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Headscratchers for Odd Squad. Please refrain from "Something very odd happened" as answer.

The Shapeshifter always keeps her weight. OK, how does a 80 kg dove fly?

  • When she flies, the extra mass goes into Hammerspace.
  • Simple Series Continuity Error. If it doesn't help the story at hand, it doesn't matter.
  • Maybe she turns herself into both a 1/4-kilo dove and the 79 3/4 kg of air it's flying through?

We can safely assume Olive is a virgin. So, why is the unicorn not singing like a bird during the grilling, but plays the tough guy?

  • Being interrogated can be awfully off-putting for anybody, including unicorns. Her demeanor was a factor, too. And maybe the unicorn was also a female?
  • Maybe the book it came from doesn't have Virgin Power has a thing.
    • Especially considering the nature of the series — invoking that trope would be a little uncomfortable at best, and the target audience is most likely unfamiliar with that aspect of the mythological archetype.
  • Or maybe it's just grouchy, unicorn or not.
  • Presumably a unicorn that did roll over for Virgin Power wouldn't have required grilling in the first place.
  • Mythology only holds that unicorns trust virgin girls, enough to approach them and go to sleep with their head in the maiden's lap. It never actually claims that they're compelled to obey such girls.


Why does every agent's name start with an O?

No adult violence: Watsonian versus Doylist - from the latter perspective it's a no-brainer; even a friendly wedgie would ruin the whole premise of the show, i.e. that Odd Squad has authority. But consider e.g. the break in of Shapeshifters villain team in "Flawed Squad". They quabble which of their superpower theme they shall let loose on them, although they could probably take down ten agents and one Oonabot per adult with fisticuffs only. Possible in-universe explanations: a) Ms. O, b) Odd Squad is armed with too many wacky contraptions. Still won't explain why the villains capitulate that easy in any situation.

  • Considering how many other tricks are built into the agents' uniforms, it could be there's a defensive function to the suits that will shock a barehanded attacker unconscious. Or at least that the villains think there is such a defense.

So we know that an agent's badge number depends in the letter value in their name, (O=15, T=20, A=1, etc.) so what happens if two or more agents just happen to have identical value in their name?

  • Decimals, maybe? The show probably needs to address those as a topic every so often, so the second recruit whose name totals 56 might be 56.1, ect.

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