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While the mod may add a lot of new content, a lot of it was scrapped while they were still in the works.

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  • At one point, Yharin was supposed to be an unbeatable opponent, holding back in his bossfight to allow the player to beat him.

  • Draedon was at one point the Man Behind the Man to Yharim, and presumably the True Final Boss.

  • Yharon was supposed to be a Good Counterpart to Yharim, and the Final Boss of the bad ending.

  • Daedalus was originally a robotic bird and also Yharim's scientist, but the latter part was replaced with Draedon.


  • Goozma was a hypothetical form of the Slime God if it assimilated every slime on the planet, becoming "nearly unstoppable" as Yharim had hypothesized. This has since been scrapped in favour of Noxus.

  • Andromeda was a Humongous Mecha the size of a moon that would've changed AI as multiple chunks of its armour fell off. Most versions of its lore had it as one of Draedon's creations used to excavate planets. It was scrapped for being too large.
    • An iteration of its lore had it as Ignalius' soul being stuffed into a mecha.

  • Braelor and Statis were once planned as bosses. They would've been twisted into bestial monsters upon being revived. Braelor would've been fought on the ground, and Statis would've been an aerial boss.

  • The Mega Mammoth Dragon was a codename for a Xeroc-tier superboss dragon. There were three versions of it. It was scrapped due to little progress being made on it.
    • The oldest concept was that the Mega Mammoth Dragon was an ancient member of Yharon's species that froze itself when dragons started going extinct. It would awaken from its hibernation to hunt after ages.
    • Another concept for it was that it was a dragon living in space.
    • The most recent concept was that it was a dragon that lived eons ago that preyed on other dragons. It entered a hibernation state when dragons started going extinct. It would wake up again when the Bumblebirbs were released.

  • The Void Queen was a boss planned for the scrapped Void Biome (See Biomes below). It would have acted similar to Turkor the Ungrateful from vanilla Terraria.
    • The original concept for the Void Queen was that of a mud hydra. It was reworked due to not fitting in with the mod.

  • The Plague Empress was a large beetle-like creature that served as a second plague-themed boss. It was scrapped due to lack of interest from the developers, though as the lead developer Fabsol still shows interest in it, the boss might be added to the mod.

  • The Wall of Bronze was a boss similar to Wall of Flesh from vanilla Terraria that served as the Underworld's heat source. It would've frozen the Underworld upon defeat. It was scrapped due to its AI being too complicated to work with at the time.

  • A sprite exists for a Profaned Cultist that would've worked similarly to the Lunatic Cultist. It was a devout worshipper of Providence and would've been fought before her.

  • Alpha and Omega were a Dual Boss that served as a counterpart to Skeletron Primenote . They would have been based off the sun and moon respectively, with Alpha being a ranged supporter and Omega being a ranged attacker.

    Alpha was planned to have an Alpha Soothing Sunlight Blaster, Light Cannon, Summoning Orb, and Profaned Greatsword. Omega was planned to have an Omega Missile Launcher, Plasma Cannon, Lunar Ray Blaster, and Greatsword of Judgement. They were scrapped due to no longer fitting in with the mod.
    • However, a similar boss to this named Oblivion may make it into the Boss Rush, replacing the Exo Mechs used in Draedon's fight.

  • The Mirage Mallah was a sentient mirage who tricked others to their deaths For the Evulz. He was as easily fooled as he fools others, and Yharim once claimed to have cursed him so that he could not escape from the Desert. He would have had three phases, and beg for mercy once defeated. He was scrapped due to not fitting in with the mod.

  • A lava-themed Vent Turtle boss based off thermal events living at the bottom of the Abyss was considered briefly. It would've had a shell attack and would attempt to flee once said shell was broken, but would've been crushed by the water pressure. It was originally intended to be a reward for reaching the bottom of the Abyss, but was replaced with the Terminus Shrine.

  • A sun-themed boss was considered for a while, but was scrapped. Not much is known about it, except that it acted like the Lich from fellow mod Terraria: Thorium.

  • Biome Mimics for the Desert, Ocean and Snow biomes were planned. This was offered as a suggestion and may get into the mod.
    • A variant named the Cosmic Mimic would spawn post-Devourer and drop developer gear.

  • The Polterchest was a post-Devourer miniboss that would replace Headless Horsemen. It would have acted similar to biome mimics and shot Greek Fire.

  • The Daedalus Cyclops was an enemy that existed to drop Providence's summoning item. It could teleport, summoni Pixies, rain down projectiles, and shoot Magnet Spheres in Expert Mode. It was most probably scrapped due to no longer fitting in with the mod.

  • The Nemesis was a post-Moon Lord plague-themed miniboss. It was scrapped due to the Jungle being too bloated and the Plague Marsh being cut. It has been fully animated, but not publically revealed.

  • The Void Terror/Hive Monster and Void Soldier were enemies in the Void Biome. Void Terror would have been a worm and Void Soldier would have been a normal enemy or miniboss. They were cut along with the Void biome.

  • The Rylunter was a rhinoceros-esque enemy planned for the Hallow expansion. It was scrapped along with said animation.
    • Fantasia was a miniboss for the Hallow expansion. It was also cut along with the expansion.

  • An unnamed fish enemy was planned for the Sky temple. It was scrapped along with the biome.
    • Scavenger was a miniboss for the Sky Temple that behaved similarly to the Guardians from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Its sprite was used as a placeholder sprite for Ravager. This enemy was scrapped along with the Sky Temple.

  • Killer Polyp and Pinkeye trout were planned entities for the Abyss. Killer Polyp would have used tendrils. They were cut for unknown reasons.

  • An unnamed crab for the Sunken Sea was planned, only to be replaced with clams due to not fitting in with the peaceful nature of the biome.

  • The Profaned Orbitor was a planned Profaned enemy that was most likely scrapped due to a lack of sprites.

  • I-Zor was a miniboss for the Solar Eclipse that consisted of Eyezor piloting a mech based on the Wall of Flesh's AI. It was scrapped due to no one making sprites for it.

  • The Astral Hedgehog was an Astral enemy that was scrapped due to not fitting in with the Astral Infection.
    • Astral Heads were the Astral version of Meteor Heads from vanilla Terraria. They were scrapped due to more original enemies being created for the Astral Meteor.
    • The Astral Ship was an Astral-themed flying saucer. It was most probably scrapped to prevent the Astral Meteor from being too bloated.
    • The Astrophage was an enemy proposed for the Astral expansion.

  • A Goblin Tank miniboss was briefly considered for the Goblin Army invansion event.

  • The Undead Lancer was an enemy that would have dropped and Undead Lance. Not much is known about it.

  • A large terrestial enemy for the Brimstone Crags was planned but scrapped for unknown reasons.

  • The Profaned Elemental was originally a sprite for the Profaned Guardians, but it became its own enemy when the Guardians got a resprite. It was ultimately scrapped for contradicting the Elemental lore.

  • The Plague Zombie would have looked similar to a Blood Zombie with a green colouring. It was cut due to a lack of sprites.

  • The Overloaded Tomb Crawler was described as a blue tomb crawler. It was most likely cut due to lack of sprites.

  • Crimulan and Ebonian Gel Zombies were planned but cut due to lack of sprites.

  • The Blighted Seer were planned NPCs borrowed from “Omnir’s Nostalgia Pack”. It would have had green eyes and dark red/black skin. It was most likely cut due to lack of sprites.

  • The Armored Dragon God was another NPC borrowed from “Omnir’s Nostalgia Pack”. It would be metallic with blue electricity. It was most likely cut due to lack of sprites.

  • A samurai NPC was planned that was possibly a town NPC. Not much is known about it.

  • The Clay Buddy was an NPC that would follow you and give a shield buff, among other things.

  • The Essence of the Devourer was a post-Devourer NPC that was probably the Devourer of Gods in another form.

  • There was scrapped Sky Temple biome associated with Xeroc. Not much is known about it.

  • The Great Sea was an aquatic biome that had a castle and used teal water sprites. It was later reworked into the Sunken Sea.

  • An Ice Castle biome probably belonging to Permafrost was briefly planned. It was likely scrapped due to the lore stating that Cryogen was the castle instead.

  • There was going to be a Plague Marsh biome but it was cut, most likely to save space.

  • A Void/Hive biome would have spawned after defeating Andromeda. Said biome was reworked into the Astral Meteor.

  • An idea for a mud/swamp biome was briefly thrown around for the mud hydra (see Bosses above). Not much is known about it.

  • Several boss minibiomes were planned. They were most likely cut to save space, though they might return in the future.
    • The Devourer of Gods' minibiome would have had distorted gravity.
    • Yharon's minibiome had special coloured trees with yellow spots, and was supposed to give off an eerie feeling.
    • A Profaned biome and another unknown minibiome were also planned. Not much is known about them.


  • The UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Murasama was a planned upgrade to the Murasama that would have been able to emit gusts of energy, and allow the player to use a dash which acted as a better counter scarf dash with a certain key. It was supposed to be a key part in defeating Yharim, but was scrapped due to one of the sprites being unfinished and the developers not wanting to code it. The sprites for the sword, dash cooldown, and attack are still in the files to this day.
  • The Dragon Claw was a proposed Uelibloom weapon that would have served as an upgraded version of the Mandible Claws or a mage weapon that created slashes, but also had a right click that would launch a large slash. Fabsol said that he would look back on it, but he has not yet done so.
  • The Bumblerod and Drill Cannon were weapons dropped from Bumblebirb and Ravager, respectively. Their functions are unknown, but a projectile sprite for the Drill Cannon exists.
  • The Black Bolt was a bow planned for Astrum Deus.
  • The Staff of the Guardian was a planned weapon for Providence. Its function is unknown, but based on its name, it can be inferred that it summoned miniature Profaned Guardians.
  • The Sulphuric and Bleach Powders were two items associated with Aquatic Scourge. Their function is unknown.
  • A summon weapon acting as a direct upgrade to the Slime Staff and a Nebula Blaster which acted like the Slime Gun but actually did damage were planned for Astrageldon Slime before it was scrapped.
  • Deadly Microbe was an Eater of Worlds/Hive Mind drop that would spawn infectious orbs around the player and deal massive damage over time to enemies touching them, while boosting damage reduction by 5%. This was presumably reworked into the Eater of Worlds lore item.
  • Pus Sac was a Brain of Cthulhu/Perforators drop that would emit an ichor explosion upon damage, giving a minute of ichor to nearby enemies and boosting damage reduction by 5%. It remains unused.
  • The Amaterasu staff was a summoner weapon that summoned flaming wolves, and it was possibly a reference to Ōkami. It is unknown why it was scrapped.
  • The Shroomling Staff was a planned Crabulon drop that would summon Shroomling minions. It remains unused.
  • The Sandtooth Staff was an item that would summon miniature Sand Sharks. It may have been reworked into the Forgotten Apex Wand..
  • The Plagueskito Staff was an item that summon Plagueskito minions that were rendered flightless due to the plague and had missiles attached to them and would have healed the player by a miniscule amount by attacking. It would be replaced by the Plague Caller, which summoned baby Plaguebringers instead.
  • The Aquatic Egg was supposed to be a rare drop by Aquatic Aberrations and Paraseas that would have summoned something. Exactly what it was remains unknown.
  • A legendary summon weapon was planned, and sprites for its minions exist, but it was scrapped due to legendary scaling being removed and its minions' multiple forms not fitting in with the rest of the legendary weapons which gained no visual effects from scaling.
  • The Voriken and Vortex Crossbow were Vortex-themed weapons. Voriken was scrapped due to it not being ranged, but it is unknown why the Vortex crossbow was scrapped.
  • The Tranquilizer was a planned gun that was able to switch between sniper and assault mode. It is unknown why it was cut.
  • The Phantom Scythe and Stardust Rifle were suggestions that were accepted and sprited by a developer. It is unknown if they went by Fabsol.
  • A weapon set for the Desert Scourge was intended to replace Victide at that part of the game, with Victide being moved to some other point in progression.
  • All of Alpha and Omega's arms would have been scaled down for the player to use, on top of Omega dropping a Lunar Shield dropping form Omega in Expert mode that would give the player almighty strength at night. They were scrapped along with Alpha and Omega.
  • Auric Wings were planned, but were probably scrapped due to Seraph Tracers existing.
  • Total Annihilation was a weapon found in the files of extremely early versions. Not much is known about it.
  • Marnite armour was planned, but scrapped for unknown reasons.

  • Most bosses have gone through multiple resprites. Some of the old sprites can be seen in the picture above.
    • Desert Scourge went from a blue worm into a drier-looking brown worm, which looks more terrifying than its old sprite.
    • Crabulon's new sprite has been changed to look much more accurate to normal crabs, with a lot more detail.
    • The eyes on the Hive Mind don't resemble the eyes of Eaters of Souls anymore, now having turned into Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness. It also gained four small legs that it uses for landing, two tubes that constantly pump out Corruption in its first phase, its "crown" is now composed of 6 True Shadow Scales that twitch during the fight. And it now has holes all over its head, which would definitely bring Trypophobia to mind. Oh, and it has become smaller, too.
    • The Perforator Hive has become a lot more mushroom shaped, with faces with rows of sharp teeth across its body and a shifting eye in the center. The worms, on the other hand, look much more terrifying than before by having their own Body Horror amplified.
    • The Slime God's sprite is much more detailed than its old one, and it gets a separate sprite for its second phase.
    • Brimstone Elemental's sprite has become more polished.
    • Calamitas and her brothers were originally just recolours of the Twins. In her case, she was one of Retinazer. Now, she resembles a flaming wood-like eyeball. She recieved another minor one later on, which made her fire more polished and added a more distinguishable difference for her second phase.
    • The Leviathan has gone from curved and tuskless to a more ferocious, bumpy look. A planned resprite may also give it a more streamlined, menacing appearance that does away with its missing back half.
      • The Siren, on the other hand, started out as a recolor of a sprite, then becoming its own thing albeit rather plain, to a gorgeously designed and detailed siren. Another resprite gave it a thinner, more polished look.
    • The Plaguebringer Goliath looked rather plain at first, then a bit more detailed as a Queen Bee recolor, before getting a more sleek design with fang-like mandibles.
    • Ravager's sprite has been changed to resemble a walking fortress with flaming towers, and overall looks far more polished and coherent.
    • Astrum Deus was changed from a rocky, predominantly gold-and-purple serpent to a metallic silver one with blue-and-red accents, to fit with the revamp of the Astral Biome.
    • The Profaned Guardians have become far more polished and organic-looking, with each guardian receiving its own unique sprite.
    • Formerly, Providence was a massive moth with red wings. Then, she was a large statue-like mass with flaming wings. Her current sprite takes this even further by giving her a more cohesive design with an actual head, pale purple crystals lining her "shoulders," and flame wings that now resembles a Daimonji.
    • Signus' cloak has become a bit more detailed as he gained two more eyes, all in pink, and his tail became more smog-like.
    • Ceaseless Void formerly resembled a mirror grasped between two claws. It has been redesigned to look more jagged, like a maw filled with teeth held together by crystals. A second resprite took this even further, detailing the sprite even more, adding Sucking-In Lines for the void itself, and changing its purple-and-pink wings to black ones made of chaotic void energy.
    • Storm Weaver got a resprite that made the armored phase look much more vicious, coated with spines and crystals, while making the unarmored phase look bigger and more threatening than its old sprite. Later it got another one that made it even spinier, with its armored phase getting more than one lightning-bolt design.
    • The Devourer of Gods gradually got more and more detailed through its many balances, culminating in the eldritch monstrosity that is his final form.
    • Like her clone, Supreme Calamitas went from a psuedo-resprite of Retinazer to a flaming, wood/metal eyeball like entity. A further update made her flames more polished, and added a more obvious tell when she's in phase 2. A planned resprite will change her design completely, giving her a humanoid form.

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