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Claire is gay (or bi)

  • Claire spends almost as much time complimenting Penny's fashion choices as Ray does, though she's more subtle about it. The one time she walked in on Penny changing, she was very careful to keep her eyes above the neck, which wouldn't be an issue if she wasn't interested in girls. And then of course there's the fact that she's quite touchy-feely with Ray, but at the end of the novel insists she never had any feelings for him. Even the fortune-teller machine in Chinatown makes it clear that she was never a threat to Penny.
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  • Also, Claire's powers are a variant on her mother's, but while Claire's cuteness ability works on anyone regardless of gender (though there are some people who are naturally immune), her mother's sex-appeal power only works on males. It's stated that a lot of powers have a subconscious element, so it could be that their powers take into account who they are attracted too. This would also partly explain why Claire's powers work better on people she fan-girls over like Gabriel than one's she doesn't like Jagged Bones.
  • Possibly related: Now that I think of it, why exactly has Lucyfar seen the inside of Claire's wardrobe meaning she recognised Claire's original superhero 'costume' ?

The machine Penny was using to activate her superpowers actually worked

  • In the first chapter Penny is messing around with a device her father designed to induce super-powers and gets zapped. Nothing seemingly comes of it and its abandoned soon afterwards but that's because Penny's powers start coming in, harder and faster than expected. It actually working would explain why her powers came in so much faster than expected and actually getting the frequency right by accident is surprisingly plausible under the sort of logic that drives super-hero stories.

Claudia will eventually get a proper superhero moniker
  • But it will still use the GG initials. Grey Ghost or something similar that plays off her all grey outfit.

Claudia is Bull's daughter
  • Children of supers are expected to inherit powers, though nothing solid says they have to inherit their parent's powers. Claudia's family is a complete unknown to the reader, but we know Bull has a daughter he distanced himself from Penny's age...
  • Further evidence for this theory: Both Bull and Claudia have Irish accents and they both have physical powers.
  • Additionally Bull refers to his daughter as Cat and in the teaser for book 3 it is revealed that Claudia's middle name is Catherine.
  • Confirmed in Henchmen when they are finally reunited.

Brian Akk knows Penny is a supervillain
  • It takes a pretty hefty dose of intentional blindness for Audit/Brainy Akk to not figure out their daughter is Bad Penny. Believable, as 'making it personal' and unmasking each other are pretty strictly against the rules (almost) everyone plays by. The Audit is more than willing to break the rules, but only stopped by Brian, who also went out of his way to give Penny a critique on her fight, with a quick and dirty tutorial. Also fits in with his lackadaisical attitude to the threat TIM poses, while Mech is playing them up as being the real deal and Audit is fearing for Penny's safety.

Penny's power is actively malignant
  • It is mostly seen in the first book, but Penny's blackouts tend to happen when she is alone, and her power is very, selective in the information it gives and when. Penny says that her power does not repair her equipment, but it offered to repair the conqueror orb in Mech's lab. Either her focus/specialty is in conqueror tech, (which is possible) or it is picking and choosing when to give her information. And it's choice of conqueror tech for repair work is ominous.
    • Possibly confirmed in Nemesis. At the least there is an evil part of Penny who resents all the times Penny suppresses her power's more evil inventions, particularly it's fondness for wanting her to make bombs.

Penny will be the one to lift the curse from Marvelous
  • Unless the problem has been solved offpage, then Marvelous is still cursed and the curse itself has resisted both technological (via Brian Akk’s invention) and magical treatment.
  • As seen in Henchmen, Penny has the capability to perceive how other people’s powers work. This and the ability to combine both magic and technology in single inventions could be the key to restoring Marvelous’ powers.
  • The Jade Statue has the capability to curse others and possibly could be modified to lift curses.
  • If the cure involves merging magic and mad science, then “magic science goo” will be a component or Cybermancer’s assistance will be required.

Spider isn't actually a spider.
It is a well known fact that the most powerful type of superhero or supervillain in this setting isn't the Flying Brick (with the exception of Claudia who has clearly won the Superpower Lottery when it comes to just how much raw power and speed she has) but the Mad Scientist who can constantly create new inventions to give themselves (or others) additional powers by proxy. What if Spider is actually just a female mad scientist who specializes in biotech (possibly explaining why she wanted to send Penny into space in the Second Book to try and have her return with some samples of Puppeteer tech for her to work with) who has created a gigantic spider that she can control through any possible number of ways. The real Spider can sit at home and casually drink a nice cup of coffee while manipulating the gigantic Spider in Chinatown from clear across the city. The lair would have been strung up with carefully hidden speaker systems which would explain how a gigantic Spider can speak perfect English. This would help explain who writes those letters Spider likes to send (she can do it herself) and why Spider has no problem assembling a Legion of Doom before the big heist in book one. She has no reason at all to worry about someone (or even several someones) trying to attack her, because she wasn't actually even in the same room and if things did get out of control they'd only end up doing the high tech version of Fighting a Shadow.

That or the real Spider is a woman with brown hair in pig tails who has the power to possess and (and thus speak through) a gigantic spider that she discovered somewhere beneath the streets of LA.

  • Jossed in I did not give that spider superhuman intelligence. Spider is just a mad scientist's experiment that went rogue.

Lucyfar is actually a demon.

In Spider, Mammon says that with more power, he could summon a "being of black fire, a true fallen angel". It is possible that this is Lucyfar.

Penny's power is actually magical in nature.
I don't really have any particular reason for this, other than it's seemingly omniscience and the implication in one of the later books that it's actually a possession based superpower. I just think it would be hilarious given her father's dismissal of magic.

The bubblegum machine Ray sold will somehow be a Chekhov's Gun in the final book
Penny's power isn't actually Mad Science
  • As we see in Moon, she is actually capable of learning real science and creating replicable technology, she just normally goes into a fugue state before she can get elbow deep in sweet sweet science and made assumptions about her powers early on that meant she wouldn't even try. Whatever her mad science abilities actually are, they either aren't her main power or are in fact actively restricting her ability to access an analysis power similar to her father's.

Entropy is the Bearer of the Ring Of The Black Cat.
  • He's an extremely powerful supervillain with powers of destruction, decay, and bad luck, and he looks like a humanoid black cat. And this setting clearly has superpower-granting magic items knocking around, in addition to all the other superhero tropes.

The Lutras powers are tied to their personal sexual preferences
  • We are told in no uncertain terms that Claire's Mom slept about a lot with men with such frequency that she doesn't know who Claire's Dad is, yet are never given any indication she feels the same way about women so we can be fairly sure she is only attracted to men and her powers are stated to only work on men several times.
Claire is Asexual
  • Related to the above: Claire is never being shown demonstrating physical attraction, other than Penny's misinterpretations of Claire and Ray's friendship in the first book. Her interactions with other characters such as Gabriel, Lucyfar and others who you might expect a hormonal teenage girl (and daughter of the Minx) to be attracted to are entirely platonic and/or fangirl geekiness. As such her powers effect men and women but in a purely platonic fashion, causing those affected to find her cute but in the way you might think of a puppy or a baby - not at all sexually.
  • Claire may not yet be aware that she is asexual, perhaps due to her hero worship of her mother and desire to emulate her so she has not given who she is attracted to much thought.
    • Her Mom might know or suspect, as at one point in book one when Penny is visibly frustrated by Claire and Ray going to practice parkour together ( It Makes Sense in Context ) Miss Lutra tells her that she "Has nothing to worry about"

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