hate-flirting. Their screentime in 'How to Kill Friends and Influence People' is all but dripping with it.
    Fancy: "I didn't hate what you did there."
    D'avin: "Yeah, well, keep it in your pants, but ditto."
  • Les Yay: Seyah Kendry is really, really interested in Dutch, so much so that Dutch half-jokingly calls it stalking. In episode 7, she even tells Dutch that she loves rescuing damsels in distress. Not to mention the way she looks at her. This is further played up in the season finale, where at one point she asks Dutch to help lace up her corset. Even John is smirking at the obvious tension. And then there's this:
    Seyah Kendry: I snap and you come.
    Dutch: You must be quite the snapper.
    • If it wasn't clear before the season 2 episode Schooled confirms it with their climatic moment a interesting twist on the Kiss of Life trope involving biometrics, followed by an interaction that can only be described as "dialog with heavy flirty undertones".
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    • As of season 3, Kendry is involved with Aneela, who looks almost exactly like Dutch.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Seyah Kendry deals with the truth about the Wall being revealed by Pawter by attempting to make a deal with Old Town for their independence. However, when signing the treaty, she instead stabs Pawter and orders the Scarbacks with her to kill everyone else in the room. The leader for Old Town also dies thanks to her actions. Meanwhile, she is spearheading a plan to turn people in the Quad into Sixes.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Dutch and D'avin. Every time the series decides to explore the Will They or Won't They? tension between them, the episode grinds to a halt.
  • Ship Sinking: After Dr. Jaegar's mind-whammy resulted in Dutch being brutalized and Johnny almost dying, Dutch put a stop to her relationship with D'avin.
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  • Strangled by the Red String: In season 4, Zeph goes from having no interest in sex or romance to having sex with Pip without romance to spending all of her time trying to save Pip from the spider that's in his brain.
  • The Woobie: Loella Simms, Pawter's younger sister. In the space of a few hours she loses her arm, her fiance, most of the family servants (who she seemed to genuinely care for) and both of her parents. And just a short time later she loses her sister, leaving her utterly alone.

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