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The Killjoys/Dark Matter crossover is already being written.
We know there's more to The 'Verse than the Quad, and even if the two shows about a Mega-Corp-run Used Future weren't deliberately written to be companion series, it still makes a lot of sense and would make for a fun special event. At the very least it'll be like the way Alphas, Warehouse 13, and Eureka occasionally shared characters.
  • Jossed. Dark Matter showrunner Joseph Mallozzi said there are no plans for such a crossover as for the planning stages of season 2 of both shows.
    • Semi-jossed, maybe? Killjoys showrunner Michelle Lovretta has said that the question has been raised more than once and that she is up for a crossover some point in the future if circumstances allow. She has said recently (as of this edit), “I love [Dark Matter executive producer, Joseph Mallozzi], and we’re usually emailing each other, and we’ve certainly poked at the thought of it. I think that’s really contingent upon us first of all getting season 4 renewals, both of us... and then if we both get season 4’s, it then comes down to scheduling... if we were able to figure out enough in advance where we could have a credible crossover, I would totally be doing that, yeah.”

Level Six is some kind of black-ops/administration mix
Considering how "Level Six" is considered a myth by most of the Killjoys, as well as seeing how much pull Khlyen has within the RAC, it makes sense. They take the jobs that "don't exist" and, as far as the rest of the RAC is concerned, they don't exist either.
  • They may even play the kingmaker in the Quad's internal conflicts, judging from their role in the Seventh Generation Accords conflict.
  • Partly Jossed. They're black ops, but because they're genetically modified super-soldiers.

Khlyen is the Good Guy...relatively speaking.
Note how alarmed he was when Dutch failed to intercept the Genetic Bomb. He wasn't trying to get it for himself, he was trying to stop Seyah Kendry from using it. He's not really part of Level Six; he's infiltrated it in a bid to bring it down for his own reasons.
  • Possibly confirmed. He wiped all records of D'Avin's presence on Arkyn and appears to have been running his own agenda within the RAC for several years, going so far as to try and suborn some Level Sixes to be personally loyal to him rather than the RAC.
  • It is later revealed he has retained enough autonomy from the group consciousness induced by ingesting the green slime that he can act against the wishes of the "collective" and kill it off - so, Confirmed.

"Pawter" is a title, not a proper name.
Johnny calls Pawter "Illenore" when talking to her mother, so that's her given name. And Jelco makes a point of addressing her as "Illenore Seyah Simms" while in the process of sucking up to her. We know that "Seyah" is an honorific in Qreshi society, meaning something like "head of the family". "Pawter" is most likely a title of a lesser degree, perhaps meaning something like "crown princess," as she's not the ruling Seyah yet. It might even have a derogatory meaning, seeing as Pawter's been exiled.
  • Jossed. Both her father and a fellow Qreshi suitor of her sister's call her nicknames based on "Pawter". It's probably a name she picked out for herself when she was young, reserving 'Illenore Seyah Simms' for formal occasions.

The "Leithian Pears" are the source of the green slime
Alvis, in talking to Dutch, talks of tree sap being the source of eternal life as written in the scarbacks' old books (believed to have been metaphorical, but Alvis realizes it could be literal). D'Avin feeds a piece of the Leithian pear to Sabine, and she hemorrhages the green slime shortly after.
  • Jossed. Sabine is a Level Six, except sexual contact with D'Avin seems to forcefully repel the green slime.

Sabine will return
Sabine is apparently killed by Dutch by being shot in the head. But not only is her body immediately retrieved by two figures wearing apparent lab coats, there's also the fact that if a mere bullet was enough to cause the widespread cerebral damage necessary to kill a Level 6, then the fancy expanding silver spikes would be completely redundant.

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