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So much oddness, so much awesome!

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    Odd Squad as a Team 
  • Forget the characters for a moment, Odd Squad itself is a Moment of Awesome. When Olive and Otto get into headquarters through the tube system in the series premiere, we get to see the inside of the headquarters for the first time in the series. Any first time viewers will be amazed when they see all the odd creatures and happenings in the main office space. And Olive stated this was a quiet day.
  • 6:00 to 6:05: Olive and Otto feeding a group of hungry dinosaurs and saving Odd Squad from being destroyed by the dinosaurs.
    Ms. O (Oprah) 
  • Ms. O is made of awesome. She knows karate, can defeat any villain, knows all the agents' strategies, and does excellent on cases as well. To say she's a Pintsized Powerhouse is an Understatement.
  • Soundcheck: There was an incident involving one of Soundcheck recent songs making 4 of everything disappear, but when Otto worked with Soundcheck to create a +4 video, it added 4 to everything missing 4, but also added four to everything else. So how does Ms. O resolve this? She stated they had to do a remix featuring both songs.
  • Double Trouble: A minor example, but Otto joking dared Ms. O to say "the doubles out of trouble" 10 times fast. And guess what? She actually managed to do it, and at an insane speed as well.
    Oscar: (After Ms. O said the tongue twister) She is one impressive lady. (Otto looks stunned)
  • Reindeer Games: Ms. O helping Santa save Christmas and deliver his gifts to the other half of the world using the Odd Squad tube system.
  • Oscar and the Oscarbots: When Oscar's 25 Oscarbots transformed into a giant robot, Ms. O didn't show any sign of weakness, she just stated she ha something else to fight and immediately went into a battle position.
  • Totally Odd Squad: Ms. O easily beating Olive, Otto and Oscar in an RPS match towards the beginning.
    • When 80s Ms. O was "captured" by the Patternista, she instructs Oprah and O'Donahue to feed her fish while she's away, while paying extra close attention to how many times they feed the green fish. But O'Douahue decided to retire, leaving Oprah to solve the case on her own. She realized 80s Ms. O didn't have actual fish, so it had to be a clue. She figures out that the green fish specifically had to be code for "Green Street" and found out the address to know where to go find her. But when Oprah actually went into the warehouse where 80s Ms. O, was. 80s Ms. O told her that the whole case was a test to see if she was worthy enough to be her replacement once she retires. And Oprah passed and was allowed to become an official Ms. O.
      • The fact the Ms. O was able to stall the agents with her story long enough to take the last jellybean out of the jar, and walk off smugly.
  • The One That Got Away: Ms. O and O'Donahue pulling a Batman Gambit on Equal Evan so they could finally catch him after years of failing to do it.
  • O Is Not For Old: It happened offscreen, but she still single-handedly managed to defeat all the oddities by herself, with nothing but her bare hands, without losing her skill or confidence. There's a reason this lady's in charge of an Odd Squad district.
    Agent Olive 
  • In Bad Luck Bears she had to play for the Bears team after all the other players were injured. When she actually went onto the field, she absolutely dominated the game, and the team did in incredible job on the field, and caught up to the Rams. With 30 seconds left in the game and the game tied, she was surrounded by Rams on all sides, and is scared for a moment, but then remembers her favorite play - the Grizzly Bear Growl. She performs this move, knocking the Rams away, and scores the winning basket for the Bears. Is just goes to show how much of a super-fan she is of the Burly Bears. And she was only 12 years old!
  • Training Day was one huge episode to the plot, but Olive's definite moment of in the episode has got to be her shutting down a pie-nado her previous partner released
    • Before that we officially get to see Olive going full tomboy and getting her confidence and serious personality we know in the main series. Complete with Olive saying her signature catchphrase before stopping the pie-nado
    Olive: Let's go!
    Agent Otto 
  • Any time Otto proves himself to be serious on a case.
    • In Skip Day, he uses a jetpack to save Olive from falling hundreds of feet to her death in free fall, because Olive had an odd case of the Skips and forgot to put on a parachute while skydiving. (It's a long story.)
    • In The Great Grinaldi, Otto realized The Great Grinaldi, his favorite magician, was accidently splitting things into multiple pieces during his performance. (Ironically, he was talking about him towards the beginning of the episode.) Plus he and Olive got to be his assistants and help him restore everything.
    • Life of O'Brian: We never got to see it in action, but Otto somehow managed to stop a giant laser chicken without Olive to support him.
    • Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Otto managing to get past Oscar's laser beam security system and shut it down by ''dancing'' his way through it. With Soundcheck music no less.
  • Flatastrophe: Otto using his Chekhov's Skill in paper folding to defeat Fladam.
    Agent Oscar 
  • How about the fact that he once made 25 robots resembling himself? That deserves a mention.
  • In Rise of the Hydraclops, he single-handedly defeated a giant Hydraclops with nothing but a stinky sock.
  • During Recipe for Disaster, after Oscar and the others figured out why a vertex opened, he closed the vertex using the Un-cone-tree-apple-orange-inator. (long story)
  • Trading Places: Three words: Oscar vs. Odd Todd. To be more specific, Todd had the flip-flop-inator which could flip numbers and change their order, such as people's age. But when Todd tried using the gadget on Oscar, it didn't work on him like it did for Olive earlier, since he was 11 with is still 11 backwards. Eventually Oscar started using the Todd's weakness as his strength, as he attacked Todd with 22 tomatoes, and took back his gadget using 99 magnets from within his lab coat. Todd didn't stand a chance against him!
    Agent Olympia 
    Agent Otis 
    Agent Oona 
    Agent Opal 
    Agent Omar 
    Agent Oswald 
    Agent Orla 
    Other Odd Squad members 
  • Best Seats in the House: During the B-plot of the episode, Octavia was running a top-secret mission, that involved Oscar getting his hair cut. Then towards the end, we see Octavia walking down the hall with a cat in her hands, and getting a lot of applause. Too bad we didn't see too much of her in action.
  • What Ever Happened to Agent Oz?: Octavia and Oz managing to foil Jellybean Joe's scheme after several failed attempts.
  • Say what you what about the villains, but some of their powers are pretty damn impressive. To name a few...
    • The Shapeshifter can morph into any person or object imaginable (although she can't do the same thing more than once a week.)
    • Noisemaker has the power to make people make various odd noises of his choice.
    • Fladam can flatten any 3-dimensional object, into a 2-D object with his glasses.
    • Jamie Jam can shoot jam out of her gloves.
    • Father Time can temporarily freeze time and everyone around him with his staff (but it wears off after a minute, and he can't use his power again for an hour.)
  • Before he became evil, you have to give credit to Todd and his incredible problem solving and villain-stopping skills. He became the squad's top agent in no time flat and stayed that way for quite some time.
    • His rise to power and Face–Heel Turn can also be considered this. He let his presence known by releasing a pienado and giving Ms. O and Olive and brief speech about how he's turned into a life of crime.
  • Trading Places: Todd managing to get Olive temporarily fired from Odd Squad by turning her 21 with the stolen flip-flop inator. (Olive was 12 previously and Odd Squad was a kids-only organization.)
  • Delivery Debbie deciding to use her doubles to her advantage, and run her business quicker in the ending of Double Trouble.
  • Polly Graph in general. She's proven to be the Only Sane Girl in a town full of idiots outside of Odd Squad.
    • Bad Lemonade: When she found out Odd Todd lied to her and tricked her into shutting down her lemonade stand, so he cause oddness, Polly used her bird-calling skills —which she had recently learned thanks to her spare time— against Todd and sent a hoard of pigeons to attack Todd.
  • How to Interrogate a Unicorn: An unnamed wizard stopping a tornado that went off in the library and restoring order.
  • Yucks defeating Olga during a flashback in A Fistful of Fruit Juice using nothing but a pair of juice boxes to make her slip.
    The Show 
  • Within the very first episode: (Zero Effect), the show has been dropping hints about something big that's yet to come. (Olive's previous partner was later revealed in Training Day). Proving the even a preschool-aimed program can have enough mystery elements to appeal to an older audience.
  • "Flawed Squad" It's the writers very first Villain Episode, and they really made the most of it. If this does prove how loved by the fandom the villains of the show are, nothing will.
  • The fact that they got the Kratt Brothers, themselves to guest star in a episode (Night Shift) (while already being on another PBS Kids show) definitely deserves a mention.
  • Isaac Kragten, Otis's actor, winning an Emmy for his incredible performance on the show.


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