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Velvet and Eleanor
Eleanor might need to be careful where her eyes wander when she makes comments like that.

  • These two get quite a bit of this throughout the game. They arguably have the biggest change in their relationship out of any characters in the party. They go from being enemies, with Eleanor specifically wishing to take Velvet's life to uneasy traveling companions to eventually friends. Eleanor becomes Velvet's confidant towards the end of the game and Eleanor cries as she witnesses Velvet commit her heroic sacrifice to seal Innominat in a Deep Sleep.
  • In the animated opening, party members, namely Rokurou and Eizen, are depicted having brief fight scenes with other key characters, but the opening has quite a bit of extra focus given to Velvet fighting Eleanor even after showing Eleanor being a member of the party as if to give a possible sense of Foe Yay.
  • After joining the party, Eleanor gives a summary on Velvet to herself which most of the party overhears. It starts off with Eleanor describing Velvet's abilities until she then starts to get fixated on Velvet's clothes and makes more than a few interesting observations about them until Velvet begins talking to her and Eleanor offers to mend Velvet's clothes. The exchange gets more interesting from there. Additionally, the positions they place the characters in the skits makes it look like Eleanor is staring at Velvet's breasts, and Eleanor appears to be lightly sweating while doing so.
    Velvet: You'd mend my clothes? Have they been worrying you that much?
    Eleanor: I mean, not like .... constantly or anything. It just crosses my mind from time to time ...
    Velvet: Are you good at it?
    Eleanor: Yes ... I'm told I come across as awkward sometimes, but if nothing else I'm good with my hands.
    Velvet: I see. If I ever need it done, I'll come to you.
    Eleanor: (with eagerness) Good, just leave it to me!
    Velvet: ... Are you feeling all right? You're really sweating. You should keep washing and bathing on your own schedule like however you did before falling in with us. Just let me know and I'll make it work. (leaves)
    Eleanor: (slightly awkward) Sure ... All right. Thanks. (alone) That was a surprisingly normal thing for her to say ... I probably shouldn't bother with her clothes for now. We girls have to be considerate of each other ...
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  • Velvet asks Laphicet regarding Eleanor's condition cause her to come across as a tsundere toward her. Magilou even lampshades this possibility.
    Velvet: I don't mean how she looked. I mean how she actually feels.
    Laphicet: Oh ... Well, she looks like she feels much better.
    Velvet: (relieved) Good.
    Laphicet: (smiling) You're worried about her, aren't you Velvet?
    Velvet: No, it's nothing like that. (leaves)
    Magilou: Let me tell you something kiddo: When young maidens ripen, they have trouble expressing their feelings.
  • When discussing the possibility of keeping Eleanor under surveillance when bathing, Velvet suggests either herself or Magilou to keep a watch on her.
  • Velvet knocks out Oscar after Eleanor starts to cry, and Velvet condemns him for making a 'girl' cry. She is tempted to kill Oscar, but she decides not to solely because she knows it would push Eleanor over the edge. This is even before she is aware of the existence of Malevolence and how it could affect Laphicet as well.
  • When Velvet spares Kamoama's life, Magilou playfully speculates that Eleanor's pleading caused Velvet to change her mind.
    • Notably before this moment, Eleanor generally addressed Velvet as 'Daemon' to her and started referring to Velvet by name after this event.
  • At Titiania prison, Velvet gets angry at Eleanor and their faces come really close as Velvet breaks every illusion that she had over the Abbey's actions.
  • After they arrive in Aball both Velvet and Eleanor loudly shout they aren't the others friend at the same time much to the vendor's amusement. You would think they were denying to being each other's girlfriends.
    • While they are in Aball, Eleanor even mentions she didn't think that Velvet had the ability to smile.
    • Eleanor describes that she would think that Velvet was a strong hard working woman who took care of her brother which gives the impression she visualizes Velvet in such a role.
    • In one skit, Eleanor strangely wishes to meet a man that Velvet could have fallen for.
  • Later on in the game, Velvet playfully remarks she is glad she 'captured' Eleanor, and Eleanor actually thanks Velvet for doing so much to Velvet's surprise. Additionally in later skits, Velvet and Eleanor can be seen standing next to each other more often than they were early on.
  • When the party is heading towards Hellawes to prepare their plans for waking the Empyreons to weaken Innomiant, Eleanor speaks to Velvet after Velvet wakes up. She interrupts Velvet's self-loathing and makes it clear to Velvet that she is far from the only reason why the world is messed up. Afterwards, Velvet is left to muse which one of them is more stubborn.
  • Velvet speaks with Eleanor one-on-one during the traditional night before the final battle rather than with anyone else, including Laphicet. She entrusts Laphicet to Eleanor in case anything happens to her. Afterwards, Velvet and Eleanor playfully comment on how Eleanor has an oath to obey Velvet's orders and Velvet remarks she is glad she kicked Eleanor's butt.
  • In the Mother's Hope quest, it ends with Velvet making a very interesting comment to Eleanor.
    • At the moment you get the achievement for completing the quest, Eleanor is visibly looking at Velvet's chest. The achievement text asks where Eleanor's eyes are looking now. The game outright tells you to look at Eleanor checking Velvet out.
  • In a DLC skit, Velvet happily offers to put sunscreen on Eleanor's back which Eleanor happily accepts. Then Magilou buts in and asks Velvet to put sunscreen on her back to which Velvet is less enthusiastic to agree to.
  • When Velvet is committing her Heroic Sacrifice, Eleanor is the first one to understand what Velvet is doing. Eleanor is the only party member besides Laphicet who receives a closeup of their reaction to Velvet's sacrifice. She is also the only one besides Laphicet to begin crying at the sight. This acts as a Book-Ends since Eleanor was crying the first time she met Velvet and now she is crying when she sees Velvet disappear.

Velvet and Niko

  • Velvet and her village friend Niko have a large amount of subtext between the two of them. Depending on how you read into their relationship, the way the two interact can certainly be seen as more romantic than was probably intended. At the start of the game, both of them admit to each other that, had either of them been male, they would have fallen in love with the other, so it seems innocent enough.
    • But then Velvet falls prey to Melchior's illusion of a non-desolated Aball and things get... weird. First off, while Velvet's first reaction to Niko being alive is understandable even from a purely platonic standpoint, she then overhears that Niko has refused to marry until she returns, which could be seen as Niko pulling an "I Will Wait for You." When they 'reunite,' seeing Niko alive causes Velvet's personality to begin reverting to what it was like in the prologue, even before she finds out Laphicet is supposedly still alive. Furthermore Niko's body language, such as hugging Velvet and resting her head on Velvet's breasts, also seems oddly affectionate, as does her reaction to Velvet being a daemon. And keep in mind, all of this is meant to represent Velvet's picture of an ideal life. Not to mention, in the closing credits Velvet dreams of Niko being alive and cooking dinner with her. Had one of these characters actually been male, one could be forgiven for interpreting their relationship as romantic.

Eizen and Zaveid

  • Back in Zestiria they were already a popular ship despite Eizen not even being introduced as anything but a dragon. In Berseria he's fully fleshed out while Zaveid's girlfriend Theodora is a faceless dragon. It doesn't take a genius to draw the parallels.
  • With the revelation that giving someone your true name is very often a love confession, the scene where they do just that in front of the whole party becomes this.
  • In general, they seem to have some interactions that can be read as Belligerent Sexual Tension later in the game, more specifically during Zaveid's side quest.

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