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The Shangri-Llama will be the Big Bad.
Despite claiming to be the one to save the world, he'll only be looking out for his own interests, and may even go as far as to harm one of the heroes.
  • Maybe he wants the Meteor to come to "cleanse the earth" or something similar.
  • Jossed. He's not the Big Bad, just a jerk and a bit of a minor antagonist.

Sid will hook up with his ex Francine.
Almost everyone else has had a love interest (Manny-Ellie, Diego-Shira, Scrat-Scratte), so it's natural that Sid gets one as well.

Captain Gutt, Rudy, Zeke, Oscar, and Lenny will return.
With Captain Gutt leading Zeke, Oscar, and Lenny as his new crew. Meanwhile Rudy will be after Buck to finish their battle.
  • Jossed. There's no evidence at all of any of these characters appearing in the fifth film.

This will be the last Ice Age film
Either the meteors will end up wiping them out, or more likely and preferably, the characters survive the cataclysm and live out the rest of their days in peace. The movie will end with a scene taking place thousands of years later, featuring the characters' modern-day equivalents (an elephant, a tree sloth and a tiger) in a wildlife sanctuary.
  • Jossed. According to this article and The Other Wiki, Galen T. Chu has confirmed that a sixth Ice Age film is a very real possibility.
  • Actually, considering how even the advertising calls it the last film, and that it flopped, it's definitely the last one.

The asteroid struck.
The too-perfect ending where everyone ends up married and young and beautiful forever? Yeah. They didn't make it.

The sixth movie will have aliens.
Sequel Escalation
  • The short on the DVD does indeed feature aliens that heavily resemble Scratee.

The sixth movie will have giant robot battles, will somehow show the American Revolution occur, have Sid meet ancient Egyptian gods and become their king, show Diego becoming a ninja with a real katana, and have Peaches become a pop star known across the entire world.
It will be directed by
Tommy Wiseau.
  • It will also feature many new characters, like Diego and Shira's daughter (voiced by Demi Lovato), a mammoth guy who doesn't respect Manny (voiced by Kanye West), a very deep voiced possum who turns out to be Crash and Eddie's biological father (voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger), an easily excitable sloth (voiced by Ryan Seacrest), a Deadpan Snarker gastornis in a funny hat who won't stop lecturing Peaches about stuff (voiced by Mariska Hargitay) and a random saber-toothed squirrel who only burps in Scrat's face whenever that latter assumes he wants his nut (With the burps provided by none other than Ryan Gosling).
  • It will be also be a movie in which the group must use their previously mentioned Giant Mecha to travel forward in time to help make sure the Revolutionary War occurs. They are told of American history by the ancient Egyptian gods (namely Atem, Thoth, Montu, Nekhbet, and Anuket, voiced by Pauly Shore, The Weeknd, Russell Brand, Kendall Jenner, and Judy Reyes), who gift Diego with a magic katana that allows them to time travel in their super fighting robot. Sid stays behind and become king and accidentally sends Peaches to the 21st century and become a pop star in a version of New York City populated by other talking animals. After beating a Donald Trump-esque orangutan in a twerking contest hosted by the animal versions of the hosts of Dancing With the Stars, Peaches returns and with the power of the most current pop hit at the time of the movie's production, saves the world from the giant alien taco that tries to eat the whole planet. Dance Party Ending ensues.

Louis and Peaches had a major falling out which is why he barely appears in the film.
Furthermore, we only briefly see Louis while he looks very upset and dour. Whatever it was, Louis still felt obligated to attend Manny and Ellie's anniversary party just out of love for the family he was once a part of.

A sixth film will feature Diego and Shira's children.
Since they discuss it during the movie a few times and by the end seem intent on it.

Dromaeosaurids in the Ice Age verse aren't naturally capable of flight or mammalian speech.
Gavin and his children were mutated by extraterrestrial or supernatural forces. Honestly it'd still be one of the LESS surreal elements of this movie.

A sixth film, if one is made, will FINALLY have Roshan return, but as an adult.
Let's face it, I think many of us have wanted to see him back since the first movie.

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