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Tear Jerker / Killjoys

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Season 1

4 - Vessel
  • Nearly all the girls of the fertility cult are killed protecting their pregnant friend, including one who dies by suicide bombing to buy the others time to escape.

5 - A Glitch in the System

  • D'avin is tortured and forced to recount his last mission, which he barely remembers and has utterly traumatized him, while Dutch and Johnny witness his breakdown from afar.

6 - One Blood

  • The stepfather of the prejudiced family loses everyone he loves in a single moment.
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  • Big Joe is sentenced to death and Dutch is unable to kill him, prompting Fancy to do it for her.

7 - Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

  • D'Avin is forced by mind control to attack Dutch and nearly kill his own brother. At the end of the episode he cleans up Johnny's blood and is found by Dutch huddled in a little ball.

Season 2

1 - Dutch and the Real Girl
  • D'Avin is clearly very traumatized by the Level Six treatments he's been going through.

5 - Meet the Parents

  • Pawter Simms loses her mother to a pathogen devised by her mother, and her father to him helping create an explosion to stop it from spreading.

7 - Heart Shaped Box

  • Sabine begs Dutch to kill her so she won't return to her flat emotionless Level Six state.

9 - Johnny Be Good

  • Pawter.

10 - How to Kill Friends and Influence People

  • Khlyen sacrifices himself to save the Quad while Dutch begs him to stay alive, torn between loving and hating him.
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  • Johnny shoots Delle Seyah Kendry and decides to run to spare Dutch and D'avin from possible repercussions; he has to say goodbye to Lucy who asks he's leaving because of something she did.

Season 3

8 - Heist, Heist Baby
  • Dutch spends the episode convincing everyone that the way to win against the Hullen is to kill Aneela, she later privately tells D’avin that doing so will kill Dutch as well. The reason why she made D’avin general and not Johnny? Because she knows Johnny will put her first but as a former soldier, D’avin can do what his little brother cannot.
    "You can’t save me without losing the war."

9 – Reckoning Ball

  • Aneela impersonates Dutch to get close enough to Alvis and kills him.

10 - Wargasm

  • The flashbacks to all the characters who have died on the show so far, with Dutch’s voiceover talking about memory. Shortly after, Johnny and Dutch sees Alvis’ body, but have to keep silent as to not demoralize the troops.
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  • Aneela finally remembered her original reason for creating Dutch: she was lonely and she wanted her father to be happy. Dutch was named Yalena after their mother, their chance for happy memories. But for Dutch, Aneela and Khlyen have only brought her pain and made her miserable.

Season 4

1 - The Warrior Princess Bride
  • In their first meeting, Big Joe is able to peg Dutch and Johnny within minutes of their arrest.
    Joe: You seem like someone who works alone, so what are you keeping him around for? Fall guy? Cover?
    Dutch: He’s my friend
    Joe: Nah, betting you don’t have those.
  • Dutch admits that the clemency deal she made with the Killjoys were only for Johnny and Lucy, and locks him aboard the ship with orders for Lucy to leave the Quad after she’s landed on Qresh. Johnny is all but begging for her not to do this.
    "It’s still a goodbye dinner, though, right? When we met, you were traumatized. I’ve tried to be supportive and careful but I’m not exactly palace-born, so if I did something to hurt you or offend you please just…just tell me what I did wrong.”

2 - Johnny Dangerously

  • D’avin is desperately trying to keep an injured Johnny awake, promising them that they could soon go home. Seyah watches them sadly and reminds him that since they left in the middle of a war, they had no idea if there was even a home to return to.
  • Seyah and D’avin were just starting to get along, but the strain of a Hullen-Johnny is causing tensions again.
    Seyah: This is what survival looks like, Jaqobis. Doing the best you can with the worst options you’ve got. Right now, I’m surviving for two, so I will do anything required.
    D’avin: Fine, then be prepared if I do the same.
  • While it turns uplifting later, everyone’s reactions when they listen to the audio recording of what they thought was the Jaqobis brothers’ last moments as they sacrifice themselves.

3 - Bro-d Trip

  • Delle Seyah is trying to enlist fellow prisoner Bea into escaping, but the girl has tried and failed so many times she refuses.
    Seyah: Then we tried and died, how is that any worse than what you’ve been living?
  • Despite being Hullen, Johnny manages to hold onto his humanity long enough to act as a human shield for his brother, injuring himself in the process. As D’avin tries to find shelter for them, Johnny starts hallucinating Dutch.
    Dutch: He’s losing everyone he loves
    Johnny: I’m right here
    Dutch: Not really, Johnny, not anymore. I’m all that’s left of you.

4 - What to Expect When You're Alien Parasite

  • It’s hard to see Dutch trying to reach a Hullen Johnny as he mocks her about her own problems, and tops it off with a “If you were my real friend, you never would have left”.
  • With the Hullen parasite pulling him in all directions, and then being told that all the green plasma is gone, Johnny demands his friends finish the job and kill him. When they refused, he tries to snap his own neck.

5 - Greening Pains

  • After Pippin gets controlled into nearly kidnapping a child, his friends are forced to keep him sedated, and Dutch approaches him with her gun drawn. Zeph is the only one who believes Pippin wasn’t himself, Dutch reminds her that they really shouldn’t be so trusting and that they really don’t know people.

6 - Baby, Face Killer

  • Zeph is trying to kill the spider in Pip’s head, but her attempts are failing and likely to hurt or even kill Pip. He points out what this meant:
    Pip: If you don’t kill it you’ll never be able to trust me again. I betrayed you, okay? I betrayed you, all of you. As long as this thing is alive inside my head, you’re going to be afraid that I’m going to do it again. Now, whether we ever become anything more or not, I want you to trust me.
  • Later, Zeph is able to disrupt the spider’s control over Pip but they could no longer kill it. The spider is now part of Pip’s brain, killing it would kill Pip. Then, they learn that the spider has a very short life, and once the spider dies so does Pip.
  • D’avin once again abandons the team, he doesn’t trust having his child around Dutch anymore.

7 - O Mother, Where Art Thou?

  • In a flashback, when Aneela first starts losing her mind, her parents can only watch as their only child might as well be slowly dying.
  • Yalena realizes she is losing both Aneela and Khylen, the latter is even considering suicide.

8 - It Takes a Pillage

  • D’avin calling his father the only problem in their family, and it’s well justified.
  • The real reason D’avin joined the army is revealed.
  • Charlie only wanted to give Hullen intel for money, but ends up working with them to kill the Jaqobis family. When Johnny tries to remind her about her kids, she retaliates they’re the reason she needs to do this, she needs money to feed and clothe them because she does not get to fly away on a boosted ship.
    • Of course, later Charlie tries to convince Johnny to abandon his team and leave with her. When she asks what’s keeping him here, he answers his heart, something that she used to have. Then he arrests her.

9 - The Kids Are Alright

  • An uplifting moment where it seems like the mission objective is starting out well, and Turin tells Weej he is his guy…right before Weej’s ship explodes on a shield. Despite Dutch and Johnny reassuring Turin it wasn’t his fault and that he couldn’t have known about the Hullen’s new tech, Turin can’t accept any comfort from them, shrugging off Johnny’s shoulder clasp because he knew as a Hullen, Weej should have survived. The undercover Killjoys that Turin placed in his ship is what caused all the deaths.
  • Once the team realizes one of them won’t make it, Pip points out that out of everyone on the RAC, he is currently most expendable.
    Pip: Whatever RAC arises from these ashes, it’s going to need Killjoys, and a designated asshole. And it’s okay, I know I’m a dead man walking, that doesn’t scare me. The thing that put a spider in my brain, that does. I know that you guys are the only ones that can stop it.
    Dutch: Pip, I can’t, Zeph…
    Pip: Will never forgive herself when she can’t save me, but she will get over me dying to save you.
  • Johnny is the one to inform Zeph that Pip is going to sacrifice himself for the rest of them. She comms Pip and tries to talk him out of it.
    Zeph: We have so much thinking to do. Just find Dutch, she’ll get you out, she’s magic!
    Pip: You scientists don’t believe in magic.
    Zeph: I will if it’ll bring you back.
    Pip: You’re looking at this the wrong way, Zephyr. A genius farm girl from Leith almost falling for a spoiled loudmouth from Qresh? Hells if that ain’t magic.
    Zeph: Pip…I…
    Pip: It’s okay, Zeph, I know…meet me in the middle
    Zeph: Pip? PIP!
    [The RAC explodes, Zeph breaks down in Johnny’s arms, and Turin bids farewell to the last Killjoy home]
  • D’avin had promised to never forget Jaq, but with the Lady able to look into memories they had to take that away. D’avin asks despondently how many promises he will have to break to keep him safe.
  • As Zeph is leaving the team, she tells Dutch what the team was known for:
    “D’avin will take the bullet, John will fix what’s broken, and Dutch will bring you home. You were supposed to bring him home.”

10 - Sporemageddon

  • D’avin tells Aneela that they got rid of the memory of where Jaq is hidden, when she asks them who Jaq is, she learns Jaq is her son…and she never met him. She can’t even see photos of him because she knows the Lady will use it against her.
  • Johnny gets to live out a scenario where he saves Pawter, but he has to leave her to help his team. He begs D’avin not to let him turn around as Pawter cries for him to return and not to let her die again.
  • Either the plague, the cure, or a combination of both has wiped out the memories of the infected. A mother doesn’t recognize her own child, and Pree forgets Gared.
  • The Lady has a point: “All I want is what every living thing wants; More time, more life, a family of my own.”

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