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"Play one to take us home" they do!
Believe it or not, Odd Squad has its own fair share of Awesome Music. Whether it's songs with Word Salad Lyrics, excellent BGM pieces, or solos performed In-Universe, there's something for everyone. It's little wonder that a soundtrack was put out for a majority of the Season 1 songs and BGM pieces.

NOTE: Some songs from Season 2 onward do not have official names, and are referred to by fan names. Spoilers are also unmarked, so proceed with caution.

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  • The show's opening theme, narrated by Olive for the soundtrack, perfectly embodies how Odd Squad as an organization is — business-like, but at the same time, strange and fun. It also serves as a good primary source of Leaning on the Fourth Wall by being the default ringtone for most agents' badge phones. The closing theme is just as catchy.
  • Odd Moments in History is a rousing orchestral piece that plays as BGM for the segment of the same name, hosted by Olive, but can also be found in scenes where something important is happening. It sounds almost militaristic.
  • Action Squad is a great rock ballad-esque tune for sequences where agents are gearing up to kick oddness right in its rear end.
  • Bit Squad, used as BGM for the episode "Game Time", combines the show's Leitmotifs with 8-bit music. If ever a retro Odd Squad video game were made, this would be the perfect theme for it.
  • The Odd Squad 80's Theme sounds fitting as a theme song for an Odd Squad video game, but still wouldn't be out of place in '80s music.
  • The Odd Squad Saloon Theme, which accompanies Oprah meeting up with O'Donahue and Olga at their Headquarters in "Fistful of Fruit Juice". Said Headquarters looks much like a saloon itself (without the alcoholic drinks, naturally), and it's only fitting that the music reflects the atmosphere of agents milling about, mixing up various concoctions, and figuring out problems.
  • Western Squad takes a sharp turn from being a slow country-style ditty to Showdown at High Noon music around halfway in. Mood Whiplash it may be, but it's all shades of epic.
  • Shapely Manor from "Crime at Shapely Manor" plays at the climax of the episode while Olive, Otto, Lord Rectangle and his guests all take chase after Miss Triangle and her siblings. As short as it may be, it manages to capture the delicate movements of the culprits as they move from room to room in the eponymous manor, and speeds up as Overcrank is used to show characters going from room to room (which ends with Lord Rectangle somehow meeting his clone).

  • Take Away Four, Soundcheck's first song featured in the show, is a straightforward, generic love song that has a certain charm to it, and an amazing rap from Matthew Armet in the bridge. PBS Kids would go on to release an official music video for it only 5 months after the episode "Soundcheck" was released.
    • Gonna Add One, a reprise of "Take Away Four", features Otto becoming an Ascended Fanboy and getting to sing with his favorite band in place of Danny T. While only for a short verse, Filip Geljo's vocals and singing talent is nothing short of phenomenal.
    • There's even a mashup of the above two songs!
    • The smooth jazz remix of Take Away Four, used as the Leitmotif for Otto's Soundcheck Room, is a slow, calm piece.
  • The Force of Gravity once again makes good use of Dalila Bela's and Filip Geljo's singing talents — only instead of singing with the Mayor and his high school glee club, they sing with Soundcheck. Matthew Armet delivers some pretty skilled beatboxing in the bridge as well.
  • Up, Down, Left, Right, the song that Otto listens to in order to bypass the bullpen's lasers in "Dance Like Nobody's Watching". If you thought his moves in the episode were slick, listen to the song in its entirety and try not to get up and dance yourself.
  • The chorus of Probably was featured in "Party of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" as background music, but it wasn't until the soundtrack released that fans could hear the song in its entirety. It's a Silly Love Song that talks about how a man may or may not be there for his lover since the future is uncertain and no one knows what to expect, but loves her regardless and believes that they are meant to be together.
  • Zoological features Tony D. going solo and taking the term "party animal" a little too literally.
  • "The Work of Heart", a duet between Danny T. and Olive that manages to prove the latter's innocence in her trial as a last resort against Odd Todd. While filled with Word Salad Lyrics like a majority of Soundcheck's songs, it's another chance for Dalila Bela and Lucas Meeuse to show off their incredible vocal talents, with Dalila's gestures really driving the song home.
  • The Saddest Song in the World of All Time and its lyrics may sound hammy, but the music video for it featured in Odd Squad: The Movie is one of the most tearjerking things to come out of the show's run, as Olympia, Oona, Otis, and Oprah all deal with their lives and what comes next for them after Odd Squad goes out of business. The song briefly veers into Narm territory, however, with Oprah letting out an anguished Skyward Scream after she instinctively yells for someone to give her a juice box, only to be told by another girl to get her own juice. The full music video for the song is less depressing, but still manages to be quite the tearjerker either way.
  • "Save the Day", which serves as the song for the end credits of Odd Squad: The Movie as well as when Olive, Otto, Olympia and Otis go up into space to stop the worldwide Dave invasion. If ever there was a song that perfectly fits the Big Damn Heroes trope, this is it.

    Season 1 
  • The song that the soundtrack derives its name from, Stop the Music, sounds just as great on the soundtrack as it does in "A Case of the Sing-Alongs". Dalila Bela and Filip Geljo both get to showcase their singing talents and have a mini-duet with each other, and it also features Millie Davis' singing voice long before she underwent Vocal Evolution and her singing became better over time.
  • Obfusco's theme is a perfect "I Am" Song that showcases his job of training Investigation agents with his tough but fair demeanor, and switches to a more lively, upbeat country tune mid-way through that, in a rather subtle way, reflects his tendency to speak in riddles and phrases that are hard to understand.
  • Oscar is Awesome, an "I Am Great!" Song focusing on the dorky but lovable Scientist following his tense and climactic battle with Odd Todd in "Trading Places". Sean Michael Kyer finally gets his turn to let loose on the mic, and he manages to rock the stage with his powerful voice. It gets a reprise in "Oscar Strikes Back" in the form of a Boss Remix that manages to sound even more intense than the original, with altered lyrics that perfectly describe Oscar after having gone through massive Character Development.
  • If there is any song that is a Moment of Awesome for the entire series in terms of music, it's Strange Weather. It's a Dual-Meaning Chorus song, with lyrics pertaining to both the pienado that Olive fights off and the completion of her Character Development as she grows from a Shrinking Violet into a headstrong Action Girl that refuses to back down even when taking a pie to the back, telling Odd Todd that she's fed up with his actions towards her and her workplace. The outro of the song that plays when Oscar performs a Heroic Sacrifice and lets himself be knocked unconscious while Olive makes the final shot to close the pienado's vault, as well as the nine piano notes played at the very end, is tearjerking, and manages to capture the aftermath of the massacre as Olive becomes the only agent still standing. There's no doubt that Strange Weather is one of the most beautiful and powerful songs of the entire series.
  • Win It All for the Win from "Undercover Olive", while full of Word Salad Lyrics, is an empowerment song for Olive, encouraging her to keep up her disguise as Kooky Clown and make her way through the Rock–Paper–Scissors competition to get the tube map so villains don't break into Precinct 13579's Headquarters.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? Why yes, it's Dr. O, who gets a short but sweet rap song that shows off her vast knowledge of medicine and makes good use of vocal chops from various episodes. While it's a rather odd Leitmotif for the Odd Squad Doctor and serves as a combination of a Boastful Rap and Gratuitous Rap, it's amazing nonetheless.
  • The Potato Song is one of the more memetic songs of the series, if not the most memetic. It's a short little ditty about Olaf's love of potatoes, but is often talked about in the fandom and has spawned a small handful of remixes.

    Season 2 
  • From "The Cherry-on-Top-inator", we have A Likely Story, a duet between Otis and Olympia that revolves around them stopping the Puppy Master's Evil Plan by going undercover as waiters at a restaurant. Midway through, a chef working at the restaurant joins them, and it briefly becomes a Gratuitous Rap as they attempt to determine what the Puppy Master's favorite dish is.
  • As noted above, the reprise of Oscar is Awesome from "Oscar Strikes Back" qualifies. It has less nonsensical lyrics than the original and is accompanied by Oscar taking down a small fleet of fellow Scientists using his seventeen lab coats in order to get a gadget in an elevator, all while Oprah looks on in shock.
  • Say You Did Wrong from "Odds and Ends" is done in the style of a Broadway musical and features Todd, along with some other villains, attempting to make Otis and Oprah admit to being villains so they have a chance to pull Heel-Face Turns. Joshua Kilimnik gets a chance to let his theater skills loose in his final appearance on the show, and it is absolutely glorious.
  • When it comes to dancing, it doesn't get quite as epic as You'd Better (Better, Better, Better) Be Ready from "License to Science". It's nearly a full straight minute of Otis making the bullpen his dance floor, with lyrics that reflect Oona's struggle of studying for her Department of Motorized Gadgets test. Isaac Kragten is a professional dancer, and make no mistake, this song is the pinnacle of his The Cast Showoff moments.
  • If You're Alone on Stage from "Orchid's Almost Half-Hour Talent Show" is arguably one of the best songs of the season, being a full duet between Otis and Olympia as the former helps the latter through her Performance Anxiety during the eponymous talent show. The second half of the song even goes full Dubstep as Olympia regains her confidence, with her and Otis dancing in perfect sync. It's a sheer testament to how much chemistry they have as partners.

    Season 3 
  • The duet between Opal and Orla in "Slow Your Roll" takes the vocal talents of Valentina Herrera and Alyssa Hidalgo and blends them together into an upbeat yodelling song that ironically serves as a lullaby to put a raging Madmelodia to sleep. Perhaps the best part of the song is when the first verse ends and Opal starts up the song again, much to Orla's surprise as she joins her for another go-around. Even after Omar manages to input the correct code needed to advance to the Main Control Room, they stick around to end their song with a flaired finish.

    The Movie 
  • Odd Squad Forever, which plays during the opening credits, is absolutely breathtaking. The animated visuals of Olympia and Otis riding through the tubes, as well as numerous oddities seen in the show, perfectly fits the action-packed, epic feel of the song. It's little wonder why fans believe it to be one of the best songs in any piece of Odd Squad media. One fanmade AMV for the song combines footage from Season 1, Season 2 and the movie into one action-packed video that shows Odd Squad doing what it does best: defeating oddness at its core.
  • Love the talented vocals of Jack McBrayer? Something Weird Has Just Happened shows what happens when he puts them to use in a Villain Song, and ironically enough, it's just as charming as Jack himself. One of the best parts of the music video is Weird Tom (the character Jack plays) celebrating another victory for the Weird Team by firing a T-shirt at Ohlm, Orchid, Olympia and Otis — Ohlm catches it, but Otis snaps and yanks the shirt out of his grip before throwing it to the ground and kicking it.
  • The ragtime piano piece that plays as Otis and Otto dance through lasers to shut off the security cameras in what was formerly Odd Squad's headquarters. Otto, being familiar with dancing to Soundcheck songs, can't quite get a handle on dancing to such old-timey music, but nonetheless, it's still entertaining to see the two ex-agents dancing to such an airy piece of music.

  • What's Inside My Desk? Olympia's here to tell you by delivering a fiery rap about what's inside her desk in her first solo song for the show as a whole. Anna Cathcart's gestures add a little extra spice to the song.
  • The O Song, from the episode of the same name, is a List Song where Olympia rattles off the names of some of the agents that work at Precinct 13579, intercut with shots of Olympia dancing at her desk. By the end of the song, she develops a brief bout of Name Amnesia and forgets her own name to add to the list.
  • The Button Song serves as a sort of reprise of the aforementioned "O Song", only it's about buttons instead of agents and has Opal as the vocalist rather than Olympia. Valentina Herrera's vocals perfectly match the upbeat enthusiasm the song has as she runs through the many buttons in the Odd Squad Mobile Unit van and what they do.


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