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Season One

1 - Bangarang
  • An offscreen moment of awesome, but in the opening scene John is bragging that he stole a top of the line frigate with the best security money can buy. What makes this awesome is that the ship wasn't what he wanted; it was the frigate's owner, and said owner took the bait.
  • Doubles as a moment of funny, but one of Coren Jeers' goons is getting a little rapey with Dutch, but then something mechanically rises from between her legs, under her skirt. He looks at it, confused, and Dutch whistles.
    Dutch: My eyes are up here.
    (The gun shoots the goon, and John kicks the other goon. Dutch grabs the gun and shoots John free, while Coren is trying to escape through a secure door that won’t open. Dutch approaches and takes aim at him.)
    Dutch: Get up. Coren Jeers, in the name of the RAC, you are locked and served.
    Coren: Well damn.
    (One of the goons is trying to go for his gun again, and Johnny shoots it away.)
    John: Hey! I wasn’t kidding about that damn basket.
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  • Downplayed a little since D'av might have been pulling his punches, but seeing a tech geek like Johnny hold his (much larger) brother, the trained soldier in a cage fight is pretty awesome.
  • Dutch manages to hit D'Avin with a projectile dart from a fair distance, while D'Avin was moving unpredictably.
  • Despite recently being cured of poison, Dutch singlehandedly takes down a hallway of mooks.
  • Another offscreen moment, but the fact that Khlyen managed to infiltrate Lucy and leave one of his "special red boxes" for Dutch.

2 - The Sugar Point Run

  • Dutch infiltrates a bounty's ship...while both are in space.
  • As she and D'avin are strapped to gurneys, waiting to be stripped for parts (as in, stripped of their organs) Dutch escapes her bonds by dislocating her shoulder and slipping from them.
  • A grounded Lucy is surrounded on all sides by scavengers looking to strip her for parts and it is only a matter of time before they break in. So John opens the airlock for them, slips out, and then locks the airlock behind him while the scavengers all suffocate because Lucy cut off the air.
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  • Two moments of awesome for the price of one. While Dutch and D'av is surrounded by mooks, Dutch sets off a flashbang while D'av—the only person in the room who can see—singlehandedly takes on said mooks. Meanwhile, Dutch manages to escape the compound with the woman they were sent in to rescue in tow—blinded—having memorized the layout by sight.

3 - The Harvest

  • Pawter needs medicine for a serious illness on Westerley, but the merchant that sells it is a racist who refuses to sell. So, after a failed attempt at playing to the merchant's humanity Pawter infects her with a virus and offers the cure in exchange for the medicine. Later, it's revealed that the virus was nothing more than good old-fashioned water.
  • It takes some serious guts to willingly slice off a piece of yourself, which is what Johnny does when he hacks off his ear to get rid of the tracking device implanted into him.
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  • The Killjoys return the warrant (a scumbag who was willing to let his wife be punished for his crimes just so he can stay on Leith and grow jakk) to his wife, but she has figured out that the man isn't worth the time of day. Then it turns out that Dutch and John took the scenic way back to Westerley and the man's warrant expired an hour outside of entering Westerlyn air space and he ends up going to prison.

4 - Vessel

  • Delle Seyah Kendry proving she's Awesome by Analysis by taking a look around Dutch's ship and determining that she is royalty in another part of the J.

5 - A Glitch in the System

  • Dutch comes up with a plan to rescue D'avin (who is held captive by an insane crew member and tortured with experimental nanites): she basically lets herself get captured and implanted with the nanites. As the program begins interrogating her, Dutch blows up the crew member, and then she and D'av make a run for it. However, their spacesuits have gone missing, so in order to get back to Lucy, Dutch goes out an airlock without a suit, relying on the nanites in her body to keep her alive until she gets back to their ship.

8 - Come the Rain

  • D'av offers Bellus "one good shot" at him for what he did to Dutch and Johnny in the previous episode. That old lady takes her shot, alright.
  • To save a man who had been thrown into the downpour of highly acidic black rain, Johnny and Alvis brave the rains without any protection. Or hesitation.
    Alvis: Black rain scars? The brothers will be jealous.
  • Pawter successfully performing surgery on a dying man, despite being under the threat of death herself, going through Jakk withdrawal at the time and had just taken a very bad hit to take a little of the edge off and is feeling jittery.

Season Two

3 - Shaft
  • Pawter Simms gets one up on Jelco by "accidentally" nicking a vein on his heart (which, between that and the anesthetic already injected into him, renders him temporarily unconscious), and using the DNA to not only access his computer and grab all his files, but also to unlock the bracelet around her ankle and reattach it into his heart so he can't keep her from leaving Spring Hill.

7 - Heart Shaped Box

  • Dutch is in a fight with a Level Six from The Black Root, and as soon as she's in the right position, she uses the brain-spike to kill him in one blow without even breaking a sweat.

8 - Full Metal Monk

  • Pawter proves to actually be a pretty good shot (while unknowingly falling under the influence of the gate's mental effects) with no apparent training in the use of guns.

10 - How to Kill Friends and Influence People

  • Johnny ends Seyah Kendry.

Season Three

5 - Attack the Rack
  • John is strapped to a machine and he is told that the longer he's sitting in it the more of his memories the machine erases, beginning with the little things such as what he had for breakfast. The machine switches on and when John is done getting mind raped he responds to his telling them exactly what he had for breakfast.
    John: I've been blowing my brain cells on booze, boobs and back issues of Captain Apex and I'm still the smartest guy in the Quad.

8 - Heist, Heist Baby

  • Everyone is amassing their forces
    D'avin: We’ve got 34 Black root ships we can pilot and sink now, 1200 Ferran mercenaries, Qreshi money, and an assload of angry Killjoys out for revenge!
    Johnny: And the Hullen have biology, Aneela, and a sweet-ass armada!
  • The Lady takes control of Aneela’s slaves and ship, she takes it back. Later when she finds Kendry, the Lady’s soldiers try to take her back to her cage, and she responds accordingly.

9 – Reckoning Ball

  • To keep their captive Hullen, Lucian Kitaan, from escaping Dutch puts a knife in her spine to make sure she can’t move. When Lucian keeps mocking her, Dutch also makes sure she couldn’t talk. Lucian starts whistling instead.
  • An imprisoned Turin mocks his guard, and when Fancy knocks the guard out, assumes Fancy is here for revenge. Seeing Fancy with a knife, Turin simply asks if he gets one as well, to make it a fair fight.
  • Delle Seyah Kendry was right, no matter how much Johnny hates her he wouldn’t kill her or her unborn baby, especially once it’s proven D’avin is the father. That doesn’t stop him from imprisoning her, because based on their conversations, he realizes they have the Hullen heir and that the Hullen commander cares about their welfare.

10 - Wargasm

  • The Hullen armada arrives to Quad air space, it’s a lot of ships, and everyone prepares to fight.
  • Aneela tries to impersonate Dutch with Johnny, he can tell it’s not her.
  • Turin proves a capable commander, and trusts the Cleansed pilots to do their job and destroy the Hullen ships.
  • Pree apologizes to Gared for getting him involved in the war instead of going to some exotic place for a honeymoon. Gared tells him he actually never left the town before and that he’s now on a different moon, fighting aliens with a bunch of warlords, he’s happy.
  • “I accept dying. But I was here, I was real, and I mattered. And I will NOT be forgotten!”
  • Just as Gander is about to make Turin a Hullen, Fancy appears and stabs him in the back.

Season Four

1 - The Warrior Princess Bride
  • Dutch tries to bribe some men to leave Johnny alone, when they refuse, she says “If I lose my temper, you lose your balls”
  • Accused of stealing company property, Dutch and Johnny are able to identify the culprit’s methodology and what poison they stole within seconds of examining the scene.
  • Dutch ends up breaking a guy’s finger.
    Johnny: Where did you learn to do that?
    Dutch: Princess self-defense classes, it was a tough kingdom!
  • The first time Johnny sees Dutch get into a one-on-one fight with someone, in this case a trained assassin.
    Johnny: Okay, seriously, what kind of princess moves are those?
    Dutch: The kind that just saved your life.

2 - Johnny Dangerously

  • D’avin, Johnny, and Delle Seyah run into marauders who try to rob them, threatening to shoot their ‘pregnant girlfriend’. D’avin and Johnny surrender their guns, but the marauders then try to steal Seyah’s jewelry box (which contains the green plasma). Seyah is the one who disarms and shoots at them.
  • Pip and Zeph are trapped in Hullen-occupied RAC, and have the following conversation.
    Zeph: Team Awesome Force taught me one thing
    Pip: Tight leather pants are best?
    Zeph: No! Heroes gonna hero! They risked their lives for us and it’s time we risk ours to regroup with them!
  • After their reunion with the rest of the RAC, where they try to find ways to reach the Jaqobis brothers and Turin shoots down all suggestions.
    Zeph: Please stop underestimating me, I survived nearly alone in the dark in a station full of Hullen while building tech to get me safely off board. How did you do?
  • Johnny is still acting like a jerk, but he helps removes the chips from the detainees by re-routing the electricity so that he gets zapped instead of them. Since he’s Hullen, he isn’t as affected as by the shocks as regular humans are.

3 - Bro-d Trip

  • Seyah and local girl Bea has been captured by the warden and his men.
    Bea: Juno Clay is not a man you want to mess with!
    Seyah: Oh honey, I never want to mess with men like this, but if I don’t they’ll never learn.
  • Later:
    Bea: Just keep your head down and hope they leave soon.
    Seyah: Head down isn’t really my thing. It messes with the crown.
  • After the warden mocks and threatens her about her pregnancy and ‘delicate’ condition, Seyah manages to fight her way pass him and the guards, and he has to shoot a tranquilizer dart at her. One wasn’t enough, and Seyah looks ready to keep going, until he shoots several more at her.
    Seyah: The world is full of lesser men with greedy fingers, let me teach you how to break them.

4 - What to Expect When You're Alien Parasite

  • The Lady and Aneela faces off, with the Lady reminding Aneela that no one is coming to save her. Aneela reminds the Lady that means she is still stuck here as well.

5 - Greening Pains

  • Team Awesome Force uses Pippin to get the security layout of a bioweapons maker they only know as ‘Kravn’. Pippin panics, telling them that the lunatic makes crazy things inside his labs, describing all the things that Kravn’s done. None of them are fazed.
  • Kravn turns out to be an AI, after years of studying disease he uploaded himself so he could continue his work and never be threatened.
  • The enemy is something that can look inside memories to learn everything about you, so how does Khlyen get around this? He tells Dutch a story that only Johnny could recognize the mistakes in, essentially hiding a code in Dutch’s head.

6 - Baby, Face Killer

  • Dutch trains a 13 year old. Then, he’s the one who tells her to duck when an assassin shoots at them in a crowded bar, and later tranquilizes the same assassin.
  • Pree gets the drop on the man who shot Fancy and helped Hullen soldiers kidnap children.
    Pree: You are overdue for a bath, my friend, and an ass-kicking. We haven’t been formally introduced, I own this establishment and no one likes you.
    Fancy: Especially me, remember me?
    Pree: Oh goodie, you do, and do you remember what you did to him, friend?
    Man: I…shot him.
    Pree: Can you guess what that means he wants to do to you?
    Man: Probably something…pretty bad.
    Pree: And what that angry, scary man wants to do to you is sunshine and goddamn puppies compared to what I will do to you if you don’t tell me what the hells you did with my husband.

7 - O Mother, Where Art Thou?

  • The grand entrance of the mysterious woman Team Awesome Force has been tracking…250 years ago. She faces down armed guards and Khlyen himself. She also intends to stay and help Aneela.
  • Johnny is caught by an assassin in the ship, despite Lucy’s inquiries, he insists he’s fine. The assassin eventually lifts Johnny off the floor, and Lucy steps in.
    Lucy: I detected metal-tipped boots, so I electrified the floor grid because I am very smart.
  • Turin spends the whole episode underestimating Pree, but once everything has settled he admits Pree makes a good scout.
    Pree: Gingersnap, I make a pretty good everything.

8 - It Takes a Pillage

  • He’s still awful, but the Jaqobis family reunion where they work out issues with the father while dealing with their Hullen pursuers. Then when they are asked what exactly is going on
    “Jaq is the product of merging DNA of D’avin and a 275 year old woman who disappeared in a trans-dimensional space, and now we’re being hunted by her undying enemy.”
  • Zeph is a hologram several systems away from Lucy, has been muted, and Dutch just lost consciousness. The ship is about to fry on a nearby sun. Zeph starts panicking about losing both Pip and Dutch, but is able to simply use light to wake smoke the systems and wake Dutch.

9 - The Kids Are Alright

  • Delle Seyah Kendry didn’t let anyone know where she is and even lied about where she was going, the Jaqobis brothers still manage to track her down.
  • Since they’re in a luxurious tent with plenty of blankets and pillows, Dutch says their fight will be soundproof. Sure enough when a fight breaks out, she and D’avin are able to escape without the crowd outside being any wiser.
  • With a new plan, Turin starts to walk, but notices the rest of the team aren’t following him.
    Turin: What are you waiting for? A written invitation, corsage?
    Gared: Uh, more like your order.
    Johnny: Technically, you’re the boss.
    D’avin: Technically.
    Pree: It’s more politeness, really.
    Fancy: Ceremonial.
    Dutch: Like a figurehead, no real power.
    Turin: You’re fired, all of you.
  • By this time, everyone may keep snarking and insulting each other, but they obviously care and carry out their mission together.

10 - Sporemageddon

  • Just one conversation later, Turin deduces that the ‘Dutch’ walking around the RAC is actually Aneela. He charges her with the murder of Alvis Akari, the destruction of three fully-manned RAC stations, and the attempted genocide of the people of Westerley. Knowing how dangerous she is, he doesn’t plan to arrest her, he plans to kill her or die trying.
  • The way Aneela and Dutch exchange farewells, “Be safe”/ “Be brutal”
  • The Lady tries to recruit Aneela by claiming she wants what Aneela wants, when they hear distant gunfire, Aneela tells her that she is about to see what Aneela wants.
  • The Nine are fully prepared to launch missiles at the infected towns. Zeph comms Turin to tell him they got a cure, and Turin is able to tell the Niner to call off his firecrackers.

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