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Awesome / The Office (UK)

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  • Malcolm holding David accountable for trying to paint himself as a hero who "turned down a promotion by faking high blood pressure", seeing through David's bullshit and calling him out for his willingness to throw his employees to help himself.
  • Jennifer calling David out on his racist jokes in the workplace.
  • David telling Chris Finch what to do with himself in the finale.
    Neil: No dog with you today, David?
    Chris: [referring to David's date] Didn't you see her? She just left! [laughs]
    David: [Beat; smiles thinly] Chris! Why don't you fuck off. [leaves Chris and Neil in Stunned Silence]
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  • Dawn finally dumping Lee and kissing Tim in the finale.
  • Tim's annoying pregnant co-worker getting told off by the warehouse workers. Anyone who's had to deal with a pregnant woman that believes she's the centre of attention will get a kick out of this.
    Glynn: Do you think we care as much about your baby as you do? Just because you let some useless tosser blow his beans up your muff? Well done, merry fucking Christmas.

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