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Western Animation / Nellie The Elephant

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Nellie the Elephant is a cartoon for children from the director of the first two Mr. Men cartoons and the Animated Adaptation of Bananaman, which was broadcast in 1990.

Based on the nursery rhyme of The '50s, Nellie is a pink elephant who leaves the circus to the island of Mandalay with the other elephants, but yes, there is an antagonist, and it's the Ringmaster, who, in most episodes, tries to get her back to the circus! Nellie goes to all sorts of places before she leaves, such as beaches and Ski Resorts, and she apparently loves it, but it might not always go to plan.


The show was narrated by Tony Robinson, with Lulu not only singing the Title Theme Tune, but also voicing Nellie. Only 33 episodes were made, but still, the show was considered essential for children.



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