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Welcome to Brigade Cafe! With the ever-cheerful owner behind the counter, cozy atmosphere, and good coffee all around, one would be hard pressed to not come in, take a seat, and spend a pleasant afternoon here...

Of course, if you've been getting the right information, then perhaps you're interested in the House Special: the service of the (newly reopened) underground organization, "Death Brigade". Currently it only consists of three members. First is the boss, Capu, the aforementioned polite coffee shop owner who smiles a great deal and likes professionalism. Then there's Kami, the deadly rabbit-eared wonder who really hates other people. Rounding it off is the newest member Demi, the exuberant costume-loving manga fanatic. Oh, and did we mention that they're all teenagers?


As the name of the group would imply, they primarily deal with killings, but if you have important goods that need to be recovered, or a kidnap victim to be rescued while you're at it, then they'll take care of that too. For the right price, of course.

Chapters 1-12 can be found here, and chapter 13 is here.

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