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Artorius is the cause of the catastrophe. At least, Velvet thinks so.
That event, that cost her arm, made her witness of some nefarious actions of Artorius (maybe sacrificing someone whom she tried to save to Malaks).
  • Confirmed. Artorius did sacrifice someone—her brother.

Velvet will be an Expy of Zero.
Just something that caught me when I saw her design and how she was described. Question being if they can properly handle such a character is another matter entirely. And then there is the fact that the games they both star in are Prequels.

Velvet's bandages are covering up a Red Left Hand.
Most likely a scar from the event that changed her forever.
  • Sub-theory: Velvet's left hand contains a great power, akin to the God Hand. She may have gotten this power during the incident, or maybe this power led to the disaster.
  • Confirmed Literally, it is not a scar but a giant red clawlike hand.
The game takes place in the same world as Tales of Zestiria.
This is due to a character in the most recent trailer having the same crest on his cape as a character in the trailer for the Tales of Zestiria animation.
  • This theory is being suggested more as new info is revealed. The young boy who travels with Velvet has highlights at the tip of his hair just like Seraphim, the symbol appears even more, people turning into werewolves in a similar manner to malevolence, and the masks worn by several soldiers are similar to the ones worn by the by the previous Shepherds turned Seraph.
  • Confirmed

Laphicet is Maotelus, Beseria will be his Origin Story
  • Beseria takes place during a time where the Glenwood continent doesn't receive his Maotelus' blessing and thus is an infertile "Wasteland".
  • Laphicet uses the same weapon as Lailah who was a disciple of Maotelus.
  • He seems to use lightning elemental artes, Maotelus-armatized-Heldalf could use Indignation.
  • Also according to an obscure fan made Japanese chart trying to decipher the Japanese versions of the true names "Laiphacet" will give you something close to "Maotelus."
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  • Confirmed in the ending.

Aifread makes an appearance in Berseria.
Tales of Zestiria has an area called Aifread's Hunting Ground. With Aifread's recurring role as a pirate/explorer in the Tales series, combined with Berseria's Ocean Punk theme and setting and status as a prequel, maybe Aifread shows up in some way or form to establish the grounds that would bear his name in the future.
  • With his first mate appearing there is a chance that the captain himself will appear.
    • Confirmed.

Eizen appears in Berseria either as an NPC or a playable character.
Edna was implied to be pretty old in Zestiria and Eizen is even older than her so he could probably be a young seraph Velvet picks up along her journey. Maybe in a situation like Elize in Tales of Xillia where she was freed from Hamil by Jude and Milla, Eizen is rescued from slave traders by Velvet.
  • The most recent magazine scan reveals that there will be a character named Eizen present in the game, but whether or not this is the same Eizen mentioned in Zestiria remains to be seen.
    • There are a ton of hints that this is Edna's brother. They both possess the same hair color with the tips being a yellow-orange color, they both possess blue eyes, and the boots Eizen wears in his character art are similar to the ones Edna wears (which she explains in a skit that they used to be her brother's).
  • This is mostly likely confirmed. However, Eizen is said to be 1,000 years old in Berseria's time.
    • Confirmed. Its the same Eizen. He's just really old even in Berseria's time.

The other four great Seraphim will appear as playable characters specializing in their element like the seraphim in Tales of Zestiria.
Could happen so that all of the elements can be covered.
  • Jossed. The Seraphim in this game don't even appear to have specifically elements, also there's only two playable Seraphim.
    • Semi-confirmed. The other four great Seraphim do show up and specialize in their elements, but as humans, before their reincarnation as Seraphim.

Velvet will die at the end of the game and be reincarnated as Lailah.
Because why not?
  • Jossed.

Alternatively Velvet will turn out to be Mikleo's ancestor.
She has a similar fringe style, face, and eye shape to Mikleo, plus she looks similar to him in a screenshot with her hair tied back
  • Likely jossed? Velvet is sealed away in the ending, she cannot have a descendant, and all of her family members who could have become seraphs.

Velvet becomes the first Shepherd.
She could be purified and Laphicet becomes her prime lord and they start the legend of the Shepherd together.
  • Jossed. Laphicet becomes Maotelus in the ending to purify the world. Artorius is more like the first shepherd.

The Abbey becomes the Shrinechurch.
Possible since they seem to be a major power.
  • Not technically Jossed, but there's already an existing Church that just gives their power to the Abbey, its probably just that church. The Abbey are holy warriors, not a church specifically. Percival also says he plans to write the Abbey out of the history books.

Magilou might be the one who becomes Lailah.
The way she is described seems kind of similar to Lailah in her silliness masking something deeper and being a powerful artes user. That could be how even if humans turned seraphim don't retain their memories they can still retain their personality.
  • Her relationship with other seraphim could also be used in this theory. Lailah seemed to know Zaveid and Edna from before the events of Zestiria. If she were Magilou, this would account for both of them, because she would've heard about Edna through Eizen, and also because Velvet's crew encounters Zaveid during the events of Berseria. Also, she could've developed the fighting style she uses in Zestiria based on Laphicet, a party member who fights alongside Magilou who also uses paper as his weapon.

Velvet will get a badly dvrawn wanted poster of herself, from the Abbey.
It's mentioned Velvet has attacked the Abbey on more than a few occasions, and it's revealed Eleanor has her sights set on Velvet. It's also another way to keep the Running Gag of badly drawn wanted posters of the main hero(ine) since its start in Tales of Symphonia.
  • Jossed. The characters joke about becoming notorious enough to get one in a skit, but sadly we do not get to see one.
    • While we don't get a portrait, many NPC's do make hilarious exaggerations about what they heard about Velvet's appearance.

The game will end with humans losing the ability to see Malaks, thus starting the age of the Seraphim.
They never say what caused Seraphim to disappear from human eyes during Tales of Zestiria. Maybe this game will show what happened.
  • Confirmed, but Malaks were invisible to humans before the Opening three years ago.

The game will have a Downer ending while various post credits scenes will set up Tales of Zestiria
Given that there are so many foregone conclusions such as Daemonblight not being cured, everyone not being able to see seraphim and what happened to Eizen, it is likely going to end badly. However post credits scenes will give the player hope that things will get better which leads into Zestiria.
  • Alternatively, it'll be Bittersweet ending, because they'll defeat even greater Big Bad.
  • Semi-Confirmed. Velvet sacrifices herself to seal away Innominat without resulting in the deaths of Laphicet and the other Therions. Laphicet gives home to humanity in the form of a cure for Daemonblight... at least a temporary one anyway, which still can't purify everyone. Not fully a downer, but it is mixed.

The headquarters for the Abbey becomes Artorius' Throne in Tales of Zestiria.
The name Artorius has popped up a few times so it could be possible.
  • Shots of Artorius' Throne are shown in the trailers. So it might be confirmed.
  • Semi-Confirmed. Artorius' Throne isn't technically the Abbey's headquarters, but it acts like it during the course of the game. Its a shrine built to house Innominat, Abbey headquarters is actually located in Loegres but we don't get to visit it.

The Abbey swordsman that Velvet fights is Alisha's ancestor.
The swordsman, Oscar, looks pretty similar to Alisha with his hair and eye color. Also, he could be the one who slays the monster and creates the special armor that Alisha uses in Tales of Zestiria.
  • Teresa, the female exorcist Eleanor protected from Velvet, could be Alisha's ancestor as well considering they are half siblings.
  • Some pictures for comparison. We have Alisha ,Oscar and ,Teresa.
  • Jossed. Oscar dies and becomes one of the four Great Empyreans.
    • Well ... not entirely Jossed as background material say that the Dragonias are a kind of side branch to the Asgard family, the family where the royal families of both Hyland and Ronalce are descended from. However this ends up making Alisha's relation to Oscar super indirect.

The masked woman from the trailer is Lailah or has some relation to her.
Their outfits look similar.
  • And now it's been revealed that she the masked woman, Seres, is a Malak with power over fire which adds another similarity.
    • Not only that but she has the same design as Lailah in terms of hairstyle, with Seres having shorter hair, hair color, with her hair being red with silver/white tips which is the exact opposite of Lailah's silver/white hair with red tips, and she even wears a dress that while a different color, is almost identical in design to Lailah's. Also we know Lailah is over a thousand years old, knows Edna and Eizen, knows a lot of what has happened. Zestiria the X shows that Seres uses Fire, Healing, and Supportive artes and we know Lailah has all three . It's possible she changes her name to Lailah or even the name Seres is a fake name.
      • Seres was a human before becoming a seraph. Her face is remarkably similar to that of Lailah.
  • Possibly jossed? Velvet eats Seres and throughout the game she pops up in her mind. Eventually the two say goodbye but it's unknown if Velvet cast her soul out or if it was absorbed.
    • There's so many hints that Seres could be Lailah, but Seres disappears during the course of the game and we never get an accurate answer. Lailah is never mentioned, but Velvet does mention that Celica loved her puns.

Velvet will become Aifread
Information on Eizen says that he's looking for Aifread due to him going missing. Plus there's supposedly an NPC in Tales of Zestiria that says that they heard a rumor that Aifread was a woman. It could stand to reason that something may have happened to Aifread which could have Velvet decide to take over. Though this would also mean that Eizen would also end up being unable to take charge of Aifread's pirates.
  • Jossed.

The party is the direct cause of why the Malak eventually become invisible to normal humans and the Demonblight remains uncured, uncontrolled and allow it to continue havoc on the world.
And it would be something to do with the fact that they wanted to kill Artorius or at least stop him. They would eventually succeed but their actions will cause these events to occur.
  • Semi-Jossed. Malakhim weren't visible prior to the events of the game. The party is responsible for Malakhim becoming invisible again, though. The party also improve the conditions of Daemonblight by providing a method of purifying it. However, Artorius' plan would have completely eradicated daemonblight... at the cost of humanity and malakhim's free will.

Magilou is not actually human or at least not 100% human.
Even though the official site says she is human. However the trailers show her using magic that looks like Seraphic/Malak artes without the aid of a Malak and she has those very pointy ears that, unless it's a genetic mutation, indicates that she could be half human or maybe a Malak pretending to be a human.
  • Maybe she's a Daemon with a human form. She doesn't have the colored hair tips like other Malak/Seraphim nor do they have pointy ears like her.
  • Seemingly Jossed. Her pointed ears aren't explained, but she does use a malakhim for her artes: Bienfu. All indications are that she's human.

The masked woman is the seraph Innominat.
This is due to her association with Artorius as his throne does contain Innominat's crest which may indicate worship or a partnership with said seraph, and in the trailer she is shown to be with Artorius and offered to tell Velvet about his whereabouts when asked about it.
  • Jossed. But Innominat does appear.

Someone's going to be "lost" at the very end of the game.
The Tales writers do so love their Bittersweet Endings lately. After Milla in Xillia, either Ludger or Elle in Xillia 2, Kunzite and Lithia in Hearts, and most recently, Sorey in Zestiria, I'm betting that the trend will continue, and another party member and/or prominent NPC friend will be "lost" at the very end of this game too, solely just to make an otherwise triumphant victory over the Big Bad into a last-second Tearjerker before the credits roll. Whether they die, or become "isolated" and never be able to see their friends ever again, is up in the air.
  • Sadly, Confirmed. It sounds like there is a good reason for it, though, and its not just to be a tear jerker.

The one who caused the catastrophe was actually Velvet though most likely unintentionally.

Our main heroine possesses Daemon powers in a world where people with Daemonblight are looked down upon. Artorius' plan that the protagonists go against will probably involve ridding the world of them just as a Shepherd should.
  • Confirmed. After losing his wife, Celica, and their unborn son in a daemon attack and seemingly betrayed by the villagers of Aball, Artorius loses faith in humanity and decides to rid the world of pain, suffering, daemons, and malevolence by reviving the Empyrean Innominat and suppressing humanity's emotions and free will.

Velvet goes down in history as a Lord of Calamity.
Her powers are associated with the monsters in the world that Artorius, who is supposed to be the savior, is meant to get rid of. So while she may achieve her goal for vengeance, history will paint her and her party as the bad guys as they eliminated the Shepherd.
  • Confirmed.

Laphicet is connected to Velvet's brother.
In the latest trailer, Velvet's brother was shown with a sheet of paper depicting a compass just like the one Laphicet holds.
  • Maybe Velvet's brother gets reborn as Laphicet and she feels a connection to him because of that and decides to help him.
    • Confirmed, but the connection is loose. Laphicet is Velvet's nephew through her older sister, reincarnated as a malak after dying before he was born.

Artorius is the one who becomes the Lord of Calamity.
According to Zestiria's perfect guide early in the timeline, like around 3000 years before Zestiria or even before that, was the first recorded instance of a Shepherd. The trailers indicate the Berseria is the first occurrence of hellions likely caused by the scarlet moon event and Artorius is likely either the first Shepherd or a Proto Shepherd as he is working to try to kill them all off and try to make the world a better place. However it also says that the first Shepherd also became the first Lord of Calamity. So maybe Velvet ends up making him realize that what he's been doing was wrong and he has a Villainous Breakdown that causes him to think that the world is not worth saving after all if all his work ended up being for nothing makes him overcome with malevolence that he becomes the first Lord of Calamity.
  • Jossed. Velvet is referred to by the Exorcists, who are basically shepherds, as the Lord of Calamity. Artorius is the first shepherd.

Seres and Magilou merge minds somehow to create Lailah.
Zestiria the X shows Seres uses magic similar to Lailah's, and her appearance is also very similar. Seres would explain her affiliation with previous Shepherds, since in Zestiria, there was a skit involving an Earthen Historia that shows Lailah with another Shepherd, but Sorey decides not to pressure her into speaking about it at the time. However, that doesn't explain her affiliation with the normin, but Magilou would. In Zestiria, Lailah and the normin made references to a work strike that happened in the past, which could occur during the present of Berseria's era. Assuming Bienfu ends up becoming Atakk, since both have very large headwear for their small sizes, that would explain Lailah's affiliation with the normin. Magilou would also account for Lailah's quirkiness, as one of the above theories suggests, as well as using books for weapons since Magilou was affiliated with Laphicet. Remember when Lailah and Sorey first used the armatus in the sewers of Ladylake, they couldn't end it right away, and Sorey just had to wait for time to run out. While it was assumed to be an issue about Sorey being a new Shepherd, it could be an issue on Lailah's end as well. If she is a fusion of Seres and Magilou, then she might be used to fusions being the permanent type, not the temporary type associated with the armatus.
  • This could also explain why Lailah goes from being serious and focused, to telling jokes and being very cheerful. Sure she was largely avoiding talking about things she couldn't but Seres was shown to be very serious while Magilou is very comical. If they did merge then it could explain why she has no idea how long it's been since she was human. Alternatively perhaps Seres and Velvet fuse together somehow.

Magilou's coffin is in Zestiria.
Partway through the game, we find out that Melchior and Magilou both have the last name Mayvin, although Magilou is adopted. It's possible that the coffin we saw in Zestiria in Trizolde Cave that had a female Mayvin was actually Magilou.
  • Not confirmed, but it is heavily implied in the ending. A side quest in Berseria events hints that Lulu is her old friend. Zestiria the X confirms this, but the anime is only loosely connected to the games.

The only games in the series to have actually happened are Berseria and Zestiria.
During the end of Berseria, Velvet and Innominat!Laphicet are sealed away together, and — as is shown in the credits — go on coma dream adventures together. The problem with this is that the world they're exploring is based solely on what Velvet experienced during her quest, as is evidenced by the fact that they meet the same people as she met in real life. Eventually, Velvet's limited grasp on the world gets old to them, and so they decide to try and shape their own world. It works, and as a result, they do this many times over, thus creating the entire rest of the "Tales of" series in the form of coma dreams, with the exception of Zestiria (this also explains why certain aspects of Zestiria went so under explained: Sorey experienced them like a real person, which means that sadly, you don't always get all of the details on things you experience in real life, unlike the meticulously thought-out worlds that Velvet and Laphicet developed). This is also the reason for the consistency of the cooking mechanic (as Velvet likes to cook), and the smart character (as Laphicet loves to learn).
  • Additionally, when Sorey and Maotelus took their rest at the end of Zestiria, their spirits came across Velvet and Laphi's, so they joined in. This (and some creative difference-related tension between the four of them) resulted in the split campaigns of Xillia (which was itself based off of a pengyon and a woman Velvet and Maotelus met). Milla was crafted as a middle-ground between Velvet and Sorey's moralities, and unfortunately, they got into a bit of an argument halfway through, which Laphi and Maotellus capitalized on, resulting in that part in Xillia where Milla missed out on a good amount of plot-relevant information.
  • They were more cautious during Xillia 2, which resulted in the dialogue choice system. Of course, tensions rose back up by the time of the climax, and we received the different endings: Velvet got so fed up, she decided Ludger should just Kill 'em All for the sake of his brother (sound familiar?)
  • This also ties well into the ship exploration mini-game. What seems like references to past Tales games were in fact Velvet's source of initial inspiration for the stories she would later dream up to become past Tales games!

Rose uses Rokurou's fighting style.
  • Rose's fighting style is a form of Rokurou's fighting style, modified and refined from years of practice and combat.
    • Rokurou and Rose both use dual daggers to fight and some of their artes have similar animations.
    • Rose's Jade Luminescence Mystic Arte is called Rangetsuryuu Kawasemi in Japan. Rangetsuryuu. The Rangetsuryuu part even uses the same kanji as Rokurou and Shigure's signature Mystic Artes (嵐月流)!
    • Rokurou mentioned that "four of [his] five older brothers are dead", meaning he and his older brother Shigure are the only surviving heirs of the Rangetsu family. The Rangetsu family has two fighting styles: one using a greatsword and one using twin shortswords/daggers, with the twinsword style being used to help train greatsword practitioners. Rokurou ultimately kills Shigure toward the end of the game, leaving him the last of the Rangetsu bloodline, and in the epilogue, he's seen still using his twinsword style. With Shigure dead, there are no other users of the greatsword style, leaving the twinsword style as the sole form.
    • Rose's fellow Sparrowfeather /assassin, Eguille, taught her how to fight, suggesting he uses the same style. He and Rokurou have similar appearances (skin tone, hair color, hair style), suggesting he could be his descendant (Assuming daemons/hellions can still reproduce with humans normally.)
      • Given that humans can be daemons and other humans can't see the humans that are daemons after Berseria's ending, and some daemons can maintain their will in both games... it is totally possible Rokorou married and had descendants.
    • Also in either the perfect guide or a different guidebook Rokurou is stated to have taught some people he came across the Rangetsu style. So in the event that Rokurou didn't end up having descendants Rose would've learned it from the descendants of the people who were taught by Rokurou.

Magilou is Rita Mordio's ancestor
  • How else would you explain a 15 year old being the world's foremost scholar of Blastia and possessing that level of magic? Not to mention, the snarky attitude. She had to "get it" from somewhere.

There will be a third game to complete the trilogy.
  • There will be a follow up in the distant future in which Sorey, Maotelus/Phi, Velvet, Mikleo, and let's be honest here, thanks to Popularity Power Zaveid is a lock as well, once awakened from their various slumbers go on to deal with the True Seraphim revealed in Berseria's bonus dungeon and finally fight the root cause of the world's Malevolence. Most Tales games find a way to stop the big overarching Supernatural threat, like the The Adephagos and Miasma or at least stop them from being an everpresent problem. Since the Zestiria duology didn't do this, its absence is glaring.
    • However this seems unlikely due to Zestiria's Japanese reception and quite possibly the Alisha controversy. Heck Berseria coming out seems like a miracle in on itself as Zestiria was that unpopular.

Lailah is a reincarnation of a human that was supposed to be a reincarnation of Seres/Celica
. But she died as a baby or before she was born.
  • This is due to the fact that Lailah shares many of Celica's habits, looks, and personality traits yet she, or rather her malak form Seres disappears during the events of Berseria. Since we don't get any hints of her returning it can be assumed that she died unknown what her ultimate fate ended up being. Between Berseria and Zestiria her soul could've tried to get reincarnated back into a human but it didn't last long as she died as a human. However this theory is based on a not very common piece of fanon that say that seraphim/malakim reincarnate as humans after they die continuing the cycle of reincarnation. This is seemingly helped by Tales of Zestiria the X as in the ending there is a child that looks like Dezel, a seraph that died in an earlier episode having many fans speculate that he did reincarnate as a human. Coincidentally, Lailah also shares a common trait with seraphim that were born as human as well as seraphim that died as babies. For the former she has the whiteish hair that seraphim like Mikleo, Phi/Maotelus, Seres, Eskeo, and even Innominat have all of whom were stated to be previously human in one way or another. As for the latter in a skit in Zestiria she states that she doesn't remember her origins which is a trait that Phi/Maotelus and Mikleo have, two seraphim who were clearly stated to have died as babies or before they were born and were shown to be unaware of their origins until a Big Reveal. If she wasn't born this way then she would have stated her origins when asked about them instead saying "I'm too old to remember" as the seraphim whose origins we know minus Phi/Maotelus and Mikleo clearly state that they were previously human or born from the elements no matter the age as in Berseria we have 1000 year old Eizen clearly state that he was born from an earth pulse without indication of having a hazy memory. So if Lailah died as a baby and later became a disciple of Maotelus she would've been more or less a blank slate and likely relearned the traits she had two lives ago thus making her another incarnation of Celica.

Seraph Aksha from the Zestiria sidequest is Eleanor
  • There is very little reason to believe this, and if you don't believe a certain other WMG, this becomes vastly less credible, but if you will, consider the following, starting with the weakest bit of evidence first:
    • They both have red hair. I know, Celica and Seres have different hair colors, but consider if you will that even in a technicolor-hair world, there are only so many colors to choose from. The thought that some human might be reborn as a seraph with the same hair color as them isn't too far fetched (plus, Eleanor's hair is lighter than Aksha's).
    • Aksha Aksha was friends with a female Mayvin who had died 300 years ago. It is already theorized that said Mayvin is in fact Magilou, which creates a tie with Eleanor, but the issue becomes the poem Aksha recited, in that it is vastly more sentimental than anything Magilou expressed during the events of Berseria. This can be overlooked, however, as A: Magilou was shown to have a softer side that she let out in VERY short spurts that were few and far inbetween during the course of the game, and B: Spending a lot of time around Eleanor will eventually wear you down, no matter how morally gray you are. She's a paragon of morality that cannot be stopped by any force besides debatably the Lord of Calamity.

Magilou may have been Zesteria’s/Berseria’s version of an elf.
The most we know about Magilou’s family is that her parents abandoned her because her high resonance freaked them out. We’re also never given an explanation why she’s the only character (even including all NPCs) to have pointy ears. And pointy ears in the Tales series are usually reserved for non-human characters, like the elves from Phantasia and Symphonia. However elves are not one of the races you can find in Zesteria/Berseria. It’s likely they don’t exist.

But what if Magilou was actually the first elf or elf-like person in their world? Magilou’s unique features could’ve been the result of a genetic mutation! High exposure to mana and/or Malaks altered her biology while in the womb, turning Magilou into a unique high-resonance elf like being, despite having human parents.

This WMG would also add to her secret insecurities and self-loathing. One of the reasons she feels lonely is because she always felt that she looked different from humans. She was neither human nor Malak, and so she had nowhere to truly belong.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that Magilou never reproduced. That’s why we never see characters that look liked her in Zesteria. The Mayvin title is simply passed down to a chosen descendent. So in the history of their world, Magilou was the first elf, and unfortunately the last.


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