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The series is a prequel to Carmen Sandiego.
  • The Odd Squad headquarters is the start of the future Acme detective agency, Ms. O will be the chief, and Agent Olive will become Carmen.

Oscar is a Doofenshmirtz.
  • He is an Absent-Minded Professor in a lab coat that invents crazy gadgets with the "-inator" suffix.
    • Confirmed, I guess? It wasn't really a secret.
    • Confirmed how?

There will be a crossover with Peg + Cat.
  • They're both mathematics shows on PBS Kids, they're both produced by The Fred Rodgers Company, and they both have to do with odd stuff. It shall be called, The Odd Problem
    • While not Jossed, this is very unlikely. PBS doesn't have a lot of crossovers, and their settings are irreconcilable.

The agents of Odd Squad age backwards.
  • It would explain why everyone treats them like adults, and the quotes "I'm getting too young for this." And "To be young again" from Ms.O and Olive, respectively.
    • It does not however explain the 7-year-old who brought her grandfather to work in "Trading Places" who is stated to be 81 and says that he likes being old.
    • Jossed that they age backwards; more like they don't age at all. We see Ms. O working as an agent in The '80s during the time-travel stories, and she's neither aged nor de-aged a day.
    • Oscar has a make-you-older-inator, so they can age backward or forward as the situation requires.
  • In Odd Beginnings, the Big O mentions that she can control whether or not she ages.

Otis is a former villain.
  • He's said to be the new Olive, implying he has previous experience with the squad. He didn't go to the academy, nor did he read the manual. He's a bit awkward, and the site reveals he's with the squad under an agreement. Odd Todd recognizes him and Otis, a new agent, is chosen to do the important task of bringing an agent over to the Good Side.
    • Confirmed in Odds and Ends, although he was a reluctant example. Raised by evil ducks, he broke with his family when he discovered their plan could destroy the world, passing on information to Ms. O and arranging their apprehension.

Ohlm has dyscalculia.
  • Just a weird feeling. Not sure how many signs he really exhibits, but he tripped some sort of radar when I was watching him today.
    • Jossed by "Odds and Ends", which reveals he's actually an Evil Genius who took top Academy marks, but was so outraged that this didn't earn him instant promotion to Big O that he set out to destroy Odd Squad. His bungling idiot act was all a ploy to let him mess up Odd Squad operations while passing off deliberate sabotage as incompetence.

Otis's true identity.
  • None other than ... Sammy Squirrel from Training Day! Think about it- very agile, loves toast and the (squirrel-sized) tables that come with pizza but afraid of ducks. Also, Oona's face changinator had a squirrel setting and Odd Todd recognized his scent. Only question- why would Ms. O know of his past and still let him in?
  • Jossed: he's not a squirrel, he's a duck by adoption. He turned in his family of evil ducks to Odd Squad because their scheme to end winter would've roasted the planet. Ms. O personally trained Otis to be an agent (and a human) so he could start a new life and make amends. He's afraid of ducks because he thinks his family will come after him for revenge someday.

Ms Oh's Age
  • She's a Time Lady who regenerated into a child but kept her intelligence. I know It sounds crazy, but there are theories that Tommy Pickles is a Time Lord. Explains how she has been around a long time. Heck, maybe the organization was founded by young Gallafrayians to investigate odd things.

Another theory about Ms. O's age
It's the juice that keeps her young. Anybody that's been shown as older than they look drinks the juice as well.

Brutus will betray The Shadow
  • You know the classic trope Et Tu, Brute? That was taken from when Marcus Junius Brutus assassinated Julius Caesar. Brutus is the name of The Shadow's assistant in the season 3 premiere. Maybe he will betray her and join the heroes.

    • Most likely jossed, due to The Shadow pulling a Heel-Face Turn, and the last time we see Brutus (and by extension, the other villains) is in the Tube Central Station. So maybe it’s confirmed, but an inversion?

The Odd Squad Mobile Unit Van Computer
  • The Van Computer is a reassigned Carol (formerly "the Math Room"), who needed a new job since the field agents started using smart watches instead of the Math Room to help solve problems.

Odd Todd was inspired by Sweeney Todd.
  • It's been said before that he was based on the Joker, but I don't find it too outlandish to say that he could've been based on Sweeney Todd as well. I mean, his name is Todd, he has black hair with a white stripe in it, and one of his villainous acts is releasing a "pie-nado" in headquarters.

Some of the Odd Squad agents aren't human; they just look like them.
Specifically agents like Miss O or Orla who were Older Than They Look. In this theory, they're still kids despite being much older than the agents who are actually confirmed to be ages like 10, 11 or 12 (AKA actual children) due to their species having extremely long childhoods. This could also tie into the "the juice is a youth serum" theory above because it could only work on non-humans due to Bizarre Alien Biology.

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