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Season One

1 - Bangarang
  • In the very first scene, Johnny is being interrogated. Then Dutch is dragged in and dumped at his feet. Despite the circumstances, Johnny's only worried about her.
    • Later, when Dutch learns what awaits Johnny if she turns him in, she dismisses the option without a second thought.

Season Two

1 - Dutch and the Real Girl
  • D'Avin's reunion with Johnny and Dutch.

Season Three

8 - Heist, Heist Baby
  • They have to steal something again, instead of utilizing their new army, Team Awesome Force decides to go by themselves. It’ll be like an old Killjoy mission, on old Westerly Killjoy turf, reclaiming an item, with all the troubles and new scars!
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  • While they are imprisoned, D’avin and Jelco insult each other about D’avin being Dutch’s number two and Jelco being Borna’s third husband, but D’avin soon tells him if the situation is dire he would help Jelco escape. Jelco also explains that it no longer matters whether he’s headed to the top or bottom, he just wants to be on Borna’s side.
  • Aneela decides to trust Kendry because her father did, and what’s the point of living forever if you have to do it alone?

9 – Reckoning Ball

  • D’avin abducts Pip again with a hood, but Pip is delighted to see him and happy they’ve passed the threats and punching stage.
  • It’s Reckoning Night, a time when people meet up with people they love or hate and giving blessings or a curse. Fancy goes to visit Turin in his cell.
    Turin: I suppose you got as good a reason as any to want to reckon with me
    Fancy: You don’t have to stay trapped, it’s up to you
    Turin: So I walk out of here and we’re pals again? Or am I just another warrant for you to fill?
    Fancy: There are no warrants now. It’s war, and I still don’t trust you. I’m just giving you a chance to prove me wrong, the chance you owed me.

10 - Wargasm

  • The opening scene where Pree and Gared tie the knot, and everyone is celebrating and laughing.
  • Turin acknowledges D’avin as army general and asks to return to active duty, with Fancy supporting it. It turns out to be the right call, as Turin proves to be a good commander and when forced to retreat, is willing to go down with the ship.
    Fancy: You aren’t our captain.
    Turin: Oh, just let me have my goddamn hero moment, will you?
  • The way Aneela and Delle Seyah say farewell, “Be safe” / “Be brutal”
  • With Dutch missing, Johnny is ignoring Zeph’s medical advice and she tries to claim she’s in love with him. The brothers stop running and turn back to her as she starts backpedaling, “Whoa, I just tied that out of desperation, given the circumstances and…nope, not good, do not want.” The brothers just laugh and hug her.

Season Four

1 - The Warrior Princess Bride
  • Dutch's first impression of Pree was as a kindly bartender giving them free drinks, because he could see that they were down on their luck.
  • In the flashback, Big Joe points out he can’t let Dutch go scot-free because she shot him in front of so many witnesses. Her only concern is Johnny, so she asks only for his and Lucy’s freedom.
  • The first time Johnny proves he is capable of changing Lucy’s directives, he says he doesn’t want her obedience, he wants her trust.
  • The assassin relenting and giving Johnny the antidote
  • Turin is revealed to have known Dutch was wanted by Interstellar authorities, but because Big Joe recruited her, he did not hand her over.

2 - Johnny Dangerously

  • D’avin and Seyah are carrying an injured Johnny and burst into what seems to be a clinic. When the people inside prove uncooperative, D’avin fires warning shots.
    D’avin: Get us a doctor or I get you a mortician!
  • Seyah Kendry apparently has warmed up to the brothers
    Seyah: Watching him die is less fun then I hoped!
  • Even in his delirious state, Johnny calls out for Dutch. Between his screams as the green plasma is injected, the other humans are freaked out, but Seyah and D’avin stays by his side even though they are well aware of the threat.
  • With the Hullen soldiers now frozen still like ‘dolls’, Zeph suggests spacing them all.
    Turin: Yeah, let me check on that. Fancy, can we space them now?
    Fancy: No!
    Turin: Fancy says no, I’m on this whole moral redemption arc, so…no can do.
  • Ex-Scarback Fairuza arrives to Scarback Necropolis where all the dead monks have been left rotting. Although her condition to accompany the heroes was to keep any heirlooms she finds, she starts to give the dead a religious burial. She doesn’t believe in the faith anymore, but they did.
    Fairuza: Faith is like romance, you can’t love someone if they don’t think you’re worth the truth.

3 - Bro-d Trip

  • Since they are following an unknown trail and may have to break unknown laws, Turin has to deputize some of the characters for their protection. It’s both heartwarming and funny, with Zeph repeating his words first and then the others interrupting.
    Turin: You will take no sides…
    Pree: Oh, that’s kind of my thing.
    Turin: You will take no bribes…
    Pip: That’s kind of my thing. But yea, warrants are important!
    Pree: Right, of course, yes, warrants! Hot steaming warrants…
    Turin: Go find me a damn Jaqobis before I space you myself!
    All: The warrant is all!
    Pip: Is there any wiggle room?
  • Delle Seyah is able to save her fellow prisoner Bea and arrange for a flight off the colony for her: “I’m getting the hang of this mothering thing.” The girl is so relieved and happy she hugs her, Seyah just awkwardly smiles.

4 - What to Expect When You're Alien Parasite

  • After denying holding hands with anyone for the labour, Seyah eventually reaches for Dutch’s because she reminds Seyah of Aneela.
  • No longer Hullen, Seyah is questioned how she feels. As she holds her baby for the first time, “Everything”.
  • Despite Dutch’s depressing pep talk, Pree quotes a Ferran saying: “When you choose your family, you choose your fight.”

5 - Greening Pains

  • Turin’s pet Hullen doll is a soldier Zeph only gave limited capacities to, and the soldier says he can’t remember his name or identity. He follows Turin dutifully until it looks like they are about to be attacked by the newly mobilized Hullen army, where he disobeys Turin’s orders to get behind him and instead acts as a Hullen human shield. Tough-guy Turin reluctantly admits that he appreciates the gesture, while the soldier remembers his name: Weej.
  • The baby is rapidly aging, but whatever stage he is in Pippin proves capable of taking care of him.
    Zeph: How are you so good with kids?
    Pip: Well, in my family, they were kind of the only people who ever looked up to me.
    Zeph: In my family, they were the only thing a girl like me was supposed to care about.
    Pip: Then they don’t know you at all.

6 - Baby, Face Killer

  • D’avin is worried about his son needing protecting, Dutch offers him training instead and she is willing to do it herself.
  • Since she is so used to people lying to her, Dutch decides to be honest and tells the Hullen-Human child where he came from. The boy asks if that means he has no family, she responds that he has them.
    Dutch: Jaqobis men never let me down.
  • Later, probably because of this, D’avin’s child chooses his name: Jaq, short for Jaqobis.

7 - O Mother, Where Art Thou?

  • Weej doesn’t understand why Turin cares so much about Pree and Gared, pointing out Turin has more men and that they’re ‘just two’.
    Turin: You’re really hung up on the math, aren’t you? Yes, fine, it’s just two guys but they’re MY guys.
    Weej: You own them.
    Turin: No, but they’re my guys, okay? Just like you, understand?
    Weej: (Pause) What is love?
    Turin: Oh god, somebody kill me, just figure out the override! We’ll come back to human school later.
  • Just as Pree and Gared accomplished their mission, Gared sees the missing kids on camera and wants to rush out to save them. Pree has to talk him down, wisely pointing out they were vastly outnumbered, but promising they would come back with an army to rescue them.
  • Weej continue to bring out Turin’s nicer side, as Weej objects to Turin’s plan to save Pree and Gared.
    Weej: It’s dangerous!
    Turin: It’s the job!
    Weej: Too dangerous, the Hullen will kill you, you are not strong enough!
    Turin: Oh, now you’re just being mean.
    Weej: You have no plan.
    Turin: Well, I’m not gonna sit here and do nothing! That’s all the plan I need!
  • Despite the insults and their failed relationship, Yalena and Khylen still care for each other.
    Khylen: You have too much faith in me.
    Yalena: That has never once been true, Khylen Kin Rit. I have known you since our sixth summer, and loved you since our twelfth. I’ve never seen you quit once, I won’t help you do it now.
    Khylen: I’m trying to do what’s right…
    Yalena: Then fight!
  • In present times, Yalena is the one despairing, and Dutch is the one convincing her to fight. Afterwards, Yalena gives her some advice:
    “It’s a very hard life if you only have faith in yourself.”
    “Anger’s good, until it hurts you more than it heals you. When you’re ready, I hope you choose to let yours go."

8 - It Takes a Pillage

  • Jaq could see the future, and he paints a bleak picture of how he’s left alone in the dark and no one comes to save him. Johnny tells him that there is no way D’avin wouldn’t save his son.
  • The reunion between Johnny and Charlie Volford, his former love. They reflect on past experiences and childhood dreams.

9 - The Kids Are Alright

  • Delle Seyah Kendry still snarking with the Jaqobis brothers, but when they ask her to protect Jaq she accepts without hesitation. When they express surprise she didn’t return to take control of the Nine, she explains she’ll rather work on freeing Aneela first.
  • Turin lays out the plan to reclaim the Hullen-occupied RAC and to retrieve the missing children.
    Dutch: You want to put a Hullen drone in the vanguard? These dolls are the Lady’s slaves, trusting one is mission suicide.
    Turin: Trusting one is our best shot at getting inside without tripping the alarm, Weej has proved himself […] Weej flies in with a team of Killjoys. Once they’re inside, Weej opens the docking bay for the next wave to follow.
    Dutch: No, no, John, D’av and I will ride point with the Hullen.
    Turin: I already have a team trained and prepped
    Dutch: We can’t trust this op with anyone but the best. Look, we took the RAC before, we’ll do it again.
    Turin: Take a walk with me, Yardeen […] My humans have been training hard to kick Hullen ass, you can’t just blow in here like you’re the only Killjoy with a dog in this fight […] The Hullen took our home. My Killjoys have earned the right to take it back […] These green bastards are stealing Westy kids, and we don’t know why. Interstellar won’t answer, the Nine walked away, we’re all that’s left! The Hullen took our home, but not our goddamn hearts!
    Dutch: Guess a lot’s changed around here, you have a heart now, that’s new.
  • Zeph opens up to Pip about her family history, he made some insensitive comments earlier, but he’s trying to change now.

10 - Sporemageddon

  • The Jaqobis brothers can’t let Turin shoot Aneela because it would kill Dutch, and so they’re in the middle of a standoff.
    Turin: I watched my men and women die because of her, lose their minds because of her, I watched my ship…How can I let you go in there with this? How am I supposed to trust her?
    D’avin: You’re not. Zeph, give the spore compound to Turin […] If shit get weird and Aneela is playing us, use it, even if we’re not out.
    Turin: That’s a pretty big risk, Jaqobis.
    D’avin: I don’t trust her, Turin, but I do trust you.
  • Zeph manages to create what she hopes is a cure, and prepares to test it for herself. Pree volunteers himself, as they currently need a doctor more than they need a bartender, and even comforts her about Pip.

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