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Nightmare Fuel / Killjoys

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Season 1

5 - A Glitch in the System

6 - One Blood

  • The Company has developed a weapon that is capable of wiping out entire bloodlines with the push of a button. Now, imagine seeing this genetic bomb in action as it wipes out your whole family but only leaving you alive because you weren't related to them by blood.
  • Just the way Khlyen no sells getting stabbed five times is pretty chilling. What makes it even more chilling is the gentle way Khlyen apologises to Dutch after she stabbed him.


Season 2

  • Pawter Simms isn't shown using jakk anymore. For her to have kicked the habit must have involved some excruciatingly painful withdrawals at the same time as she had to hold it together to treat patients in Old Town after the mass bombings.

3 - Shaft

  • The caterpillars are terrifying.

7 - Heart Shaped Box

  • We learn that Level Sixes are subjected to what amounts to Mind Rape that destroys their capacity for empathy and emotion - all the better to turn them into killing machines. Further, Dutch's training by Khlyen was intended to prepare her for this transition.


Season 3

6 - Necropolis Now
  • Just imagine; there is a tiny robot moth inside you and it's tearing at your insides trying to get out. And by the time it does all that's left of your insides is bloody soup. Have fun sleeping!

8 - Heist, Heist Baby

  • Aneela practically slaughters all the Hullen soldiers around her. Later when she asks why Brynn, her handmaiden and a non-slave Hullen, was helping her a visibly frightened Brynn admits it’s because Aneela scares her more than Gander does.
  • The interrogation of Gander, Aneela isn’t just waterboarding him, the plasma allows him to survive so she’s been drowning him several hundred times ‘if her math is right’.
    Gander: Very good, commander, finally come for a chat?
    Aneela: No, Gander, I have come to break you.
  • In another interrogation, Gander tells Aneela her voice is dulcet. This is after Aneela slashed his lungs twice, blinded him five times, and had his guts for garters.
  • Gander spent the whole episode getting tortured and laughing it off, but when Kendry is finally freed, she knows the best punishment for him: removing his free will. He is going to become another slave Hullen drone. Upon learning of this fate, Gander finally starts screaming and struggling.

9 – Reckoning Ball

  • Johnny and Zeph scan what exactly is growing in Kendry’s womb. There is even a moment where they wonder if something is a hand, leg, or claw. Then they realize that for three weeks, the baby is already at five or six months. The baby then moves, and even as a Hullen, Kendry could barely survive the pain.
    • Since the baby’s existence is proof that Hullen can survive without hosts, Johnny knows it might as well be humanity’s extinction.
  • Pippin is alone in the cargo hold when Hullen prisoner Lucian Kitaan comes to, and tells him that the knife keeping her still has slipped out.

10 - Wargasm

  • Hundreds of flesh-eating spiders emerging from the Plasma is this for anyone with arachnophobia.

Season 4

1 - The Warrior Princess Bride
  • Although it’s meant to help her, Khlyen was able to essentially rewrite Dutch’s memories.
  • Johnny is slowly dying in front of her, Dutch is forced to torture and interrogate an assassin for an antidote.
  • Dutch basically sums up her life at this point: Hello, stranger, thank you for rescuing me from my tortured life and being my only friend. Did I mention that I’m a mass murderer?

2 - Johnny Dangerously

  • After guarding and putting him on watch, D’avin wakes with his little brother’s hands around his throat. Johnny then goes around threatening the locals, and there is little D’avin could do except constantly talk him down.
  • Hullen-Johnny realizes that for a ‘farming collective’ they had not seen a single farm since arriving on the planet. After slaughtering the men holding weapons against them, he threatens a female local, who reveals the local people are the farms: organ harvest. The planet is an unsupervised debtor colony where doctors take the debtors’ organs, doses them with organ regrowth meds, and start the process all over again. Even worse, debt is constantly added for rent and food, so none of the locals could ever leave.
  • A spider crawling out of a Hullen soldier’s mouth, and though it happened off screen, it crawls into Pip’s mouth after.

3 - Bro-d Trip

  • Lucy, the beloved ship of the series, has been offline since last season. Pree, Zeph, and Pip are forced to wander the ship in darkness and stepping into puddles of blood. Then without the correct authorization, the ship traps them all and starts a countdown for an oxygen purge.

4 - What to Expect When You're Alien Parasite

  • Hullen Johnny is forced to repeatedly smash his head against the wall due to pressure caused by the parasite.
  • After getting updates from Zeph and Lucy.
    D’avin: So you’re saying we are trapped out here with my sick brother, the first ever Human-Hullen birth, and our only chance at rescue just…disappeared.
  • Due to Hullen speeding up Seyah’s recovery rates and the baby’s growth hormones at the same time, Zeph is unable to make any incision and the baby is getting bigger and bigger – they have no idea how to get the baby out.

5 - Greening Pains

  • Adult fear: children disappearing, to the witnesses the kidnappers are humanoids with red eyes.
  • Turin and his pet Hullen soldier are walking alone in the armada, the soldier has limited capacity for talking but repeatedly tells Turin that “something is wrong”. They are alone, surrounded by Hullen dolls, and Turin realizes that the dolls have been moved.
  • Pippin, someone that everyone on the ship trusts, abducts the baby they were keeping safe. Even worse, Pippin isn’t actually in control of himself and is just as alarmed as they are when he comes to his senses.

6 - Baby, Face Killer

  • All the injuries Aneela is suffering in the green shows up on Dutch’s body
  • Mano is a shady but relatively harmless memory retriever, but because he lent his computer to a client, an assassin shows up at his door and kills him.
  • Zeph discovers a ‘giant green spider’ in Pip’s brain, he does not take it well. Made even worse when they start speculating how it got in there.
  • Dutch is about to torture an assassin, she decides D’avin’s child needs to stay and watch. Not only is D’avin furious but while he and Dutch gets into an argument, this leaves the child alone to re-enter the cargo hold and find the prisoner bloody and dead.
  • Pree comes to in a place with dim lighting, bloody bodies, and sinister guards – he realizes he’s in the Hullen-occupied RAC.

7 - O Mother, Where Art Thou?

  • Gared is surprised that Pree was able to find him within minutes of his arrival in the prison, only for Pree to tell him it’s been five days. They both know the Hullen are doing experiments, they don’t know what’s been done to Gared for him to lose all that time.
  • Johnny and Dutch are far away when they realize that their transmission to D’avin has been picked up by Black Root ships, still in pursuit of Aneela’s child.

8 - It Takes a Pillage

  • The planet Telen has Silica storms, with sands that could strip skin from bones.
    Johnny: Hullen and supercharged silica, no place like home.
  • Despite his issues with him, D’avin is forced to choose between his father or son.
  • Not only does a childhood friend betrays them, she wants the Hullen to make the deaths of the Jaqobis family look like an accident so people won’t need to look for an explanation. The Hullen even tells her that her friends will just be another storm casualty to add to her ledger.

9 - The Kids Are Alright

  • With the RAC systems going though a hard reboot, the Hullen finally have access to the heavy cannon. The armada and all ships the Killjoys are on just became perfect targets for the enemy, and they won’t be able to escape.
  • No one can do anything as Dutch suffer another seizure, only this time she doesn’t get up – Aneela does.

10 - Sporemageddon

  • D’avin is forced back into the memory of when he tried to kill Dutch, and Johnny replays the moment Pawter is killed. Later, Dutch faces off against Banyon, the woman she helped kill when she mistook her for a Hullen.
  • There is an unknown plague spreading across Westerly, the source of the virus are the very kids the Killjoys rescued and returned to their homes.
  • Turin is told by Seyon Faresh that the Nine intend to quarantine and bomb the infected populace
    “I am sure you have some sentimental attachment to this dirtball, but I can assure you Qresh does not.”
  • The infected are losing their memories; A mother doesn’t recognize her own child, Pree forgets Gared, and Zeph cannot hold onto her education. Their best chance at a cure has forgotten everything she knew.

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