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Headscratchers / Odd Squad

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Headscratchers for Odd Squad. Please refrain from "Something very odd happened" as answer.

The Shapeshifter always keeps her weight. OK, how does a 80 kg dove fly?

  • When she flies, the extra mass goes into Hammerspace.
  • Simple Series Continuity Error. If it doesn't help the story at hand, it doesn't matter.
  • Maybe she turns herself into both a 1/4-kilo dove and the 79 3/4 kg of air it's flying through?

We can safely assume Olive is a virgin. So, why is the unicorn not singing like a bird during the grilling, but plays the tough guy?

  • Being interrogated can be awfully off-putting for anybody, including unicorns. Her demeanor was a factor, too. And maybe the unicorn was also a female?
  • Maybe the book it came from doesn't have Virgin Power has a thing.
    • Especially considering the nature of the series — invoking that trope would be a little uncomfortable at best, and the target audience is most likely unfamiliar with that aspect of the mythological archetype.
  • Or maybe it's just grouchy, unicorn or not.
  • Presumably a unicorn that did roll over for Virgin Power wouldn't have required grilling in the first place.

Why does every agent's name start with an O?


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