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TheChr83 is a video review show hosted by Chris. He mainly covers pop music from decades ago to today.

Chris has two series:

  • The 10 Worst/Best Charting Hits from...: Unlike some of his contemporaries who usually make Top 10 Worst and/or Best lists of the biggest hits from an entire year, Chris instead covers specific weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • IT'S A ALBUM: A series where Chris covers forgotten albums that unusually stand outinvoked among their artists' discography.

His channel can be found here.


Trope Examples

  • Ad Bumpers: His lists include ad bumpers and random commercials for aesthetical purposes.
  • Everyone Has Standards: In The 10 Worst Charting Hits from August 1st, 1981, he almost makes a direct reference to a certain incident involving an artist when he compares the subject matter of "Shaddup Your Face" to other "fucked-up things involving someone's mother", only to hesitate.
    Chris: At least it isn't- [pauses] We're not going there, and we're never going there on this channel because even my sick sense of humor has limits. Next!
  • Shout-Out: Chris calls one of the characters from "All I Wanna Do" "Bimmy" after the infamous typo from the Double Dragon III NES port.

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