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  • Almost every single nation-tan in Axis Powers Hetalia has more than one woobie moment
    • Toris (aka Lithuania) takes the absolute cake because of all the Yank the Dog's Chain moments he has to go through.
    • Also, Canada. The unappreciated country never noticed, or when actually noticed, being mistaken (i.e. beaten up by Cuba) for America. His own brother can't even remember his name. But he at least gets his Moment of Awesome when he gives America an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    • China also qualifies. He's constantly ordered around by his fellow allies, he's picked on by numerous other characters, including his younger siblings; not to mention the strip where France, Russia and England help him get his land back after he was beaten up by Japan after the first Sino-Japanese war, but proceed to divide it amongst themselves. Their means of comfort don't seem to work either.
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    • Tsundere Mean Brit England also has a number of Woobie moments. His older brothers have hated him ever since he was small and he's never had any friends in Europe (not that there are no reasons for all that), and apparently he feels genuinely sad about this, not to mention lonely. Finally he found America, someone who cared for him and whom England loved very much, until America eventually declared independence and broke his heart. And if this wasn't enough, all his attempts at getting closer to a now grown-up America end with America gleefully shooting him down — even when England is on his death bed. Twice.
      • Unfortunately, this does mean that, like Canada or South Italy, occasionally more rabid fangirls turn England's siblings into a Ron the Death Eater, (especially Scotland, for some reason), and often use this interpretation to make England very OOC. It also seems pretty unlikely that his siblings really hate him that much outside of Sibling Rivalry like America/Canada or the Italies, especially when you take in the UK's actual attitudes towards each other.
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    • Latvia is pretty much on his own and the universe seems out to get him... he was even eaten by a sheep! Come on!
    • Poor Romano, who was an inferiority-complex stricken kid whose grandfather abandoned him in favor of his younger brother, who was deathly worried that Spain and France only wanted him for his grandfather's inheritance and that he had nothing to offer, and is often disliked in favor of his much-loved younger brother. Too bad Romano fangirls take it the other way and bash Veneziano to make him "look better".
    • Ukraine. The girl is a crybaby who was forced to leave her younger brother Russia, who she cares for and who genuinely cares for her too, to join the EU and try to become stronger... but none of the other countries will be friends with her. Plus she's incredibly poor and had to raise her younger siblings by herself, and her sister Belarus actually get jealous of her because of the attention she gets from Russia. Not to mention that she's a crybaby with huge... tracts of land.
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    • Japan has his moment of woobieness when Fridge Horror sets in about his terrified reaction to Italy hugging him. This man is two thousand years old, and his reaction implies that he's NEVER been hugged. No wonder he's emotionally repressed.
    • Poor little Liechtenstein was dying in an alley in the rain when Switzerland found and saved her. Word of God was that she'd been through a lot of traumatic events before that, and she mentions having no food because of a depression.

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