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The film will be ambiguous about whether the events are really happening, or whether Christopher really did crack after being asked to be a hatchet man.
  • Jossed. The full trailer shows Madeline interacting with Pooh and the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood's denizens.

This film will be the closest thing we ever get to a buddy movie starring Obi-Wan Kenobi and Hondo Ohnaka.

Think about it: Ewan McGregor portrayed Obi-Wan in the Star Wars prequels, and Jim Cummings voiced Hondo Ohnaka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


The Heffalumps and Woozles will make an appearance.
Maybe they will be antagonists trying to scare Christopher Robin away from his childhood. Or maybe they'll just be more metaphorical, used as a way of showing what might happen if your imagination goes too far.
  • Half-Confirmed, they dont appear but are referenced and used as an analogy. Christopher also sees a Heffalump in a nightmare

The movie will end with Pooh and friends being inherited by Madeline.
They'll all be repaired, and Madeline will go on adventures with them, just as Christopher Robin did all those years ago.

It will then be followed by a new animated television series with Madeline in place of Christopher Robin, but still very much focused on Pooh and friends.

  • This makes the most sense, given that Christopher Robin will be too busy to hang out with his old friends, but they'll still have a new child to play with. It would make a great Bittersweet Ending.
  • Mostly confirmed. Madeline is implied to be their main playmate now but Christopher still makes a point to visit with her as well.
There will be a reference made to Gopher
Maybe one of the characters will mention him, or there'll be a picture of him somewhere (maybe in one of Christopher Robin's drawings?).
  • Confirmed. When Christopher Robin falls into the Heffalump Trap, a wooden sign labeled "Gofer" is shown for a moment, hinting that the trap is connected to Gopher's tunnel system.
There will be No Antagonist.
The trailer shows Christopher Robin's Mean Boss in a somewhat antagonistic role, but how important he is to the plot remains to be seen.
  • Sort-of confirmed. Christopher's boss is definitely a lazy sleaze who is a bit too quick to suggest mass layoffs from his work force, but he's not really an antagonist who has to be overcome; he's more a Hate Sink. The real antagonist is Christopher's own emotional repression.

The ending scene will be...
Christopher Robin taking his daughter to One Hundred Acre Woods and having a tea party with the whole gang.
  • Confirmed. His wife is there too!
A direct reference to Christopher Robin's days in World War 2 will be made.
It won't get TOO graphic, but I imagine it's at least part of the reason he's begun to forget his old childhood friends.
  • Confirmed, we see him briefly in the war and an explosion.

It will be Darker and Edgier than anything previously seen in the Pooh franchise.
Okay, it won't be THAT dark and edgy, but I imagine it will be filled to the brim with Tear Jerker moments. I'm sure the film has a PG rating for a reason.
  • Semi-Confirmed in that the movie focuses on a much older Christopher Robin, harshly beaten with the Growing Up Sucks stick (the sudden death of his father, being sent off to fight in World War II, attempting to re-connect with his wife and daughter, being "volunteered" to cut many of his co-workers to save their company money)...

The film will end with CR's Mean Boss getting fired, and CR taking his place.
  • Jossed, he isn't fired but is scolded.

Roo will be a teenager in this version.
His voice actor from the 2011 film will be reprising his role here, and since it's been seven years, he's probably gone through puberty by now.
  • Jossed
This movie will be a Box Office Bomb.
While it will most likely be good and the trailers show that there's more effort put into this than Disney's other live action remakes, the fact remains that it's Winnie the Pooh. Except for The Tigger Movie, which both made back its budget and is well received, all of the animated theatrical Pooh films have either made back very little money or outright lost money. On top of that, there have been complaints of They Changed It, Now It Sucks! with regards to the casting, and it's attempts to be closer to the original books may work against the movie financially due to how people associate the franchise more with animation instead of literature, in a similar vein to Hook.
  • Jossed, apparently; the film grossed a total of $197 million worldwide ($99 Million domestic and $98 million worldwide) from an (approximately) $75 million budget, so it appears to have done respectable (if not exactly world-shattering) business.

This movie will inspire a new generation of Pooh's Adventures.

Pooh and friends are real, living beings, and not imaginary, or only visible to those who have enough imagination, because Love Imbues Life.
The were originally just Christopher Robin's stuffed toys, but his love brought them to life.
  • Both confirmed and jossed. They're real beings but can be seen by and interact with anyone, shown by the antics they cause in London.

Pooh and his friends are real because young Christopher Robin brought them through the tunnel to a magical realm and it gave them life.
The world on the other side of the door is some kind of fey realm that Christopher found while exploring. It shaped itself around him because he was the first person there and became the Hundred Acre Woods. He brought his precious stuffed toys in there and it gave them life; a few animals snuck in as well and it gave them sentience. The magic that did this was permanent, so Christopher and/or Pooh and friends leaving the realm doesn't affect it any. Christopher's mood affects the weather but that's about it.

This world is set in the same universe as Toy Story.
Except Pooh and his friends either don't know (or have forgotten) about the rules for not interacting with humans.

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