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Heartwarming / The Last Spartan

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  • After having some time to think it over (and after having run-ins with a pro-Slipspace organization filled with aliens and a Terra Firma rally), Chief goes to Tali and gives her a copy of the Slipspace data they had collected so she can complete her Pilgrimage.
  • The name of the Lutaball team for the planet Reach? The New Alexandria Nobles. They are remembered.
  • On Reach, there's a Graveyard for the Spartans. All the Spartans. Even those from the first and third generation. It's humbling.
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  • Chief gets his crew together to apologize for his actions, and says that they're free to leave if they so choose. They refuse and say they'll follow Chief to wherever his mission takes them.
  • Chapter 49 reveals that the Master Chief released the Rachni Queen and lied to the Council about it to keep her safe.

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