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  • Dutch's accent. Obviously, it's Hannah-John Kamen's natural English accent, but there's no in-universe explanation for where Dutch might have learned speaking that way. Khlyen, the upper classes of Qresh, even Dutch's younger self, all have generic American accents. Why is Dutch the only Brit in the entire universe?
    • She was born outside of Qresh and its moons. She also doesn't attempt to hide it. Khlyen, by contrast, is the sort of guy who would adopt the accent of whatever territory he's choosing to travel through.
      • Except that Khlyen is from Qresh so that might be his actual accent.
  • What about that genetic bomb that helped Kendry launch her coup? It's like it never even happened, since nobody on Qresh ever mentions it, and there haven't been unexplained deaths on Leith that could be traced to it.
    • We don't know how localized the effect of the bomb is; maybe only the family members present were killed. And given what we've seen of Qreshi society, maybe violence like this is common enough that they can be blasé about it.
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    • 2x08 has an oblique reference to it from one ally of Pawter's, so Qreshis apparently know to shut up and keep quiet about what Kendry did, if they don't want to suffer a similar fate.
  • Why did the Killjoys not save the seeds from the rare Leithian pear before preparing to consume it? Reintroducing the species in Alvis's monastery would ensure nobody would try to steal the first new fruits, and they could build from there.
    • It wasn't the job.
  • If overpopulation is such a big issue in The Quad, why doesn't The Company simply move a huge chunk of their population (especially those ungrateful Westies!) to Arkyn or even another planet? Presumably there are other planets in the system The Quad is in, and they do have terraforming technology if using it were necessary.
    • Arkyn is supposed to be uninhabitable as a result of over-mining so no one could live there. Even though we see that it does have an atmosphere, it's being used for Red 17/level 6 experiments, so presumably Khlyen pulled string so no one would be there to find out what he was doing. Also, most sci-fi depicts terraforming as expensive, so The Company might be figuring it's cheaper to let "undesirable" populations be reduced when resources inevitably run out and then rebuild from there rather than make a whole new space for them.
  • So Dr. Pym Jaeger had a kill warrant put on D'avin on the off-chance he ever managed to track her to the Quad. But the name the warrant was under was an alias, not D'av's actual name. So how would that work if the warrant (presumably) would have been under "D'avin Jaqobis" and not the fake name he used to get to the Quad?
  • In the first episode, a Company slaver obstructs Dutch by telling her that a Killjoy can only claim custody of D'av with physical contact. But John is not only a Killjoy (and the slaver knew that) but also a part of Dutch's team, and one would assume being in a cage fight with the bounty would constitute as "physical contact," so why was D'av not theirs then and there?
    • D'avin's contract is a Level 5 (a kill warrant). Johnny is only Level 3, so he can't take on kill warrants. Presumably that also means that people he takes in "above his paygrade" don't actually count.

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