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Wrestling / Paul Jones

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During one of his three reigns as NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion
As a manager

Paul Frederick (June 16, 1942-April 18, 2018) was an American Professional Wrestler and manager as Paul Jones. He debuted in 1961 and wrestled all over the U.S., as well as in Canada and Japan, eventually making his home in the Carolinas. He later became a manager and is best known for his long feud with Jimmy Valiant.

Along with his 3 reigns as NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, he was a 2x NWA PNW Heavyweight Champion, a 1x NWA PNW Tag Team Champion with Pepper Martin, a 1x NWA (Mid-South) United States Tag Team Champion with Gorgeous George Jr., a 1x NWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champion with Nelson Royal, a 1x NWA Florida Brass Knuckles Champion, a 2x NWA Florida Television Champion, a 3x NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion, a 1x NWA Southern (Florida) Heavyweight Champion, a 5x NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion (1x w/Bob Bruggers, 1x w/Tiger Conway Jr. and 3x w/Ricky Steamboat), a 5x NWA Mid-Atlantic Television Champion, a 6x NWA World (Mid-Atlantic) Tag Team Champion (1x w/Chief Wahoo McDaniel, 1x w/Ricky Steamboat, 2x w/Baron Von Raschke, and 2x w/The Masked Superstar [Bill "Demolition Ax" Eadie]), a 1x NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion and a 1x SAPW Heavyweight Champion.


He has nothing to do with that John Paul Jones, that other John Paul Jones or that other John Paul Jones.

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