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Webcomic / Death and the Maiden

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Original title: Der Tod und das Mädchen. Mercedes was just an ordinary young woman who happened to have had a Near-Death Experience when she was a child. So when Death flags her down on the side of the highway trying to hitch a ride, she does the sensible thing and runs away as fast as she can. Too bad he's recognized her, and is now determined to reap her soul. But in this universe, there are rules that Death must follow: in order to reap a soul, the person must look him in the eye and name him. Having had to put up a few too many attempts at bargaining, it doesn't even have to be a specific name - any title will do. Wacky hijinks abound.

The comic by Austrian artist and writer Nina Ruzicka can be read here.

Has nothing to do with the 1990 play about a political prisoner and her rapist or the 1994 film that adapted the play.

Pulled offline by the author in 2018, citing lack of updates and changes in European copyright laws.

Death and the Maiden contains examples of: