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Awesome page for the Killing Eve series.

Beware of spoilers!

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7 - I Don’t Want to be Free
  • On a morbid level, Villanelle managing to kill the much larger and stronger inmate by severing her carotid artery with her teeth, despite not having enough sleep for hours, is quite admirable and goes to show how truly effective she is at her job with her nigh-indomitable survival instincts which made her survive prison and unforgiving juvenile centers at a young age.

8 - God, I'm Tired

  • There's something thoroughly cathartic about Eve breaking into Villanelle's apartment and totally trashing the place.
  • Awesome Music: The series is also known for its soundtrack combining powerful female vocals from the band Unloved, to classical music by Erik Satie and an instrumental version of the opera classic O mio Babbino Caro which lends the scene an ethereal atmosphere when Eve enters an upscale restaurant in Berlin.
  • Irina who's a pre-teen gets kidnapped by a crazy assassin, you'd expect a kid who's in that situation to be scared. Not Irina. She spends the whole time annoying the crap out of Villanelle and giving as much as she takes. Villanelle even points a gun and yells at her at one point and Irina just yells right back.

  • Being renewed for a second season before it even began airing.
  • Until 17/05/18, this show was rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!
  • A well-deserved lead role for Sandra Oh, who was very successful playing much perkier characters in Canada but was relegated to the snarky sidekick in the US. Apparently it takes something darkly comedic to get some absolutely Oscar-worthy performances from her for her own drama series.
  • Sandra Oh being the first actress of Asian descent to be nominated for the Best Leading Actress Emmy for her performance in Killing Eve.
  • The final US ratings for the first season made it the country's first TV show to get consistently better ratings for every episode in over a decade.
  • Sandra Oh winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a television series - Drama, is an impressive feat since she’s the first Asian person to win two Golden Globes and only among the two people in Golden Globes History to win an award while hosting it. She is the first Asian woman to win the Golden Globes for Best Lead Actress since Yoko Shimada in 1981.
  • The show has been nominated for a Peabody Award in Television and Digital Media.
    • As of April 2019, the show has won a Peabody.
  • The second season's viewership was up 87% from the first season in the US.
  • In the Emmy’s awards 2019, Jodie Comer becomes the youngest actress to win the Emmy Award for Best Leading Actress-Drama at 26 years old.

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