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Fridge Brilliance

  • 7th generation Westerlyns get to emigrate to Leith, where they are presumably expected to become farmers. How many Westerlyns would know anything about farming? We've already seen that when a farm fails, the property gets confiscated for land grants. It seems like a good way to promise Westies a good life without actually having to pay it off: They emigrate, get a farm, fail, then get bounced back to Westerley. The hostility of the native Leith and sheer number of Westerlyns may have prevented any such shenanigans from being practical, though. Hence, why the Company just chose to bomb Old Town instead.
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  • In one episode, Dutch stabs Khlyen, to little effect. The revelation that he is a Level 6 Killjoy explains this: they are experimented on to quickly heal even catastrophic injuries.
  • The Leith may have noble blood but seem to be struggling financially as a people. Of the ones we meet: there's a drug-dealer, there's ones trading their bodies for payment to their families, and ones who have lost their farms due to financial shenanigans. The fact Qresh made no attempt to consult them about giving away huge portions of their territory to 7th generation Westerlyn also shows how little they're in regard by their relations. This may explain their racism and xenophobia to Westerlyns because they're the only people who they can look down upon despite supposedly being aristocrats.


Fridge Horror

  • Ownership and control of The Company is based on family lines. Then we discover that The Company has a "black list" weapon that kills people based on their genetics, capable of wiping out an entire family with a single pulse. Hmmm. Wonder what that's for?
  • The dual reveals of the RAC's ambitions to spread further throughout the J Cluster and what "Level 6" may actually be do not bode well. if Level 6 Killjoys are deep-cover assassins trained from very young ages to infiltrate the high levels of society, then they could potentially be anywhere, and could be capable of anything. The RAC is the closest thing to the law in a lawless area of space, and if they're willing to do this...
    • The Sixes weren't trained from young ages, they were Killjoys who were just the right amount of "broken" psychologically for the Plasma to take without killing them. Dutch, however, was trained as a child, but only specifically so that she is broken enough to survive the conversion process Khlyen planned on putting her through. So, that said, if the RAC is the closest thing to the law and they're happy enough to hire people who are practically one bad day away from being sociopaths...
  • Pawter Simms has a confirmed jakk addiction. She's going to be possibly without a steady supply for at least a few days. Alvis had better be prepared for the mother of all withdrawals.
  • The completeness with which Pawter's family has disowned her is absolutely monstrous. Her mother's "I Have No Daughter" remark to John was bad enough: she said it casually, without anger or venom, as if John was genuinely mistaken and she really didn't have a daughter. But then, in the aftermath of Seyah Kendry's coup, we learn that the Simms family is one of the survivors. Which implies that they were complicit with her, which further implies that they must have known that the Company was going to retaliate by wiping Old Town off the map...and Pawter with it. Her family has disowned her so thoroughly that the thought of her being vaporized in an orbital bombing along with thousands of others barely bothers them.
    • It turns out not to be so bad as that. Pawter's father genuinely thought she'd be better off making her own way in the Quad than doing the things required of a scion of the Nine, so he talked her mother into exiling her. It was always her mother's hope that she'd come back and take over the family in due time. Which she does, for the sake of Old Town, after The Plague kills her parents.
  • Almost all of Leith is descended form Qresh's Nine. What sort of effects is the genetic attack going to have on that world?
    • Seemingly none. The genetic bomb appears to have a limited range, given that there was at least one surviving member of one of the families who were affected by the weapon. Now, given that Leith is a whole other world... Okay; moon...

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