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When multiple dream universes are under threat by monsters that aim to destroy them, warriors are needed to protect these worlds. And that's where the Dreamers come in, the dream avatars of sleeping heroes that are capable of jumping into these universes to save the day!

Oh yeah and the sleeping heroes happen to be house cats.

The story follows Stewie, one of the newer Recruits, as he starts his new journey as a Fighter! Too bad he's a little too over-eager for the monster fighting action he was promised.


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Tropes used in this series

  • Alternate Universe Getting into the "Buffer Zone" requires the cat to fall asleep in the normal Waking Universe, waking up their weird colored Dreamer selves in the "Buffer Zone".
    • And then there's the multiple universes they jump into (from the Buffer Zone) on a regular basis
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife All the cats’ Dreamer forms, who have unnatural fur colors like blue-green, purple, and pink. And while there are cats that are pretty close to normal looking, none of them end up having the normal natural colors associated with cats.
  • Ambiguous Gender Varying levels, most of the cats look more or less like their specific genders but it's still kind of unclear for some of them.
  • Animal Superheroes Played with. The powers they have are commonplace in their Dreamer forms, but they can enter a universe and have the denizens think they're superheroes.
  • Cats Are Superior All the main characters are housecats
  • Civilized Animal They walk around on two legs, wear stuff like backpacks and halters for their weapons, speak English (or potentially a universal cat language since everyone is a cat) and are easily able to converse with other sentient beings. Otherwise they're normal housecats.
  • Cute Kitten Gkitten…kind of. If that direct staring is “cute”
    • The main 3 also look very cute as kittens
  • Dream Walker The cats sleep in order to get into the Buffer Zone, and in any universes connected to it, so they're effectively walking around in a collective dream all the time.
    • Most of the universes they enter are actual dreams of other creatures (even humans) that manifested into universes
  • Dope Slap Patches does this to Stewie on a regular basis, at least in the first chapter. She chills out afterwards
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning Stewie, Sandy, and Patches respectively.
    • Also covers the Alpha Trio, a set of 3 cats with the same powers Dominant that reincarnate into new cats every generation or so
  • Furry Reminder They're still normal housecats despite the standing on two legs and using weapons to fight monsters, and exhibit cat behavior on a regular basis, like running on all fours, or hissing and spitting on top of regular speech
  • Portal Crossroad World The Buffer Zone, where the cats start off
  • Personality Powers The cats usually follow along with what's expected with their powers, but there are also cats that are total opposites of these quirks too. Just like with cats following the behaviors of their breeds.
    • Lightning powered cats are generally anxious/restless and a bit twitchy
    • Ice cats have a tendency to be cold and distant
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    • Fire cats are usually Hot-Blooded
  • Power Glows Literally every power, even if it's something Shadow or Void related, has some sort of glow to it.
    • The Monsters appear to glow whenever the cats are wearing their goggles
  • Power Trio The main three: Sandy, Patches, and Stewie.
    • Most of the teams are this too.
  • Psychic Nosebleed Anytime a cat without Time powers gets caught up in the middle of any major Time Manipulation, this is the end result
  • Purple Is Powerful The reality destroying Monsters they fight are a specific shade of purple, and while they can be weak at times, they have the potential to be incredibly dangerous if left unchecked.
    • G-Kitten is the only cat in the series to match the Monster colors, for good reason , otherwise none of the cats ever get close to the specific shade.
  • Scary Teeth All the cats have sharp teeth, it's normal for them.
  • Super Powerful Genetics The cat’s powers can get mixed around based on what their parents have, with one Dominant and the other Recessive. Where the Dominant one is the main power and the Recessive one either boosts or weakens the Dominant power.
  • The Multiverse Jumping universes on a regular basis is part of the cats’ jobs. All of these universes range from incredibly simple worlds that are basically tiny islands in reality and nothing more, to something that is alarmingly close to our world with maybe one or two degrees of separation
    • Basically, if it isn't our Normal Human World (The Waking World) then the cats can jump into it while hunting down monsters
  • Time Stands Still Common with Time powered cats and their ability to freeze time, Stewie in particular has encountered this at least twice
  • Two Girls and a Guy Even though Stewie is the main guy of the group

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