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Both Kaiden and Ashley will survive Virmire
  • N'tho, Tali and either Wrex or Liara (whichever one isn't with Chief when he's storming Saren's Base) will have Joker do a Mako drop to save the one Chief isn't going after, then jump boost to get picked up by the Normandy right in the nick of time. Sadly, if it's Kaiden with Kirrahe, the STG captain won't make it.
    • The coralary to this is that if Wrex dies, there's only one Virmire Survivor after all.

Saren/Sovereign's plans will involve at least one of the former 314 species.
  • Most likely the Jiralhanae or Kig-Yar

There will be a fourth major mercenary company in the Terminus Systems.
  • And its membership will be drawn from one of the former 314 species.
    • Confirmed, but oddly enough not in the main fanfic. Chapter 8 of the spin-off fic Last of an Ancient Breed features the Covenant Storm, the antagonists of Halo 4 as a cult / mercenary group.

The Fates of Master Chief's Former Companions after the Battle of the Citadel/Alchera System Incident:

  • Ashley and/or Kaiden will be promoted and assigned to other posts, eventually serving with Vega, Captain Toni, and/or the story's actual Shepard. They will meet Chief again during the Horizon Incident.
    • Ashley, if she survives Virmire, will refuse a promotion to commissioned rank until Chief gets one too.
  • If Wrex lives, he returns to Tuchanka per OTL, but he will be more impressed with human combat prowess and somewhat less impressed with human honor when it doesn't pretain to courage.
  • N'tho returns to his former unit, only to be permanently kicked out for insubordination. He eventually teams up with Garrus when he's kicked out of C-Sec/isn't even given the time of day for Spectre Consideration, and on Omega picks up the moniker "Seraph."
    • Or, thank to Chief teaching N'tho some discipline, N'tho raises through the ranks, become one of the best in Special Operations.
  • Tali returns to the Migrant Fleet. If Master Chief still got her some Geth hardware, she might forgive him. If he leaked some non-human or non-classified technology (like, say, plasma shielding or ex-Covenant beam weapons tech), she might even crush on him a little harder than she did Male Shepard in the game series.
    • He actually gave her a bit more than that. He copied the Forerunner Slipspace data that he gave to ONI and gave her the copy. As she was the one who originally found it, he mostly feels he was clearing up an earlier mistake.
  • Liara meets her father early, and has the same chat with her Shepard has at Eternity in Mass Effect 2.
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  • If this troper's math is right, Cortana should start showing some signs of rampancy about then.

Grunt will have a different name.

No way in #3!! Okeer would metaphorically referr to his pride-and-joy by the same handle as the Unggoy's Reporting Name.

New Companions for Master Chief in Part II/Investigating the Collectors:

  • The Virmire Survivor(s), just to show how different the story is.
  • An ODST, or at least a former one. (Bonus points if it's simply part of Jacob or Zaeed's new background)
  • Another member of the 314 species.
  • Shepard!
  • Blasto!
    • Bonus points if he acts more like the actual actor in the Citadel DLC and/or he knows Thane personally.
  • Captain Blasto, from the PS 1 game!
  • Mordin's medical student, an unusually intelligent Jiralhanae serving as an Expy of Beast.
  • Warlord Okeer, who will be in a Freudian Trio (or maybe even a Power Trio) with the person immediately above and /Grunt/.

In The Last Spartanverse, the Flood was an attempt by the Precursors to weaponize the Thorian or its ilk
  • Possibly to use against the Reapers somehow.
    • Flood are fungus based, not plant-based

The Forerunners were the Inusannon
  • Which means that there will be both Prothean and Forerunner ruins on Illos.

During Jack's Loyalty Mission, Chief will flash back to his experience with P.O. Mendez
  • If he performs this before Lair of the Shadow Broker, he will confess the true nature of the SPARTAN-II Project to Liara the next time he sees her, if he didn't already.

The Halo Array was a previous iteration of the Crucible
  • Only the Forerunners/Inusannon, having never quite managed to make it to see a Reaper Invasion, believe the design was meant for the Flood and so go a little overboard.

At some point, John will find out his real surname.
  • And it will turn out to be Shepard.

The Collectors will be working with the Covenant Revivalists in Part II
  • And one of the Crew Loyalty Missions will involve foiling the latter.

The Covenant Revivalists will be co-opted by the Reapers in time for Part III, somehow.
  • And their similarities to Cerberus will be lampshaded, somehow.

In part III, when the crew of the Normandy SR-2 (or whatever it ends up being called) is on Eden Prime thawing out Javik, the Covenant Revivalists will be on Requiem freeing the Didact

The Composer was created by reverse-engineering the Dragon's Teeth
  • The Prometheans will be compared to Husks and/or the Collectors at some point.

In Part III, Dino Jake will use the reporting names for Covenant husks from "When There Was A Tomorrow" and "Guilty Sparks".
  • He will also use a different reporting name for the Turian/Krogan hybrid husk, since Brute is already taken.

Because Chief just doesn't do discrete, the Omega DLC will be performed by...
  • ... Zaeed and/or /Grunt/. They are the only ones so far whose sense of ethics is loose enough, but who haven't in some way rubbed Aria the wrong way.

In place of a clone of Master Chief (Since simply cloning him won't be enough to create even somewhat of a duplicate of a SPARTAN-II), Dino Jake's version of the Citadel DLC will feature a different SPARTAN II presumed KIA, this one Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • Most likely Isaac-039, Fred-104, Black Two, or Black Three.

The Leviathans will take an interest in Chief long before they took an interest in Shepard in the original Mass Effect storyline.
  • They could possibly already be curious about him.

Cortana will make a Heroic Sacrifice at some dramatic moment.
  • Possibilities for exactly where in the storyline include:
    • To fill the role of the casualty on Virmire, allowing both Ashley and Kaidan to survive.
    • To insure the destruction of Sovereign with minimal human casualties, so that both Human and Turian/Asari War Assets are preserved.
    • At the Collector Base, to save even more of the crew and the Horizon colonists.
    • To insure the dispersal of the Genophage cure without Mordin going up to the top of the tower himself.
    • To imbue the Geth with True Sentience without sacrificing Legion.
    • So that Chief, Liara and Javik can retrieve Vendetta despite Kai Leng.
    • To ensure the Happy Ending Mod is Canon for this storyline.
  • During the epilogue, Dino Jake will have Chief re-enact the E3 trailer for Halo 5.
  • Urz, K9, or EDI will become Chief's Replacement Goldfish.

The Librarian's bodyshape appearance also influenced the beauty standards of the Quarians and the Asari
  • Just judging from their appearances

The Ghost of Elysium was...
  • Shepard. S/he is either an Infiltrator or else a Vanguard who picked up the Sniper rifle, based on the accounts from the Skyllian Blitz. To preserve his/her anonymity (Because s/he was supposed to be on some mission or other elsewhere in the galaxy), s/he stole a set of Semi-Powered Armor from a local collection, which looks enough like Mjolnir SPARTAN armor to fool most people at a distance. The resulting lack of fame is perhaps the biggest reason why Shepard wasn't even given the time of day for Spectre consideration, and Chief sailed through the process without even a whiff of competition.
    • But ONI did somehow find out, and either right now, or in Part II, Shepard will be in the Corsairs.

The Angel of Akuze was...
  • Miranda: We've gotten hints that Cerberus may have been able to make MJOLNIR Armor (since they are quite likely the ones who sent Chief the package in "ONI" packaging), and as the Angel of Akuze she may have "saved" the men not needed for additional testing so that the Alliance thought it was just a natural disaster, not a deliberate attack. She was able to take down the Arbiter, which few, if any, non-Spartans of her size are capable of, and she was already genetically modified to be perfect, so she was a good specimen to start with.
    • Given timelines, and that Oriana was a younger clone of Miranda, it's more likely the Angel of Akuze was an older clone, because Miranda would be a bit too young at the time.
    • So this means that Cerberus has the ability to make SPARTANS? Then, come Mass Effect 3, the Chief could be facing Cerberus troops on par with SPARTAN-II Is.

The Monster of Torfan was...
  • Kai Leng, because if you've read the novels, you know that what happened there was exactly his style. And with Buck long dead and Shepard probably accounted for somewhere else, he's one of the few non-SPARTANS to be able to pull this sort of mission off.

Master Chief will survive the attack that destroyed the original Normandy

Most ODS Ts will be either on the N track, or the B (Heavy Assault, which is Ashley's) track.

In addition to Turians, N School and subsequent training courses on the track will include Sangheili drill instructors too.
  • This troper would kind of consider it a no-brainer.
  • And Interplanetary Combatives school itself will be named in honor of either Buck or Johnson, or maybe both!

In the Last Spartanverse, Samara wasn't Shakespeare's Muse...
  • She was George Lucas' and Steven Spielberg's. Her ship caused the Roswell Incident, and she somehow managed to stay hidden and meet young mister Lucas-Walton. Her accounts of the lives of the Justicars greatly influenced Lucas' ideas about the Jedi Order.
  • And one of her Salarian crewmates was forced to hide out for a few years around Scottsdale, Arizona, where he met a young Steven Spielberg, and the incident formed the basis for E Tthe Extraterrestrial.
  • This troper basis this WMG on the fact that everything Mass Effect based has been pushed 500 years into the future to make the timeline work.

Tali and Joker will have much more favorable reactions to EDI in Part Two
  • Based on events of this present chapter, anyway.

Among the Experiments Saren will have going on at Virmire...
  • There will be an attempt to Indoctrinate the Flood.
    • This would be a natural extension of Dr. Saleon's Work in Chapter 19.

Thel will die during Mass Effect 2
The new Arbiter won't as popular, nor respected, whoever it is. Come the Reaper Invasion, Chief help him come out of Thel's shadow.

Either Shepard, Jacob Taylor, or Danielle Ackerson will be sent to bring Master Chief in during the evens of Part Two/Investigating The Collectors
  • The "lucky" character will be used in a manner similar to Commander Jamison Locke in Halo 5: Guardians.
  • Either just prior to going through the Omega 4 Relay, during the events of "Lair of the Shadow Broker," or just prior to lifting off during the Fall of Earth, there will be a big confrontation, resembling the one in the recent Halo 5 Commercials.

The Reaper Cycle in the Last Spartanverse is a galactic chess match between the Precursors and Leviathans
  • Flood and the Reapers are their proxies and the rest of the sentient species of the Milky Way are the
game counters.

Khalisah_al-Jilani will be hired by ONI

Somewhere out there, there is a Flood Reaper
  • Two cycles ago the Reapers woke up face to face with the Flood, the only spacefaring race in an otherwise silent galaxy following the firing of the Halo Array. The Flood did not starve to death, they were harvested and converted into a Reaper before that could happen. Whether part of the Reaper fleet, a scout like Sovereign, or an independent threat whose Precursor makeup was more than the Reaper programming could overpower.

Miranda is basically a Spartan sans MJOLNIR
  • It's been pointed out that Miranda is a lot more physically formidable than she was in official Mass Effect, being able to comfortably fight a slightly aged Arbiter in melee. That's something normally out of reach of Badass Normal soldiers and peak-physical-genetics shouldn't be much help in that department. But while the specific data about the procedures and processes used to create the Spartans was lost during the fall of Reach, just the fact that those procedures exist at all suggests a much more advanced general understanding of human augmentation than the gene therapy used in Mass Effect, and they've had another hundred years to iterate since then. While it isn't canon to The Last Spartan, that iteration is shown in the post-Halo 3 canon to be very successful, producing the superhuman Spartan-IVs who approach the physical stats of the Spartan-IIs. In this kind of context, where super soldier augmentation of some description is within reach by individuals with considerable capital, the idea of creating a "super baby" that represents the physical and genetic "peak" is a totally different proposition.
     Speculations on Chief's Love Interest 

So, assuming the screwdriver that Master Chief is straight, meaning that Kaiden and Steve Cortez are out (and ignoring that in canon the SPARTAN-I Is had their sex drives physically removed to make room for more combat enhancements), any speculation on who his love interest will be? Here are some pros and cons for each possible candidate:

Pro: Fellow Marine. Atoning for her grandfather being the first person since the Covenant War to surrender to aliens is something that might make Chief take her more under his wing.

Con: Those pesky anti-fraternization rules, plus she's rather obvious fangirl, which is the sort of thing that might turn Chief off.

Pro: The only person in the original Mass Effect close to Chief's chronological age. Dino Jake has also implied romancing her, so he might be biased towards her in particular.

Con: She's still an alien. Plus, in the first game she's incredibly naive, and in the second she's a tad too driven to get Ferron back to be particularly emotionally available. By the time she's ready for prime time during the Reaper Invasion, Chief may have moved on.

Pro: She had as good a reason to crush on John Sierra-117 as she did on Maleshep. Plus, they could theoretically bond over their mutual needs to be fully dressed in encounter suits.

Con: Unfortunately, that crush may have been killed by Chief's adherence to Alliance secrecy rules, and then there's the fact that she's an alien, too. On the other hand, maybe he can make it up to her... Which he did, so this is right back on track!

Pro: She's naturally charming, when she wants to be, plus, Chief, being a SPARTAN II, is no less modified than she, so she has much less reason to be insecure around him than she was towards Maleshep.

Con: Unfortunately, she can be a real brat when she doesn't get her way. Plus, no thanks to the Arbiter, her reputation proceeds her to Chief, and not in a good way, and not just because she's TIM's right hand woman. Also, Dino Jake isn't exactly a big fan of her.

Pro: She's basically everything Chief, well, Linda, Kelly, or Jaye anyway, could have been if Reach had been as staffed with @$$#013$ as Pragia and the Covenant hadn't invaded, keeping the Insurrection more of a shades of gray conflict. That sort of thing is bound to cause some shock to him once he's been to Teltin, and maybe find some common ground. And with her biotics, she's one of the few people who could get into an escalating argument with Chief and hold her own, for a little while, at least.

Con: She has more and bigger issues than a lifetime subscription to Sports Illustrated or Time. Even with You Tube playthroughs to help you through it, getting through her romance successfully is a razor-edge challenge with no margin for error, and Chief isn't really Shepard.

Pro: All of Liara's good qualities (from Chief's perspective) plus the seasoning of age and experience.

Con: But she's still an alien. Plus, she'll still see reason to shut Chief down if he starts making the moves on her.

Pro: Well, it's not totally impossible. She'd have as much reason to be a Chief fangirl as she is Shepard's, at least in Game Two, anyway. And this troper suspects that Kasumi will find that Chief probably looks even better working out than Jacob.

Con: Well, considering that she's an utter and unrepentant kleptomaniac...

Pro: Well, if she exists, then unless she has the Sole Survivor service record and was stuck on Earth, Reach, or Arcturus Station shuffeling e-paper during the upcoming Battle of the Citadel, she'll be the third most decorated individual in the Alliance alive (After Chief and Anderson). Definitely closer to Chief's equal than Ashley. Plus, each origin has something in common with Chief's.

Con: Those anti-fraternization rules will still be in force.

Other possible love interests, some more cracky than others:


Cortana in Eva Core's Body

Captain Lee Riley

Aria T'Loak

Matriarch Aethyta

Dr. Chloe Michel

Gianna Parasini

Emily Wong

Helena Blake

Nyreen Kandros


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