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This is the Recap page for Odd Squad. Looking for the main page? Clicky-clicky here.


Recaps will presume you have already viewed the episode. SPOILERS are unmarked. Episodes are put up here.

Season One (November 2014 - May 2016)
  1. Zero Effect / Bad Luck Bears
  2. Soundcheck / Double Trouble
  3. "Crime at Shapely Manor"
  4. "Reindeer Games"
  5. My Better Half / The Confalones
  6. Blob on the Job / Party of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  7. Oscar and the Oscar-bots/Picture Day
  8. A Case of the Sing-Alongs/Ms. O Uh Oh
  9. Skip Day/The Great Grinaldi
  10. The Trouble with Centigurps/Totally Odd Squad
  11. How to Interrogate a Unicorn/The Briefcase
  12. Best Seats in the House/Agent Obfusco
  13. Life of O'Brian/Whatever Happened to Agent Oz?
  14. The Jackies/Invasion of the Body Switchers
  15. The Odd Antidote/The One that Got Away
  16. The Perfect Lunch/Odd Outbreak
  17. Rise of The Hydraclops/O Is Not for Old
  18. Dance Like Nobody's Watching/Recipe For Disaster
  19. Hold The Door/Flatastrophe
  20. Puppet Show/Mystic Egg Pizza
  21. 6:00 to 6:05
  22. The Potato Ultimato/Fistful of Fruit Juice
  23. Soundcheck Part Deux/Jinx
  24. Training Day
  25. Trading Places/Bad Lemonade
  26. Robert Plant/Game Time
  27. The O Games
  28. Captain Fun/Switch Your Partner Round and Round
  29. Trials and Tubulations
  30. The Curious Case of Pirate-it is/Oscar the Couch
  31. No Ifs, Ands, or Robots/Worst First Day Ever
  32. Undercover Olive
  33. Not So Splash/By The Book
  34. O vs. the Ballcano/Assistant’s Creed
  35. Now You Don’t See Me/Moustache Confidential
  36. Disorder in the Court
  37. Oscar of All Trades/Swamps N' Gators
  38. There Might Be Dragons/Dawn of the Read
  39. Olive and Otto in Shmumberland
  40. O is Not For Over
  41. Odd Squad Saves The World--"Big Graphics for a Big Trailer"

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